Monday, January 25, 2021

Indianapolis shooting the same day Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills-Native American Theme


It's funny to me that the same day the Packers and Bills lose and don't make the Super Bowl, we get a mainstream story about a shooting in Indianapolis....Land of the Indian, I even mentioned Indianapolis with the Native American Theme I was talking about involving the Bills and Packers(Matt LaFleur)....
 Chiefs(Native American)...
Native Americans=251
Recall this number was important to the RV bomb and the Capitol the Chiefs have the 260 connection that was important as well. 
Super Bowl LV=260(FB)
Kansas City Chiefs=260
Jacob Quinn Behrendt=260(FB)
Nashville Tennessee=260
Anthony Quinn Warner=251
The 54th prime is 251.
Chiefs won SB 54. 

Tampa Bay was connected to the Tiger Theme/Pirate Theme/South Park Redskins episode too. 

Aaron Rogers=218(FB) and 260(FB)

Tomorrow is 25/1....or well I guess it's just after midnight now. 

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