Friday, July 31, 2020

Malik B of "The Roots" dead at 47 on International Tiger Day

Malik B of "The Roots" is dead at 47? 
Malik B=42
The Roots=42
So on..
Malik Adbul Basit=47

Considering Malik B. died on International Tiger Day, I wonder if it's somehow connected to this......The Roots remind us of the TV show "Roots" with Kunta Kinte. 
Kunta Kinte is portrayed by LaVar Burton who also played Detroit Tiger Ronald LeFlore in a movie. 

LaVar Burton=72
Ronald LeFlore is 72..
Burton is also in a film called "Gramblings White Tiger"...notice the main character is Bruce Jenner too. 

Rudy Gobert scores the first and last points to resume the NBA season-Rockets/Kobe Bryant Narrative

Rudy Gobert makes the first and last points of the opening NBA game after being suspended by Coronavirus. Of course, he was the first person to get coronavirus too haha. 

Recall, the Utah Jazz are also important to Kobe Bryant and notice the top scorers for both teams. Jordan Clarkson and Brandon Ingram, both former Lakers...Clarkson played with Kobe and Ingram drafted just after Kobe retired. 

Rudy Gobert=54, 135 and 187(FB)
Kobe Bean Bryant=54, and 135
New Orleans=54, 126
Recall, that Kobe's death was synced to DeMarcus Cousins tearing his achilles with New Orleans exactly 2 years before Kobe died. He did it against the Rockets, and his first game with New Orleans was against the Rockets. 
DeMarcus Amir Cousins=126
It's all synced up to Kobe's achilles when Dwight Howard was on the team. This was in turn synced up to the Rockets as well. Plus Howard originally from the Orlando Magic, and I've shown how Orlando is important to the Lakers/Rockets. 
The major number I documented about with Kobe Bryant was 34, and notice the NBA resumed 34 days after Rudy Gobert's bday too. 
Rudy Gobert-Bougarel=234
Orlando Florida=234
Russell Westbrook=234
Recall, how the NBA resumed in connection to Westbrook and Charles Manson. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Comment about Sleep Paralysis and Succubus-Ghosts-South Park

This is interesting for a number of reasons. South Park has and episode called "The Succubus" in the same season as the Korn episode. 

I also talked about Sleep Paralysis on Tuesday at work with the new girl. She said she barely knows anyone else who has had it until I randomly brought it..I mentioned it only because I told her about seeing a shadow person the night before...and we were talking about Ghosts. I then asked about sleep paralysis because it feels like a ghost is holding u down...
Remember I documented about sleep paralysis last October and November too. My first post was on Halloween too in regards to Ghosts...
I also wonder even more about ghosts because my friend Darrell has a song called Succubus..its my favorite song of his...he lives in a giant graveyard in Omaha that he takes care of. He was also the lead singer of my first ever band. I am now in a band with his brother. 

Korn covers "The Devil Went down to Georgia" My synchronicity with Corn-Iowa-China-PIRATE theme

I saw this story at work today...the band KORN released a cover of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" know just after Charlie Daniels dies. Also the lead singer of Korn has the nickname "J Devil". 
What's even more strange is that on Saturday I had to DJ at the bar in town. The brother of one of my best friends in high school was there, and I haven't seen him in years. 
His name is Tanner CORN. 
I thought this was interesting considering I have recently mentioned the importance of Children of the Corn...and I even randomly mentioned the gematria of the band KORN, because I thought it was important. The reason I thought it was important is because in high school and some years after Korn was my favorite band. 
Korn=50, 58
Corn=50, 58
Tanner Corn=50, 58
Dan Behrendt=50, 58
Remember how Charlie Daniels was synced to my life too..also Charles Manson...

What else is interesting is that he now lives in the Des Moines area, and I remember seeing Korn there at some point. I saw them one other time in Kansas City, but the Des Moines concert was terrible. It was louder than shit, and I was just losing interest around the same time I guess. 

The other reason I find Des Moines interesting is while looking at the above article, an ad popped up and said, "Clive Davis". I didn't get a screenshot of it in time, but I am positive it said, "Clive Davis"....
Clive is a suburb of Des think about all that I have covered with Slipknot, especially last year and the Iowa State Fair....but that was all synced to Kanye West/Taylor Swift/Grey too. 
Remember Iowa is important to China, and the Iowa State Fair/Tisha B'Av narrative was important to China last year. 
Iowa was important to the Pig year....but Iowa is also important to CORN. 

Even funnier is that my dad brought over sweet corn yesterday while I was at work. I had to go pick Claire up in Council Bluffs tonight, but when I got home, Jasmine's mom made Sweet Corn and Hamburgers for supper. 

It's just so funny to me that I am having synchronicity with a vegetable lol. 

Clive Davis hired Tony ORLANDO...

I'm almost positive this has to be connected to either Jeopardy or the South Park episode with Korn....remember it's called, "Korn's Groovy PIRATE Mystery". 
I mentioned both of these with Korn back in 2018 in regards to a Ghost theme....this is interesting because last night I swear I kept seeing someone standing in the hall, but then I would look and no one was there. Then later when I layed in bed I heard a popping noise in the room I was in...I looked up and didn't see anything...then I layed back down and I heard it again...I said leave me alone outloud and then it didn't happen again.....anyway as I'm writing up this blog post I'm sitting in my chair and I swear I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye..and then I heard that same popping coworker also sent me a snapchat earlier of her dog barking at the wall, because she says her house is haunted....

I'm sitting here looking at the South Park episode with Korn and see that it's Season 3 episode 10...the number important to last year like crazy...I then stop and look at the tv randomly and this is what I episode of Peppa Pig with a kid dressed as a PIRATE...the dialogue was focused on the COP though. 
Peppa PIG...important to 310....
I figured I would search my blog to see if I talked about Pirates before...I mentioned Anders Breivik/Knights Templar in 2019 and also Pirates and the JJ Ugland...

I also mentioned a bunch about the Pirates and Reds in 2019...Bobby even pointed out that 9/19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day....this is very interesting as I have followed this date every year since has a huge importance to Queen Elizabeth.....

I just think I figured out what the importance is's the letter "R"....if you look at my old Korn posts I mentioned how they use the backwards "R" it's an "81" also Marilyn Manson's song "TIR" with the backwards "R"....I can't tell you how many times I used to tell the Joke..."Have you seen the new pirate movie coming's rated "ARRR". 
But what does the letter "R" really mean? 

I also do not see how Charlie Daniels fits into a Pirate narrative yet...possibly it's just the name "Charlie" which fits in with Prince Charles/9/19...

Monday, July 27, 2020

Maurice Petty, brother of Richard Petty dies-Bubba Wallace-NASCAR

Maurice Petty died on 7/25. What are the odds the brother of Richard Petty would die after much of NASCAR's drama involves Richard Petty Motorsports driver Bubba Wallace? 
Maurice Petty=168 and 69
Richard Petty=69
Bubba Wallace=168(FB)

A Nightmare on Elm Street actor John Saxon dies same day as Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green-Kanye/Taylor Swift 2015 info-Pirates Johnny Depp

A guy from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" dies now? Johnny Depp's first film...the Pirate stuff.....also remember how the Kanye West/Taylor Swift narrative is synced to Freddy Krueger....I mentioned all of this in 2015 and then Wes Craven died the same day as the 2015 VMA's where Kanye said he was running for president. 
It was also where Swift said Kanye was studying "The Craft" makes me think less about Freemasonry and more of a Witchcraft now in regards to my last post involving magic. 
Freddy Krueger is played by Robert ENGLUND..Queen/Royal family..
It was important to Freddie Gray...Freddie Mercury..Drop Dead Fred..

Saxon died the same day as Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac dies too. 

Regis Philbin dead at 88-Philadelphia Eagles player Chuck Bednarik and his hit on Frank Gifford

I'm sure there is a lot more to this but I just want to note quickly that Regis Philbin is famous for his time with Kathie Lee Gifford. In light of how much I've talked about Super Bowl 52 and that was won by the Eagles it's interesting Regis would now died. 
Remember Frank Gifford was knocked out by Eagle Chuck Bednarik...they then both died in 2015...Bednarik age 89 and Gifford on 8/9. 
That was in the 1960 season in which the Eagles went on to win the Championship game..
Interesting year considering the Pirates won the World series in 1960 too. 
Regis went to Catholic Notre Dame and his middle names are "Francis Xavier"....of course Francis Xavier was a founder of the Jesuits...and some believe Pope Francis actually took his name in honor of Francis Xavier. 
Francis Xavier=201(FB)

Regis Philbin=70
Regis Francis Xavier Philbin=142, 155
Coronavirus=70, 142, 155

Regis died 70 days before Kelly Ripa's birthday. 
Kelly Maria Ripa=70
Chuck Bednarik died 142 days(end date) before Frank Gifford. 
Without the End date it's 141 days..
Kathie Lee Gifford=141
Giants=70(who Gifford played for)
Frank Gifford=261(FB)

Ryan John Seacrest=195

Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green dies a day after Taylor Swift releases new Album-Kanyes Tweets/President announcement-Kobe Bryant-Royal Theme-King Arthur-Wizards-Magic

I knew there would be something important to Fleetwood Mac considering Kanye announced he was running for president....and then went crazy on Twitter about his wife and her mom...Now we get the death of Peter Green from the band Fleetwood Mac. 
I also mentioned Fleetwood Mac the day after Kobe Bryant too. I got a comment on my old video about Fleetwood Mac...the reason I'm bringing this up...
Peter Green=157
Kobe Bryant=157
Interesting it was on 1/27 too...
Remember Fleetwood Mac guitarist Danny Kirwan died on 6/8/2018(Kanye's birthday)...then 127 days later we had a story about Lindsey Buckingham suing Fleetwood Mac. 
Lindsey Adams Buckingham=127
Buckingham Palace=127
It was synced up to the Virginia Blackface stuff..
He also died 3 months 4 days before his birthday. Recall the major number I pointed out with Kobe Bryant was the number 34. 
He died on 25/7..
Los Angeles Lakers=257
He also died a span of 271 days after his birthday. 
The 58th prime number is 271. 
Fleetwood Mac=58
Kobe Bryant=58
Los Angeles Lakers=58

Recall that Kobe was important to the Royal symbolism/Crown/Corona/King James.....the major thing I've talked about with Fleetwood Mac was in connection to the Royal Family/King Arthur and so on. 
I have to think about this because the narrative was also important to We are the Champions/Queen that I've had a lot of syncs with in regards to the Mandela Effect in the past few months...I don't quite see how they are related, but I'm sure they are. 
Rihanna has also been in the media in the last few days for saying her Fenty Skin product is for Men as well as Women...Rihanna...Rhiannon..The Lady of the Lake...King Arthur...
Taylor Swift is also important to the this narrative in connection to Kanye...She just released a new album called, "Folklore" on 7/24...
The media is running a story today that Taylor Swift sent Kobe's daughter a cardigan for the release of the album too. 
Kobe Bryant=41
Think about FOLKLORE in regards to the story of King Arthur.....even more interesting is that I'm getting close to finishing this book I have been working on forever....I basically have a bunch of extra notes that I want to try and include ....anyway the last thing I added from my notes was about magic wands/Hollywood....and how Merlin and Harry Potter have wands made out of holly wood. 
Merlin....King Arthur... 
I find what I wrote about lesser magic even more interesting considering Taylor Swift used all lowercase on this new album....folkore...and the song names are in lowercase..
Lesser Magic is also known as Low Magic. (Greater/Lesser..High/Low) 
Remember on Taylor Swift's "Me" song with the Umbrella's she says, "SPELLING is fun kids". 
Apparently Taylor Swift also did the lowercase thing on her 6th album "reputation" too. 
This means she has done it on her 6th and 8th albums....which reminds me of Kanye's birthday on 6/8. 
 Danny Kirwan died on 6/8 age 68. 
Prince Charles=68
Donald John Trump=68

It's also interesting how much I have been paying attention to Francis Bacon/Franc Baconis in regards to lowercase being important. 

Not sure how it's related, but it's also interesting to note I got a notification on my phone today of a story about Prince Harry/Meghan Markle staying in a tent that cost 1,500. 

London England=58
Fleetwood Mac=58
Taylor Swift released folklore 224 days after her birthday...this number is also important to Kobe Bryant. 
Kobe Bryant=224(FB)

Kobe Bryant=312(FB)....Catholic/Jesuits..
Taylor Swift's birthday is also 1 month 13 days before Kobe died...
Kobe Bryant=113
Seeing all of this made me think about my daughters favorite cartoon "Trollhunters"....the 3rd section of the Trilogy is called, "Wizards" and it was supposed to release in 2019...I see it now says 8/7/2020....
Anyway, notice how the story involves King Arthur and Merlin too. I'm actually excited to watch this with her too haha. 

Friday, July 24, 2020

Blue Jays opened 2020 season against the Tampa Bay Rays and the Pirate Theme

I thought the Blue Jays were playing their home games in Pittsburgh? I guess I didn't read the article just the headline, but even so it's no mistake it was connected to the PIRATES and they released that info the same day Orlando Bloom said his dog died..

Notice the Blue Jays are playing their season opener against the Tampa Bay Rays...hahaha like how the Pirate symbolism is connected to SB 55 being in Tampa Bay...The Buccaneers and Oakland in SB 37.

Trump to throw out first pitch at Yankees game on 8/15-Jesuits

Trump is going to throw the first pitch at the Yankees game on 8/15? 
The anniversary of the Jesuits being created...Napoleon's bday...the day he said he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair...
New York Yankees=187
Society of Jesus=187
The tradition of presidents throwing the pitch began in 1910 with Howard Taft....
Of course that's 110 years ago. 

William Howard Taft=195

His Father was a founder of Skull and Bones.
Skull and Bones=201(FB)

William Howard Taft died 191 days before his bday. 
Society of Jesus=191
New York Yankees=191

The MLB regular season ends on the official Jesuit anniversary. 

Anthony Fauci throws first pitch of the MLB Season

Anthony Fauci throws the first pitch of the MLB season in the game of Washington Nationals vs New York Yankees. 
Notice it was 155 days before his bday. 
Coronavirus=155, 142, 56
Anthony Fauci=56, 137, 187
First Pitch=56, 142
Washington DC=187
New York Yankess=187

Something I overlooked before is that Fauci is 79 years old. 
Society of Jesus=56, 187, 79

I doubt it's a coincidence the game finished with a 4-1 score on the same day the Redskins became known as "Football Team". 
Football Team=41

Mike Tyson to Fight Roy Jones Jr. in Exhibition Match on 9/12-Vegas Attack-Manchester Arena Attack-2017-Tiger-Jesuit

First off, think how we mentioned Mike Tyson being important to the Tiger symbolism earlier in the year. Now he is going to box again for the first time since 2005? 

This story comes 51 days before the fight against 51 year old Roy Jones Jr. 
Roy Levesta Jones Jr.=233
The 51st prime is 233

It's an exhibition fight, but it's still interesting to note that Mike Tyson currently has 50 wins...something like 51 if wins. 

Roy Jones Jr. even lost his 51st fight to currently 51 year old Antonio Tarver. It's interesting even more so considering it was at the Mandalay Bay Events Center reminding us of 2017 and Las Vegas....Mike Tyson also reminds me of Las Vegas/The Hangover/Tigers/Tupac. 

This is even more crazy when you look at Mike Tyson's 51st fight. Notice it was at the Manchester Arena...the Arena that had a bomber in 2017 at the Ariana Grande Concert....

Keep in mind that Mike Tyson turned 51 years old just after the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 and was 51 when the Vegas attack happened. 

The Manchester Arena bombing was 132 days before the Vegas Attack...
Catholic Church=132
Notice Mike Tyson's bday is 201 days before Roy Jones Jr.'s too. 
201 the big Jesuit number. 
Jason Aldean=201
The Vegas attack super synced to the Jesuits. 

Manchester Arena=145 and 312(FB)
312 the major Jesuit number in 2017. 

It's also interesting the Vegas Attack was 93 days after Tyson's bday. 
Recall, Ariana Grande and the Manchester Attack were all about 93'...Also remember how Eminem released a new Album in 2020 the same day they released Mac Millers post humous album. Eminems album had a song about the Manchester bombing..
Mac Miller was synced to the date of 9/3 with Colin Kaepernick/Nike/Roseanne.....This is why Nick Cannon dissed Eminem in 2020 as it was related to Charles Manson/Kneeling.