Thursday, January 14, 2021

Synchronicity with 2:18 right after my last post about 218-They Live

 I missed the screenshot, but I just posted about 218 and was getting ready to try and finish "They Live", because I fell asleep last night. I went to the video and as I was rewinding it I looked at the time. It was of course 2:18am...I only looked because I have to work in the morning and have lost track of time tonight. Just another sync to add to it's now 1/14 which is the 4th anniversary of Barney dying. 

For some reason I wondered if it was significant that I found the film on BitChute so I looked it up. I never watch movies on BitChute but when I searched for "They Live" it was one of the first links that came up...Anyway....notice BitChute came out in January the same month my uncle died. 

Even more unbelievable is the video that I am watching was posted on 2/18/2018....You can't make this up...I had no idea until now lol. 

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