Monday, September 30, 2019

Year of the Pi G and my terrible internet

My internet has been out for days. I've had this service for around 10 years and it's always been terrible, but never this bad. Unfortunately there hasn't been anywhere else to get it, since I live in a small Iowa town. In the recent year or so there is a new company, that I've heard good and bad from....I'm finally changing over to them in hopes it will actually work, even if it runs a bit slower. They can't come out until Tuesday though, so I'm stuck with my minimal data on my phone...which already ran out and I had to buy more...and of course will still have to pay my internet bill although the shit hasn't worked for almost 2 weeks. 
Moral of the story, I haven't been able to watch videos as I don't want to run out of data, so I've been researching more about synchromysticism. and magic. 
I stumbled upon this blog above and they had a picture of "Pi" and the letter "G" in regards to the chinese Pig year....Also Freemasonry....The year of the Mathematician. 

I just find this funny as I mentioned "Pi" being important many times this year...and even mentioned this same connection with the G in freemasonry in connection to "Pi". 
The capital "G" has some interesting connections in the Francis Bacon ciphers as well. 
G=33, 13, 39, 46
33rd degree and so on..
13 Colonies and so on..
13 tripled is 39......Old Testament and so on..

I've probably already wrote this but.."Aleister Crowley"=215
He's not the only important thing to magic, but I know it's important to me naming our new child Alistair. 
I just noticed that our oldest child Claire is exactly 9 years 1 month 1 day older than Alistair too. 
Cowgill=215(fb) girlfriend and Claire's last name...
Cow Fish...I've always associated it with that lol. 
Behrendt...Bear Rent. 

Friday, September 27, 2019

Minnesota Twins to play the Yankees or Astros to start playoffs-2017 reminder/Jesuits

I'm wondering about the MLB playoffs..the Yankees or the Astros... will start the playoffs against the Twins. Remember in 2017 when the Astros won, I was following a major Jesuit theme in connection to the Yankees and the Twins...then they played each other in the Wild Card...the Yankees won 8-4 like "Jesuit"=84. 
Minnesota Twins=84
I still think it's for the Astros, but I wanted to note this and see what happens. The Tyler Skaggs stuff was important to Los Angeles and the Astros reminding us of 2017...The Astros and Dodgers could both be the number 1 seeds in the playoffs...

Funny today is the Jesuit anniversary too, and I'm just now realizing this. The Astros are even playing the Angels today. 

Rob Garrison, 'Karate Kid' actor dead at 59

He dies 3 months 5 days after the 35th anniversary of the Karate Kid coming out? 
Karate Kid=35 and 64
Rob Garrison=64

He also died 156 days after the 2nd season of Cobra Kai came out too. 
Cobra Kai=156
Also it's 5 months 3 days...the reflection of 35. 

Interesting he died age 59 too and the 2nd season of Cobra Kai came out 59 days before the annivesary of the original film. 

I'm also laughing as I was just looking at my RALPH theme stuff earlier today. We just had the Roast of Alec Baldwin and the Demi Moore stuff reminded me of the the Roast of Bruce Willis.....the roast before that was Rob Lowe in which Ralph Macchio was on....

Comment on Paul Walker video from 2013-Halloween-Skull and Bones-Jesuits

I woke up today to a comment on a video I made the day after Paul Walker died. It's interesting as the song I used in the video is one I lost forever when my old mac computer got destroyed by a drink. I made it for Halloween....but also yesterday I randomly remembered it and was singing at work because I couldn't find a box cutter. The main line in the song was about an X-acto interesting I would get a random comment on this video...
Paul Walker=120
Blitz gaming=120
Funny today is the Jesuit anniversary and remember Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit. 
Society of Jesus=239
Paris France=239(Jesuits/Illuminati)
Blitz gaming=239

Also in regards to Hillary Clinton...remember my post about how they want to change Halloween to the last Saturday of October...this year it will be on her bday..10/26...
I wonder if there's something important to the impeachment stuff considering her husband Bill was impeached...

I also find it interesting I just documented about Batman/Joker last night....Paul Walker's death synced to George HW Bush's death and the Skull and Bones....Batman's 33rd episode said Bruce Wayne's Great Grandpa founded Skull and Bones...
I also just mentioned Justin Trudeau/Trump and TIME magazine...Time was founded by 2 Skull and Bones members..Briton Hadden and Henry Luce...

Briton Hadden was born on the 49th day of the year and died on 2/27....the 49th prime....he also put in his will that no one could sell his stocks for 49 years...

 227 important to France....
Today is 34 days before Halloween..."France"=34...

Aurora Colorado Batman shooting victims concerned over "Joker" film coming out on 10/4

Interesting story as I've been saying all year that Donald Trump saying he was Batman at the Iowa State Fair is important...South Park's season premiere was even called "Mexican Joker" which I'm sure is connected to this as it's set in Colorado. 
10/4 when the film comes out leaves 88 days in the year. 

Interesting the new South Park is still all about Marijuana and "Tegridy"..
Four Hundred Twenty=88

It's funny as I looked at my death of Adam West post and I pointed out he died on Trump's 4th month 20th day as president reminding us of Marijuana.....Adam West died age 88 too. 

The film Joker comes out 76 days after the anniversary of the Aurora Theater shooting..

The Aurora shooting in 2019 was on 2/15....notice it was 7 months 20 days(end date) before this film comes out...
The Batman shooting on 7/20. 
The Dark Knight=215

I think a lot of the Batman stuff is important to 2020 as the shooting in Aurora in 2012 was on the 43rd anniversary of the Moon landing....this year it will be the 51st anniversary..
West died on 6/9 and it was 69 days before the anniversary of Batgirl dying...Trump was 69 years old when he said he was Batman...the Moon landing during the sign of Cancer that looks like a "69" in the year 69. 

I'm just wondering about Card games as well...
Joker card..
Trump Card...
King Card..
Queen Card..
Jack card....makes me think of Jack Nicholson being the Joker but who knows...

Thursday, September 26, 2019

King Ralph came out on 2/15

I've been writing about the Vegas attacks and how it was synced up to a bunch of things..including the death of my grandma on 9/24/2017....Anyway in the mix of that the RALPH theme was really important so I looked up King Ralph again....Notice it came out on 2/15.....This number I have been mentioning a lot lately, and it has been very important all year.. 215

Also interesting this happens right after the newest episode of "The Conners" comes out on 9/24/2019. 

King Ralph=190(FB)
King Charles=190

Demi Moore in Media-Busch Light Kid at Iowa vs Iowa State game-Impeached stories

Demi Moore in the news a lot lately. This story was in the news before the Jon Cryer came out on 9/23...

I find it interesting that Demi Moore was born in Roswell, New Mexico too. She's in the media just after they admit a UFO, and the Storm Area 51 stuff...

Roswell, New Mexico=215

I never thought about Ashton Kutcher being on 2 and a Half Men along with Jon Cryer the other night either. 
Two and a half men=56
Demi is 56 years old..
Ashton Kutcher=215(FB)

Demi is also the voice of Esmerelda on The Hunchback of Notre Dame which reminds me of the France stuff....
9/23 is 49 days before her bday....49th prime is 227. 

I honestly think there is something really important to Iowa and the Iowa Hawkeyes in this. 
The Moore symbolism synced up to a MOLLY theme and I was documenting about all of this just after the Iowa girl Mollie Tibbetts was murdered....
Mollie Tibbetts=215
In August we got the drowing story of the Dalton kid who went to High school with Mollie Tibbetts....

Recently a major thing I've been seeing on Facebook is about the Busch Light kid at the Iowa Vs Iowa State game...He was donating to the childrens hospital at the university of Iowa...
Carson King=48
Iowa=24, 48
King is 24 years old...


Bruce Willis also threw the first pitch in the Phillies vs Brewers game earlier this year...just makes me think of Beer...

Iowa important to the Stock Market....
Remember Time Magazine has had covers with Trump Drowning and also as a KING. 
Also the recent blackface story of Justin Trudeau that was exposed by TIME magazine...Remember the Blackface stuff was important to Don Lemon calling Kanyes visit to the White House a Minstrel show....Don Lemon's sister supposedly drowned in 2018 too. 

All the Impeached stuff going on right now too over Joe Biden...
Joe Biden=64
Remember how the Ghost stuff was important to PEACHES Geldof and I also mentioned the band "The Presidents of the United States" that have the song "Peaches". 
Peaches Geldof important to the Wall symbolism as her father portrays the character PINK in Pink Floyd's The Wall. 

I'm wondering too about Elizabeth Warren...She was part of the blackface narrative I was mentioning with all of it....Think about her name...WAR in.... on..
Biden the 47th Vice president...
If Trump would be impeached and removed it would mean the 2020 election would be for the 47th president...just something to note...

Ukraine is important to Chernobyl and remember on  8/8 we got a story about Russia's far north reminding us of Chernobyl...
Trump=88 so on..

Peach...Orange.....Donald Trump is Orange....
It makes me think of Football in regards to the Peach Bowl and Orange Bowl...I just documented about the Gator story in connection to Michigan......they lost to the Florida Gators in the Peach Bowl last year....
Peach=24, 33

Interesting too that Carson King's father is a retired police officer Altoona, Iowa....Look at that handshake...
Nice picture of Freemason Terry Branstad in the background too....he's now the ambassador to CHINA..the current Iowa Governor is 60 Kim Reynolds..

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Jon Cryer says he didn't lose his virginity to Demi MOORE-Duck/Pink/Moore/Drowning theme

Demi MOORE said Jon Cryer lost his virginity to her? I just documented how the Drowning/Duck/Pink theme was important again and now this story? Remember Jon Cryer is DUCKIE on Pretty in PINK. Also remember the other part of that symbolism was a MOORE theme, and I even mentioned Demi Moore in regards to it lol. 
I swear it seems a lot of times, the news comes from people just reading my blog. I wonder if we get a GHOST or MOLLY story in the near future as that was the other pieces in all of that interrelated symbolism....

I'll try and look` MORE at this later, it's storming out and my only internet is from my's going super slow....Our other internet has been out for days and I'm not sure when the dumbasses will be here to fix it. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Andre Emmett Former NBA player shot and killed in Dallas

It's funny as I am only thinking of this because of the recent Blackface stories with Justin Trudeau. Remember the Blackface stuff began in February synced up to the Virginia Cavaliers winning the college championship. They beat Texas Tech though, and I see this guy played for them as well. 
Notice he died 169 days after they lost to the Virginia Cavaliers. 
Red Raiders=169

He also died in Dallas Texas. 
Dallas Texas=46, 118
Andre Emmett=46, 118
Texas Tech Red Raiders=118
Virginia Cavaliers=118

It's also interesting that he died 11 months  4 before his next bday. Considering it's synced up to the Cavaliers it reminds me of LeBron James...
He dies on 9/23...
LeBron James=114 and 923(Jewish)

He also died age 37 and it's 3 months 7 days before LeBron's bday...

Think how the College Championship was on 4/8 too. 
This number is big in regards to Cleveland and the Cavaliers symbolism with the Royal Family. They mention a lot about Andre Emmett being in the BIG3 in the article as well. The BIG3 created by Ice Cube. 
Ice Cube=48
Texas Tech=48
Remember how Ice Cube was in the media not too long ago criticizing Kawhi for going to the Clippers and not the Lakers. Ice Cube a big Lakers fan...

They refer to Andre as DRE in the article as well, which makes me think of the NWA...Ice Cube...Dr. Dre...
The NWA also had Saudi Prince which is interesting in regards to the Oil theme and Saudi Arabia too.. 

His birthday is also the 239th day of the year and he dies on 23/9. 

Gematria Effect News deleted 1 month 9 days after 8/11-The 2016/2017 Narrative

How many times have I said this year is just like 2016/2017? 
Zach's 18th channel was deleted, so now he's on his 19th channel in the year 19'. Notice how his 19th channel currently has 19K subs....It was also 1 month 9 days after 8/11. 
Also he is trying to start a new truther website, just like how All 4 Truth was launched before his house got crashed into. 

Thomas COOK Collapses story next to death of Celebrity CHEF Carl Ruiz

Notice the theme in the headlines tonight? 
Thomas COOK tour company collapses story right next to the death of Carl Ruiz the celebrity CHEF. 
A Chef is also a COOK..
A food theme... 

Carl Ruiz dies age 44 and his bday is 4/4. 

The article lets us know about his relationship with Guy Fieri as well. 
Guy Fieri=44

Thomas Cook died 4 months 4 days after his birthday. 


For some reason I am reminded of James Cook who discovered the Sandwich/Hawaiian Islands too. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Alligator found in a pond at a Michigan Junior High-Jim Harbaugh and Michigan Wolverines loss to Wisconsin

This story cracks me up as Michigan just had a huge loss to Wisconsin yesterday. It's all being blamed on Jim Harbaugh and so on..
Remember when Harbaugh first came to Michigan they beat the Florida GATORS in the Citrus Bowl. Last year Michigan lost to the Florida Gators in the Peach Bowl. 

Michigan also beat the Gators in a bowl game when Tim Tebow was the QB at Florida. This is hilarious because the Junior High team was called the Broncos. 
The Denver Broncos are the team Tebow is mostly known for playing with. In regards to Michigan losing to Wisconsin...the Broncos lost to the Green Bay Packers(Wisconsin) in today's game. 

Denver Broncos=64
Jim Harbaugh=64
Florida Gators=64
In the new rankings too, notice how Florida and Wisconsin are 8th and 9th now after the Michigan loss. 

Calvin Johnson smoke "Pot" during NFL Career-Detroit Lions

This story caught my attention a second ago. Calvin Johnson smoke "Pot" while playing in the NFL. 
Notice how the article goes on to mention Rosenburg asking Johnson if it was a coincidence him and Barry Sanders both retired from the lions age 30. 
Calving Johnson=69

Calvin Johnson=310(FB)
Remember the LION theme was super important to 310...There is a person that has been telling me they think the Lions will be in the Super Bowl...We will see as the season moves along how the theme syncs up. The Lions were important in 2016 when the Dolphins symbolism was huge..Age of Aquarius and so on...Super Bowl 54 in Miami...the Lions have never been to a Super Bowl....
The Lions were in a TIE the first game of the season with the Cardinals...

Father and son die after falling off CLIFF

More Cliff stories in the mainstream media.
Not many details in the story, but just documenting the narrative is still ongoing. It happened on 9/19/19. 

Trump speaks with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston-First NBA game in India

Interesting the big news today was Trump's speech with the Prime Minister of India in HOUSTON. They go on to tell us of the first ever NBA to be played in India this year. 
I have mentioned multiple times how Houston is important to these foreign NBA games and now this. 
It's also interesting this story comes on the 227th anniversary of the French Republic. I mentioned how I thought Des Moines was important because it's French for "of the Monks"...this made me think about the Dalai Lama having to flee to India because of the Tibetan uprising against China. 
Today is also 2 months 2 days after the Indian Politician Sheila Dikshit died. 

The game will be the INDIANa Pacers vs the Sacramento Kings? lol how hilarious..
Remember Mike Pence is also from Indiana...the land of the Indian...
Also remember how the King symbolism is important to the stuff with the Houston Rockets..

I can't help but think of the Cleveland Indians either as I've documented about them so much in the past. Plus the 8/10 stuff is super important to Rocky Colavito. This taking place in Houston....The Indians and Astros have had a connection for some time. 

Mike Pence's bday is 3 months 10 days before Modi's as well..6/7 to 9/17..
Michael Richard Pence=713(FB)...the Houston Area code...
Also he is currently 60 years old...
Indiana Pacers=60
Ram Nath Kovind=60(President of India)
Donald Trump=60 and 190(FB)
I keep forgetting this as the KING symbolism is also important to Donald Trump...
King Charles=190
Trump's been important to Cleveland since the beginning..

I'm wondering too in regards to the Buffy stuff...remember she is Raj's date on the Big Bang Theory on the last episode. Raj is the Indian guy on the show...

Guy Drowns in Tanzania proposing to his girlfriend-9/19/19 Queen Elizabeth II and the Drowning theme

Yesterday we got a mainstream story that is still up today, about a man drowning while proposing in Tanzania. I only find it funny as on Friday the main thing I wrote about was the Pink/Duck/Drowning Theme. 

Steven Weber=60, 48
Kenesha Antoine=60
Underwater=60, 48
Louisiana man=48
Of course he is a white guy proposing to a black girl..

He died on 9/19/19 too which is his girlfriend has the last name "Antoine" reminding me of Anthoine Hubert..but possibly nothing with that...

I think it's important though even more so, because you can actually find this guy on Facebook and it says his birthday is 4/21...the same day as Queen Elizabeth II. Remember 9/19 is important to her..
It's also interesting too he was from "Zachary" Louisiana. I mean it seems like a strange name for a town...Also on Wikipedia it only lists 2 towns with this in Louisiana and one in California that no longer says it was a former settlement. 
It makes me think I need to look at something Zach may have documented in regards to this narrative? 

This also means he died 215 days before his bday. The reason I mentioned the drowing theme in the book, was all about the number 215 too. 

What a strange intro on Facebook too, unless someone wrote that after he died? 
Unless you made it here by accident, you should already know....

Also Tanzania is important because it's where Freddie Mercury was born. Think about how he is important to the Queen symbolism as well. 
Farrokh Bulsara=151 and 227
227 important to France...
9/19/19 is 151 days after Queen Elizabeth's bday. 

Tanzania also used to be the only place in which there were tree climbing LIONs, but now they have been spotted at other places...notice one of them is Queen Elizabeth National Park too. 

Steven Weber=190(FB)
King Charles=190