Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Pat Shurmur fired by Giants with 9-23 record-The 2015 Narrative/Chiefs/Eagles-Pope Francis

More of the Chiefs/Eagles narrative I've mentioned since 2015...I see a few narratives in regards to the Super Bowl this year...Before the season began I was mentioning how a lot seemed to be connected to Super Bowl 50 in which I thought the Chiefs would win..but in connection to the Eagles. Pat Shurmur became the Eagles Interim head coach that year just before Super Bowl 50 as they fired Chip Kelly....Kelly became the Eagles coach because current Chiefs coach Andy Reid was fired....then the Eagles ended up hiring Doug Pederson from the Kansas City Chiefs....It was also important to Nebraska playing UCLA in San Francisco at the Foster Farms bowl..where SB 50 was also held....Chip Kelly then went on to coach the 49ers and then UCLA and so on...so much more I could retype..Teen Wolf...yada yada yada..The Rams were important to that narrative as well and it's why Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill both play for the Saints.. The last 2 seasons the Eagles and the Rams were in the SB. 

So now Pat Shurmur is fired after the Giants lose to the Eagles...He's fired on Eagles QB Carson Wentz bday with a record of 9-23...Keep in mind this is also LeBron James bday....LeBron has the connection to 9/23 and called Trump a Bum on 9/23..the same day Trump called out the Kneeling in the NFL.....9/23 is also Ravens coach John Harbaugh's bday..the guy who met the Pope earlier this month....In 2015 on 9/23 Pope Francis visited the White House at 9:23am and arrived on his 923rd day as Pope...His visit was in connection to Royals winning the World Series, which is part of the reason I thought the Chiefs might win the Super Bowl as well. The Pope's visit was really important to Philadelphia as well....
I mentioned a lot about Batman in regards to SB 50 as well and the Ravens are important to Batman/Pope/Charles Manson/War of 1812...I'm trying to figure out where it all comes together..it seems to me the Ravens are the most important piece...I wonder what role the Pope played during the War of 1812? 

Interesting it was the 251st Pope during the War of 1812...
54th prime number is 251

I just wonder how this narrative is going to play out...France is important this year and also important the War of 1812....Pope FRANCIS
Pope Francis=227(FB)
The Two Popes film came out on 8/31...Dale Jr..Anthoine Hubert..France day...Blackout Bowl...Paris the City of Lights...Aurora the City of Lights...

A few other thoughts in regards to the playoffs....
The Titans used to be the Oilers...TT...20 20...

Synchronicity with Dalton Yesterday-White Settlement Church Shooter

Yesterday in my blog post I mentioned how there is something connected to a Dalton theme...I then left to my nephews birthday party. While I was sitting there I noticed I got a snapchat from Sturgill....of it was picture of Bengals jerseys...the only 2 you can make out are DALTON and Dunlap.....I live in the town Dunlap as well. 

They also identified the White Settlement Church Shooting shooter...
Keith Thomas Kinnunen=87, 102, 282
The Dallas Cowboys won yesterday but didn't make the playoffs...,the numbers are still interesting though. 
Cowboys=87, 102
Charles Manson=282(FB)
He was even 43 years old...
Dallas Cowboys=43

It also stands out to me that the Cowboys lost the division to the Eagles.....they are the team who won Super Bowl 52 after Charles Manson died...
Charles Manson=52
Philadelphia Eagles=87

I like how one of the victims was Richard White as well....he got killed in White Settlement...

The Cowboys also won with 47 points yesterday. I've been talking a lot about the Ravens in regards to Super Bowl 47..so this just sticks out to me...
Keith Thomas Kinnunen=231
Baltimore Ravens=231
National Anthem=231

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Shooting at White Settlement Church-Margot Robbie portrayed Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood-Harley Quinn-Joker

I forgot to add in this comment that "Charles Manson"=52

Zenith commented on my last video I made about Batman a bit ago in regards to Mariah Carey. I got the notification on my phone, but it was funny as I had just got on the computer to see a story about a shooting in White Settlement, Texas at a church. 
Mariah Carey is the reason I knew Charles Manson was important to the kneeling narrative in the NFL....just before Charles Manson died we got the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting in Texas....it just sparked my brain. I looked up Sharon Tate again and I saw that Margot Robbie portrayed her in Quentin Tarantino's new film.."Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". Margot Robbie was also Harley Quinn which was important to the Joker/Batman stuff I mentioned for months. 

I'm gonna have to watch "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" now too....Notice the main character is has the last name of "Dalton"....another theme I have mentioned in the last few months...It mentions the playboy mansion too and I just wrote about Hugh Hefner dying in my book on Friday in regards to Transgender Ines Rau....I then noticed the film "House Bunny" was on the TV, which is also about the playboy mansion. 
Playboy Mansion=64( I didn't realize this before)
Hugh Hefner=64
He died just days before the 64th anniversary of Playboy being founded....They then announced the first Transgender playmate Ines Rau...
Caroline Cossey=64(transgender in playboy but not playmate)

It's also the last film to feature Luke Perry.....Thinking about the importance of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Sharon Tate was in the Fearless Vampire that was important to this symbolism...
Roman Polanski's rape on 3/10....friendship with Jack/Joker.
Manson died 3 months 10 days after the Tate murders anniversary. 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer=310

Notice this shooting happened about a half hour away from AT&T stadium where the Cowboys play....think about ATT and 911 too...
WHITE SETTLEMENT gets shot up....
Blacks rising up....

There may be something important to a kid I went to school with from the Dallas area as well named Kevin Quinn....Harley Quinn....I remember he told me his dad worked at the funeral home where Dimebag Darrell's funeral was. 
I just looked on his Facebook and it says he works at AT&T...this might not be true anymore as I haven't updated mine in years...but still interesting...

Friday, December 27, 2019

Canadian TV edits out Donald Trump in Home Alone 2

Home Alone 2 came out 159 days after Trump's 46th bday...
Donald Trump=159
Home Alone Two=56
Home Alone=88

Trump even bought the Plaza Hotel in the year 88', and owned it when the filming of Home Alone 2 happened there. 

Remember this scene was important to the Stock Market as   they also mention Herbert Hoover once stayed at the Hotel in the film. 
Herbert Hoover=159

Also in regards to Christmas..think about how Justin Trudeau just turned 48 years old on Christmas Day. 
Wall Street..
Justin Trudeau=48

Also interesting the film came out 27 years ago...

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Celebs pay tribute to Mariah Carey with Lip Sync Video

Is this not hilarious? I just recently posted about Mariah Carey and her song "All I want for Christmas"...I mentioned how a big thing was her lip syncing on New Years Eve in 2016 was how I knew Charles Manson was synced up to the NFL Kneeling narrative....now we are getting a story of celebrities paying a tribute to her by lip syncing her song? At first I thought they were making fun of that incident, but it's actual tributes to her lol...

Kanye West drops album called 'Jesus is Born' on Christmas-61 days after 'Jesus is King' Album

He releases these 2 albums 61 day apart? 
Holy Spirit=61

Jesus is Born=74
Jesus Christ=74
Gospel=74(think about the music)
So on...

Saturnalia...El....The first NO EL. 

Toronto rapper Bvlly killed on Christmas Eve-France-Billy Madison

Jahquar Stewart=88, 182
Christmas Eve=182

I watched his video, "No Light Bag" and I'm interested that he's wearing a Paris shirt....
LIGHT Bag...Paris the City of LIGHTS...the coding with NFL is important to the Blackout bowl....
No Light Bag=49
49th prime is 227..
Possibly nothing, but worth noting. 
He died age 24 on the 24th of December...
Twenty Four=49

He dropped his first album on 9/22/2019....The 227th anniversary of the French Monarchy...
Notice the first song is titled, "It wasn't planned". Haha like all the other rappers that die with hints like this. 
The 3rd track titled, "Magicians". 
It actually starts off with the Austria National Anthem, but he doesn't have it in his playlist. 

The song Magicians starts off with a quote from Billy Madison..."t.t.t.t today Junior"....It's only interesting as I was reading about the town he lived in and was shot at...It mentions how a House in the town is featured in Billy Madison....so could be why he would put that in the song, but I'm guessing there is something more important to Billy Madison with this guys death.  Bvlly looks similar to Billy as well...
Made in Austria=135
Billy Madison=135
Adam Sandler=182(FB)

He also died 1 month 17 days before the 25th anniversary of Billy Madison on 2/10/20...
Adam Richard Sandler=117

It makes me think of Hanukkah as well...the Festival of LIGHTS...

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Magic showing up in my life tonight-Ben 10-South Park-unfinished Blog post from 12/21-

I had to work all day and then when I got home Jasmine had to go pick up her family for Christmas tomorrow. Anyway I made some Ramen noodles and sat down on the couch as the baby wasn't crying. I turned on the TV and went to Hulu and clicked on South Park. It randomly chose this episode for me to watch..."Cock MAGIC". 
I didn't really get to watch the episode as Alistair started crying and what not....A few hours later I got him to sleep and the show Ben 10 was playing. I think because my other son Zamien likes it, and it must automatically play if you don't choose a different show...

Anyway I look up at the TV and they are talking about this guy being the best Magician in the world...He then says something like he doesn't like real magic because there are too many rules that have to be followed...He then opens up a door to a library and of course it has a pyramid with the All Seeing Eye...and the Infinity symbol on the door. 

Once in the library this lady then invokes the magician guy to this room....
I just think it's funny as studying this concept has been about all I've done this month in my free time. 

I've been saying it for a long time in regards to how this system works and it's seemingly proving itself to me...

Ben Ten=30, 60

Ha, well the reason the South Park episode came on, was because it was the next episode after the Oculus rift episode. I didn't finish my blog post on this, but I watched this episode because I had synchronicity at my cousin Timmy's the other night and it involved the Oculus. Honestly I was hammered when I got home and didn't finish the post. I see there is another episode involving Magic in this season of South Park too....South Park also does a lot of episodes that involve summoning..

Monday, December 23, 2019

NASCAR's Junior Johnson and Bill Simpson dead in connection to Dale Earnhardt

He dies 111 days after the big date I was talking about important to the Dale Earnhardt's? 
Dale Earnhardt=111
The Last American Hero=111
Notice he was 88 years old...like how Dale Jr. was famous for driving the number 88 car for years. 

Plus the JJ theme. 

A few days before Junior Johnson dies Bill Simpson dies? A guy known for Safety and controversy after Dale Earnhardt Sr. died...lol I mean come on..I even mentioned this as being important in regards to Kyle Busch/Safer Barriers

He dies 2 months 27 days before his bday? Remember Jimmie Johnson announced is retirement 2 months 27 days before the Daytona 500 in the 49th Modern Era Cup...
Dale Jr. died age 49 on the 49th day...
France is important to 227
Interesting his bday is 3/14 too and 22/7=3.14

Iowa stories in the news lately-CJ Beathard-Hayden Fry-Mexican Girl gets Ran Over

There seems to be a lot of stories about involving Iowa in the recent news, so just pointing it out. Iowa is important to the Stock Market/Wall/China symbolism....
The Hawkeyes playing USC in the upcoming bowl game...

I've pointed out Hayden Fry before, but I just realized he was born in 1929 the same year of the Stock Market Crash and Kinnick Stadium being built.