Saturday, December 31, 2016

Jimmy Garoppolo # 10..Tom Brady # 12 in his 17th season.

In regards to the 1012 stuff, I noticed that Jimmy Garoppolo wears # 10 and Tom Brady wears # 12. 
Tom Brady in his 17th season. 

Jacoby Brissett=51
He was born on 12/11 which was the day Tannehill got hurt. 

Garoppolo born on 11/2...They talk about how he broke Tony Romo's records at Eastern Illinois. 
Romo Born on 4/21 which was the 112th day of 2016. 

Just interesting as I mentioned the Cowboys had the QB Dilemna in 1971 just as they sort've did this year. The Patriots sort've had the same thing going on with Brady out. 
The Dolphins still winning with Matt Moore. 

If the Patriots win tomorrow they will finish the regular season with a record of 14-2 and Dolphins will be 10-6. 
Miami Dolphins=142

Have to look at some other teams that possibly have this connection but not enough time tonight..Just wanted to post this before I forgot about it. 

Dan Marino's connections to Ryan Tannehill, 17, 13, 1012, The 72 Dolphins were 17-0, Apollo 17-Michigan vs Florida State Orange Bowl-Bob/Brian Griese 318 Andre Rison-Lisa Lopes

I think I possibly figured out what the 17's around Nebraska are possibly connected to. 
I found this article telling us Dan Marino will be honored at the Dolphins final regular season game this year. 
They mentioned Marino played 17 seasons. 
So Marino Played for 17 seasons and his final game is what will be 17 years ago on 1/15/17.....This years SB in the year 17'. 
Ryan Tannehill wears # 17
Tannehill also hurt after playing 13 games. Marino wore # 13. 
Also fitting Marino will be honored in Week 17. 
Also if Tannehill comes back after for the Playoffs and wins the Super Bowl it will be on his 17th game of the season. 

Marino's 51st game was against the Colts and the Dolphins won with 17 points and Colts lost with 13 haha.  Notice the Next game was against Houston on 11/2. 

Marino's 17th career playoff game was also the 17th of game of his final season. Notice they beat SEATTLE who scored 17 points...Marino also completed 17 passes. 
Seventeen=37, 55, 109
Notice on his final game they lost by 55 points. 
Dan Marino is currently 55 years old since 9/15/17. 

Just look at all of the 17's in his playoff career. 

Of Course it connects to SB 5 that was on the 17th day of the year 71'. 

Notice Marino's final game also gave the Jaguars a record of 15-2. 
Super Bowl LI=152
The Dolphins score of 7 is fitting as well. 
The 7th prime number is 17. 

Remember too the 72' Dolphins went 17-0 as they didn't play 17 week seasons at the time. 

This Michigan game in the Orange Bowl is loaded with symbolism too. 
Florida State is currently winning 17-6....They stopped the clock at 8:13. 

During this time Bob Griese tells the story of how him and his son Brian are the only Father/Son to be in the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame. 
Brian Griese born 3/18. 
Notice he also won a SB as a Backup..Super Bowl 33, the one Homer Simpson goes to in the only episode that has Dan Marino. 

The Clock stops at 7:17 and they ask Bob Griese if the Dolphins have a chance to win the Super Bowl. 

Look at this....Dan Marino's bday to Ryan Tannehill's bday is 10 months 12 days. 
Marino's final win was against the Seahawks. 
Dolphins first game this season was a 10-12 loss to the Seahawks. 
Houston won the division with beating the Bengals 12-10. 
Simpsons episode with Marino in it was Season 10 Episode 12. 
One Thousand Twelve=70, 223

Funny I talked about all my uncles dying from Cancer and my other uncle who is still doing Chemo and what not gave me a Marino Jersey this year....Their Dad(My Grandpa) was born on 10/12/1928...
He died on 12/21/1980.
Gene Murphy=132
He died from "Cancer"=132

Anyway I noticed too...His bday 10/12 to my bday 11/10 is 29 days. 

He also died 2 months 9 days after his bday. 
Which of course is also 70 days. 
Miami Dolphins=70
Of course Donald Trump turned 70 on Pope's 1,189 day
Key of David=1189
Donald J Trump=1189
All of the 166 stuff I mentioned in the previous posts as Trump's bday was the 166th day of 2016. 

There's for sure a connection to the 72' Dolphins this year as well. 
They were 17-0 and were trying to win the SB with a score of 17-0 but it was blocked. The score ended at 14-7. 
There's a lot of stuff I could mention about that game but not going to at the moment. For example the score of 14-7 because of the blocked kicked of kicker "Garo Yepremian"=147. 

The MVP of SB 7 with the 72' Dolphins was Jake Scott who wore # 13 before Dan Marino made it famous. 
Interesting he was the 159th pick in the draft and Marino born on 15/9 too. 

Just look at the way Wikipedia words the details about Jake Scott. 
His rookie year with the Dolphins he recorded 5 interceptions and returned 1 punt return for a TD.....51....The Following year he had 7 int's and 318 return yards helping them get to SB 7. The lost 24-3.
243rd day is 31/8. 
He also played for the BC Lions. You know I mentioned all year how there is some connection to Philadelphia and Rocky and Carl Weathers....Apollo Creed dies in the film on 31/8. I mentioned how it was connected to Thanksgiving...TurKEY. Carl Weathers played for the BC Lions in 72'. 

The Dolphins had a great season even after starting QB Bob Griese broke his leg. 17 year veteran Earl Morrall led them to the Superbowl. 
Earl Morrall=53=Super Bowl LI

Griese returned the game before the Super Bowl in the 2nd half leading the team to a win 21-17. 

Wiki even tells us in regards to the Redskins about the death of Vince Lombardi 17 days before the 1970 season. 

The pregame show a tribute to Apollo 17. 
Think about this in regards to Houston as well where SB 51 is played. 

The Dolphins were using the  "53" defense because of the versatility of # 53 Bob Matheson. 
Created by "Bill Arnsparger"=152
Super Bowl LI=53, 152
Bob Matheson=51 (SB 51)

I got this message a few days ago. Connecting to former Miami Dolphins dying this year. 
Interesting dates for them to die as it connects to my life and also all the other stuff I have been posting about. 
10/12 and 11/10(leaves 51 days)

Flipping the script seems to be part of the script this year. 
Think of all the things making it seem as if Hillary would win and then Trump wins. 
As I'm thinking about it too. The stuff I mentioned about Warren Beatty in regards to the death of Carrie Fisher. 
Heaven can wait...Down to Earth  are films that are about changing the script. The plot is about a guy who dies and wasn't supposed to die at that time so they had to change the script of his life and find a new body and what not. Who knows just a thought. 

One last thing I just thought of....Marino's final game on 15/1. 
Jesus Christ=151
Dallas Cowboys=151
I just don't want to take anymore screenshot as my computer makes it difficult...but Dan Marino's middle name is Constantine which makes me think of a bunch of things. 
Constantine created the Edict of Milan in 313AD protecting Christians. 
Constantine=134=King Charles III
Constantine also reminds us of the movie with Keanu Reeves. 
The TV Show Constantine only lasted 13 episodes and the actor's name was "Matt Ryan"=112  the same name as the Atlanta Falcons QB. 
Reeves reminds us of Dan Reeves the former Falcons coach when Michael Vick was there. Also of course Christopher Reeve.(Superman). 
Keanu Charles Reeves=75, 192=Indianapolis Colts
Dan Reeves though played with the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl's 5 and 6...(Dallas vs Colts and Dolphins)

Wiki even mentions his great game against Nebraska for pretty much no reason. 
Daniel Reeves=119  born on 1/19. 
1/19 is 17 days before Super Bowl 51. 
He was also the coach of the Falcons when they lost SB 33 to the Broncos that's on the Simpson's Episode with Marino. 

Haha honestly when I think of the Falcons too I'm reminded of Andre Rison and his relationship with Lisa Left Eye Lopes. She is connected to Aaliyah, which also means the return to Zion. 
Lisa Nicole Lopes=166
Check out my post on Eustace Mullins and the Ezra and Nehemiah in the Bible in regards to building the Wall around Jerusalem. 
Honestly every time I see Nehemiah too I am reminded of Nehemiah Griego a 15 year old kid who supposedly murdered his family because of his 51 year old dad on 1/19/13 in New Mexico. Need to go back and look at that story. 
Aaliyah Haughton=70, 151 (Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys)

What about the Atlanta R&B Group called "112" at the time too. "Peaches and Cream". They even toured with Whitney Houston....Lisa Lopes started Andre Rison's house on fire by burning his shoes in the BATHTUB like where Whitney and Bobbi Kristina both died and was synced to the Superbowl. 

Would you Believe Andre Rison born on 3/18? lol unbelievable..but not really. 
Of course it fits with the MOON stuff too as his nickname was Andre BADMOON Rison.  Lisa Lopes had multiple MOON Tattoos. 

Lopes first Solo Album was originally going to be called "A New Star is Born" but they changed it to Supernova. 
Supernova=41, 131=Superbowl
A new Star is born reminds me of the Growing Pains episode 51 called "A Star is born"....Cowboys the Star. 

Anyway really have to go to bed, sorry for my random info lol peace 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Nebraska had 318 Total Yards today in the Music City Bowl-More 17's and Jesus

I just got home from work and I totally forgot to record the Nebraska game. Hopefully a replay will be on later tonight. 
I did see that Ryker Fyfe # 17 scored a TD when Nebraska had 17 points on the local news highlights. 

Of Course he also completed 17 passes today too. 
If you go back and look at my posts, I showed a bunch of 17 stuff in regards to Nebraska in their games. It's also the reflection of 71' like the year they won their first championship, 17 days before the Colts beat the Cowboys in SB 5 on 1/17/71. 
Anyway I keep saying Nebraska is connected to all of the interrelated stories....Notice Nebraska had 318 total yards today. 
Notice too that Fyfe threw for 243 yards...
The 243rd day is 31/8. 
318 the number that keeps showing up all over the place. 

It's the number connected to Jesus/Royal Family and more. 

Volunteers=43, 151
Jesus Christ=43, 151
Tennessee Volunteers=77


Remember Nebraska had 43 conference Championships going into this year. 
Sam Foltz died 43 days before Nebraska's first game against "Fresno State"=43 in which Nebraska scored 43 points. 
Foltz died with "Mike Sadler"=43
1 month 12 days is also sometimes 43 days. 
Civil War=43
Nebraska plays in Lincoln...Stadium nicknamed the "Sea of Red". 
Moses freed the slaves, Lincoln freed the slave.
Everything about Moses is 34 and 43.
Lincoln born on 43rd day of the year, became president on 3/4. Died 4 years 3 days after the Civil War began. 

So much more just pointing out I never noticed the connection to Jesus Christ in regards to what I was saying with Nebraska. 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Death of Keion Carpenter connected to my post from last night.

This is awesome stuff here. I just talked about Miami and the Key of David last night. 
Then today we get the death of Keion Carpenter. 
Key on Carpenter.....Jesus was a Carpenter and Jesus is who is supposed to have the Key of David. 
Keion also born in the year 77'. 

He played 83 Career games and wore # 29
Football=29, 83
Interesting he played for the Falcons and the Bills. 

He dies age 39 and also 39(end date) days before SB 51. 
Thirty Nine=142=Miami Dolphins
Keion also died in Miami, Florida. 
He was from Baltimore....The Colts were originally from Baltimore so interesting how it's interrelated to what I've been saying. 

I also mentioned stuff in regards to Dan....instantly when I saw Carpenter I thought of Dan Carpenter the ex kicker for the Miami Dolphins. He now plays for the Buffalo Bills with Richie Incognito. 
Notice Dan Carpenter is from Omaha, Nebraska. I keep saying there is something being shown that is connected to the area I live and the Omaha Indians. 
Daniel Roy Carpenter=95, 203 (connected to 318)

Keion Carpenter playing for the Atlanta Falcons is interesting because in the Simpsons episode with Dan Marino...The Falcons win the Super Bowl in Miami against the Broncos. In real life the Falcons lost to the Broncos though. 

A total score of 53 points. 
Super Bowl LI=53
Notice both the Falcons and the Broncos had regular season records of 14-2.
Miami Dolphins=142
Interesting too a long time ago I mentioned the Philando Castile stuff and how it connected to William McKinley's assassination in Buffalo. I mentioned how Philando Castile was killed in Falcon Heights where Teddy Roosevelt gave the famous speech out the Big Stick. I even mentioned it in regards to Native Americans. 

Keion's 39th bday was 97 days before SB 51. 
97th season of NFL
That also means his 36th bday was on the same day Incognito got suspended for Bullying in 2013. 
The name Keion even means "King of Kings"..Of course Jesus is the King of Kings. 

He played college at Virginia Tech who just made a comeback against Arkansas in the Belk Bowl. 
Carpenter died 59 days after his bday. (10/31 to 12/29)
Atlanta Georgia=59
Of course all of the racist 59's (Slave, Negro and so on)

Arkansas' leading receiver in the game even named KEON. 
KEON=105 (Jewish) notice he had 105 yards. 

He was also born on 9/11...1994. 
There are a lot of theories out that Jesus real birthday is 9/11.
9/11 the day that leaves 111 days in the year. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=111 (Francis Got Key)

Wiki only lists a few people named Keion/Keon.  
Notice the first one Keon DANIEL

Keon Clark who lives in DANville. I don't think Wiki listing the first 2 connected to Dan is a coincidence. 
It even tells us how he was arrested in Houston and sent back to Danville. 

In regards to Jesus as well...
Jesus Christ=151
Dallas Cowboys=151

March 24th and the 318 connection to SB 51 and Royal Family

Something interesting in regards to the Super Bowl date and March 24th...
It's 318 days before SB 51 also 10 months 12 days. 
It's also normally the 83rd day of the year. 
It also can be written 24/3...

August 31st or 31/8 is normally the 243rd day. It's the day Princess Diana died. It's also the day of the Worst ever recorded East Coast Earthquake in CHARLESton in 1886. 

March 24th also the day King James became the King. He was Charles I's father. 

James became King after Elizabeth I died. 

It's also the day Thomas E Dewey was born who is connected to all of the Charles/Trump 48 stuff. 

Have to remember to this date in case it starts coming up in the media. 

Flipper(Band-Film)-166-Miami Dolphins-Detroit Lions-The weirdest stuff keeps happening-Key of David-

So I'm listening to the Gematria Effect and looking stuff up. I was thinking how it's funny that the most famous Dolphin I can think of is FLIPPER. A lot of people thinking they Flipped the script for the Super Bowl. 
Anyway I remembered the Band Flipper as well, and right when I was looking at Track 3 on this Album and the Word Truth..Zach said Truth. Most people would think nothing of it, but almost everything that I have been correct on has come from incidences such as these. 
Anyway just wanted to point out the Album came out on 1/12...93

Also in regards to Dolly Parton being born on 1/19 and that Simpsons/Dan Marino episode...and "Joel 1:19" and all of the other 9/11 symbolism we keep getting...Trump winning on 11/9 and Hillary collapsing on 9/11...It's also connected to Reno, Nevada where Kaepernick went to College...Trump assassination attempt...Plane Crash there on 9/11. Much more...
But anyway I remember this from a long time ago...Kurt Cobain wearing the Flipper shirt on the inside cover of the "In Utero" which when FLIPPED looks a lot like 911 and a plane. 

Haha even better I am listening to Lithium on Dish network and of course right when I typed Kurt Cobain the Nirvana song "Come as you are" came on. I was listening to it because my daughter likes to go to bed listening to what she calls "Rock and Roll". 

Come as you are=51, 141
I mean seriously it's just so weird, my brain is either being manipulated or something is showing me this stuff. 
Come as you are also Track 3 on Nevermind...
May the Truth be known Track 3 also. 

Kurt also wore this shirt in the Come as you are video. 

I've also covered a lot of stuff in regards to Kurt Cobain and all of the LOVE references...Heart Shaped Box... Love Buzz...Died on 4/5 or 5/4..
Valentines Day the 45th day. 
Died 45 days after his bday on 4/5(end date)
Valentines=67  He was born in 67. 
Kurt Cobain born on 2/20...the 51st day. 
Kurt Cobain=42, 51, 114

Interesting too as Zach lives in the Seattle Area and I'm listening to his show. Remember how the Seattle Seahawks are connected to the Dolphins stuff I've been talking about. 

Kurt Donald Cobain=65
Krist Novoselic=65 Born in 65'. 
Dave Grohl=65  Born on 1/14(Kurt Cobain)
Foo Fighters=65

Krist(Christ) was also in the band Flipper for their final Album titled none other than "LOVE". 
It also says the Album referred to as an Evil Twin to the accompanying live Album Fight which recorded the Seattle and Portland, Oregon shows...
Flipper also a San Francisco band which of course Kaepernick is a big piece to the puzzle...
Just thinking about it too... I've mentioned how Sam HOUSTON got in the fight and his lawyer was Francis Scott Key..the guy who wrote the National Anthem. 
Carrie Frances Fisher
Mary Frances Reynolds
Frances Bean Cobain
All of the France Stuff. 
San Francisco (St. Francis)
Scott Key....Francis got Key?

Pope Francis' visit in 2015 to Philadelphia was very special as it connected to the Key of David, as in Revelation 3:7 the Key of David is mentioned with the Church of Philadelphia. 

If you read about the Key of David some people talk about how it's connected to the exact things like this that have been happening to me on a daily basis for a number of years now. 
Pennsylvania=152=Super Bowl LI
Miami Florida=65

I decided to watch the Come as You Are video again. Notice the Ad that pops up....Big Jesus -Lock and Key. 
How? That's all I have to say...
Ok now seriously...I know it's the channel Lithium but's it's only been about an hour and now The Man Who Sold the World is playing....
Remember I was getting shown that song on 9/30 this year. 
Earlier when I was reading about the Key of David my internet just randomly disconnected. I thought I bet it's something to do with what I was noticing. I wrote down the time as it was 11:18...I thought I might see it while looking more into this. 

Notice Nirvana recorded the Man Who Sold the World on 11/18. 
Heres my old post about it: 
Man Who Sold the World Youtube Video
Man Who Sold The World Blog Post

I only talked about 2 Individual NFL games this whole season. 
The Dolphins vs Bengals game on September 29th. 
Dolphins vs Bengals
Dolphins vs Bengals pt 2
Funny how this was the first time the Dolphins have played the Bengals since 10/31/13...The Day Incognito was suspended. 
Never even noticed the 13's in that date until now either. 

Also the Texans Colts game...Go read these posts. I even talk about how they keep zooming in on # 23 Frank Gore who is from Miami. 
Colt vs Texans 23 Frank Gore
Colts vs Texans Pt 2
Dolphins star RB Jay Ajayi wears # 23 and is 23 years old. 

I posted about the number 166 in that Bengals Dolphins Game. 
Jay Ajayi born on 166th day. 
It's also 131 days after the Super bowl. (Thanks in comments can't remember who sorry)
Zach Post on the last Superbowl Oblivion Film 166
Notice in his post he is talking about it connecting to Super Bowl 48...which I keep saying is connected to SB 51. 
Sam Houston beat up William Stanberry...Stanberry died 166 days after his 84th bday (8/10 to 1/23). 
William Stanberry=84  dies age 84..
You know interesting too as I kept mentioning the date of May 13th a while back. 
May Thirteenth=166

166 days is also sometimes 5 months 13 days. 
Think about 8/23 as well in regards to the 235 with Trump and the Illuminati Card...Also 23/8....238 was big in the Alton Sterling/Philando Castile stuff...we got the Bridgewater shooting in 2015 on the 238th day that was connected to Batman and Hines Ward when the Field Falls in. 
Alton Sterling=166
Twin Towers=166
My Uncle who gave me the Miami Dolphins Jersey this Summer..
Barney Murphy=166 (gave me jersey)
Kelly Murphy=166 (My other uncle)
My other Uncle who died from Cancer was "Michael Murphy"=71, 152...MM=13 13
Super Bowl LI=152
He died on the same day as the Philadelphia Trainwreck connected to Pope Francis visit. Like seriously what are the odds of this? 

Thirteenth Pick=166 (Laremy Tunsil Dolphins)
23rd prime is 83
This year the 166th day was 6/14 which was Donald Trump's 70th bday....
Donald J Trump=1,189(Jewish)
It was also Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope. 
Key of David=1,189(Jewish) also 102. 
One Hundred Two=166
Ezekiel Elliot=166

Palmetto Amtrak=166
Just going through my notes for 166's.  

Notice this train line opened on 6/15...Also the other date 11/10/96 was my 14th bday. 
This is the train line we got the wreck on 4/3/16...It was connected to Merle Haggard/Bam Margera/Pope Francis/Cleveland CAvaliers.
It was going to Savannah, Georgia. 

The Cavs had recently picked up Jordan Mcrae who was from Savannah Georgia....Anyway notice he was born 51 days after SB 51 will be played and is 25....2/5 is the day SB 51 is played. That Trainwreck was on 4/3....Dolphins=43

JonBenet RAMsey=166
St. Louis Rams=166
I remember a bunch of people asking me to cover JonBenet I just forgot with all the other stuff going on. 

Interesting too as June 14th was the 166th day this year. 
In a non Leap year June 15th is the 166th day. 
Then the next day is June 16th or 16/6. 

We also had the death of Jonathan the Lion at the HOUSTON Zoo on 9/14/16. 
Jonathan the Lion=166
Houston Zoo=51
The Lions beat the Colts in Week 1 too 39-35.

Remember this story as well on 12/10 or 10/12...Turkey Twin Bombings...29 killed 166 injured. 
The 10/12 stuff I've mentioned showing us the Dolphins..
This happened after a Futbol match. 
The Futbol match was in the league called "Super Lig"....This years SB is Super Bowl LI...seems similar. 

I'm just searching stuff on Zach's blog now but I noticed The Sum of Divisors of 911 are 912.....
Super bowl Li=912(English)

If you think this is crazy you should try and watch a lot of my old stuff. Before the Cubs won the WS there was a Cop shooting on CNN that was right next to where I used to live in Des Moines, Iowa. 
Right across the street from where I worked was the 1908 Draught Bar. Cubs hadn't won in 108 years and so on. 
I worked at "Burger King"=112.
Cubs won 112th WS on 11/2 and more. 

Possibly somehow I am being manipulated to see this stuff and it's all for me to look like an idiot but stuff is too weird not to document. 

Haha now "Heart Shaped Box"=65 is playing. 

Whatever, wish I would get a day off of work so I could keep looking at this stuff. Peace
Actually I forgot to talk about the film Flipper

The dad is Porter Ricks played by Chuck Connors. 
Porter Ricks=152=Super Bowl LI
Flipper set in the Florida KEYS.

He dies on my 10th bday...the day that leaves 51 days in the year.
Also 1 of 12 people to play professional Baseball and Basketball. 
Even the first guy credited with breaking the backboard. I'm too tired to look right now, but there has to be some connection to Shaquille O'neal and Darryl Dawkins....Shaq Started career in Orlando, Dawkins was from Orlando...Shaq won a title with Miami.  
Ha thinking about it...Shaq went to LSU too. 
Lousiana State=166
Darvin Ham a Texas Tech player also did it in the 1996 NCAA Tournament against UNC.....Texas Tech connects to Lubbock, Texas and Ryan Tannehill. 

He was even on the Pistons when they beat the Lakers in 2004. 
They won on 6/15(166th day) but 2004 was 167th day. 
Would they really do a Dolphins Lions Superbowl? It doesn't seem to make that much sense, but who knows? 
Suh a former Lion...
Daniel in the Lions Den....Dan Marino...
I swear I read somewhere years ago that Dan from the Tribe of Dan was born on the 9th of Elul which is the 12th month of the Jewish Civil Calendar...9/12
Tribe of Dan were known as the Judges...which is super fitting to the Moses(Lawgiver) stuff. Remember Antonin Scalia=51 died on 2+13+20+16=51....I even talked about Texas Judge "Julie Kocurek"=51 getting shot and bunch of stuff in regards to Judges...the death of Uncle Phil on Fresh Prince just before SB 48. It's so deep, I'm sorry If I'm losing anyone in thoughts and previous info. 
Samson killed the Lion and was in the Tribe of Dan.
Miami=79 (Jewish)
The only mention of the number 318 in the bible mentions Dan as well. 
The odds my name is Dan is pretty weird as well. 

Also 152 days and 5 months 1 day before his 72nd bday. 

Notice Connors Baseball career began on 5/1.. It also came to an end in 51' with the Cubs who just won. 

In regards to all of the Jesus symbolism as well. 
Jesus is known as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. 

Judah=813...the reflection of 318. 
Jesus 2nd coming mentioned 318 times in the New Testament. 

Tribe of Judah=119 (Simple)