Saturday, November 30, 2019

Iowa beats Nebraska with a 48 yard Field Goal

I watched most of the 4th quarter of the Iowa vs Nebraska game that is always so popular around here. When I turned it on the score was 24-24 which instantly reminds me of Iowa in Gematria. 
Iowa=24 and 48
Notice Iowa went on to win the game after a 48 yard field goal too lol. 

The game was such an WWE event...with replay reviews and so on leaving people in suspense...

Considering the Nebraska Cornhuskers always seem to be a catalyst into things I talk about, I just noticed..

Friday, November 29, 2019

London Bridge Attack on Black Friday-Rocky Bridge Symbolism from last night

I wake up to see the major story today is about a stabbing on the London Bridge. It's just funny as last night I blogged about Trump/Rocky and how it was important to the Bridge/Earthquake symbolism with Philadelphia...
Black Friday=205
London Bridge=205, 65
Philadelphia=205(Jewish), 65
Philadelphia founded on the day leaving 65 days in the year. 
It's also interesting 11/29 is the 333rd day...the same day Kobe(Philadelphia) announced his retirement in 2015 which was 33 days after Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary...Doesn't have to be connected, but it sticks out to me. 

Of course Olivia Bizot survived this attack and the Boston Marathon bombing too lol. 

Franz Bardon teacher of Hermetics-Israel Regardie's death on 3/10

Sam asked me last night if I had ever heard of Franz Bardon and his writings. I had not, but I want to check them out after reading info about him. 
Look at what he says about's about empowering the letters to create magical effects through their combination. 

He also has 3 books that simplified the understanding of magic so people could practice magic without having a teacher. 

Interesting that Aleister Crowley died on his 38th bday too. 
I also stumbled upon this guy last night...Israel Regardie who was a secretary for Aleister Crowley that exposed the secrets of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn....
He just stuck out to me right away with the death day of 3/10..
Edward Crowley=310

Ha interesting too I see that "Edward Crowley"=208(FB)

Israel Regardie=77 
Died age 77..

Picture of Trump as Rocky Balboa day before Thanksgiving-The Rocky/Thanksgiving narrative-Russia/Turkey/France

Thinking about this Trump photoshop on Rocky's interesting it would come a day before Thanksgiving...Notice my old posts about Rocky involved Turkey and Thanksgiving..
The film Rocky begins right around Thanksgiving 1975(11/25/75)...The movie Creed came out on 11/25...and Rocky doesn't beat Apollo Creed until 11/25/1976 which was Thanksgiving Day...
I also mentioned the country Turkey...Fetullah Gulen....remember Trump just met with the Tayyip Erdogan on the anniversary of the 2015 Paris, France Isis Attack. 
Turkey was the first to declare Isis as a terrorist organization...
There was also a Turkey Coup attempt on Erdogan the day after the Nice, France van attack on 7/15/16. 

The other joke with this is that Trump is Rocky...
Rocky fights the Russian, but Trump won't fight the Russians. In light of my previous post about Conor McGregor, he lost to the Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov...

Remember in 2015 Russia shot down the Turkey plane just before Thanksgiving as well. 
I've made a number of videos on this topic over the years. Remember Trump said the media wanted him to BOX Putin. I had synchronicity with the Family Guy episode where Peter writes a letter to Putin about the Russian Bootleg of Rocky in which the Russian wins...Peter then challenges Putin to a Boxing match...
The episode aired a few days before Thanksgiving. 

All of this is important to Philadelphia/Earthquake/Bridge stuff I have also covered for years. Putin opened the Crimea bridge and so on too. 
This Trump/Rocky picture came 66 days after the French Republic anniversary..
Thanksgiving=66, 183 and 167(FB)
The 167 is interesting as that was a major number I mentioned with the Family Guy/Trump Putin Summit...
Vladimir Putin=183
Rocky Balboa=66
The story of Trump boxing Putin was 66 days before Putin's 66th bday. 

I also had that weird comment on the Putin Family Guy video on 5/4/2019 about Putin and a Plane...then the next day we got a Russian Plane fire on 5/5...this was just after the Plane went of the runway in Florida...Putin showed the video of missiles hitting Florida.....but anyway....5/5 is important as it's the day Napoleon died and also the day the French Revolution began. 

11/27 leaves 34 days in the year..

Turkey=310(satanic) and 88(FB)

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Conor McGregor to fight 'Cowboy' Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 on 1/18

Interesting Conor McGregor is going to fight again on 1/18 against a guy nicknamed "Cowboy" just before the Super Bowl. 
Dallas Texas=118
Conor McGregor=151
Dallas Cowboys=151
Would they really make it that obvious though? 

This fight will be 6 months 5 days(end date) after Conor's bday...
Conor=65, 223(Jewish)
Conor McGregor=65, 223
Donald Ceronne=65, 223
Remember Conor's bus attack drama was for the promotion of UFC 223 it was 223 days after he lost to Mayweather...
UFC 223 was in "Brooklyn, New York"=223
223 a number that's been associated with him for a long time. 
He surprisingly didn't become 22-3 in fights after the UFC 223 drama though which is odd. 

Conor McGregor=79 as well just like "Cowboy"=79

Cerrone also born on the 88th day of 83'...
88 important to Kneeling stuff.

It's also interesting that there is a story of Trump and Rocky today too. 
Conor McGregor born on Bastille Day and remember Rocky/Sylvester Stallone was important to the Nice, France van attack on 227th anniversary of Bastille Day..
When Mayweather beat McGregor he surpassed Rocky Marciano's record of 49-0. 

Rocky Balboa=208(FB)

The 10th through the 19th of January are interesting too as they sync up with the anniversary of the French Republic. 
Notice 1/18 is 118 days after the anniversary..

Also noteworthy that this fight is on the date that can be written as 18/1 as well. 
McGregor lostto Khabib Nurmagomedov and Floyd Mayweather in his last fights...both are synced to the number 181. 
Bus=42 as well...I never pointed that out before. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Kim Jong Un's bizzare Photo Op

Kim Jong Un=42, 114
Photo Op=42
This story comes 1 month 14 days(end date) before Kim's bday. 
A number I've mentioned a lot in regards to North Korea/Trump...
North Korea=177(FB)

Chicago school CIU murder suspect arrested

I see Zach posted about this light of my last post that involved Chicago I thought maybe there may be something of importance. 
I see the victim went to High School in Naperville..which  was important a few blog posts back...

Donald D. Thurman=59 and 227(FB)
Of course he is a black guy so 59 had to be coded to him. 

The victims name reminds me of the Sandlot and Babe Ruth but who knows...
Babe Ruth..
George Herman Ruth

Hidden in Plain Sight Sync and Phone Calls from Chicago

When I got off work tonight everyone was sleeping except for Zamien. I brought him upstairs with me and figured I actually had time to write more in the book. I really want to have it finished before the end of the year, I've just haven't been motivated at the right time to write much lately. It's hard to keep up with recent events, take care of my kids, go to work and write in this book. I wake up everyday with all this energy to finish it and write myself notes/outlines and then when I get home I've lost interest......
Anyway I wrote a bit about the dollar bill/all seeing eye/sirius previously and I added a bit of information to it....I wrote how they hide symbols and signs in plain site and so on....I wanted to double check that the word "Plain" was spelled that way, so I searched it on

I did spell it correctly, and I noticed this film in which I looked up on IMDB. 
I then started getting these phone calls from a Chicago area number. I got them yesterday at work too. They are odd, because they are calling multiple times in a row. Lately I get a few calls from all over the US, but never this many times in a row....
So I started thinking maybe there is something I'm supposed to see with Chicago....and I figured I'd try and find who is calling me. 

I found it's coming from "Peerless Network of Illinois"..but what's interesting is when I searched it...the 6th one down was a website
Plain Site...Plain Sight...

Peerless Network of Illinois=143
Chicago=143 and 35
Today leaves 35 days in the year...
They did call yesterday...but I'm just now seeing this...

Interesting too that the area code is 312...
Chicago Illinois=312(FB)

Interesting Ad on the IMDB too..Brittany Runs a Marathon? 

Monday, November 25, 2019

A guy with the Scorpio "M" symbol Tattooed on his hand at work today

I recently blogged about Mars, the Moon, and Mercury all being in Scorpio. MMM and the sign for Scorpio is similar to an M. I honestly just learned this symbol from that blog post as I do not know a lot about astrology. Then last night Bobby was telling me some stuff about Scorpio on Facebook as he read my blog post and knows about astrology. 
Today when I was at work I randomly looked at the time clock and it said 11:11am....then a few customers later a guy I have never seen before came to the counter. When he handed me his money I noticed he had this same "M" scorpio symbol tattooed on the top of his right hand. I said, "So you're a Scorpio huh?", and he replied yep are you? I told him yes and he asked what my bday was and then told me his was October 29th...
I have no idea what the meaning of this is, but I am for sure supposed to understand something in regards to Scorpio...
Dan Behrendt=95
And so on...possibly part of the reason..

Interesting that guy has a birthday on the anniversary of the Stock Market Crash too...yesterday I sent Sam a message on Facebook about a guy he made a video about from Unsolved Mysteries....who I think was all about the stock market symbolism. 

Navy secretary Richard Spencer Fired

Richard Vaughn Spencer=106
He gets fired 10 months 6 days after his bday. 
Also interesting it's 310 days..
He was fired by "Mark Esper"=106

Sunday, November 24, 2019

The "M" are currently in Scorpio-Moon-Mars-Mercury

I just thought this was interesting. Something popped up about Astrology and I figured I would read more about it. I'm still confused as to how it exactly works and so on...However it says currently that the Moon, Mercury and Mars are all in Scorpio which is represented by an "M" shape. 
All of the "M" words are in the M sign...

JJ theme at my band gig in Omaha last night

Last night my band played a gig at The New Frontier Bar in Omaha. My girlfriend Jasmine actually had the night off of work and she came to the gig. It's been a long time since she has been able to come to our was also her birthday so she was able to go out and drink and what not. 
Anyway, there is a couple that has been coming to almost all of our gigs recently as they saw us at the Havana Garage once and loved us. They are from somewhere in Northern Iowa..I can't remember where, but they drive like 3 or 4 hours they said to see us. We played our first set and then found out it was actually the guy who comes birthday as well. I should remember lol but I can't remember what his name is...but what I do know it that it starts with a "J"...I told my band members that it was also Jasmine's birthday so we played Happy Birthday for both of them....of course before we played it we all agreed it was funny they both have "J" names...and even contemplated just saying Happy Birthday "JJ"....I didn't tell my band mates that I have recently been seeing a theme with "JJ", but I just laughed in my head all night about this....
I just wanted to document it, as there is most definitely a "JJ" theme. 
I've recently mentioned Nascar in regards to Jimmie Johnson...JJ...but Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s bday is 10/10..
I'm posting this because the number 1010 I've always associated with Valentines and Revelation....Dale Jr. just turned 45 years old....Valentines the 45th day.....I wonder if there is something to it. 

It's why JJ Watt was drafted # 11 in 2011 too. 
Houston=31....the 11th prime. 

Friday, November 22, 2019

The Police "Synchronicity" Album and the death of Arthur Koestler-The Roots of Coincidence

Zach always seems to mention the song "Murder by Numbers" in regards to gematria stories and death. I usually mention this to people in person as it's a great example. The song Murder by Numbers is on the album titled "Synchronicity". I've been explaining how these go hand in hand for years now...
Anyway I figured I would look up the album again tonight and I noticed they called it this because of Arthur Koestler's book "The Roots of Coincidence". 

Notice how Arthur Koestler died exactly 108 days before the Album "Synchronicity" came out? 

The Roots of Coincidence=108 and 108(rev red)

Notice the album also came out 108 days(end date) before Sting's bday too. 

The Police Album before Synchronicity was also a tribute to...
Arthur Koestler=88
Ghost in the Machine=88
Notice the album came out on Sting's 30th bday. 

Koestler died 150 days after Sting's bday too. 
The Police=150

Also interesting..
Arthur Koestler=83(ks)
Koestler died in 83' the same year Synchronicity came out with Murder by Numbers..

In light of what I have documented this year I find it interesting that all of the previous albums had French sounding titles. 
Plus Arthur Koestler died 188 days before his bday..
Bavarian Illuminati=188
Paris France=239(FB)
Arthur Koestler=239(FB)

This also means he died 177 days after his bday too...I've been talking about 177 a lot recently...

Also his bday of 9/5 always makes me think of my own connections..
Dan Behrendt=95 and 188(FB)
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
Synchronicity Carl Jung-Sigmund Freud
I even had a bunch of connections to Carl Jung that I documented about a few years ago. 

Who knows but in doing this research I sometimes feel like it's been my true will to share this knowledge with others. I think a lot of people get the wrong idea when they think of things like this and compare it to Thelema...Do what Thou Wilt...I don't think that phrase means to do whatever you want to do as many people portray means to do what you are "Willed" to do after you find your true self. 

Carl Jung even suggests that occult religious ideas can contribute to understanding the collective unconscious. 
If you haven't, go to the collective unconscious wikipedia page and read about this. He talks about archetypes and the different ways to interpret meaning from's very similar to the way I decode things. 

I need to listen to some old Police Albums too as they have some super interesting song titles. I also want to read "The Roots of Coincidence". 
I looked up the name "Koestler" and on wikipedia it tells us that Nicholas Cage's character in "Knowing" is named "John Koestler...just funny as I bet Arthur is probably the reason why they gave him that last name.