Tuesday, January 19, 2021

KJVExposesAll-Veritas77Axiom says that he wrote 90% of Number Games


There is for sure something very strange going on here. Veritas77Axiom has now made a bunch of videos saying that he bought "Number Games" and that Zach stole 90% of the information in the book from him...He then keeps saying that I can verify that, which I cannot lol. He's trying to divide Zach and I it seems to me. I can verify that "I" learned a lot from him including Simple English Gematria, but I cannot verify that Zach also learned this from him. It really doesn't matter anyway does it? I don't know why Veritas is so hung up on the idea that he is who taught everyone...I think he thinks that since he showed a lot of people this knowledge that we are just supposed to believe in his beliefs as well. It's been about 8-10 years since I've even listened to this guy and I've learned so much more that wasn't from him. He thinks that only Simple English Gematria is legit, which we have proved countless times to be untrue....

I do remember Veritas commenting on one of my videos probably in like 2015? Zach then commented to him to leave me alone and said, "Dan is with me now". I always found this strange, but it didn't have to mean anything greater either. I have no clue what video that was on either, but I wish I knew....it's probably ghosted by now anyway too. Veritas never messages me again though until recently, at least that I can remember...

It just seems as though I am being played, which is why I keep an open mind and question everything...

Veritas does make one interesting observation in these recent videos though...Zach releases a new book in October and then gets Bear Sprayed at the Book store in Portland...


This happened 3 months 3 days after his book released on Amazon.

Bear spray=164(FB)

Powell's Books=164

KJVEXPOSESALL-Veritas77Axiom=164 and 116


It happened on 1/16 

Remember 10/13 is the day of the Friday the Thirteenth that wiped out the Knights Templar...it's also the day Pope Paul III became the pope. He recognized the Jesuits. 

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