Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Synchronicity at work with a YouTube Copyright Claim on old Space Video-Allen Iverson Philadelphia


So I'm at work and the girl working up front wanted me to watch the register for her so she could smoke. No one was in the store so I sat at a table and got on my phone. When I got on it, I noticed I had a notification that YouTube gave an old video about Space Jam a copyright claim... The register then started dinging cause I needed to approve someone for gas, but as I was walking to the register I looked at our time clock and it was of course 2:18pm..last night I documented how today is a span of 2 months 18 days after my bday and also how James Bond is synced to the Moon and its importance to 218..I also mentioned a comment from SevenOne about the Sun and Moon Bonding and who I am Bonded to...
I then looked at when I put this video out on YouTube and of course it was the 65th day of 2015. Now this wouldn't seem that interesting except for the fact that last night as I was driving home from dropping my girlfriends brother off at work, I started talking to myself to gather some thoughts on my grasp of this knowledge..after a few minutes I figured I would just record my voice so I wouldn't forget what I was saying and possibly use it on my next video..a good majority of the message was how YouTube purposefully copyright claims and strikes to help understand a pattern..the example I used was why they waited until the year 19' to restrict and remove my Allen Iverson video from 2015 synced to the number 65.
The video is too big to upload or else I would, but its the 8:29 video just before the Peppa Pig pics.
As I was thinking about this my phone then gave me a notification about a show called "Bonding" on Netflix.
Bonding= 38 and 65
What are the odds?
Today is 38 days before 3/6, the 65th day..

Today is 1/27.

Think about Space Jam in relation to the Moon as well..

I also mentioned how Zach Lavine is the reason the 76ers lost on 3/6, the same day my video was restricted..this stands out, because he is the whole reason I ever noticed a Space Jam theme in 2015.
Maybe I'll watch the 76ers game tonight..notice the Lakers play them...just after the anniversary of Kobe dying...
Zach Lavine and the Bulls are postponed...hmm 
If the 76ers lose they will be 12-7 on 12/7 too.

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