Monday, January 11, 2021

Dan QUINN the favorite to be Dallas Cowboys DC-AT&T..911

This will be funny if it comes true...I'm killing time at work and I went to ESPN with the headline involving Dan QUINN...I guess it's just law of probability that I documented about Richard Quinn last night too.
Not like I didn't mention the Dallas Cowboys being important to this before either...They play in AT&T Stadium which is synced to Anthony QUINN Warner bombing near the AT&T building...Plus its synced to 9/11.....Notice Dan Quinn's bday is 9/11...oh the odds.

Dan Quinn=41, 40 and 186(FB)
The numbers important to the Nashville bombing and 9/11..
Plus 186 was the big number I talked about last night. 
He would replace Mike Nolan.
Mike Nolan=186(FB) and 40.
9/11 was a span of 186 days after Osama bin Laden's bday.
Trump and Pope Francis bdays are 186 days apart.

Daniel Patrick Quinn=110
The 110 story Twin towers and so on..
Today is a span of 41 days after 9/11.

Today is 1/11..
New York=111
9/11 leaves 111 days in the on


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