Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wendy Williams Faints on Live TV dressed at Statue of Liberty Same day as New York Attack

Wendy Williams faints on TV today (Halloween) wearing a statue of liberty costume. 
Halloween=40(rev red)
Fainted=40(rev red)
Statue=40(rev red)

It was because she overheated....

Notice the Statue of Liberty located on 40N and 74W
Halloween Costume=74
Wendy Williams=74(rev red)
Wendy Joan Williams=74

It was the How You Doin Costume Contest. 
How You Doin=40

Interesting how this show is filmed in New York City and Wendy is from New Jersey. Today we also got the Terror Attack in Manhattan and the attacker was from New Jersey. Also note that Jerry O'Connell was the main guest on Wendy's show today. 

Jerry O'Connell is from Manhattan as well lol. 
Manhattan Attack=40

October 31st also leaves 61 days in the year. 
Wendy Williams=61
New York=78(reverse)

Wendy Joan Williams=3119(Jewish)
This is really interesting....
The 93' WTC Attack was 3,119 Days before the Towers were destroyed on 9/11/2001. 
WTC's were proposed on 3/11 and destroyed on 9/11..
3119 is the 444th prime number. 
Jesus=444=Cross=Masonic and so on...
Right now it's 33 years after the 444th anniversary of the Jesuits. 

I also cannot help but think how some believe the Statue of Liberty is really a man and Wendy Williams looks really manly herself. 
Wendy=64(reverse)Born in 64'  and is age 53. 
Transgender=53, 64(rev red). 

This also comes 261 days(end date) before her bday. Remember all the 261 and it connected to my experience at Wendy's the fast food restaurant.  Dave Thomas died 119 days after 9/11/2001. 

Couple who survived Las Vegas die in Calfornia car crash-Final Destination

Seems a little like the film Final Destination lately. 
We got the story of the lady who survived and then lost her hom to the California Wildfires. 
Then the death of Kymberley Suchomel who survived and said there were multiple shooters. 
Now a story of a couple that survived who dies in a car wreck in California.....
Who knows.....
Final Destination=73, 172, 98(rev red) and 260(reverse)
We'll see if we keep getting deaths of people involved in this. 
I see they made a book series based on the films and one of them involves Las Vegas. 

I also think it's funny that they died Oct 16th yet just not reported on mainstream? The victims last name is Carver.....thinking about Halloween and Carving Pumpkins. 

Weird Web Search on my Computer when I got home

I just got home from work and I went to look up something Yahoo and noticed I had this webpage opened up. I don't know how or why I would've searched for "\" but somehow I did I guess. 
Only reason I'm blogging about it is because of the Gematria of what it pulled up at the top.
Jumping Back Slash=58, 95(rev red), 166
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
Dan Behrendt=95, 58(rev red)
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
The video it says came out on the 124th day of the year. 
Backslash is the Reverse of the Slash....
Reverse Gematria=166

Who knows just interesting as I have no idea how this was pulled up on my laptop. 
Trick or Treat=166(reverse)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Family Guy Kevin Spacey Joke about sexual assault-Seth MacFarlane knows the Future-Space Theme-Benson

Does Seth Macfarlane know more than he lets on? Well Duh lol...
He makes a creepy joke about Kevin Spacey years before it happens. He knew Bruce Jenner was a transgender. He knew Robin Williams would hang himself....The Boston Bombing episode just weeks before it happened....Death of Paul Walker....Scott Stapp in the episode with Randy Quaid joking about the Illuminati and then Stapp says the Illuminati trying to kill him a few months later. He joked about Harvey Weinstein....and so on..
Ted 2-Seth Macfarlane seems to know the Future

People seem to forget he was also supposed to be on Flight AA:11 on 9/11 that crashed into the North Tower along with Mark Wahlberg(TED). 
It's just so stupid, last night while watching the World Series I even heard the announcers making a joke about how someone had the Back To the Future Sports Book. It's just outright mocking. 

Macfarlane supposedly had a hangover when he missed his flight. 
Seth MacFarlane=126

The Kevin Spacey episode is season 4 episode 4 called Don't Make Me Over. Interesting this story comes just days after Seth Macfarlanes 44th bday too. 
It came out on 6/5/05 which leaves 209 days in the year. 
Kevin Spacey Fowler=209 also 119(sk)
Family Guy=119
Remember 2005 was the last time the Astros were in the WS...
Two Hundred Nine=204=Houston Astros
Episode 54....."Baseball"=54

In this episode with Kevin Spacey the news people also say coming up Joan Rivers speaks to us from Beyond the Grave. I just find this interesting as not too long ago she tweeted "Merry Christmas". 

The episode later makes fun of the moon landing being staged at stage 51....
Tin Foil Hat=51
Area 51
Grey Alien=51
Lubbock Lights=51 happened in 51'. 
Thinking about this in regards to Kevin SPACEy as well. 

Interesting Neil Armstrong's total EVA was 2 hours 31 minutes. I've been mentioning this number a lot recently. 

Later in the episode they parody the Partridge Family/Brady Bunch. Brian is portrayed as a racist and then later tries to get Dr. Diddy to listen to his and Stewies musical work. He say boy Benson was a funny show. 
Just interesting as we just got the death of "Benson"(Robert Guillaume) on Oct 24th. 

Kevin Spacey comes out as Gay after Sexual Allegations against him.

Seriously WTF lol. Kevin Spacey is now Gay. 
Notice he announces he's gay 3 months 3 days after his bday. 
Think about his name too. "Spacey"....reminds me of the Space Theme/Astros who won tonight. 
Possibly this is why we keep getting so many Gay stories since Donald Trump...
Donald Trump=138
American Beauty=138(just think of this film with him)
Kevin Spacey Fowler=88(rev red)

Anthony Rapp=58
Kevin Spacey=58 and currently 58 years old. 

Bruce Maxwell first Black MLB to not stand for National Anthem-San Fran Bay-Black Panthers-Church of Satan

Bruce Tyrone Maxwell=97(rev red)
Oakland Athletics=97(rev red)

I love the article telling us Maxwell says he was refused service for kneeling....Notice how they highlight "Outright Lying". 
Outright Lying=185
Bruce Maxwell=185
Donald John Trump=185
Matt Henry=124
Bruce Tyrone Maxwell III=124(rev red)
Also he was refused service in his hometown of Hunstville, Alabama. 
Huntsville=56(rev red)
Huntsville, Alabama=56
Athletics=56(rev red)
Oakland Athletics=56
President=56(Donald Trump)
Notice in the pic below it also says when he knelt he had the support of his teammate Mark Canha...
Mark Canha=56(rev red)

Notice he knelt at the game 88 days before his bday too. 
Colin Kaepernick=88
The Star Spangled Banner=88
Great Garrison Flag=88
Star Spangled Banner made the national anthem by Herbert Hoover....HH..88...Stock Market Crash was 88 years ago...
Gun Charge=159
Herbert Hoover=159
Donald Trump=159
Francis Key=159 

Also it's interesting he knelt on 9/23. 
The Defence of Fort M'Henry=923(Actual Francis Key Poem)

Also how funny it says he was born on the military base in Germany....of all places....
HH=88  Heil Hitler.....
Mein Kampf=88
Published in America 8 years 88 days after originally published. 

Also think about it even further....The first MLB player to Kneel plays for Oakland and the first NFL player played for the 49ers....Both in the San Francisco Bay Area.....
Oakland is where the Black Panther Party was founded. 
Black Panther Party=97(rev red)..
Black Panthers=58=Huey P Newton=Oakland....Cam Newton the 58th QB in a SB. Von Miller # 58....Defense=58....

Huey Percy Newton=217 born on 2/17. 
Founded the BPP with Bobby Seale. 
Bobby Seale=88
I'm just reminded that Straight Outta Compton came out on 8/8/88 too. 
Newton born in 42'(Nigger) and even named after white Louisiana governor Huey Long who died age 42. 
I just discovered that "Malcolm X"=42(rev red)
X=59(satanic)....no wonder
Malcolm X also died 88 days after his bday..(2/21 to 5/19). 
Also Martin Luther King's real name was, 
Michael King Jr=231(reverse)

Huey P. Newton also died 1 month 22 days before the 1989 Earthquake World Series of  Oakland vs San Francisco. 
San Francisco=122 located on 122W. 
He died 56 days before the Loma Prieta Earthquake as well...
It was the first Cross Town World Series since 1956. 
Oakland Athletics=56 and so on....
Black Power=56(rev red)
Black Lives Matter=56
Michael King=56
Malik El Shabazz=56
Loma Prieta Earthquake=217(Huey Percy Newton). 
Kevin Costner=56....Remember Field of Dreams came out in 1989 as well showing us the Athletics vs San Francisco the World Series that year. I'm interested in regards to this year with the Space/Moon theme and "Moonlight" Graham...  Moonlight Graham died in 1922 when New York Played New York(Giants) in the World Series..

The Black Panther Party also founded the same year as the Church of Satan(1966) in San Francisco at the BLACK House. 
Black House=56(rev red) and 97
Church of Satan=56
Anton LaVey said he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe....Huey P. Newton born in Monroe, Louisiana. 

World Series Earthquake=124(rev red)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

4th inning of World Series Game 5

What a joke. A home run in the bottom of the 4th inning makes the score 4 to 4 in the 4th inning. 
It was also an 89mph pitch by Kershaw. 
Los Angeles Dodgers=89(rev red)
The 59th pitch making it 4-4....."Kill"=44 and 59(Jewish)

In the top of the inning. Forsythe(Four) scored the 4th run for the Dodgers. After Keuchel walked a batter they then brought in # 44 to finish the inning. 

Mystery Object possibly from another Solar System-Nasa has a 261 connection

I saw this article and figured I would look up NASA again. 
First some things in this article....
This object is racing through space at 15.8 miles per second? 
They discovered it in Haleakala, Hawaii....HH...88
The first part of that town interests me as it reminds me of the Heaven's Gate cult I talked about with the death of Bill Paxton. The killed themselves when comet Hale-Bopp came. 
Marshall Applewhite died on 17/5. 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration=666(reverse)
Applewhite born on 3/26(the Gabriel stuff)
Fred Wallace Haise Jr=326
Anyway what I newly discovered....
Nasa=28(rev red)
Space=28(rev red)
Heaven=28(How fitting)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration=261(rev red)
Solar System=166

Space Time=91

Fred Haise=51(rev red)
Remember he was born on 11/14 which is the day of the closest Super Moon last year. 
Extra Super Moon=204, 174(reverse)
Houston Astros=204
174 makes me think of the Price is Right stuff of late.

What I've learned so far in doing gematria is that the theme I'm talking about just after each world series and keeps going is always connected to the next world series and not directly for the Super Bowl or other sporting events. For example I was talking about the Native America theme just after the Royals won the World Series. I thought it was for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs didn't make the Super Bowl, but the Native American theme kept coming. Then we ended up getting the Cleveland Indians losing in the World Series. We'll see what happens after this series and what themes stick out after it. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Assassinated President Gematria

I just typed in the first and last names of all thepresidents who have been assassinated. 
Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William Mckinley, John Kennedy=241
Assassinated President=241
The reason I looked this up was because of some old info I was looking at. 
Lincoln died on "April Fifteenth"=149
Mckinley died on 14/9. 
JFK born on the 149th day of the year. 
JFK the 35th president...35th prime is 149. 
Obama born on 8/4 that leaves 149 days. (Not assassinated though)
Not sure how Garfield fits in to 149 but....
James Garfield=79, 241(reverse)
Garfield died 79 days after being shot....

If you include the full names it equals 312. 
312 a number I've mentioned a lot recently connected to the Jesuits/North Korea and so on...

Friday, October 27, 2017

Franklin Prostitution Ring-Boys Town and Father Flanagan

The stupid sexual allegations are rampant. I just posted about Corey Feldman, but the Bush Story reminds me of the Franklin Child Sex Ring that supposedly went all the way up to George H.W. Bush. 
Heather Lind the accuser born on 3/22....fitting for old Skull and Bones George Bush. 

Anyway I covered this story on a video a long time ago, yet I can't remember which one. I mixed it with a bunch of other stories...
I figured I would post some of it on the blog real quick. 
It was a child sex ring that involved Boys Town, Nebraska (Omaha). 
Boys Town=38

Boys Town founded by Father Flanagan. 
Boys Town, Nebraska=60
Father Flanagan=60
Sixty=38(rev red)

He dies 60 days before his birthday in Berlin as well. 

A film called "Conspiracy of Silence" was supposedly supposed to air on May 3rd 1994 on Discovery Channel but then pulled. 
May 3rd the 123rd day of the year. 

This guy was one of the main people involved. According the documentary he was one of the biggest rising african americans in the republican party of the 80's. 
Lawrence King=59
Fitting...."Slave"=59=Negro and so on...

The victims in this documentary always cracked me up too. 
Paul Bonacci....Bone ASS i. 
Troy BONER....
The first priest to do his own investigation of the these allegations was Father Val PETER. 
I mean give me a break.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Corey Feldman Indiegogo Campaign to stop Hollywood Pedophilia

It's not that pedophilia/sexual harassment doesn't exist, but they are pushing this story for a reason. We got Psyop Pizzagate and ever since they have building this up. Even the death of Chester Bennington as he was supposedly exposing this......Eric Bolling firing....Then Harvey Weinstein sexual allegations...I even just saw Twiggy from Marilyn Manson had to split with the band because of Rape allegations......Now they are bringing Corey Feldman back up as he now has the courage to fully expose this stuff. He's just playing his part in the agenda. 

Corey Scott Feldman=261....Main reason I am posting about this story as well. 
Corey Feldman=58, 121, 59(rev red), and 203(reverse)
Age 46 is a good year for a Sacrifice...

Corey Ian Haim=67, 121, 68(rev red), and 203(reverse)
The Two Coreys=59(reduced), 58(rev red)
Of course dead at 38 along with many other celebrities. 

Corey Feldman is 5 months 8 days(end date) older than Haim. 

Indiegogo Campaign=310...
Reminds me of Corey Haims Death Day 3/10. 

In regards to molestation and Corey Feldman it reminds me of Michael Jackson. 
Michael Jackson=124.....(another important number lately). 
Michael Joseph Jackson=197, 109(rev red)
Feldman born on the 197th day of the year. 
King of Pop=109
He died in "Los Angeles"=109

The article on Fox News even shows Feldman with his wife on 10/9. 

The Child Molestation stuff is also fitting with what I was documenting about Priests and the Jesuits back in June.