Sunday, January 31, 2021

Myanmar Army after Seizes Power after detaining Aung San Suu Kyi just days after Zach tells us about the Tyrese Song and his Sweet Lady who is from Burma


Don't you find this interesting? A major story in the news about Myanmar(Burma) just days after Zach makes a video telling us that he calls his girlfriend "Sweet Lady" because of the Tyrese song...his girlfriend is from Burma and I bet you anything she is synced to this story...problem is I don't know much else about her. This is where someone like Zach needs to pay attention in his own life and see how things possibly relate, because he knows his life better than anyone else...
Tyrese Gibson=218(FB) and 166
Sweet Lady=166(FB)

Zachary Keefe Hubbard=170
This event happened on 2/1 in Burma, which is 170 days before his bday. 

Aung San Suu Kyi was born on the 170th day of 1945..This means her bday is 1 month 2 days before Zach's and this story came on 1/2 or 2/1. 
This means it happened 138 days before her bday.
Zachary Hubbard=138

In light of her bday being 6/19 it makes me think of the 114th prime being 619..
World War=114 and 166(FB)
Sweet Lady=114
It's the year 21'. 

This coup comes in the aftermath after the November 8th election...that was 85 days before..
Zachary K Hubbard=85
The 2 months 24 days stands out to me too, as it's something I have talked about a lot...the number has been a guide to understand other things..
This is another reason why I'm interested in the connection to Sweet Lady...
Tyrese Darnell Gibson=224

The song Sweet Lady is also interesting considering Tyrese just turned 42 years old...
The single came out on my 16th bday, which is interesting in light of Zach/Andy Ngo with 16...
The album came out on 9/29 which was a span of 2 months 9 days after Zach's bday and 92 days before Tyrese's bday. 

Off topic but another Francis Bacon discovery..
Donald John Trump=263(FB)..the 56th prime. 

Min Aung Hlaing=130

Lakers and Celtics both 15-6 in connection to the number 19 and the Allen Iverson I've been following


After the Lakers and Celtics game a few days back I had the sync with YouTube copyright claiming my old Space Jam video...this was connected to the Allen Iverson stuff and the numbers 19..65 and the end of the post I mentioned how it was possible for the Lakers to become 15-6 against the Boston Celtics and the 76ers could go 15-6 against the Pacers...

I actually got this right as they both did become 15-6 in these games...but the real reason I'm pointing it out is because it's also connected to the number 19 again....Notice how the Lakers won by 1 point and the 76ers won by 9 points....1 9.....19...AI...Allen Iverson...

Philadelphia 76ers=156 and 95

Los Angeles Lakers=95


In light of the 156th prime number being 911 it's also interesting the 76ers scored 119 points and the Pacers had the 110 Story WTC's and "Osama bin Laden" on..

Matthew Stafford traded for Jared Goff-Haile Selassie/Ethiopia and the Lion Theme in connection to the Moses and the Rams


So Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford got traded for each other just before the Super Bowl held in Tampa Bay....
Notice that Matthew Stafford is from Tampa and Super Bowl 55 will fall on his 33rd birthday. 
What stands out most to me right away is the gematria of Los Angeles Rams..
Los Angeles Rams=218 and 317(FB)
Both numbers I have been following as of late. 
Jared Thomas Goff=257
The 55th prime number is 257. 
He was traded 257 days before his bday. 

Recall the Rams are important to the narrative with the Chiefs and Moses. 
Also remember that after the Rams lost to the Patriots in SB 53 there was a major narrative with World Lion Day...The Ethiopian Air crash synced to Haile Selassie/Lion of the Tribe of Judah/Jesus....This is why Nipsey Hussle died in Los Angeles as his name is Ethiopian and this is where the Ark of the Covenant is supposedly held....So it's interesting this trade involves the LIONS. 

Matthew Stafford=179 and 62
Buccaneers=179 and 62
Tampa Bay Buccaneers=62 

Remember that Christian Bale(Batman/Antioch) also portrays as Moses....we are currently in the year 2013 according to the Ethiopian Calendar that begins on 9/11. The 2013 Super Bowl was after the Batman shooting synced to the Ravens...also the Blackout Bowl. 
Another interesting connection is I was following the date 8/27/2020 as it was 12/21/12 on the Ethiopian Calendar and the day Haile Selassie died....If you go from that day to the Super Bowl it's 164 days, or a span of 165..
Super Bowl=164(FB)
Super Bowl LV=165
The 5 months 11 days also stands out because Bob Marley died on 5/11. 
Bob Marley=150
The Wailers=150
SB 55 will be a span of 150 days after 9/11.
It will also be 5/30/2013 on the Ethiopian Calendar..
5/30 is the 150th day of the year. 

Super Bowl=260(FB)
Super Bowl LV=260(FB)
Kansas City Chiefs=260
Tampa, Florida=260(FB)

Plus with it being Tom Brady's 10th SB and SB 55...the 10th Triangular and Fibonacci is 55..
God=10, 55=Satan
The Moses Theme seems to stand out to me. 

Need to think more about the narrative with this one. 

Friday, January 29, 2021

Reddit-GameStop and Hedge funds make me think of Ray Dalio and Bridgewater Associates


All of this Reddit/GameStop/Hedge fund stuff in the media has to be connected to Bridgewater Associates...Recall that Ray Dalio's son Devon recently died after crashing into a Verizon store....think about Allen Iverson/Bridgewater stuff....also remember how they changed Ray Dalio's bday on Wikipedia....
Ray Dalio=137(FB)
Bridgewater Associates=137
The 33rd prime number is 137. 

Hedge funds=185(FB)
Stock Market Crash=185
We are currently in the 91st anniversary of the Stock Market Crash, something I mentioned in 2018...
The Great Depression=91
Nineteen Twenty Nine=91 makes me think of Joseph Robinette Biden..but who knows...

Cicely Tyson and Wikipedia saying she was married to Billy Dee Williams-YoungBloodZ and the song 85/Billy Dee Interlude


Cicely Tyson died today...It stands out to me when looking at her info and I see she used to be married to Billy Dee(Lando)...A few nights ago when Zach did the Livestream with Jonathan I was going to comment about the song 85/Billy Dee Interlude being one of the best rap/hip hop songs ever. I didn't comment, but I did listen to the song on I wish I would've commented it. 
Billy Dee Interlude=260(FB)
Billy Dee Williams=260(FB)
William December Williams Jr=260(His real name)


You know what's even funnier about this post....I'm not so sure she was actually married to Billy Dee Williams....I don't see it on his page, and it doesn't mention it in her Personal wtf? If someone put this in here as a vandalism, I guarantee it was for me to's just such a random person to troll in there for no reason..
This is the cited source on doesn't look very legit so who knows...

Cecily Tyson=57

She also died  a span of 41 days after her bday and her final husband was Miles Davis..
Miles Davis=41
If peeing your pants is cool..considering me Miles Davis. 
Oddly enough, Billy Madison came out on the 41st day of the year. 
Mike Tyson=41 and 260(FB)

I'll have to think more on this when I get a chance. 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Spectrum Center in Charlotte used to be called "Time Warner Cable Arena".


I figured I would look at the Spectrum Center considering the Spectrum in Philadelphia is related to things I'm talking about...
Notice the Spectrum Center used to be called "Time Warner Arena" fitting for the narrative with Anthony Quinn Warner...AT&T bombing...
Charlotte Hornets=201
The Spectrum=201(FB)

Think about my Space Jam copyright claim and Michael Jordan...Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets..

Think about the Allen Iverson stuff in relation to the number 19. 
The Spectrum Center seats 19,000....
The Spectrum Center was also where the 2019 NBA All Star Week was held. 
This number has been coming up a bit too..
World Trade Center=185
So on..
LaMelo Ball=185...

MARJORIE Taylor Greene and her conspiracy theory claims against David Hogg and the MARJORY Stoneman Douglas shooting

Oh really Marjorie made baseless claims about the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting? lol it's just so stupid. 
Marjorie Taylor Greene=108
Recall how the Chicago Cubs were synced to the Stoneman Douglas shooting and the number 108. 

Nikolas Cruz=201(FB)

David Hogg=218(FB)

Today is 1/27. 

I'll probably look more at this tomorrow, but I need to get sleep.

Literally, go watch the ridiculouss of that video from the article as well...It's such obvious propaganda and the things we are trying to expose. Once again, I am not disagreeing with people about the cabal, but at the same time, I think there's something more to understand..and I know we can't advance until we get to that level. We are all trying to figure this stuff out from the outside and there are some missing links with how they are controlling us in my opinion. But again, I think the overall problem is not that the cabal is using this, but that it exists to begin with.

Possibly that's what the Umbrella symbolism is all about...Rambo says it has to do with mind control, which is a possibility as to why some of the things I am documenting about are happening? 

Manly P. Hall died 201 days before his birthday


Manly P. Hall=114
The Secret Teachings of All Ages=114
Notice that Manly P. Hall died 201 days before his bday. 

Manly Palmer Hall=241(FB)
He died on the 241st day..

Manly P Hall=42
Freemason=42 and 147
The Secret Teachings of All Ages=147

I swear I documented about this before, but I cannot find it and came across it here it is. 

Andy Ngo's Book and Zach's Book in relation to 33 Revisited


I actually didn't have to take my girlfriends brother to work tonight, so I figured I would try and catch up on some of Zach's videos. I started with the Andy Ngo video....So the reason Zach went to Portland on 1/16 was because of story about Antifa and Andy Ngo's book at Powell's Books in Portland on 1/11. 
In Zach's post he points out that ..
Andy Ngo's book will be relased on the 33rd day. 
Oregon the 33rd state.
He then mentions his book Number Games and how it has never got the same "best seller" rating as Andy Ngo's book...Zach also gave away 40 some books while at Powell's too. 

Why doesn't Zach also mention that he went to Portland 3 months 3 days after Number Games(His book) started selling on Amazon? And he went to Powell's on the 16th day of 2021? 
Number Games and Unmasked will release exactly 16 weeks apart too. 
Andy Ngo has 116k subs on YouTube right now too..What are the odds? 

1/16 was 186 days before Zach's bday and 179 days after..
Number Games=179
Zach Hubbard=186(FB)
Regardless if Zach realizes this, it's what I keep saying and it seems that a lot of people want to hate on me for it. We can't be biased and say that Andy Ngo is part of the cabal and then just ignore this fact. Considering Andy Ngo has been on CNN and such I can see why Zach would say this, but when you add in the part about Zach, it really takes away from the  narrative that everyone wants to hear.  

I can't get the last piece of the sentence to connect in the above paragraph for some odd reason too...It like double spaced it and no matter what I do, it won't fix the problem... 

I want to add that "Antifa"=137(FB)
The 33rd prime number is 137. 
It's also interesting to me that Zach just started blogging about Andy Ngo again and made a video on 1/26. 
Portland Trail Blazers=126
This is why they were the first team to play the Lakers after Kobe died on 1/26. 

I really don't think Zach is an agent either, but by not paying attention to his own actions it's making him look guilty. If Zach didn't do any of this on purpose, then it happened because the world is coded and everything is meant to happen this way including Andy Gno's situation. What if whatever the Cabal changes is supposed to happen just as everything in our lives our supposed to happen too? There' is a lot of questions that need to be asked and answered with this knowledge...if it's the Cabal, this means they are able to control the actions of us "Truth Seekers" do we beat something like this without paying attention to our actions and how our lives our coded? The thing is too, even if we see that we are going to do something by a code and then don't do it..what we don't do will be by a code as well. This is why I am saying the real problem is not the cabal, it's the system we are living in. 

Joe Rogan=137(FB) and 260(FB)
The video came out a span of 33 days before Joe Rogan's bday on 8/11/2019...
Think about the date 8/11 yet again

Not the same as Rip City...but still interesting. 
Rip City=100

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Philadelphia 76ers beat the Lakers on their 19th Game of the Season in relation to my last post about Space Jam/Allen Iverson Video-Earthquake


Ha! I missed something with this game earlier at work...I mentioned how it was synced to my Allen Iverson video being restricted and removed all synced up to the numbers 65 and 19....Notice tonight it was the Philadelphia 76ers 19th game of the season and also the Lakers 19th game....They ended up winning and not becoming 12-7 on 12/7.."Philadelphia"=127(FB)....but that doesn't surprise me at all matter how well something lines up in sports when I see it, it's almost always the opposite outcome....I am just amazed that I missed the 19th game thing as that was the more important thing I was trying to understand....

So again I got a copyright claim from YouTube showing me the pattern I was talking about on my drive home last's hilarious...

The game was won by a basket made by Tobias Harris with a few seconds left in the game, just like Zach LaVine's shot in 2019....Notice Tobias Harris as the 19th Pick in the draft too.
He is averaging 19.8 points a game. 
His bday is 15/7..
Kobe Bryant=157 and 58
Los Angeles Lakers=58
Tobias Harris=58
15/7 is the 196th day leaving 169 was 196 days after his bday and 169 days before. 

Kobe and Harris both drafted by Charlotte....this stands out because Charlotte plays in the Spectrum Center...recall the Philadelphia Earthquake symbolism is synced to Hulk Hogan and The Spectrum in Philadelphia. 
The year 19' was the year important to 8/11 synced to this narrative as well....8/11 to 1/27 is 169 days and 196 days before 8/11. 
Tisha B'Av in 2021 begins on 7/17...this is interesting because Yahweh in Hebrew looks like a 717. 

Philadelphia Seventy Sixers=136

They are now 13-6.

The 76ers scored 107 points...just like in the game on 3/6/2019 when the lost to the Bulls and Zach you can't make this up....



A total score of 213...

Los Angeles in the 213 area code.

Los Angeles=213(FB)

Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)

The NBA Finals=213

The Space Jam stuff had a lot to do with Teen Wolf and Lupercalia which begins on 2/13 too....It will be interesting to see if we get something with Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Zach LaVine, Kevon Looney, or Andrew Wiggins as they were also connected to this narrative. Or Nebraska and UCLA...

Philadelphia's next game on 1/29 is against the Minnesota Timberwolves too...


Los Angeles...Earthquakes...hmm or possibly the Philadelphia one I have mentioned since 2015/Bridgewater Iverson video was 15 minutes cause of my strike on the Bridgewater shooting/They Live...

Philadelphia earthquake=109

Los Angeles=109

I'm also wondering about the number 156 that was important to the Allen Iverson stuff....the Lakers could potentially become 15-6 against the "Boston Celtics"=156..and the 76ers could do the same thing against the Indiana Pacers on 1/31...we'll see how it plays out though..just wondering as I've mentioned a lot about St. Patricks Day would be their 21st games in the year 21'. 

Synchronicity at work with a YouTube Copyright Claim on old Space Video-Allen Iverson Philadelphia


So I'm at work and the girl working up front wanted me to watch the register for her so she could smoke. No one was in the store so I sat at a table and got on my phone. When I got on it, I noticed I had a notification that YouTube gave an old video about Space Jam a copyright claim... The register then started dinging cause I needed to approve someone for gas, but as I was walking to the register I looked at our time clock and it was of course 2:18pm..last night I documented how today is a span of 2 months 18 days after my bday and also how James Bond is synced to the Moon and its importance to 218..I also mentioned a comment from SevenOne about the Sun and Moon Bonding and who I am Bonded to...
I then looked at when I put this video out on YouTube and of course it was the 65th day of 2015. Now this wouldn't seem that interesting except for the fact that last night as I was driving home from dropping my girlfriends brother off at work, I started talking to myself to gather some thoughts on my grasp of this knowledge..after a few minutes I figured I would just record my voice so I wouldn't forget what I was saying and possibly use it on my next video..a good majority of the message was how YouTube purposefully copyright claims and strikes to help understand a pattern..the example I used was why they waited until the year 19' to restrict and remove my Allen Iverson video from 2015 synced to the number 65.
The video is too big to upload or else I would, but its the 8:29 video just before the Peppa Pig pics.
As I was thinking about this my phone then gave me a notification about a show called "Bonding" on Netflix.
Bonding= 38 and 65
What are the odds?
Today is 38 days before 3/6, the 65th day..

Today is 1/27.

Think about Space Jam in relation to the Moon as well..

I also mentioned how Zach Lavine is the reason the 76ers lost on 3/6, the same day my video was restricted..this stands out, because he is the whole reason I ever noticed a Space Jam theme in 2015.
Maybe I'll watch the 76ers game tonight..notice the Lakers play them...just after the anniversary of Kobe dying...
Zach Lavine and the Bulls are postponed...hmm 
If the 76ers lose they will be 12-7 on 12/7 too.

Moon in Hebrew Gematria sums to 38 and 218-Synchronicity with Peppa Pig and the Moon


I am so tired for some reason, but I checked my email just before laying down and I saw this comment...
In light of my last post about James Bond/Moon....this is very interesting considering how 2/18 is 3 months 8 days after my 38th bday. 
It's also interesing that James Bond sums to 185.

Since I did "Moon" I figured I would look at "Sun"..
Notice it sums to 10 and 55...just like..
God=10 and 55
Satan=10 and 55
10th Triangular and 10th Fibonacci is 55. 
So on..
I remember getting a Facebook comment the other night to check out this comment too. I'm pretty sure I read it while DJing and then forgot, but I honestly had no idea what to respond either. It's just funny as it's about Bond and the Sun and Moon. 

It never fails to have synchronicity either lol. As I'm writing this post up I randomly hear the TV say something like "We really are going to the Moon"...Of course, it's a Peppa Pig episode where they learn about the planets/moon and pretend to go there..

I love how it says, "A Trip to the Moon; NUMBERS" too. 
Peppa Pig=86
This stands out to me considering Peppa Pig was in the news right around the time of the 8/11 stuff during the Chinese Pig year too. I've been relating the date 8/6/2022 to 8/11/2019. 
Plus randomly documented about Pork last night and 666. 
The episode originally came out on 11/11/2009...
Notice it's the 21st episode of the 3rd season too. 
This is the year 21'. 

A Trip To the Moon=189

Thinking about it too....1/27 is a span of 2 months 18 days after my bday and this sync happened after it was on 1/27. 
1/28 will be 2 months 18 days as well..