Thursday, August 31, 2017

Prince's sister says his favorite color was actually Orange not Purple

Prince's favorite color was Orange and not Purple according to his sister? 
Prince=34(red rev)
Orange=33 of course. also 60, 102(reverse)
Nigger=60, 102(reverse) 
Civil War began on 102nd day and so on. 
Get the joke of Orange is the new black now? 

His sister says this because of his Orange Cloud Guitar. 
Orange Cloud Guitar=97

Remember how last year I said Jim Irsay buying Prince's Yellow Cloud Guitar was significant to the Indians being in the World Series? I kept saying how it was connected to the Omaha Indians and the town I live in killed Chief Yellowsmoke reminding us of Yellow Cloud. Prince was super connected to the WS, died on the 112th day of the year, the simpsons killed him on 11/2, Vanity died 112 days before his bday, 112th WS that came to and end in the early hours of 11/2. 
Yellow Cloud Guitar=223=Curse of the Billy Goat

Just makes me wonder about the Twins in regards to Prince's connection to Minnesota. 
Minnesota Twins=60, 183(reverse)
Orange=60, 183(Jewish)

Tyka Evene Nelson=187
Orange Cloud Guitar=191
Society of Jesus=191, 187(reverse)
Born in 60' 
She reached #33 on the Billboards? 
Orange=33, 60

His sister talked about his upcoming exhibit in London. 

Family Guy Stars Wars-Kabbalah Bracelet-Twins

I tried making a video earlier, but for some reason my internet will not work tonight in my car. I figured I would just watch tv for a bit and try again. As I'm sitting here watching the Family Guy Star Wars thing, I noticed something I hadn't before. 

Chris says you don't believe in the Force do you? Then Peter says he believes in his Kabbalah bracelet. Chris then says, "What's Kabbalah?" and Peter says about a buck seventy five and laughs then says honestly I have no idea I'm just a slave to friends. 
About a Buck Seventy Five=318(reverse)
Remember 318 is supposedly the God number....
Slave to Friends=61
God=61 and so on..

Anyway I look up the Red String Kabbalah Bracelet. 
It says it's not used in the Torah or Kabbalah but lists biblical history of a scarlett thread. 
Notice what it says.....It talks about TWINS. 
Genesis 38? 
Above it says it is used to ward off "Evil Eye". 
Evil Eye=38
Star Wars=38, 119
Family Guy=119
Think about Star Wars in regards to Twins as well. 

In looking at this I also learned the name "Thomas" means Twin. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rollie Massimino former Villanova coach dies age 82.

Rollie Massimino=75
He dies 75 days before his bday. 

Remember the last time Villanova won in 2016 it was super synced to 1985. Everything that year was....
Royals won for 1st time since 85'. 
Alabama connected to 85. 
Super bowl coded to 85 Bears. 
Villanova won for the first time since 85'. 
Notice Villanova won the championship in 2016 in Houston...A big topic in the news lately. 

I'm sure there's a lot more to this, but I need to look at my old notes, but of course just another example of someone's name Gematria synching up with their death and bday. 

Joel Osteen-Hurricane Harvey-Other thoughts about my life in connection to things

These stories about Joel Osteen are fitting to the Priest stuff I've mentioned and also possibly the World Series. 
Joel Osteen=150(reverse)
150 a number I mentioned in regards to Priests in June. 
Also "World Series"=150(reverse)
Lakewood Church=69(rev red) and 147
World Series=57 and 69(rev red) and 147
Houston Floods=57, 183 and 60(rev red)
Minnesota Twins=60, 183
Mega Church=183(reverse)

Minnesota=52(rev red)
It averages 52,000 attendees and seats 168,000?
Houston Floods=168(reverse)
Founded on the 130th day of the year...

Ever since Hurricane Harvey I have not been able to stop thinking about Steve Harvey as I covered him in regards to Gameshows.

Steve Harvey=150 and 147(reverse) also 57(red rev)

I also sitting here as someone at work told me they didn't understand my shirt. I'm wearing the shirt my uncle Barney gave me on Christmas that has the superman logo and says "Murphy Did it". 
I covered this before but wondering if it's connected to this year as well. 
Murphy Did it=66, 147
World Series=57, 66, 147
Remember my uncle went to the Cubs 112th game of the season on 8/8/2005 to celebrate his wedding anniversary on 8/8/80. He quit drinking on 8/8/88. "Curse of the Billy goat"=88 the goat was named "Murphy". Anyway the Cubs lost to the Reds that day 9-4(Cleveland Indians). The Reds were the team Houston tied that season....and last season the Cubs tied for the first time since that tie. Houston went on to get swept in the WS by the Chicago White Sox who won for the first time in 88 seasons. 
Barney dies on 1/14(Cubs fan)
The Cubs tied the same day as 114 people injured in the Hoboken Train wreck. 
Cubs won WS on 114th win of season. 
Cubs were in 114th year being called Cubs. 
Houston tied the Reds 114 days before the WS in 2005. 

 A lot of Houston connections I mentioned a while back in regards to Houston and my own life...A bunch involved the number 175...
Barney died 175 days after his bday....He wrecked on 1/13...On his way home from Minneapolis before getting on Hwy 175 where the high school team named the Falcons played. 
I mentioned a bunch of other connections to Barney and the Cubs as well...
Barney Murphy=67=Cleveland Indians
Interesting too...."Creighton University"=261
I just recently have been seeing this 261....
Remember Barney's song at his funeral was My Way by Frank Sinatra and I just saw a James Harden Adidas commercial with him laying in Water and at the end they are singing that song. 

I was just in my friend JOEL's wedding. Remember his brother is from Houston....Joel born on the 

I'm only documenting all of these things as the more I understand how all of these things are interrelated, the more more I can understand how it works. There are just too many "coincidences" connected to what I've seen in the history of my own life and how they are interrelated to not document. Also things such as the TV saying the same words I'm writing about have more importance than I can see at this moment, Especially when it happens almost every single day. 

Ha Seriously I type what I just typed about the TV and then I started thinking about the Darren Daulton book and him talking about Consciousness. I typed "consciousness" in on the Gematrinator and I hear the same word on TV. It was the Loud House again, episode 41 "One of the Boys". 
One of the Boys=175(reverse) and 49(rev red)
The Loud House=171(reverse) and it's on Channel 171 on Dish Network. 

Michael Phelps playfully Challenges Conor McGregor to a Race

Michael Phelps playfully challenges Conor McGregor to a race? 
Michael Phelps=224(reverse)
Floyd Mayweather=224(reverse) born on 2/24. 

Michael Phelps born on the 181s day of the year. 
Floyd Mayweather=181

Mayweather's bday is 127 days before Phelps...
Michael Phelps=127

This story comes 10 months 1 day before Phelps bday on 6/30. 
Michael Fred Phelps II=101(red rev)

This story comes 319 days before Conor McGregors next bday. 
Michael Phelps=319(Jewish)

This story also comes 179 days before Mayweather's next bday. 
"All of this talk, Should we race as well"=179(rev red)

Triceratops Fossil found in Colorado a hotbed for Dinosaur Fossils

I saw this story on Facebook about finding a Triceratops Skull in Colorado. 
Notice they tell us they have been there at least 66 million years. 
Triceratops Skull=66

Colorado once a hotbed of Dinosaur Activity? 
Colorado the 38th state. 
Thornton=38(red rev)

Triceratops Fossils=81
Thornton Colorado=81
Rocky Mountains=81
Reminds me of Super Bowl 51 that was on the 38th day of the year. First play of the game a pass from # 18 Manning(in his 18th season) to # 81 for 18 yards getting to the 38 yard line. 
His only TD Pass was with 3:08 in the 4th lol so much I can't even remember it all. Also Manning's bday on the 83rd day..."Colorado"=38, 83

Interesting one of the articles even brings up the Rockies and their mascot Dinger in regards to Dinosaur finds in the area. 
Colorado Rockies=163
The 38th prime is 163. 

E-Cigarette causes explosion in London's Euston Station

This story cracks me up as Euston just reminds me of Houston, and almost every story in the media right now is about Houston. 

Euston Station=48
E Cigarette=48
Explosion=48 (the E cig supposedly caused one)

Possibly nothing but Euston also makes me think of Eustace...Mullins. 
Eustace Mullins=48
Ezra Pound=48

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

If They Only Knew-Darren Daulton Book and a few things I noticed in it

Death of Darren Daulton Post
I just read the Darren Daulton book "If They Only Knew". 
I really didn't learn a whole lot from the book as far as I know. He basically talks a lot of about consciousness levels and other info I have looked at before and researched years ago. He does include some personal experiences and the writing seems very heartfelt and legit. What I mean by that is he doesn't seem to be trying to deceive anyone, it truly seems as he is just giving his experiences and opinions on life. 
It says it was copyrighted in 2007... According to Amazon it was published until 7/5/2012. 

If that publishing date is correct, then he died 5 years 1 month 1 day after it was published. 
In the book he talks a lot about God/Jesus and him possibly reaching Christ Consciousness on a few occasions. 
Christ Consciousness=261(reverse)
I only put this in here as in my last post I mentioned a bunch of 261 which is a number I've only mentioned twice on this blog. 
Atlantis: The Lost Empire=261
Supreme Court Justice=261
Interesting Atlantis? Thinking about Consciousness....

When talking about the Pineal Gland he references this from the bible. 
I have seen God face to face and I shall call this place Peniel. 
God=61=Jesus=Holy Spirit and so on...

I only read this book for possible clues in regards to the World Series considering his death was connected to it. 
There are a few spots where he lists his experiences with a location. Just pointing out the places in the US are Boston and Pittsburgh....
"As soon as I touched down"....reminds me of football. 
I've seen people talking about Boston in the World Series and Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, so something to make note of.
He also does mention the exact things I experience everyday and document. He's talking about reading a word at the exact time the TV says it and stuff like that. He doesn't go very in depth at this part though he's just talking about everything being connected. 

The only numerology really mentioned is all the 11's around 9/11. 

Who knows, just wanted to document a few things from the book I noticed. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Lamar Odom in News 52 days before Lakers first game-Dynamic Duo Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano-Byron Buxton's 3 HR's

This Story comes 52 days before the Lakers first game of the season. 
Lamar Odom=38 and 52(red rev)

Interesting Los Angeles plays Los Angeles the first game of the season. I just posted about the baseball connection to LA and LA......The Lakers also play Minnesota on their first preseason game this year. 
Dallas Mavericks=150
World Series=150(reverse)

Sam also text me last night about an article he read about Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano being called the Dynamic Duo. 
Dynamic Duo=53
Byron Buxton=53 also 55(red rev) and 170 and 127(reverse)
Miguel Sano=53(s) also 55(rev red)
Minneapolis=55, 127 and 170(reverse)

Byron Buxton also hit 3 HR's yesterday batting 5th in the lineup. (53)

His 3 Home Run Game comes 1 month 27 days before the WS. 
Byron Buxton=127
Also 113 days before his bday.(113th World Series)
Also 8 months 9 days after his bday. 
Byron Keiron Buxton=89
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(red rev)

I'm gonna read read Darren Daulton's book now, but just wanted to make a quick post in regards to a few extra things I saw today. 

Twins played Los Angeles on 113th day of Season and LA 113 days before 113th WS-Interesting connections to my Bandmates

I noticed on the 113th day of the season this year the Twins played Los Angeles(Dodgers). 

The Twins also played Los Angeles(Angels) 113 days before the World series. 

So the Twins played Los Angeles on 2 important days in regards to the 113th World Series....Possibly the Twins stuff is just showing us the Dodgers? Or possibly I am right and it's for the Twins? 

Haha for some reason I'm sitting here thinking about Los Angeles and if there are any connections to my own life other than me being a former Laker Fan....
The drummer in my band is originally from Los Angeles. 
Jesse Granstrom=183 and 195(reverse) also 57. 
Minnesota Twins=195 and 183(reverse)
World Series=57
The singer/guitarist and only other member is my friend Patrick Conrad. He used to live in Minneapolis lol. Just crazy. 
Patrick Conrad=133
Minnesota=133(reverse) and 110
Pat Conrad=38=Minnesota
Jesse's bday is 38 days after the WS begins this year. 
Omaha Nebraska=46, 109
Los Angeles=37, 46, 109
We also practice just off of 144th and DODGE Street. Pat lives just off of 50th and Dodge....Possibly nothing but worth noting as I always drive down Dodge to get to both places.  

Pat's bday is 110 days before mine. 7/23 to 11/10. 
Jesse's bday is 11 months 10 days before mine. 12/1 to 11/10. 

We have 2 different bands with the same members. 
The cover band is called
 "Sweet Nothing"=60 and 57(rev red)
Minnesota Twins=60 

The original band is called 
Punch Clock Martyrs=76, 95(rev red), 220 and 239(reverse)
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95

Patrick Jonathan Conrad=90 and 126(rev red) and 216
Jesse Robert Granstrom=90 and 126(rev red) and 261
I can't remember our first show as Sweet Nothing, but our first show as Punch Clock Martyrs was on 7/27/17 at The Down Under Lounge. Although we did a few covers that night...
The Down Under Lounge=90 and 261
It's a place Jesse frequents as well lol just awesome. 
7/27 was 89 days before the WS....."Los Angeles Dodgers=89(rev red) which was also the day Magic Johnson said the Dodgers would win. 
One Hundred Forty Four=90(rev red) and 261  
Nelsons Creek Drive=261(reverse) (actual street off of Dodge)

It's funny to me as well because our First Practice ever was on 7/26/16. 
Daniel Behrendt=726(sumerian)
Jesse's bday of Dec. 1st or 1/12....
It was 91 days before the 112th World Series in which the Cubs won. 
Chicago Cubs=91
First Practice=66, 147
World Series=57, 66, 147