Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mick Jagger needs medical Treatment story-Maroon 5/SB 53-Paint it Black-Blackface-Virginia Makes Final 4

This story comes 55 days after the Super Bowl and 118 days before Mick Jagger's bday. 
Remember Maroon 5 played the Halftime show and they have the song "Moves like Jagger". 
Maroon Five=55, 118

This story comes 84 days before the anniversary of Moves Like Jagger single being released. 
Moves Like Jagger=84
Mick Jagger=84

Mick Jagger=166(Franc Baconis) also 186
Both numbers that have been important lately. 
The Song Paint It Black and the possible connection to BlackFace
I also even mentioned the Rolling Stones back in February with the Black Face narrative going on and the song Paint it Black. 
We get this story of Mick Jagger the same day Virginia makes the Final Four and the same weekend that Duke loses. 
Black Face=55
Paint It Black=55, 118
Virginia Cavaliers=118

The Tour that was cancelled is called the "No Filter Tour"=173
Jagger's bday was 173 days after Super Bowl 53. 
No Filter=310(Jewish)

Nipsey Hussle shot dead near his Marathon Clothing Store-310-919-New Jersey

Right away what sticks out is that Nipsey Hussle is shot outside his MARATHON Clothing store...He also has 2 Mixtapes involving Marathon. 
Marathon is 26 miles..
I talked about the Exorcism in Earling, Iowa in which the first famous exorcism happened. It was originally called Marathon, Iowa, but changed it's name because there was a town called Marthon, Iowa. The girl possessed came from Marathon Wisconsin...
The Girl possessed was "Emma Schmidt"=310(Jewish)

Also the first ever Marathon in the US was on 9/19 and held in Stamford, Connnecticut. 

I swear I just re-looked at this information on Friday because we had to drive through Earling to go to my girlfriends Dr. Appointment. She even later told me she has never seen the original "The Exorcist" film which is crazy. She's watched a ton of old scary films so I was surpised by this. I told her it was dumb though and she probably wouldn't like it and she never ended up watching it yet. 

Less Than a year after documenting about the exorcism we got the death of William Peter Blatty...then later that year(2017) we got the Chelsea Bombing that reminded us of the Boston Marathon at 666 Boylston Street(Finish line). 

Also Stamford Bridge is where the Soccer team "Chelsea" plays....WWE headquarted in Stamford. 
Probably why we recently had the Chelsea Manning story again. 
The Chelsea bomber who was from "Elizabeth, NJ" was caught on 9/19...
Zion=919(eng ext)
9/19 I've been saying since 2014 was important to Queen Elizabeth. 
Wrestlemania 35 coming up in New Jersey....Remember The Big Bang Theory/Jim Parsons was in the film The Garden State and proposed to Amy in New Jersey...Also the BRIDGEGate scandal...

He dies 137 days before his bday at age 33. 
The 33rd prime is 137. 
Ermias Asghedom=137

Duke loses with 67 points to Michigan State-Zion

While watching this game I couldn't think of any other scenario than Duke losing. There was 8.4 seconds on the clock and then Duke got fouled and only made 1 free throw to lose the game with 67 points. 
Michigan State Spartans=84
I can't find it on my blog now...but I swear I wrote somewhere that "Michigan State"=222 when I was talking about the importance of that number with the Like Mike and Basketball theme? 

Duke loses with 67 points. 
67th prime number is 331 like today's date is 3/31. 
I saw on Zach's blog that Zion Williamson went to High School in SPARTANburg, South Carolina. 
Of course he's 6 foot 7 and born on July 6th or 6/7. 

I don't follow Zach's Patreon but didn't he say Duke was going to win it this year or at least hinted at it?  I swear it's something to do with that "Flip the Script" theme. I wouldn't doubt it nothing happens on 8/10 or 8/11, but something else connected to it does. Just like how they made it seem he picked the Vikings and Colts  and they both lost by 25 points the same day his house was crashed into. The Super Bowl that year was all about 25. 

Remember though Flipping the Script was part of the script too. 

I'm thinking about Zion as well in regards to Jerusalem...
Think about have Rastafari's and Jews don't eat PORK(PIG). 
Rastafari's use the term Zion as Ethiopia...

Pig is 310 in Reverse English Extended-Pig Latin

I've been saying how some of these other ciphers are really important in regards to recent info. I've been mentioned how 310 is really important and the English Extended Cipher. Notice that in reverse English Extended the word "Pig"=310

Pigs=186(eng ext)
False Flag=186(eng ext)
Cube=310(eng ext), 186(sumerian), 210(Jewish)
Cube has a lot of connections to the numbers I've mentioned recently. 
Flipped the Script=186

I wish I knew more about these other Ciphers...I feel like Derek said the English Extended Cipher was based off the Latin Alphabet? I'm wondering if it's important because of "PIG Latin"? 

Zach's Livestream hacked with Porn on 3/30-Montagraph-Golden Gate Bridge-Harvest Moon

I just documented about the importance of Francis Bacon and Franc last night Zach's livestream got hacked with Porn? 
Porn Hack=138(Francis Bacon)
Possibly nothing as the "H" doesn't have to be capitalized but interesting if you do...
Zachary Hubbard=138
One Six Six=138
I didn't watch it, but apparently the Live Streams main topic was "Alex Jones"=138
Porn how Jones was censored on 8/6. 

Another interesting thing is that..
Porn hack=516(sumerian)..
Remember how this number was important in my Big Bang Theory post..
March 30th is the day leaving 276 days in the year...
The Big Bang recorded it's 276th episode. 
Chuck Norris=276
Zachary K Hubbard=227(Francis Bacon)
The number in connection to PI. 
March 30th is a span of 135 days or 4 months 13 days before August 11th. 
Golden Gate Bridge=135, 810
Gematria Effect News=810
San Francisco=413

This happens 113 days before Zach's bday..
Montagraph=113...527(eng ext)..GG Bridge 5/27. 
Enterthe5trz's had a car crash outside his house on 1/13 in 2016 the same year that happened to Zach. 
The reason I mention this is because Zach was hacked on the Ides of March in 2017 as well...Remember The FIU Bridge Collapse on the Ides of March in 2018 I talked about a dream I had about my dad dying and then saw this video where Enterthe5t4rz said he had a dream about his dad dying and also about a building collapse. 

In my dream I talked about my uncle Clancy being healthy but then he died exactly a month after my post. 
Remember Montagraph(The Umbrella Man) left the post of DB SF April 17 as well when he did the 166 video on 4/25/17... 
My Uncle Clancy died on April 17th the next year...Dan Behrendt(DB)? San Francisco(SF)? I have always wondered about this, especially considering the 166 video super connected to me. 
Even more interesting as "San Francisco, California"=417(franc Baconis)

If this is true about the date of September 14th it's also interesting....14/9....Zachary K Hubbard"=149
That's also the day Francis(Francis Bacon) Scott Key wrote the National Anthem...also the due date of my next child being born. 
Harvest Moon=202(Francis Bacon)
Dan Behrendt=202
Zach's bday the 202nd day of the year. 
I was born 8 months 11 days before Zach. 
End of the World=202
San Francisco=202
Red Heifer=202

Montagraph made that 166 video 122 days after Zach's house was crashed into..."San Francisco"=122
His Youtube originally deleted 186 days after the car crash on the day leaving 186 days in the his strike lasts until that same date(6/28). think how I've been talking about this number too. 
False Flag=186(eng ext)

The guy who looks like John C. Reilly I didn't mention but both equal 516 has a bday of 12/24 as well like the original car crash. 
3/30 to 9/14 is 5 months 16 days(end date)(516)

The 516 area code in New York was even originally the 914 area code. 

I've said since November that something was up with all of this and it feels like 2016/Flipping the Script all over again. 

Another reason I know Francis Bacon is important..
Porn=89(Francis Bacon)
Porn=89(rev Franc Baconis)
Zachary Keefe Hubbard=89
89 is the number he usually mentions in regards to synchronicity with his family. 

Fred Hoiberg hired by the Nebraska Cornhuskers-Teen Wolf

The Nebraska/Teen Wolf riddle continues. 
The Nebraska Cornhuskers hire Fred Hoiberg as their new basketball coach. 
Remember Hoiberg was fired by the Chicago Bulls that have Zach Lavine/Denzel Valentine....he also finished his playing career with the T-wolves and was the VP of Operations for the T-Wolves before he became a head coach. 
Notice he gets hired 1 month 16 days after the last day of Lupercalia which is important to Nebraska University being founded on. It's also interesting that Wiki would say he was fired on 12/5 which is 116 days earlier although he was fired on 12/3. 
Teen Wolf=116
Hoiberg the 52nd pick in the draft..
Wolf=52, 56
Fredrick Kristian Hoiberg=239 the 52nd prime. 
Fred Hoiberg=56
Remember 3 games after he was fired the Bulls had their worst loss ever when they lost by 56 points. 
Worst Loss=56
The final game he coached with the Bulls was against Houston....then the day he was fired Houston played the T-Wolves. The final game he coached was on 12/1 and the T-wolves played the Boston Celtics that day...then the Celtics were the team to beat the Bulls by 56 points. 
He was fired when the Bulls were 5-19 which is also Kevin Garnett's bday(May 19th)....the original Team Wolf. 
Kevin Garnett=56
Garnett traded back to the T-wolves for "Thadeus Young"=56...and his first game back was on the 56th day of the year. It was just after the All Star Week with Zach Lavine/Andrew Wiggins who were Teen Wolves. 
The T-wolves lost 56 games in Garnett's rookie season. 
Think about Garnett in regards to the 12/21 stuff I mentioned years ago and the date of 12/ his connection to the Celtics. 
Scott Howard=56
Michael J. Fox=56
Remember on the Wolf Moon this year the T-Wolves won with 116 points over the "Phoenix Suns"=56
MJ Fox's bday is 116 days after Lupercalia. 

The Bulls even got their 56th loss of the season tonight too. 

He's replacing 52 year old Tim Miles whose bday is 56 days before his birthday. 
Tim Miles=100, 116
Teen Wolf=100, 116

Think about how Hoiberg is famous for the Iowa State Cyclones too....the Bomb Cyclone that led to all the flooding in Nebraska. 

This also happens just days before the Final Four begins at US Bank Stadium in Minnesota. 

Even more fitting to the Teen Wolf stuff is that today is 71 days before Michael J. Fox's bday. 

Remember too how the T-wolves fired their coach "Tom Thibodeau"=52 as well. He was replaced by Flip Saunders' son Ryan Saunders. Remember Flip died just before the start of Kevin Garnett's final season. Also in 2018 during Lupercalia they had "Flip Saunders" night in Minneapolis and put up a banner in his honor. 
Remember "Flip Saunders"=180 announced his cancer on 8/11 too. 
Golden Gate=180
Makes me think the flipping the script stuff is coming back...especially with the 166 I have been documenting about with Montagraph and the death of my Uncle...

Ha and Hoiberg even signs with the Bulls 166 days after his bday. 
Plus the 12/21 stuff with Sheldon and the Big Bang...
Garnett was all about 12/21. 
Maybe watch for "Bill Blair"=166 who Flip Saunders replaced in Kevin Garnett's rookie season. He replaced him on the 21st game of the season. 
Garnett wore # 21 for 12 seasons with the T-wolves before leaving to Boston. 
Minnesota only won 21 games and finished 12th the previous season. 
Saunders originally fired by the T-wolves on 2/12..2005. 
Garnett announced his retirement 1 month 2 days before the anniversary of Flip's death and his 21st season in the NBA. 
Garnett's best friend Malik Sealy born on 2/1 and wore # 21 in College...then died after a party for Garnett's bday. 

I'm wondering if there's a connection with the 76ers too. The T-wolves lost to the 76ers today...think about Jimmy Butler(from Houston)...Garnett traded back to Minnesota for Thaddeus Young who previously played and wore # 21 for the 76ers....Bill Blair is 76 years old. Moses Malone/Darryl Dawkins deaths were all about Kevin Garnett....Dawkins traded from the 76ers and out of it they got Moses Malone. key to the Nebraska theme. 
Moses Malone=166

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Mary Poppins article on CNN about a man in TURKEY-Franc Baconis/Francis Bacon-Year of the Pig-France-The Umbrella Man/Montagraph/Mary Tofflemire 166

I've been gone most of the day, but I sit down and go to CNN and there is a story that invovles Mary Poppins? Notice the date in the video footage is 3-25 which is the same day I had synchronicity with Mary Poppins. 
Remember how in my post about Mary Poppins I mentioned the 166th episode of the Simpsons then I went on to look at Season 3 episode 10 that was involved with "Cheers". 
Just last night I made the video about The Big Bang Theory surpassing Cheers with 276 episodes...
The Big Bang Theory=166
Seventy Three=166

Something I never saw before was that...
Think about how we are in 2019....

Notice this story is about a man in TURKEY getting blown up in the air by an Umbrella. 
Remember how Turkey has been important.."Turkey"=310
Baron Munchausen has the connection to the Ottoman Empire(Turkey). 

Zenith left a comment in regards to the Franc Baconis cipher that I never really use. It is for sure important though in what I am currently talking about so I'm going to pay attention to it. 
I just want to point out that "France"=73(Francis Bacon) and 135(Jewish)
Mary Poppins=135
Kiss My Ass=135
Golden Gate Bridge=135
Strong Winds=135(above story)
Think how August 10th will be the 227th annivesary of the French Monarchy falling....22/7=3.14(pi)
Think about FRANCIS Bacon and FRANC Baconis in regards to France as well. the year of the PIG.....

166 was a number all around my Uncle's death but also connected to 9/11...and Montagraphs video where he said the number was 1-6-6 and I know he was talking about my info..and even did it 166 days after my bday on the 314th(pi) day. He did it on his "The Umbrella Man" channel...think about that in regards to Mary Poppins and this story. 
Remember the lady called into Zach's show talking about Montagraph trying to hurt her pet PIG as I was sitting by my daughters play Pet "Pigs"=166...
Just search Montagraph on the Blog and you will see many 166s. 
Gabriel=135...Zechariah, Daniel, Mary(Tofflemire). 

August Tenth=310(Franc Baconis)

Mary Poppins came out on 8/ the same date Haile Selassie died. 

August 10th is also the 186th day of the 2019 year of the Pig. 

While trying to find Mary Poppins online I found out there is a 2018 film called Mary Poppins Returns. Notice the girl who portrays Mary Poppins was also in the 2015 film "Sicario"....strange as I documented about "Sicario: Day of the Soldado" recently as well. 

I figured I'd go back and look at the Mary Tofflemire lady on Youtube and see if anything was new.....Notice how she changed her picture to what I'm assuming is her Pet PIG used to be the hands with "33" on it....I've wondered if this lady is legit and have always questioned this. I'm almost positive she called into the Gematria Effect for me to notice, just as I think many others have. It's all part of the Magic of it. 
I wish you could find out when it was changed as well, because It couldn't have been that long ago. I've looked her up in the past year and it wasn't a pig or else I would have documented about it. 

I want to look more, but I keep falling asleep. Hopefully tomorrow after work I can piece it together more. 

Friday, March 29, 2019

The Big Bang Theory breaks "Cheers" TV Milestone with 276th episode-73, Pi-Chuck Norris born on 3/10-Synchronicity

Couldn't have scripted it any better lol? 
I just went to CNN and I see this article about the Big Bang Theory breaking a major TV milestone. 
I continuously talk about the importance of the Big Bang Theory on this blog....I also just talked about Marilyn Manson again and how it was synced up to the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting that was Themed with "Stand by Me". Wil Wheaton went back on the Big Bang Theory just before that Shooting in Sutherland(Kiefer) Springs. 

Notice what show they surpassed though....of course the TV show CHEERS in which I just documented about and talked about in the Marilyn Manson video. 

This story comes 3 months 28 days after Kaley Cuoco's bday on 3/28. 
This is interesting because the 276th episode will be Season 12 episode 21. A while back I documented about Penny as she is from Nebraska, but it was all about 12 and 21. Her bday on the show is 2/12(Dec. 2nd). In real life she got married 212 days after her bday. On the show her and Leonard get married 2 months 12 days before her bday of 2/12. 

(I typed it wrong here as her bday is Dec. 2nd not 12th)
Remember too that 12 and 21 are special because Sheldon's favorite number is 73 in which he explains the 12th prime is 37 and the 21st prime is it's reflection 73. 

I also mentioned Mayim Bialik in a post in January following the Water Theme and how it connected to Lil Rel Howery. Interesting as he's in that film "Get Out" I just watched...but Mayim's bday is 12/12. 

I also know it's important to Kaley Cuoco as there is another story in the mainstream today about her losing her Wallet. 

Penny Hofstadter=73

The season finale is in 1 month 18 days...
This story comes 118 days after Cuoco's bday. 

Just thinking....328...
Chicago Illinois=328
Los Angeles=328
Los Angeles California=118
The Big Bang Theory takes place in LA. 
Stephen Hawking says There is no God in Final book
Also..."Stephen William Hawking"=328
Remember he died in connection to the Big Bang Theory..
His death was all about "Pi" which is interesting...
Three Point One Four=328(FB)
Pi Day or 3/14 is also the 73rd day. 

Also 5/16....I just mentioned this(516) with the synchronicity and John C. Reilly on Stepbrothers....
The first 2 videos I put out about the Big Bang Theory and 73 and long time ago was about Season 5 episode 16...and the post I made I didn't see until May 16th when it came to CNN. 
Five Hundred Sixteen=212

It's funny as well I just documented about 318 in my last post. I was looking at Kaley Cuoco films and I see she was in the film "Alley Cats Strike". It stands out because just last week we bought this toy Bowling Set at Walmart and I was telling my girlfriend about this movie. I wanted to rewatch it, but forgot. I didn't realize she was even in the movie it's been so long. 

So I'm writing up this post and I hear my son crying upstairs. I look over at my phone to see what time it is and of course it's 12:21am. 

Even funnier is that earlier tonight I had a feeling there was something about "Pi" that might come up. The first post that was on Facebook was this post of Edgardo Rodriguez buying a bag of Lays chips. He usually doesn't have them but got them and then that work truck was where he went..
I knew there was something significant about that post being there and I'm just now realizing why.....I too ate Lays potato chips just before seeing this post. My girlfriend made Tuna and Noodles and I wanted to put chips on top of it, so she went to the store and bought Lays...The only time I eat plain chips like this is with Tuna and I see a post of the exact same experience I had....

Anyway after that post I noticed he shared a bunch of things about "Pi" following him.....I then saw a story at the bottom of the Nike/Jumpman article about the guy setting a record with "Pi".....Note that I opened that Jumpman article on 3/25 too but just looked at it tonight.....and now here I am after Midnight seeing all of these things connected to "Pi". 
Plus 7/22=.318 just as 22/7=3.14...stuff we've talked about for a long time. 

The last episode of the Big Bang to air so far was on 3/7 or 7/3....12..21
The Conference Valuation=314
The Hawking Excitation=314(last episode Hawking was on) aired 3 months 14 days before his bday in 2018 and then he died on 3/14/18. 

So in all of this I think I found the whole point of it all haha. Remember how Leonard says "We get it,,73 is the the Chuck Norris of Numbers". 
Seventy Three=158
Chuck Norris=158
Notice Chuck Norris born on 3/10....once again the 310. 
Carlos Ray Norris=79
He just turned 79 years old...Could we finally see him die this year? I know I said this before, but I didn't see the 79 connection at the time.