Sunday, May 31, 2020

George Perry Floyd in relation to Coronavirus

His full name is George Perry Floyd? haha...
George Perry Floyd=201 and 102

Of course 201 is important to coronavirus and so on..

He dies 142 days before his bday...
It's synced up to the NBA with Stephen Jackson...
The NBA was suspended on the 142nd day of the season, because of the Utah Jazz. 
Utah Jazz=142(FB)
Now they are resuming the season 142 days later. 

I should also point out that the NBA season was suspended before the Rockets played the Lakers..

Floyd died 224 days after his bday reminding us of Kobe. 

Ace of Base member with clept lip nicknamed the Joker-The Number 23

So I am sitting here writing about the Number 23, and then I started writing about Ace of Base. As I was looking at "The Sign" again, I noticed it was actually written by member Jonas Berggren....notice his nickname is "Joker"....
It also goes on to tell us that he was born with a cleft lip....does that not remind you of Joaquin Phoenix who last portrayed as the Joker? 


It's funny too as I always talk about the color Pink, because of the Number 23...They do gematria in a crazy way....but he also does regular gematria in the movie if you pay attention....He first tells us that 32 is the reverse of 23 and Fingerling calls it "Fate"....and Fate is 32...
The movie literally shows us gematria, but then the color pink scene makes you think the whole thing is crazy. 


Friday, May 29, 2020

The footage of George Floyd's death

Question that I cannot seem to find? Why were the cops even holding him down like this for so long anyway? They just hold him down until an ambulance why did an ambulance come if he was just being held on the ground? For example, they held him on the ground for minutes before he even passed what were they waiting for? Why not put him in the cop car considering there were 4 cops right there? Were they originally waiting for an ambulance even before he passed out? As always, it just doesn't make any sense. 
The guy bitching at the cops also mentions how he trained at the Academy. 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

George Floyd story in relation to the Houston Rockets

The story of George Floyd is obviously connected to the NBA with LeBron James and so on.....I get the Lakers connections, but I have been following the Rockets all season too. Notice that George Floyd was wearing a Rockets hat, and is from Houston...Plus the delayed SpaceX launch just after his's obvious this same them is going on..
I say this even further because the Rockets and Twolves played each other on their final games before the Coronavirus suspension. 

George Floyd was born in 93'
Minnesota Timberwolves=93
Minneapolis, Minnesota=93
Darnella Frazier=93
Colin Rand Kaepernick=93
The story 93 days before he originally knelt. 

Floyd is 46...
Houston, Texas=46

Kaepernick originally knelt on James Harden's 27th birthday too. 

Cop Kneeling on George Floyd's neck in Minneapolis-Colin Kaepernick-SpaceX Launch postponed-NEIL Armstrong

George Floyd died on the 146th day.
Colin Kaepernick=146
This story comes 5 months 9 days before Kaepernick's bday..
Colin Rand Kaepernick=93
Minneapolis, Minnesota=93
This murder comes 93 days before the original day Kaepernick knelt...
Darnella Frazier=93(Filmed the George Floyd video)

This happened in Minnesota where Super Bowl 52 was played...synced up to Trump calling out the Kneeling. 

Philando Castile died a span of 52 days before Kaepernick originally knelt on the 239th day of 2016. 
52nd prime is 239. 
I Can't Breathe=52
Think about "I Can't Breathe" in regards to Coronavirus too. 
Recall, Prince also died in 2016 too. 

It's crazy as I had no idea about this story until today when I saw it on Facebook. Last night I wrote all about the native american theme that started with Prince dying...synced up to the Moon/Pope Francis 9/23.....which oddly enough is the day Trump called out the NFL for Kneeling....Kaepernick originally knelt 9 months 23 days after his bday...

It's also interesting, I'm noticing this the same day the SpaceX launch gets canceled. It's not necessarily important to the Moon...but notice they rescheduled it for 5/30...which is 51 days before the 51st anniversary of the Moon landing. 
Notice the 3:22 reminds me that Philando Castile was killed by a cop named Jeronimo.....recall Geronimo Allison was the leading reciever in the original game where Kaepernick knelt....also how Geronimo is important to Skull and Bones...
Skull and Bones=201(FB)
Neil Alden Armstrong=201
Aldrin born on 20/1. 
The Moon landing on the 201st day..
The Jesuits/Illuminati and coronavirus synced to 201. 

NEIL Armstrong? Kneeling? 
Remember how George Clooney was important to Prince dying too....and I mentioned him with Batman/Coronavirus/Toy Story....Buzz Lightyear...Buzz Aldrin

Remember how Philando Castile and Alton Sterling were important to Blue Lives Matters in Louisiana too. 
Tiger=201(Jewish) and 76
Castile dies on 7/6. 
Also how it was synced to Obama/Lil Wayne/Omaha/Fairs and McKinley being assassinated in Buffalo. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Richard Herd the 3rd Seinfeld actor to die in the last year-Jimmy Fallon does Blackface-SpaceX launch canceled-George Floyd-The Mask-Random stuff

I'm trying to stay on task and finish the book, so I haven't been documenting much.....but there are like a million things I want to research about too...
We now have 3 deaths from the show Seinfeld in the last year...Charles Levin, Jerry Stiller, and now Richard Herd...
I've never really watched much of the show, so I need to look more at it when I get a chance. 
Richard Herd=201

I was also thinking the other day how the whole ritual with France and 227 is important to the Jesuits....the Jesuits were created in France on the 227th day...and then officially founded on 9/27/1540....I think this is why the Jesuits are so synced to coronavirus during the 227th year of the French Republic. 
Pope Francis=227(FB)
Francis the 266th Pope..and more..
Coronavirus=56 and 155

The first SpaceX launch to send people into space is cancelled today as well...More Elon Musk...

Jimmy Fallon apologizes for Blackface....recall how the Blackface narrative last year eventually bled into the Duck theme and my synchronicity with Jimmy Fallon and Emilio Estevez...

I've also recently been writing about the 2016 native american theme that was important to Philando Castile in the big story is George Floyd being killed by police in Minnesota...The whole narrative with native americans began with the death of Prince/Minnesota too. 
This story has to be connected to Colin Kaepernick...Kneeling as the cop knelt on his neck.....
Colin Kaepernick=146
Floyd died on the 146th day which is 5 months 9 days before Kaepernicks' bday.. on..
Remember the Eagles SB in Minnesota was all about this narrative and connected to the Bridge Collapse/81....Francis Scott Key born on 8/1...

the video I watched looked fake as hell too....they video stops and starts again...then all the sudden he is dead? Maybe there is other footage that I haven't seen, but seems fishy without even looking into the narrative. 

I'm trying to watch the Jim Carrey movie, The Mask too as there has to be something related to Coronavirus. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Latest episode of The Goldberg's called "Pretty in Pink"-Queen guitarist Brian may had a heart attack

I just got off work and I went to Netflix to just watch something while I ate supper. Of course, too many people were on our account, so I went to Hulu instead. I had no idea what I wanted to watch, but I then started thinking maybe I should check out the Goldbergs...

I only thought I would look up the Goldbergs, because last night I saw this article about Queen guitarist Brian May having a heart attack. 
Heart Attack=72
He's 72 years old...
So he's injured his butt and had a heart attack in MAY. 

Anyway, notice the title of the last Goldbergs episode that came out....."Pretty in Pink"....They even reference "Duckie" multiple times in this episode....Recall how the film "Pretty in Pink" is important to Goldberg the Goalie and the Duck theme. Queen is important due to "We are the Champions". 

Interesting they do a joke about Freemasons in the show too....Notice he says his duty is to his CATS and the Freemasons....recall that CAT is a pretty important theme currently too. 

Remember this show was important to what I was documenting about in Season 6 too....The first episode was, "Sixteen Candles"...another Molly Ringwald film....Mister Knifey Hands was about Freddy Krueger who is important to the Queen theme...and "Bohemian Rap City"...

I figured I would read more about Molly Ringwald...
She is currently 52 years old....this was an important number to Brian May tearing his Gluteus Maximus...
John Hughes=52
It's interesting this Goldberg's episode aired 86 days(end date) after Molly's bday...and 86 days(end date) before 8/6 when John Hughes died.
Molly and John have bday's of 2/18 and 8/6 is the 218th day..

Interesting it says she married a French writer in Bordeaux, France. I spent about an hour yesterday trying to find that Freemasonry was founded in France...until I realized that it wasn't was Scottish Rite, and it was founded in Bordeaux...
Scottish Rite=165
Molly Ringwald=165
Pretty in Pink=147

I also realized something yesterday writing in the book. The cops that got shot in Des Moines, Iowa next to where I lived the day the Cubs won the World Series was synced to reverse gematria. Remember we didn't know reverse at the time...but I worked at "Burger King" was the 112th world series on 11/2 and so on...
Daniel Edward Behrendt=112(reverse reduced)
Tony Beminio=156(reverse)
Justin Martin=156(reverse)
These were the cops who got killed. 
Martin died 112 days after his bday on 11/2 and his bday was 14/7. 

The shooter had gematria of 166...
Scott Greene=166(reverse)
Recall, how this number was probably the most important number for me when it came to learning the reverse method. 
James Jumper=166(reverse)..mocked my blocked and referred to my name as NAD...the reverse of DAN. 
Reverse Gematria=166(reverse)

They planned for us to learn reverse gematria...flipping the script was part of the script all along as I have said. 

I need to rewatch The Breakfast Club too...It has Emilio Estevez(Mighty Ducks) it probably has type of clue...I just hate all of them movies for some reason and I don't have time the way it is lol. 
Molly Ringwald is also in the STAND about the killer virus. 

Monday, May 25, 2020

The Mandela Effect film on Hulu and the big eyeball picture of the wall

I stumbled upon a film called, "The Mandela Effect" last night on Hulu. It's basically about a family whose daughter dies, and then the father discovers the Mandela Effect. He then figures out we are living in a simulated world and so on..
It's funny they have the picture of an Eyeball facing inside his bedroom though. The film is about the Mandela Effect, but it really never alludes to any "Conspiracy" outside of that, so it's just another symbol hidden in plain site. They don't show this until he switches to a different reality either...or I think that's what happens as his daughter comes back to life. 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Kobe Bryant's championship ring sells for $206K


This story comes 3 months 28 days after Kobe died. 
Los Angeles=328(Jewish)

Adam Weishaupt died 201 days after the anniversary of the Illuminati

I was just writing about Chet Hanks and the Illuminati in the book and I realized an interesting thing. We have been talking about the importance of coronavirus to the Jesuits and the number 201. Remember the story of Chet and Tom Hanks was synced to the Illuminati, who was created by jesuit trained Adam Weishaupt....
Notice he died 201 days after the anniversary of founding the Illuminati? 
Maybe someone already pointed this out, but I haven't been following much I'm posting it so I won't forget. 

Recall, he was born the same day Elizabeth II became the Queen which is 132 days after the Jesuit anniversary too. 
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132
So on...

The Illuminati founded 150 days before the jesuit anniversary..

Jeff Bezos and Amazon in regards to Coronavirus

I'm touching up on some old stuff I wrote in the book about Jeff Bezo's and I realized his name sums to 201. 
Jeff Bezo's=201(FB)
Notice he is currently 56 years old...
Just thinking about Amazon being headquartered in Seattle. 

Coronavirus=56 and 70
Event 201..

Friday, May 22, 2020

The movie Turbo has "We are the Champions" and "Eye of the Tiger"-Indy 500-Chase Briscoe wins Xfinity same day Trump was at Ford Company-Space

I'm watching the film Turbo and of course it has the song, "We are the Champions" in it. 

Interesting the Indianapolis 500 is scheduled for what would have been Kobe Bryant's 42nd birthday. 
Tiger=76 and 201(Jewish)

The film Turbo came out in 2013 too, which is the year Kobe tore his achilles. 

Recall Mike Pence is in charge of coronavirus and he's from Indiana...He went to college in Indianapolis...the land of the INDIAN. 

Also interesting the voice of the best racer in the film...the French-Canadian Racer 'Gagne' is Bill Hader. 
Notice he shares a bday with Mike Pence....He's also in the film Trainwreck that was synced up to the Batman shooting. 

Recall the singer Prince wrote the soundtrack for the 1989 Batman movie too. Prince has a bday of 6/7 as well and his death was synced to the Indians being in the World Series against the Cubs. 


Ha, so a bit later in this movie when Turbo starts driving better they play a remake of "The Eye of the Tiger"...the announcer then says, "Despite a ROCKY start"....
Remember Sylvester Stallone will turn 76 years old on 7/6 during the year of the Tiger. 
Eye of the Tiger=76
Rocky will turn 76 on 7/6 just before the year of the Tiger..and will be 76 years old

The year of the tiger begins 155 days before 7/6....or 5 month 6 days with the end date..
Coronavirus=56 and 155

We had this story yesterday that Chase Briscoe wins the Xfinity race in Darlington after his wife lost their baby. 
Interesting it's the race in Darlington...recall last year the Darlington race was important to Anthoine Hubert dying...

Notice he wins 5 months 6 days after his bday during the time of coronavirus. 

Chase David Wayne Briscoe=98
Darlington Raceway=98
He drove the # 98 car. 
The date of 5/21....The 98th prime number is 521. 

Also interesting to note that it was a span of 159 days after his bday. 
Marissa=159(FB)(His wife's name)
Chase Briscoe=159(FB)
Recall how Nascar was synced this year to Donald Trump attending the Daytona was delayed until presidents day on 2/17...the 48th day...
Donald Trump=48 and 159
Ryan Newman=142=Coronavirus   got in a wreck. 

The other big news yesterday was Trump not wearing a mask at the FORD company...Cars.......Chase Briscoe even drives a FORD.
The Ford company is in Michigan and this comes a day after the major news was flooding in Michigan. 
Mask=44 and 64
Michigan=44 and 64

Chase Briscoe is 25 years old. 
This Ford story came 25 days(end date) before Trump's bday. 
Henry Ford the Freemason who hated Jews and inspired Germans before World War II...yet the Nazi's supposedly hated Freemason's and Jews....Ford died on 4/7/47. 

The date of 21/5 is also interesting..
Chase David Wayne Briscoe=215

Chase is also from Mitchell, INDIANA....this is where Gus Grissom was from...he is the 2nd american to go to Space. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Joe Rogan moves to Spotify for $100 million

Listening to Zach's video still and someone called in about this. Joe Rogan moves to Spotify..
Notice his bday is 110 days after the anniversary of Spotify and 256 days before...
Joseph James Rogan=256

This news comes 85 days before his bday. 
Joe Rogan=85
Joseph James Rogan=85

Someone pointed out the Joe symbolism...
Joe Burrow...
Joe Montana
Joe Exotic
Joe Rogan
Joe Biden


Boy Chosen at Panchen Lama disappeared in 1995-China says he now a college grad-Dalai Lama-India

I have recently mentioned the importance of Houston/Dalai Lama/China in the synchronicities while writing the book. 
Look at the Dalai Lama gematria. 
Tenzin Gyatso=201(FB) and 59
Notice his birthday is 7/6. 
Tiger=76, 59 and 201
Tibetan uprising=76

The Panchen Lama went missing on 17/5...
Tenzin Gyatso=175
Houston Rockets=175

Panchen Lama=140(FB)
China said this on the 140th day of 2020. 

I still do not know enough in regards to the the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama, but this is for sure important. 
Notice the Panchen Lama is currently 31 years old too. 

The Dalai Lama fled to India. 

The boy was chosen 6 years after the previous Panchen Lama died. 
This means that he was chosen when Choekyi Gyaltsen would have been 56 years old. 
Panchen Lama=56
Notice Choekyi died age 50 and was born on the 50th day. 

Their bdays were 88 days apart. 
Panchen Lama=88

I'll have to go back and listen, but right when I clicked on this article I swear Zach said, "Lori Llama" in regards to Lori Lightfoot....maybe that's not what he said lol, but I thought I heard the word llama. 
Update: he didn't say Llama...he said she was born the same day as OBAMA...
Obama the Llama? 
It honestly makes me think of the movie, "The Emperors New Groove" that my family has recently watched over and over. 
In regards to JOE from the post I made after this...I pointed out that the guy who voices Joe on Family Guy also voices a character on that movie....I had to look it up, because while watching that film I instantly thought of Joe from Family Guy.