Friday, December 29, 2017

Death of Shannon Hoon(Blind Melon) in connection to "No Rain" and the "Bee Girl"-Synchronicity listening to Derek's Live Stream # 3-Time

Sam made a blog post looking at some musicians who died age 28. I did a little research to add to what he found. 
Sam's Blog Post

The first thing he mentioned was the death of Shannon Hoon in connection to the song "No Rain" and the famous "Bee Girl". I noticed a big 68 connection..

Richard Hoon=68
He died 68 days(end date) after his final album titled "Soup". 
Funny it's Alphabet soup in the picture as well. 
Sixty Eight=56
Shannon Hoon=56

The single for the song "No Rain" came out on 6/8..
Notice the song is 3:37 in length as well. 
337 is the 68th prime number. 

The Bee Girl's real name is Heather DeLoach. 
Heather DeLoach=68

Another musician he mentioned who died age 28 was the singer for Sublime Bradley Nowell. 
Notice he was born in 68'. 
Bradley Nowell=68(rev red)
Twenty Eight Club=68

I also noticed Hoon died 103 days before the "Bee Girl's" 13th bday. 
Hoon died on "October Twenty First"=103(rev red)

It's funny that Sam made that blog post on 12/27 and then the next day someone got on Wikipedia and changed Hoon's death year and some other stuff. I can't see why someone would do this considering how long ago he died...can't imagine a lot of updates would be needed to his wiki page, but of course I have been documenting wiki doing this stuff for a long time. 
Makes me wonder a lot of things...such as did they know I would look at this page or someone else? The reason I even noticed this was because I noticed the years didn't make sense for him to die age 28 if he died in 94'..

The other person he documented in the blog was Pennywise bassist Jason Thirsk who died age 28. 
I didn't see any 68 connections that stuck out to me right away but I did notice an interesting thing about his death in regards to Time.  

The last album that was released before his death was called "About Time" and then the album after he died was called "Full Circle". Interesting the next album is called "Straight Ahead" too. 

About Time=56(rev red)...."Sixty Eight"=56
Anyway think about Time and Circles. 
Circles=69 also 314(satanic)...

That's why Saturn is known for it's Rings and is the keeper of Time. 
Jason Thirsk=144
Time=144(Jewish) and 47. 
Full Circle=47
1,440 minutes in a day. 
I also mentioned how 88 is the 4 circles made up of 360 degrees 4 times. 
Four Circles=69(rev red)

Ha also I started listening to Derek's live stream while typing this. Right as I typed in "Circle" on the Gematrinator Derek started talking about Circles....He then pointed out a story about Wendy's...

"One Hundred Forty Four"=261
14/4 leaves 261 days in the year. 
Remember I had the $2.61 experience at Wendy's on the 261st day of the year with a bunch of other 261 stuff going on that day with my band called the "Punch Clock Martyrs".  How funny I never thought about how it relates to Time previously. 

Circle=50.....which is interesting at the Wendy's stuff was connected to the Twins stuff....
Twins=50.....a lot more in regards to 50...
Live Stream Number Three=314(reverse)
Live Stream Number Three Featuring Zenith of the Alpha America=263
Two Hundred Sixty One=263

Also something I just noticed...
Sixty Nine=50(rev red)
Forty Seven=50

I'm listening to the Live Stream from the beginning now and I see Derek had talked about the Circle stuff in the beginning too. I wasn't listening until later on in the stream so still interesting how it happened....Just as I type in Circle he starts talking about it again without me knowing that was a concept they were talking about in the show. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Comment on Ridiculousness video after I looked up Chanel West Coast last night.

So late last night/early this morning I got on Facebook and as I was scrolling down I saw an thing that said 20 People in Hollywood you didn't know were transgender. It showed a picture of Minkus from Boy Meets World next to Chanel West Coast. I thought to myself no way Minkus is Chanel West Coast lol and I clicked on the article. Of Course Minkus isn't Chanel West Coast and that wasn't one of the 20 people even listed, so click bait. 

Stuart Minkus=84(rev red)
Chanel West Coast=84(rev red)

Anyway I wake up today to a comment on an old video about Steelo Brim's nephew dying. I talk about Chanel West Coast in this video as well. 

I even mentioned another story in the media that day and how it was about Cardinal George Pell being charged with Sexual assault. 
Go back and look at my blog/videos(June) around this time...I made a bunch of stuff about the film "Spotlight" and child molesting in the catholic church. I talked about the priest who supposedly molested me as a kid named Father Fitzgerald. Just after that we got the USS Fitzgerald crash story and then a few weeks later we got this George Pell story. 

Not sure what I'm supposed to see with this is interesting that the reason I got on Facebook was to look at an obituary of 2 people I know who recently died...
Both their names add to 50....
Dan Behrendt=50
Both give me memories to the KC "Chiefs"=50
But like I said before the Chiefs seem to be showing the Steelers...
Also in the video about Ridiculousness I noticed I kept saying "Ridiculous" without even meaning to. 

Don't have time to look at this more right now, but wondering what they want me to see....
Steelo Brim Youtube Video

Nebraska Cornhuskers-The Blackshirts-Lane Kiffin in Espn headline

I just went to a bit ago and this was the main story. I'm only posting this as I find it interesting that I recently mentioned Lane Kiffin in regards to Nebraska and the Rams connections. 

I'm basically just making this post to add information to my blog that is in my wordpad and old videos but not on this blog. 
So Lane Kiffin was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and he is the son of Monte Kiffin. 

Monte was a coach at Nebraska who succeeded George Kelly. Kelly was the defensive coach who popularized the Blackshirts...
Bob Devaney was the head coach at the time as well. 
Blackshirts=41 and 59(s)
Husker Defense=59
Don Bryant=41(guy who credits Kelly)
George Kelly=59(originated Blackshirts)
Monte Kiffin=59(when name stuck)
Bob Devaney=41, 59(v)

Bob Devaney died on 5/9 too. 
The reason this is more interesting in regards to Lane Kiffin is that Devaney died on his 22nd bday. 
May Ninth=41
Memorial=41(where Nebraska plays)
Red N=41
Husker Fans=41

The Blackshirts known for throwing the bones by making the "X" symbol with their arms. 
Skull and Bones=41

It's also interesting that in the top picture Alabama is # 4 and Clemson in # 1. 
Remember last year I mentioned how Nebraska's coach Mike Riley played for Alabama in 1971 when Nebraska won Back to Back Championships in the 70' and 71' seasons. 
Nebraska=71 and won their first championship on 1/1/71. 
Interesting they beat LSU and then Alabama....
LSU Tigers....
Clemson Tigers...

Last year there was a big connection to the death of Sam Foltz,  Mike Sadler,  and LSU's Colby Delahoussaye that survived. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Cash Me Ousside Girl pays off mothers house for Christmas Gift

Mortgage=86 and 40(rev red)
Danielle Bregoli=86(rev red)
Dr. Phil=40
See my previous post on her...a lot of 86 in regards to the Illuminati stuff they were pushing with her. 
Cash Me Ousside Girls Fake Illuminati Hacked Instagram

Merry Christmas Bitch=96
Barbara Bregoli=96(rev red)
Are You Serious=65
She gets $65,000. 

Christmas to her bday is 91 days.
Danielle Peskowitz=91(rev red)...her real last name. 

Dr. Phil born on 9/1. 
Dr. Phil=67 and he's currently 67 years old. 

Sixty Five Thousand Dollars=326(reverse)
Danielle Bregoli's bday is 3/26. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Wikipedia won't load episode 52 of Family Guy-Wiki Growing Pains missing ep. 51 last year-Fuller House Rams uniform

I was thinking about the death of "Benson" again and remembered they mentioned him in the Family Guy episode "Don't Make Me Over". That episode had a whole bunch of clues to recent events...
I went back and looked at the episode list of Family Guy and then Istarted wondering if there might be a clue in the 52nd episode in regards to Super Bowl 52. 
Last year SB 51 was connected to the first ever episode of Family Guy that aired the same day the Falcons lost in SB 33. 
Anyway the reason I'm even making this post is because for some reason every time I clicked on episode 52 it wouldn't load it. It would load any other episode I clicked on, but not episode 52 on Wikipedia. 

Death of Alan Thicke-Wiki missing 51st episode-Fuller House Thicke episode

Remember Wikipedia took off the 51st episode of Growing Pains after Alan Thicke died just before Super Bowl 51. Go back and look at the post above, I'm sure it relates to this year somehow. I even mentioned the kid in the football uniform on Fuller House...Looks a lot like a RAMS uniform. 
Fuller House=52
The 88th episode of Full House was called "Fuller House". 
Set in San Francisco which is connected to the Kneeling...also search my blog...San Francisco is really important to the RAM symbolism and Colin Kaepernick. 

In regards to the 52nd Family Guy episode Chris goes to Buddy Cianci Jr. High School....
He was the mayor of Providence but had to resign 2 times. 
Vincent Cianci=81(rev red)...see previous stuff on Los Angeles,  Minnesota Bridge collapse, Pope Francis and more. 

He was the Youngest Man elected to office at age 33 and the first Republican Mayor since the Great Depression....
Interesting how I've said the Stock Market Crash is connected to this years SB...
Also reminds me of Rams coach Sean McVay being the youngest coach surpassing Lane Kiffin....McVay's grandpa was the GM of the 49ers back when they were great......Also Kiffin has ties to Nebraska(moses/rams)...also in regards to Poltergeist and a bunch of stuff I've documented Mcvay came from the Redskins before the Rams....Remember the Twins(former Washington) beat St. Louis before Carol Anne Died a day after Washington won the Super Bowl in 88'. 
The 150 sticks out in regards to the Bridge stuff I've documented with Philadelphia....."Philadelphia Eagles"=150
But Also...
Lincoln, Nebraska=150
Cianci also was the 32nd and 34th he skipped 33...

He died 3 months 3 days(end date) before his bday. 
Died of Colon Cancer....CC..33. 

Buddy=231(satanic) his nickname. 
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Rams=231(english ext.)

How fitting for the Rams Field Goal Kicker to get injured as well. 
Notice he's from Lincoln, Nebraska...
Field Goal=71
The Ten Commandments=71
Samuel Noah Foltz=71...Remember Lawrence Phillips died last year too....He was drafted to the Rams and played for the 49ers too. In 2015 when Nebraska made the Foster Farms Bowl they played..

Greg Zuerlein replaced by Sam...Samuel Ficken. 

In the very beginning of the episode 52 of Family Guy they spoof Law and Order...
Law and Order=52
I've been thinking about Law and Order since the death of Bernard Francis Law too....hmm. 

At 41 seconds into the show they fade into a Bridge...I guess they do this on the Law and Order SVU....I've never watched the show much, but my girlfriend has....I see there is a Law and Order LA as well. 
Super Bowl=41
It doesn't fully show the bridge until 42 seconds though....

Towards the end Lois also throws a dead body off a bridge....

I didn't see anything else that really stood out to me in regards to the episode though. 

I think it's funny that another episode in Season 4 is called "Petergeist" which is a play on Poltergeist that I keep mentioning. I'll have to check this episode out later...

Also was thinking about RAM in regards to computers and possibly how synchronicity works. 

Rams/Moses connections to the NFL and Super Bowl 52...Eagles-Vikings-Bernie Casey-Benson

I was sitting here thinking about the Ram symbolism in 2015 I was talking about. I also saw this article about Richie Incognito saying the Bills should take revenge on Gronkowski...

Anyway as I was sitting here I typed in Los Angeles Rams on Wikipedia and right as I pushed enter the TV said Rammed. It was a Dish Network commercial about being rammed by a shopping cart. 
Direct TV Commerical
Direct TV=52(rev red)
Los Angeles Rams=52
This year is Super Bowl 52. 
Minnesota=52(rev red)
Thinking about the Rams....the last time they won the SB was with Kurt Warner who came out of nowhere and took his team to the SB after an ACL tear of the starting QB(Trent Green).....could be something connected to Keenum...or Wentz......OR.....
Funny how Keenum has connections to the Rams....also Bradford has connections to the Rams....Foles(Eagles) was traded to the Rams for Sam Bradford...then Foles was benched with the Rams in favor of Case Keenum....There is a lot of connections to the RAMS in the mix....

Last night I was talking about Los Angeles and a bunch of stuff kept showing me 81....Then I got a copyright claim that was seemingly connected to the same thing......
Notice the Rams established 81 years ago. 

Incognito the 81st pick in the draft to the RAMS....
Also Nebraska plays in the Sea of Red...
Moses parted the Red Sea...
Moses brought in the age of Aries...Aries is the RAM. 
Red Sea=52
I talked about a lot of this stuff previously....Nebraska had a terrible record but still went to the Foster Farms Bowl against UCLA in Levi's Stadium(49ers)...
49ers is where the Kneeling stuff began....
Moses was in the Tribe of Levi...
The Ten Commandments=71
LINCOLN.....MOSES   both supposedly freed the slaves...

I talked about 75 in the previous post as well...
Rob Gronkowski=75(rev red)
Incognito born on 7/5. 
Revenge Shot=75

Richie Incognito=95
Robert Gronkowski=95(rev red)

I'm also reminded of the death of Benson.....He was born in St. Louis and died in Los Angeles...reminding us of the Rams. 
I don't know enough about this show, but I'm guessing there may be some big clues if there is a connection to the Rams. 

We also had the death of Bernie Casey in September who played with the 49ers and the RAMS. 
Bernie Casey=52

Funny I even posted about the film Poltergeist and the connection to Los Angeles a few months back. In the film it shows the RAMS helmet....also think about the Charlottesville Rally and car Ramming.....Also the car Ramming on the Bridge in London...
The London Bridge Attack was 8 months 1 day before the SB...

Some stuff to think about but I gotta get some sleep. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Copyright Claim just after Publishing my last post on a video from 2012-Los Angeles-Minnesota

Literally right after I pushed publish on my last post I got a notification saying I got a copyright claim. 

It's been on Youtube since July 3rd, 2012 and it's just now getting this? They are just putting Ads on the video but still...that's a long time for it to go unnoticed. 

It's been 2000 days since I put this video up...

It's funny as my last post I talked a lot about the number 81 and Los Angeles. 
Notice he's from Los Angeles too. 
July 3rd is 7/3 or 3/7...
The claim begins at 1:09 in my video...
Los Angeles=37, 109

Hopsin Trampoline=228(reverse)
Dont Funk Up Our Beats Hopsin TrampolineRemix(Beartrap)=228

I'll have to look more at this tomorrow. I believe the last time this happened was on 1/8 or 8/1 with my Mitch Hedberg video that had been up for 2 years 24 days.....He was born on 2/24. 
He died age 37. 
Hedberg was from Saint Paul, Minnesota....fitting for the Bridge symbolism. 
ha and "Mitch Hedberg"=261(Jewish)
Remember how 261 I noticed was big in connection to my band members with ties to Los Angeles and Minneapolis. 

I'm really wondering about the Los Angeles Rams now...The stuff with the Chiefs/Eagles in 2015 was all about Moses and the Ram and the Rams won the Super Bowl in 2000. 
Los Angeles Rams=218(reverse)
I keep noticing the connections to Los Angeles with NBA players born on 2/18 and the NBA All Star Game on 2/18 in Los Angeles as well.....

Andrei Kirilenko's LA House Burns down-Kobe Bryant and Jeff Gordon (Du Pont) Retirement-Crimea Bridge

I love that they tell us his house was worth 5.5 million on the main page of CNN. 
Los Angeles=55
Hell on Earth.....
Hell on Earth=55

What's makes is even better is the fact that his house burnt down in the LA Fires.....Los Angeles is the City of Angels...

Notice too they spelled Los Angeles as Los Angles too. They also had to use ILLUMINATED. 

Interesting I just made the post about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and mentioned his bday of 2/18 being significant to the NBA All Star game that is played on 2/18 in Los Angeles. 
Kirilenko also born on 2/18. 
Caldwell-Pope was the 8th pick in the draft. 
Kirilenko was the 24th pick in the draft...
Kobe Bean Bryant=81(rev red), 135
Eight Twenty Four=81
Scored 81 points in a game. 
Eighty One=135(reverse)
He played mostly for the Utah Jazz that Kobe finished his career against. 
They just retired Kobe's # 8 and # 24.

This story also comes 58 days before his bday and All Star Game in Los Angeles. 
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Kobe Bryant=58
Notice it's 1 month 27 days too. 
Retirement=55, 127
Kirilenko will turn 37 years old on 2/18....
Los Angeles=37

Thinking about 81....we had the 181 Amtrak supposedly going 81mph on the same day the jersey's were retired....compared to the Philadelphia Amtrak derailment that was connected to Pope Francis...
Francis turned 81 years old 81 days after the Jesuit Annivesary the day before. The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse on 8/1 that fell 81 feet. 
The Washington Amtrak derailment was near Du Pont...The reason this stands out to me is because when I was talking about all the 55 in regards to Kobe announcing his retirement it was connected to Jeff Gordon's retirement as well. Jeff Gordon known for driving the Du Pont...
Remember Kobe announced his retirement on the 333rd day of the year which was 33 days after the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. It was after the Pacers game, but also before the Lakers next game against Philadelphia. 
Kobe's Retirement Video
Interesting in the video I mentioned 75 a lot and it was before we knew reverse gematria. 
Seventy Five=55(rev red)

I guess I didn't talk about Jeff Gordon in that video and I can't find the video in which I did....Or possibly I just left a comment on Zach's blog or video at the time. I didn't have a blog back then...I see I talked about it in my Notepad though. 
I saw on Brother Berg's Blog earlier that  Du Pont means "From the Bridge". 
Gordon's final race was 143 days before Kobe's final game...
It's funny if you go back before I knew Gematria I was following something about the film Iron Man II and Jeff Gordon being the Iron Man of Nascar. This was just after the Boston Bombing with Tamerlane which means Iron Man...Anyway in Iron Man II electric ropes are used to stop the nascar race, and in 2013 a Nylon Camera Rope fell and hit Kyle Busch's car....Busch won the Sprint cup the year Gordon Retired....I swear there was something to do with Bridge in that too...maybe Bridgeport tires? I can't remember and I lost the papers I had all my notes on before I switched it to a computer.
Nylon Rope falls on Kyle Busch
It's funny I even brought this connection up around Super 50, which I keep saying how everything I notice lately seems to be connected to what I was talking about around this time. 
Possibly we will get a rematch of the Panthers Vs Patriots? I still like the Steelers due to the Bridge stuff, but it seems it's almost never directly connected like that. 

All of the Bridge Symbolism ties into Minneapolis where the Lakers originally from. In 2015 I kept mentioning the connections to the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia and how the Bridgewater shooting showed the Nascar guy death in Philadelphia and it said "Franklin Bridge Water" on the screen. 
Ha, and I just re-listened to that video and I talked about Jahlil Okafor going 108mph on the Ben Franklin Bridge. 

With Kirilenko being from Russia it also makes me think of this bridge. The Kerch Strait Bridge or Crimea Bridge. 
Putin is building a bridge to Crimea. 

It's not set to open for another year but we'll see what happens. 

I also didn't think about the Winter Olympics that Russia is banned from. They will be held the same time as the All Star Game. They begin on 2/9. 
Of course they bring up people can compete but won't be able to see the Russian Flag or listen to their National Anthem.