Monday, November 30, 2020

Steelers were originally the Pirates in relation to the Pirate Bowl/Pirate Narrative- Buffalo Bills-James Earl Jones-Field of Dreams-Death of Darth Vader Actor


I'm looking at the Steelers again and I see they were originally called the Pirates like their baseball team....

Recall how the Tiger narrative is important to Tampa Bay/Raiders....also the Go Fund Me episode was important to the Tampa Bay/Raiders.....The Pirate Bowl...the Gruden Bowl...

Then the Toronto Blue Jays were originally going to play their games in Pittsburgh, but then changed it to Buffalo....they then opened the season against the Tampa Bay Rays who went on to the World Series....

Buffalo=36, 63


The last time the Steelers won the SB was in Tampa Bay..

In light of Wiki changing reminds me that they changed the release date of Field of Dreams earlier this year to 5/5 instead of 4/21....I took this screenshot a week ago and forgot to blog about it too....I was seeing stuff with Kevin Costner such as a story about the film "Dances With Wolves"...also James Earl Jones was in "The Hunt For Red October" with Sean Connery so I wondered if he would be the next guy to die.....we now have the death of the actor who played Darth Vader(Voice of James Earl Jones).....I've mentioned this connection with Field of Dreams before with the death of the wrestler Vader too.....

Field of Dreams=63

Another time Wikipedia changed something was Corey Taylor's name...I changed his name and wikipedia changed it back even though I cited a source....but I did this after Corey Taylor was wearing a "Star Wars" shirt talking crap on Kanye West...This narrative was synced to Queen Elizabeth II.....Field of Dreams came out on 4/21(Queen Elizabeth II's bday)...

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Kayla's video about Wikipedia changing Matt LaFleur's bday the first thing on my Facebook page-Native American/Thanksgiving Narrative-36-224-South Park Go Fund Me


I just went to Facebook and the first post I saw was of kayla decode talkers video about Wikipedia changing Matt LaFleur's bday from 11/14 to 11/3....
I looked at the history of his Wikipedia and found that it was changed to 11/14 on 3/24/2017....

Notice that 3/24 is 224 days before 11/3...
11/14 to Super Bowl LV is also 2 months 24 days. Or also 85 days. 
Football=83...3/24 is the 83rd day...
National Football League=85
Today is 8 months 5 days after 3/24. 
Gematria Mafia=85

I also find it interesting that Matt LaFleur was the Redskins Quarterback coach when Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III were rookie QB's....Recall they are important to the Redskins changing their name and South Park....also think how Kayla is a native american(Navajo). 

I just made the video about the royal family...Trump talking to the Navajo code talkers and calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas...
Navajo code talkers..Kayla Decode Talker...

I also mentioned how the Packers were possibly important in my videos about 224/Charles Manson/Fresh Prince/Bobby Brown Jr...

kayla decode talker=63 and 153
Native American=63 and 243
Indigenous=63 and 153
Prince Harry=63
Meghan Markle=63
So on..
It's even funnier as she commented on a post I left on Zach's video about the number 36 in relation to the above when Meghan Markle announced her miscarriage. 
Looking at Kayla's Facebook it says her bday is 1/2 as well....this means it's 36 days before SB LV too. 
Navajo=36 and 63

The first time a birthday was put on Matt LaFleur's wiki page was on 3/6..2017 too. 
Kayla's bday is 63 days before 3/6 too haha..crazy. 
Kayla's bday to 3/24 is 81 days...

Pittsburgh Steelers=243 and 81...
March 24th is also 24/3...Native American....Pittsburgh Steelers...
Matthew LaFleur=243(FB) and 165
Super Bowl LV=165
3/6 to 11/3 is a span of 243 days. 

Washington Redskins=85

Matt LaFleur is currently 41 years old...
Green Bay=41
Super Bowl=41

11/3 is also Colin Kaepernick's bday....recall that major news came after he kneeled in the game against Green Bay in 2016 and Geronimo Allison was the lead reciever.....Geronimo...Native American...Skull and Bones...

11/14 is Prince Charles bday...

I'll have to look more at her stuff. I wonder what teams she has been following for the Super Bowl and things like that..

Also, I didn't realize the Redskins/Football Team is going to play the Steelers in their next game.....
So the Redskins play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving which is the same day Lamar Jackson gets coronavirus.....then the Baltimore vs Steelers game gets moved back....and after this game Baltimore plays the Cowboys....
So Baltimore plays the Cowboys and the Steelers play the Redskins the same week after the Thanksgiving narrative. 


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Manchester United is owned by the same family who owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

On my way back from driving my girlfriends brother to work I started wondering of the Las Vegas Raiders or Manchester United teams may be connected to the Mike Tyson fight...
The Raiders play the Falcons tomorrow but in Atlanta...interesting considering they are the other Blackbird team though.
I then looked up Manchester United and notice they are owned by the same family who owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers....
The Tiger theme is important to Tampa Bay...Mike Tyson....
Super Bowl 55 held in Tampa Bay..

Las Vegas Tech guy Tony Hsieh dies in House Fire


Interesting another big story in the news today is the death of LAS VEGAS Tech Entrepreneur Tony Hsieh....
Tony Hsieh=51 and 39
He died in a house fire in Connecticut age 46? 

The house fire was in New London, Connecticut too...Just interesting in regards to Manchester/Las Vegas.... he died in Bridgeport.....London Bridge? 

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. fight and more connections to the Manchster Arena bombing and Las Vegas Attack


Before the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. fight was re-scheduled to today I talked about how it was important to the Vegas attack and the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017...
It's interesting that today is 49 days before Roy Jones Jr.s bday..
Mike Tyson=49
Roy Jones Jr.=227(FB) the 49th prime
Las Vegas=49
Staples Center=49
The Manchester Arena bombing was 4 months 9 days before the Vegas Attack..(Or 132 day..Catholic)
Roy Jones Jr. lost his 51st fight keeping his win record at 49 at Mandalay Bay....The original fight was supposed to take place 51 days after it was announced....Roy Jones Jr is 51 years old..the guy he lost to is currently 51 years old..
Roy Levesta Jones Jr=233
The 51st prime number is 233. 
Mike Tyson turned 51 years old just after the Manchester Arena bombing and was 51 years old during the Las Vegas Attack....Their bday's are separated by 201 day...Tiger=201...Mike Tyson/The Hangover/Tigers/Las Vegas..
Mike Tyson's 51st fight was at the Manchester Arena...

Staples Center=194
Mike Tyson=164(FB)
Michael Gerard Tyson=164

Michael Gerard Tyson=197
Los Angeles California=197
Today is 4 months 5 days after the fight was announced..
The 45th prime is 197
Manchester Arena=197(FB) and 145
Ariana Grande=145(FB)

Today is a span of 59 days after the Vegas attack anniversary..
Mike Tyson=59
Roy Jones Jr=59
Jason Aldean born on the 59th day of the year.

It's interesting that today is 190 days or 6 months 6 days after the Manchester Bombing too..
Jason Aldean=66 and 190(FB)

There's definitely a riddle wouldn't think there would be a bombing/shooting at this event because of Covid, but there is something important to how the big events in 2017 are synced...

There has to be a riddle with Jake Paul fighting Nate Robinson too....Notice that Jake Paul got into a fight in Las Vegas on 2/23/2020 after the TYSON Fury fight...
Notice how Tyson Fury was born in Manchester too. 
Jake Paul=49 and 191(FB)
Tyson Fury=132(FB)
Zayne Malik=112, 49 and 164(FB)...born on 1/12...
The emergency dialing code in other countries is 1-1-2...

I should note that they Tyson Fury fight was on 2/22/2020....this reminds me of the Chiefs and all the 2 stuff, but also the Manchester Arena bombing was all about 22 as well...

Friday, November 27, 2020

Lamar Jackson gets coronavirus on Thanksgiving-The Washington Redskins/Football Team and South Park episode "Go Fund Yourself"-RGIII

 I think I cursed the Ravens this week lol, now Lamar Jackson has coronavirus? 

What I forgot in regards to the Ravens is that Robert Griffin III is the backup for Lamar Jackson. Remember the South Park episode that is important to the Redskins changing their name to Washington "Football Team" involved Robert Griffin III. 

So it's fitting that Lamar Jackson would get coronavirus the same day Washington(Indians) beat the Cowboys on the Ravens are set to play the Cowboys next Thursday too. 

Robert Griffin III=174

Baltimore Ravens=174

Football Team=174(FB)

I also mentioned the connections to 2017 in that post, which is the season I thought the Eagles would play the Steelers in the Super Bowl.....This happens before the Steelers vs Ravens game...

Baltimore...the Catholic Colony...Pope Francis with the Lamar Jackson Jersey...Catholic John Harbaugh...Blackbird connected to Charles Manson....

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Pat Sajak apologizes for snapping at Wheel of Fortune contestant


Darin McBain=173(FB) and 74

Wheel of Fortune=173 and 74

He tells us that his mother was a 3 day champion on Vanna's first ever episode....Go figure...out of the thousands of people who try to get on the show and mother and son somehow both get the opportunity...

Vanna Rosich=173(Birth name)

Pat Sajak is currently 74 years old. 

Pat Sajak=56


The guy questioned about the word "Oven" not fitting the category. 

Penguins take over Soldier Field in Chicago-Danny DeVito and the film Matilda

 What is the riddle with these Penguin stories? Remember around the time Kelly Preston(Twins) died I talked about Penguins going to the Chicago Field Museum and Danny DeVito(Penguin/Twins)...Possibly showing us Pittsburgh where the NHL hocket Team Penguins play? 

In relation to Danny DeVito my daughter recently told me she loves the movie "Matilda" that has Danny DeVito...I was then at work yesterday and the song by Rusted Root that is on Matilda came on...the girl I work with started telling me how this song is on Matilda and what not that I had no idea lol....

Matilda Wormwood=186

Penguin(Batman) had the UMBRELLA gun...

Harold Wormwood=194

Matilda....CHARLIE and the Chocolate Factory/Johnny Depp/Pirates/Umbrella....

Danny DeVito=164(FB)

Fred Sasakamoose, Indigenous NHL Chicago Black Hawk dead at 86-Chicago Bulls 264 connection


Fred Sasakamoose=91


Chicago Illinois=91

Chicago Cubs=91

Black Hawks=91 and 143(FB)



Chicago Bears=143(FB)

Chicago Cubs=143(FB)

Yet another reason to know the Francis Bacon Ciphers. 

In light of my recent posts...

Chicago Bulls=164(FB) and 264(FB)

Zach Lavine....Denzel Valentine...Michael Jordan....Derrick Rose....Twolves...Space Jam...Teen Wolf.....Michael J. Fox...

I just saw an article about Michael J. Fox retiring due to his Parkinson's too....maybe should keep an eye on him...Especially with 56 being a big number this year..

Michael J Fox=56



So on...

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Native American stories same day Meghan Markle announces miscarriage


Native American/Indigenous stories the day before Thanksgiving lol...
Notice the story of Meghan Markle's miscarriage as well...recall that everything Trump called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas we got stories of Harry and Meghan....I don't see the full meaning but I guarantee that's why we got these stories on the same day...
Meghan Markle=54 and 63
Indigenous=54 and 63
Native American=63

This is interesting to me because today is the bday of Henrietta Maria as well...
Henrietta Maria=194
King Charles I=194

Prince Harry=63 and 72
Today is 72 days after Harrys bday..
He is 36 years leaves 36 days in the year and is 36 weeks before Meghan Markles bday..
Princess Diana died age 36 in Paris..
Paris=36, 63, 72

Meghan Duchess of Sussex=312
Prince Harry=187(FB)
Archie born on 5/6..

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Lakers sign Marc Gasol and DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Houston Rockets


The Lakers sign Marc Gasol today on 11/24..
Notice it's 66 days before his bday. 
LeBron James=66

Marc Gasol=35, 154, 89
He is currently 35 years old..
King James=35, 154, 89
He is currently 35 years old...

Gasol was originally drafted by the Lakers and then traded for his brother Pau...Marc's first season played in the NBA was with Memphis in 2008-2009...the year the Lakers beat Dwight Howard's Magic team in the Finals...Howard was with the Grizzlies a split second before going to the Lakers last season..

I love that DeMarcus Cousins is signing with the Rockets too...Recall that everything about him involved the Rockets/King narrative.....1st game as a Pelican was against the Rockets...Tore his achilles against the Rockets...Injured with the Lakers who then picked up Dwight Howard who was connected to Kobe/Rockets...
You just can't make this stuff up...

The story about Cousins is also a span of 264 days before his bday....

NBA Youngboy's brother Big B shot in relation to the death of Saint Dog from Kottomouth Kings


NBA YoungBoy's brother "Big B" was shot on 11/20...this stands out to me because there is a different rapper named "Big B" that is associated with the Kottonmouth Kings and we just had the death of Saint Dog in October. 
Notice this shooting of Big B happened 252 days before the Big B the other Big B's birthday...
Saint Dog=252(FB)
Kottonmouth Kings=252(FB)

This also means that the shooting was 38 days after Saint Dog's death. 
YoungBoy has a mixtape called 38 Baby....
King Von=38

Gematria Effect News suspended due to Elon Musk video-Zach's 1st Channel deleted on Elon Musk's bday


Gematria Effect News got suspended late last night....It's interesting because the video that caused it was about Elon Musk....Remember that Zach's original channel was deleted on Elon Musk's bday in 2017....The day leaving 186 days in the year..
Elon Reeve Musk=186
Zach then did the next episode of the Gematria Effect on the 186th day of 2017 and then took a 2 week break. 
His channel was also deleted 186 days after the car crash into his house...which was after The Umbrella Man threatened him and all4truth launched with the Umbrella logo..
Zach Hubbard=186(FB)
He was born the day Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the Moon..
Neil Armstrong=186
Apollo Eleven=186(FB)

The video that just caused the strike was on the 132nd day of the year..
Catholic Church=132
The Umbrella Man=145
The original Umbrella Man comes from the JFK assassination..
Louie Steve Witt=186
Louie Witt=186(FB)

2017 also the year Darren Daulton died and remember how the World Series was synced to Zach's post about Daulton's book..."If They Only Knew"=186...Don Baylor died the next day and his bday was the same as Elon Musk's(6/28)..

2017 was the year I started talking a ton about the Jesuits..Also how the Price is Right was important...This was after my Uncle Barney died at the Jesuit University of Creighton from injuries in a mysterious car crash...Bob Barker grew up in Rosebud Indian Reservation where the Jesuit Priest (Father Paul) I had as a kid spent much of his time...Father Paul died in a bathtub at Creighton 6 months 3 days after the Jesuit anniversary age 63....Barney died age 63...
All of the Jesuit coding I thought was telling us a big event would happen on or around the Jesuit anniversary...then I got a phone call from Las Vegas on the Jesuit anniversary...and then the day before the Vegas Attack Terry Kniess reached out to me...He lives in Las Vegas and was the guy who got the perfect showcase on TPIR..
Terry Kniess=186(FB)
Barney also important to "The Flintstones"=186

Robert Barker=264(FB) and 191
Is this the year he dies?...Alex Trebek/Bob Barker...?

Las Vegas=86
The 186th day of the Tiger Year(2022) is 8/6 and Tisha B'Av.
Tisha B'Av in 2019 began on the 186th day of the Pig Year..
Pigs=186(Eng Ext)...Mary Tofflemire/Umbrella Man Pigs stuff.."Mary Tofflemire"=264(FB)

In 2019 Zach's livestream got hacked and then he got a strike lasting until 6/28....I also had the strike with the Breakfast Club......St. Elmo's Fire came out on 6/28(Brat Pack)...
Porn Hack=86
Molly Ringwald=186
Emilio Estevez=186
This was around the same time as the Lori Loughlin stuff all about 186 and San Francisco....
Recall that 8/6/2018 was important to Molly Ringwald/Pink...Mighty Ducks/Goldberg...Darren Daulton died on 8/6/Alex Jones kicked off social media...I swear all of this is leading up to the date 8/6/2022

8/6 is the 218th day of the year..
Molly Ringwald born on 2/18...John Hughes died on 8/6 and born on 2/18...Martin Luther died on 2/18

Anyway.....notice how this new strike comes 218 days before Elon Musk's bday? 
Elon Musk=218(FB)
Barney Murphy=218(FB)
James Jumper=218(FB)
Mary Tofflemire=218(FB)
all4truth was launched 218 days before Zach's bday..

Donald Trump's bday is 186 days before Pope Francis' bday..
The NBA resumed 186 days after Kobe Bryant died. Kobe died 6 months 28 days before his bday..

There's more I could add to this...but just trying to figure out this riddle and how it connects to the Moon....

New York's first African American mayor David Dinks dead at 93

 David Dinkins=78

David Norman Dinkins=111

New York=78 and 111

He was the mayor until the year 93' and now dies age 93? 

Recall how MLK Jr. and Malcolm X are important to Kaepernick, Rosa Parks and more..

Also Flight 93...93 WTC Bombing...

He was replaced by Rudy Giuliani...the mayor during 9/11....Rudy's bday is 39 days before George Bush's....

New York=39 and so on..

The Undertaker announces retirement in connection to LeBron James/Lakers


The Undertaker announces his retirement in the ring on 11/22...This is most likely a tribute to LeBron James. Recall the Undertaker and WWE were synced to LeBron James winning in LeBron wins again in 2020..
Notice the Undertaker makes this announcement 42 days after the Lakers won the NBA Finals and 4 months 2 days before his bday...
LeBron James=42

Further, he actually announced his retirement in a documentary earlier this year on 6/21/2020...
Notice it was 5 months 1 day before this new announcement..
LeBron James=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Quicken Loans=51
They won a sports championship for Cleveland for the first time in 51 years...
The Undertaker was 51 years old at the time.

The retirement on 6/21 was 89 days after his bday..
King James=89
It was also 192 days after LeBron's bday...
LeBron James=192(FB)

Seriously the Francis Bacon ciphers are stupidly relevant...earlier I was looking at 9/11/Tom Brady again...
Drew Bledsoe=222(FB) 
He got injured a span of 222 days after his bday on 9/23 when Tom Brady got to come many other examples as I look back at old stuff I've documented. 

Ken Jennings to host Jeopardy on 11/30, the 16th anniversary of him losing to Nancy Zerg


What a joke....Ken Jennings is going to host Jeopardy for the time being.....notice he will start on 11/30....this is also the day he lost to Nancy Zerg on Jeopardy in 2004...

He lost a span of 175 days after his bday or just 174 days too...
Ken Jennings=175 and 174(FB) and 122 and 50

Nancy Zerg=224(FB)...WTF?  and 40 and 50
Alex Trebek=40...born in 40'. 

Kenneth Wayne Jennings II=264

In light of the Jesuit's being important to this year....Ken Jennings is currently 46 years old....he lost on Jeopardy 191 days after his bday...
Society of Jesus=191 and 187

Remember Ken Jennings won the Greatest of All Time Jeopardy on 1/14/2020 too...which is the anniversary of my Uncle Barney dying....James Holzhauer also shares a bday with my uncle Barney...