Friday, January 8, 2021

Elon Musk surpasses Jeff Bezos-The number 186 and Zach's trip to Louisiana and call with Dr. Paul Cottrell-Artificial Intelligence


I want to add a few things to my previous post about Elon Musk on 1/7 in relation to Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. 

Notice the story came 172 days before Elon Musk's bday. 

Bill Gates=172(FB)

This story came 71 days after Bill Gates bday and it was on 1/7 or 7/1....Tesla founded 17 years ago on 7/1. 


Paul Allen=201(FB) and 186(FB)

Jeff Bezos=201(FB) and 186(FB)

Amazon founded on the 186th day of the year which is 186 days before 1/7. 

Elon Reeve Musk=186


William Henry Gates=201

I just realized another thing in regards to Zach's trip to Louisiana where he learned about Event 201 after staying in Room 201 at The Treme. 

The Treme=186(FB)

Zach Hubbard=186(FB)

He even says in his book that most people call him Zach Hubbard, so it's relevant. 


Remember his channel was deleted on Elon Musk's bday and so on..

Dr. Paul Cottrell=201

Paul Cottrell=155



Wayne State=56 and 264(FB)

Where Paul went to college...

In relation to this story being connected to these same numbers...notice that 1/7 is also 170 days after Zach's bday..

Zachary Keefe Hubbard=170

Baton Rouge=170(FB)

Zach first went to Baton Rouge and then went back to New Orleans..While in Baton Rouge he stayed at the Red Roof Inn.

Red Roof Inn=118 and 152 and 53

Baton Rouge=118 and 152 and 53

It seems to me that there was a big push to get us on the "Jesuit's" did everything to me...I agree that all of these things line up with the Jesuits, but I still question whether if the true rulers pushed us to blame it on them, much like 9/11 did with the Jews/Israel.

I still find it odd that we learned Reverse Gematria after they Flipped the Script and a guy starts a blog mocking my blog referring to me as my name in reverse...his name also synced to reverse gematria...then we learn the importance of the reverse method.....There is something much deeper than what Zach thinks is going on and even the Gematria community is being controlled. It seems that we were supposed to learn that everything is connected to the Jesuits currently, which makes me think it's all "God"...or it's a bigger piece to the Cabal that wants us to think this way. 

Even if it is that "God" wants us to stop the Jesuits from controlling the world this still bothers me. Why do we live in a world coded by "God"? This seems just as bad as the Jesuits making things happen by the numbers, and we need to escape this altogether, or once again...just understand why the world is this way before we try and take down a cabal. 

It's hard to put to words what I am trying to convey, because learning gematria has put so many new questions about existence on the table. It's like I had all of these questions leading up to it, and gematria really helped answer a lot of them...but now there is a deeper set of questions that I have yet to understand...

I know I am supposed to learn something at A.I or Artificial Intelligence with this too...I've recently mentioned Allen Iverson and the importance to this as well...

I went to Dr. Paul Cottrell's YouTube and his first video is about "A.I.".....Notice it also mentions A.I on Elon Musk's wiki, Jeff Bezos' wiki, and Paul Allen's Wiki too..

Notice Paul Cottrell's "Fordham" sweatshirt too...He also studied at Fordham University as well...the Jesuit university. 

Paul Cottrell also has a book called Artificial Intelligence...

Isn't it interesting that he refers to Zach as "Patriot Zak" too...

Patriot Zak=264(FB) and 911(Jewish)


Covid Nineteen=264(FB)

Ivy League Sweatshirt=264

Elon Reeve Musk=264(FB)

We live in the Matrix is all I can say. 


  1. Kobe Bryant was exactly 172 Mercury years old when he died. Take his age in days and divide by 87.969 to get his Mercury age. Michael Jordan's bday is 17/2.

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