Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Kane Brown sync at work again today

 This morning when I got to work someone ordered a breakfast bowl and was waiting for it. I was doing some other stuff and my boss was out talking to them while my coworker was getting it ready....I then went to the walk in cooler to get some onions and I noticed the people who ordered it was the lady with the Kane Brown shirt on yesterday...she was still wearing it too....I then noticed that my boss was also wearing a Kane Brown shirt lol...I then told her about yesterday and its funny cause I rarely see her wear that shirt. 

What am I supposed to see with this lol?

They both told me they got the shirt at his concert in Sioux City a few years back..

The concert was on 6/13/2019..the headliner was Ryan Hurd...I just looked him up and see that he's married to Maren Morris..this is funny because about a half hour after the Kane Brown thing today I had to deliver stuff to an older lady that sometimes calls..I realized I got a ride to work today so my boss let me take her jeep. There was a Maren Morris song playing on the radio when I turned it on..I only know this cause the DJ said it after the song was over...I remember thinking that the only song I know by her is "My Church" cause when I DJ some girl always does the karaoke to it.

Interesting that today is a span of 9 months 11 days after her bday.
Ryan Hurd's bday is 11/2
Today is 2 months 18 days after Ryan Hurd bday.


  1. I put on NPR just now and they're running a story on Orson Welles. At the moment they're talking about citizen Kane.