Thursday, January 7, 2021

Dr. Dre hospitalized for aneurysm says he's 'doing great'-Tom Brady/Brady Bunch


This story comes a span of 46 days before Dr. Dre's bday.


doing great=170

Dr Dre=170(FB)

Dr. Dre always reminds me of when he bought the Brady-Bundchen house before Super Bowl 49 when he was 49 years old and born on the 49th day..."Dr Dre"=49...

Tom Brady=46 and 170(FB)

This is why the Francis Bacon ciphers are important..

Tampa Bay Buccaneers=170

This story comes on 1/4 or 4/1...

Super Bowl=41

Dr. Dre is 55 years old and this year it's SB 55. 

doing great=55

One Hundred Seventy=83 and 218...

Tom Brady's bday is 8/3...

Dr. Dre's bday is 2/18..

Funny that I never noticed this until now, but Tom Brady's bday is 199 days before Dr. Dre's...
The 46th prime is 199. 
Tom Brady the 199th pick in the draft. 

I wonder if we get a story about a Brady Bunch member soon...

Brady Bunch=55

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