Thursday, May 31, 2018

Kim Kardashian meets with Trump to discuss prison reform

What's funny about this story is that right away I think about KIM Jong-Un and Trump trying to meet. 
Kim Kardashian=56
Nori=56(what they called their first kid)
Remember Kanye was important to the Isis Paris Attacks as well. 
Paris, France=56

Also interesting though...
Nori West=48
Kanye West=48
Kim Jong Un=48(rev red)
Donald Trump=48
and so on...

Notice Kanye West born on 6/8 too. 
Prison Reform=68
Donald John Trump=68
Sixty Eight=56
Osama Bin Laden=56
6/8 a big number in regards to 9/11.
Remember Flight 175 with 56 passengers made the South Tower collapse 56 minutes after impact. "South Tower"=56..."Marwan al-Shehhi"=68(Hijacker Pilot)

Remember Kanye said he was going to run for president in 2020
What else is funny to me is that I just documented again about Flooding and Hurricanes with Harvey and Katrina...Remember Kanye said on 9/2/2005 that George Bush doesn't care about Black People? 
Rockets just lost with 92 points. 
We just got a story of a 92 year old New Orleans lady dying(Ella Brennan). 
World War II came to an end on 9/2. 

What else is interesting is this happens 144 days before Kim's bday. 
144 the number around political assassination...
Remember "Kanye West"=1551(Jewish)
Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Queen Elizabeth II became Queen 51 years 15 days after Queen Victoria died. 
Pope Francis turned 15 years old in the year 51. 

Ella Brennan famed New Orleans restaurateur dies

Funny how I just documented about New Orleans last night and now today a famous Restauranter in New Orleans dies. 
She dies 6 months 4 days after her bday. 
Ella Brennan=64(rev red)

She also dies 185 days after her bday. 
She won the lifetime achievement award by the JAMES BEARD Foundation. This is mocking us big time in regards to the NBA Finals beginning today, and a big piece to the coding was Lebron James growing a beard and James Harden known as the Beard. 

New Orleans Televangelist Jesse Duplantis asks for $54 million for private jet-Flood Symbolism-Joel Osteen Hurricane Harvey-Hurricane Katrina

Fifty Four Million=87(rev red)
Jesse Duplantis=87(rev red)
He's out of New Orleans..
New Orleans=54(s), also 54(rev red)

He says this on his website on 5/28...Jesus told him to bleed the people so he can get closer to him. 
Notice he asks for this 42 days before his bday...
Remember the New Testament begins with the 42 generations leading up to Jesus.
New Testament=42
Bethlehem in Judea=142
Forty Two=43, 142, 74(reverse)
Jesus Christ=43, 74(rev red)
Jesus=74=Cross=Messiah=Gospel=Televangelist and so on...
G=42(sumerian) and 42(satanic)
42 the secret to the universe in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. 
The first mass produced bibles were the 42 lined Gutenberg Bibles. 
He already has 3 jets so he's asking for a 4th...
Four Jets=42

Jesus Christ=151

I find it interesting this story is on the mainstream media on the 150th day of the year too. I've recently been mentioning the Flood symbolism and televangelists reminds us of Joel Osteen who is from Houston. 
Joel Osteen=150(reverse)
The Biblical Flood lasted 150 days. 
Joel Osteen was 54 years old when Harvey hit too. 
Then think about Harvey(Houston) and Katrina(New Orleans). 
Think about the connections of Chris Paul in regards to Katrina and Harvey too....
Remember Matt Harvey was the first pitcher to pitch in Houston after Hurricane was 52 days before the World Series in which the Houston Astros won...
Jesse Duplantis=204(Reverse)
Houston Astros=204

Today is 146 days before the World Series begins as well. 
Jesus Christ=146(reverse)
Trump's bday is 14/6. 
Makes ya wonder if New Orleans is going to get hit again with a Hurricane or Flood this year? 

Also Osteen and Duplantis' bdays are 126 days apart...
New Orleans=126
Private Jet=126

Interesting too that Joel Osteen's bday is 3/5 or 5/3....Notice today the Astros lost to the Yankees with a score of 3 to 5....they both now have 35 wins on the season. 

Also I've mentioned 48 a lot recently...
Joel Osteen=48
Jesse Duplantis=48

Also think about yet another story with Planes/Jets...
Think about the 9/11 symbolism in regards to 68...The Biblical Flood mentioned in Genesis 6-8. 

Also looking at the list of possible names for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms this year is interesting. 
The next one will be named "Beryl"....The only person I have ever met named that is an old guy who comes into the store everyday for coffee. I'm not sure of his age but I know he's at least 90....A few others that catch my attention are "Kirk" and "Valerie"....Just had the significance of "Valerie Jarrett"....also Kirk reminds me of what I documented about my best friends brother dying...also Kyle Korvers brother named Kirk dying...
Hurricane Kirk=146
Hurricane=146=Jesus Christ....
Hurricane Katrina first hit US land on 8/25(Florida) and Harvey first Hit US Land on 8/25(Texas)....Kirk was born on 8/25....Harvey and Katrina the costliest Hurricanes in US history....
The World Series is 59 days also 1 month 28 days after 8/25. 
Kirk Sturgill=59
8/25 leaves 128 days in the year....
Who really knows just makes me wonder as I know there's something I'm supposed to see with his death just like last year. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Roseanne blames Ambien for her Racist Tweet

Of course Roseanne's tweets were because of Ambien. 
Sleep Drug=44
Roseanne=44(rev red)
Racist Tweet=44

Leaving Twitter=193(reverse)
44th prime number is 193. 

Think about 44 in regards to all the 144 I documented in the last post. 

Roseanne canceled on JFK's 101st birthday -10 Days Before-Flood Theme- The Big Bang Theory-Stand By Me-Royal Family-Ralphie May-Vegas Shooting-Hawaii-National Anthem-Big Lebowski-King Ralph-Marilyn Manson-JFK-Space-Bridge-Earthquake

What a perfect day for Roseanne to be canceled. Today would have been JFK's 101st birthday. Remember how I said that Roseanne coming back for Season 10 is connected to all the Marilyn Manson/JFK Files and the number 10? 

Obama Adviser=214
Valerie Jarrett=214(reverse)
Valerine June Jarrett=214

She made a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett....
Notice Jarrett's bday is 11/14....a date I just mentioned as it's the date of the Super Moon in 2016....Fred Haise was born on 11/14. Apollo 12 launched on 11/14.....Prince Charles born on 11/14....
This story comes on the same day as a Full Moon as well.  

Notice 11/14 to today is 196 days..
Roseanne Cherrie Barr=196
Racist Remarks=196(reverse)
Overweight Comedian=196

Remember how Roseanne was connected to the Big Bang Theory...and we recently got the Royal Wedding connected to the Big Bang Theory through Stand By Me...and Sheldon and Amy's wedding. Notice the 196th episode of Roseanne is called "The Wedding". Dan has a heart attack in this episode as well. See below as John Goodman is connected through King Ralph/The Big Lebowski. 

Interesting Roseanne's middle name is Cherrie....Remember when I documented about the Korean Missile Scare in Hawaii I had synchronicity with a person I hadn't seen in years. My biggest memory was going to Hawaii and also dropping Cherries on a car with him....He lives in Carroll, Iowa....the only person I know who currently lives in Hawaii has the last name Carroll...then I had synchronicity with the TV and Tom Selleck saying "Carol". 
A lot of 48 has been popping up lately.. 
Think about how this tweet was at an OBAMA adviser.....Obama supposedly born in Hawaii as well. 

It's super fitting they would cancel the show after the 231st episode as well. 
Remember Roseanne sang the shitty national anthem..
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Think about the title of the last episode.."KNEE Deep"...
Stand Up Comedian-Stand By Me...Kneeling during the anthem. 
Also 231 was the big number I talked about in regards to the death of Ralphie May because of the films "King Ralph" and "The Big Lebowski"...
King Ralph=48(rev red)...Ralphie May born on 48th day. 
It's currently the month of MAY as well. 
The Big Lebowski=231(reverse)
Think about how John Goodman is in both of these films....
Goodman and Roseanne both Fat as well. 
Roseanne a Fat comedian...not so sure if Goodman was considered a comedian...
Fat Comedians=214(reverse)(see above)
Fat Comedian=206(reverse)...Goodman born on 20/6...

Benjamin Nelson=231(reverse)...Ben E KINGS real name. 
Richard Wheaton=231(reverse)
Stephen KING wrote the book Stand By Me is based off. 
Remember the Royal Wedding was showing us Stand By Me that was connected to the Big Bang Theory..The Big Bang Theory in turn connected to Roseanne. 
Sheldon gets engaged to Amy on the 231st episode of the Big Bang Theory. 
Just thinking here...
King Charles III=134
Barack Hussein Obama II=134(reverse)
Knee Deep=134(Jewish) Final episode.
August 19th is the 231st day leaving 134 days in the year. (The day I made the first video about Fat Comedians). 
Remember the guy from "The Price is Right"=231(reverse) reached out to me before the Vegas shooting. He was from Vegas and I also got a phone call from Nevada just before the Vegas shooting. 
Terry Kniess=134...He messaged me 134 days after his bday. 
He wrote a 134 page book with his niece who was also on the show. 
Terry Kniess and Jodi Colteryahn=134
Ralphie May then died in Vegas a few days later. 

I'm thinking about John Goodman being in "10" Cloverfield Lane too.  
Think about Wendy Williams collapsing as the Statue of Liberty, and the Statue of Liberty being on the cover of the first Cloverfield movie....
The Statue of Liberty=231(reverse)

Roseanne Conner=529(Jewish)
The Show gets canceled on 5/29. 

I remember watching the last episode too and guess what it was about? Yeah their basement FLOODED, and they put the state of Illinois under a state of they were happy Fema would pay for the cost to fix their basement. 
I mention how they are bringing back the Flood theme because of Harvey Weinstein and Matt Harvey...then we get Flash Floods in Maryland....and Alberto Flooding...The Cuba Bridge Collapse due to Roseanne gets canceled with the last episode all about Flooding.....
The Big Lebowski stuff was important to Bridges as well because of Jeff BRIDGES..
Natural Disasters=231(Reverse)

Season 10 of Roseanne...
Marilyn Manson had the song "Say 10" that came out in the 10th month. It was his 10th album. The original video short he released of the song was that of a Trump assassination.....his biggest influence was David Bowie who died on the 10th day. Manson was supposed to come back on the 10th show after being injured...then came back 10 days after the JFK files were released. He has a song called Coma White with a video of him and Rose McGowan(Harvey) re-enacting the JFK assassination. It came out just before JFK's son died in a plane crash....Air Force One originally called "Columbine II". Manson's music blamed for Columbine shooting. 
Ten Days Later=144
Lincoln had a dream on 4/4 about being shot and he was shot 10 days later on 14/4. 
Forty Four=144
April Fourth=144
The first president to die in office was.. 
"William Henry Harrison Sr"=144....died on 4/4. 
Trump is 10 presidents after JFK...
JFK died 144 days after meeting the Pope on the first day of "Sagittarius"=144
His brother RFK died at 1:44. 
Marilyn Monroe(Marilyn Manson/Charles Manson) sang Happy bday to JFK 10 days before his actual bday. 
JFK died 5 months 24 days after his bday....5/24 the 144th day of the year. 
Jackie Kennedy died 10 days before JFK's bday as well. 
Trump met Pope Francis on the 144th day of the year in 2017. 
Trump released the JFK files 10 days before 144 days after his bday....So 134 days..interesting in regards to what I wrote above. 
Trump's affair with STORMY Daniels happened 10 years ago and she was paid off 10 days before the election. 

Think about Trump in regards to Roseanne being Fired as well. 
"You're Fired"=144

Today is 10 days before the special day with 9/11 and Trump...
6/8...the 159th day leaving 206 days....It's also 159 days before 11/14 which is Prince Charles and Valerie Jarrett's bday..
Donald Trump=159(reverse), 48
6/8 is 48 days after Queen Elizabeth II's bday. 
Donald John Trump=68
Prince Charles=68
Barack Obama=68
Pope Francis=68
68 important to 9/11...also 6/8 was the day of the last Total Solar Eclipse that was 156 days before WWI came to an end on 11/11 at 11. 9/11 happened 11 years after HW Bush gave the New World Order the 11th state..on the 11th day with buildings that looked like an 11....Flight AA:11.....156th prime is 911. 
Bush bday was 68 days before 9/11
9-1-1 made emergency dialing code in  68'. 
WTC construction began on 6/8/68. 

Wouldn't it be interesting if Prince Charles and the Queen Both died this year? In King Ralph he becomes King because the Royal Family dies. 
The Big Lebowski signs the check on 9/11..91...
King Ralph came out in 91. 
King Charles III=91(rev red)..
91 a big important number in the Space Theme.
Jeff Bridges=91...he was in the movie Starman.  
Space race ended in 91'. 
Fat Comedian=91

91 an important number in regards to HW Bush and 9/11 and Jimmy Carter...Remember King Ralph was from Las Vegas...then Ralphie May died days after the Vegas shooting in Las Vegas. Vegas shooting left 91 days in the year. Route 91 Harvest...
Remember on Jimmie Carter's 91st bday we got the Roseburg, Oregon school Shooting on the day that leaves 91 days in the year. 
RFK gave a speech 10 days before being shot in Roseburg, Oregon. It was also in the year 68'.....think about this story coming 10 days before 6/8...MLK Jr. died on 4/4 that year too. Also remember the kid in the Thalys Train Attack in 2015 went to the same college in Roseburg, Oregon and his bday was 10/10(Alek Skarlatos). 
Think about how JFK would have been 101 today as well....10/1 leaves 91 days in the year...
Also think about 1991 when the Buffalo Bills lost in the Super Bowl...their owner was RALPH Wilson...that SB was notable for Whitney HOUSTON singing the awesome national anthem. Remember too that William McKinley was assassinated in Buffalo. 

I'm wondering if we don't get a story connected to Chattanooga. It was a place of interest with Ralphie and my grandma dying and both from there. 
Chattanooga Tennessee=911(satanic)

Death of Ralphie May Blog Post
Interesting I also mentioned a whole lot of 196 in my Death of Ralphie May post...Flintstone, Georgia is just outside of Chattanooga. 

With regards to all the Earthquake symbolism this year and then getting the Earthquake in Hawaii where Roseanne lives...remember after the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989,  ABC switched over to a rerun of Roseanne. 

The lady who canceled Roseanne is Channing Dungey...
Notice she was born on Pi day...the same day the Stephen Hawking died...which was 10 days before Jim Parsons(Sheldon) bday. Remember everything about Hawking was connected to Sheldon/Pi...he even died on the 73rd day which is Sheldon's favorite number. 
Notice Dungey was born in 69' too....the year of the Moon landing. 
Also she was part of "The BRIDGES of Madison County" and "The Matrix". 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Rockets score 92 points in loss to Warriors-Houston Astros vs Yankees-Rudy Giuliani gets booed-more 9/11 symbolism

In regards to the Houston symbolism possibly being connected to the Astros like last's interesting the Astros beat the Yankees today. The Yankees are the team I've been watching for since last season.....
Also the Rockets lost with 92 points tonight. 
Houston Astros=51
They won 5-1 over the Yankees. 

Rudy Giuliani=150, 75(rev red), 69
World Series=150(reverse), 69(rev red)
Houston Astros=75(rev red)
Notice he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his leadership in the aftermath of 9/11 too. He was the mayor of New York in 2001 when the Yankees lost in the World Series and also during 9/11. 

Today was also Giuliani's 74th fitting. 
Birthday=48(rev red)
Nine Eleven=48(rev red)
World Trade=48
New York=48
Bill De Blasio=48(Current Mayor of New York)
Think about all the other 48's I have mentioned lately. It's probably the most important number I have been seeing...
Donald Trump=48=Kim Jong Un=Russia and so on...
The 114th World Series.....
World War=114 and so on....

The 2001 World Series came to an end on 11/4 even. 
The 92 win Diamondbacks won it. 

Today also being the 148th day of the year and 148 days before the World Series begins. 

Twin Towers=624(rev sumerian)

The Mariners are also really important to the 9/11 symbolism. Interesting the Astros are now in their divison although they weren't in 2001. 

This doesn't necessarily have to be connected but for some reason I keep thinking about George Bush being hospitalized in Maine. In 2013 before I knew Gematria or made videos.  I was following a pattern with Maine...There was even a story that came out with a transgender named Nichole Maines on 6/12....Bush's bday...There was also the SNL "Maine Justice" skits that synced up with a Maine guy who died on the 4th of July...There were a bunch of stories about Maine...I think a fake kidnapping story......I documented a lot about Stephen KING in regards to Maine at the time as well. Thinking about Stand by Me, the new "It" film...
I feel like there is something missing that I'm not seeing the significance of in regards to Bush and Maine...Possibly the 11/22/63 book in regards to the JFK assassination...

Subtropical Storm Alberto makes landfall on Memorial Day

More stories about Floods....oh the odds. 
It's a perfect day for Alberto to hit as well. 
Memorial Day=116
Southeast=52(rev red)

It's also interesting they mention the Carolina's need to not take Alberto lightly....all I can think about is how there were big floods in South Carolina in 2015......the Carolina's named after King Charles...Also as much as I've been documenting 9/11 symbolism it makes me think of Zach's first ever blog post about the Carolina's and the next 9/11. 
Who knows just had to document it, as it's what I'm instantly reminded of. 

Warriors beat the Rockets in Game 7

The Rocket do lose to the Warriors. I bet people can't wait for part 4 Cavs vs Warriors lol. 
Notice the score 101+92=193
44th prime number is 193. 
James Harden=44
Chris Paul=44
Game Seven=44
Also interesting Durant, Curry, and Green all played 44 minutes. 

I didn't get to watch this game, but I'm sure there were plenty of scripted plays. 
It's just amazing watching the scripting of all these events connected to Houston and the Space/Moon theme and seeing the Rockets lose yet again...
I feel like they baited it all year...especially with "Andre Igoudala"=112 and not playing...possibly it's all for the Astros again just like last year. We will find out in time. 

That Chris Paul breaking his hand riddle sticks out even more considering how Kevin Love got hurt in the Cavs series as well. Remember Love Broke his hand against the Pistons this year in the 2nd game where they played back to back. The Pistons lost the same day Blake Griffin was traded to Detroit and Cavs got their 29th win. Then the game Love broke his hand the Pistons won staying on 29 wins....then Detroit played the Clippers on 2/9. It makes me think of how Chris Paul didn't play in game 6 and the Warriors won by 29 points. Kevin Love is 29 years old right now too. Blake Griffin turned 29 on March 16th this year too. 

I'm also interested in the 624 stuff and how it's connected to Prince Charles....Cavalier being a follower of King Charles...Prince Harry just getting married....there are some riddles I didn't see until recently. 
Game 6 of the finals being on Trump's bday/Flag Day...
Game 7 being on the 168th day. "Cleveland Cavaliers"=168

I see the Warriors last played the Cavs this season on 1/15 too. I just documented about 115 with the Warriors and how they lost to the Cavs in 2016. 

The Celtics obviously were important this year to build up the 2 same dominant teams being in the finals too. It makes a lot of sense now that we know who is in the finals. 

I'll add more if I actually watch the game, but most likely I won't watch it. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Floods in Maryland

I just got back from DJing and I see CNN has an article about Floods in Maryland. What's funny is just before I left earlier I wrote in my blog post about Harvey and the Houston Floods I get home and see the main story on CNN is about a Flood. 
Ellicott City, Maryland=88

Sunday, May 27, 2018

George Bush hospitalized in Maine-9/11 symbolism-Bush Carter-Gina Haspel

For some reason I thought George HW Bush's bday was 6/10 not 6/12.....How fitting for it to be 6/12 though especially with Trump and North Korea stuff and 612...
Blood pressure=624(satanic)
George HW Bush=138
Donald Trump=138
Remember Bush and Jimmy Carter were born 112 days(end date) apart in the same year. 
Barbara Bush died in Houston....
Also Carter was the last president to visit Cuba before Obama did it. Coolidge was the last ACTING president but Carter was the last president to go to Cuba. I only mention this because of the Cuban Plane crash story we got the same day as the Santa Fe(Houston) High School Shooting. Also Carter's bday is 10/1 which was the day of the worst mass shooting in the US(Las Vegas) since 9/11. Think about 9/11 and the Bush's...
112 also the emergency dialing code in other parts of the world. 
Remember last year we got the death of David Rockefeller who was born on 6/12 as well....think about that again in reference to 9/11. 
In 2015 I talked about how possibly Bush and Carter would both die age 93. 
The reason was because Gerald Ford died age 93 and so did Ronald Reagan. Also the 93' WTC bombing and Flight 93 and so on...Bush was president until 93'. 
Barbara Bush=93
Think about it too...Remember the Southwest victim Jennifer Riordan who died the same day as Barbara was 93 days(end date) after Dolores O'Riordan who has the song Zombie about the Warrington Bombings on the same day as the WTC Attack in 93'. 
Jennifer was from New Mexico too which reminds us of Santa Fe...Barbara Bush dying in Houston. Then Bush went to the Hospital in Houston...

Without the end date Bush and Carter were born 111 days apart...
9/11 leaves 111 days in the year....The 11th state on the 11th day with the buildings that look like an "11"..Flight AA:11 and so on...

In 2015 they both turned 91 years old.....Remember Carter's bday leaves 91 days in the year(Harvest 91)....9/11 is also 9 months 1 day before Bush's bday.....Bush's bday is also 91 days before 9/11. 

To top off the 9/11 symbolism with HW Bush...remember he talked about the New World Order on 9/11/ 11 years before 9/11....
Bush was 77 years old when 9/11 happened...
World Trade Center=77
September Eleventh=77
Flight 77 hit the 77 foot tall pentagon exactly 77 minutes after take off on the 77th meridian....

Bush was director of the CIA until the year 77'. 
Think about Gina Haspel becoming the CIA Director just a week ago too....the CIA Headquarters named after George HW Bush. 

The Pentagon=510(satanic)
510 a number I have been talking about in regards to interesting with Bush's bday on 6/12...

Of course Bush 41....
Al Qaeda=41
and so on...

Warriors win Game 6 with 115 points-2016 injury of Curry and Paul-Hurricane Harvey-Harvey Weinstein-Matt Harvey

The Rockets lose game 6 with 86 points?...The same day Astronaut Alan Bean dies age 86 in Houston...

Also this game was without Chris Paul...remember how it's connected to 2016 when Paul broke his hand and Curry hurt his knee against the Warriors on the 115th day. All season in 2016 I kept showing how 115 was "bad" for the Warriors.....Now they win in the game the Rockets are missing Chris Paul with 115 points. 
Possibly this is just showing us Cavs winning the finals again, or Warriors losing in the Finals...I still think it's for the Rockets to upset the Warriors though.
That 2016 series was all about "water" as well....Houston had the "Tax Day Flood" that year...then Steph fell on a wet spot....the Splash Brothers raining 3's. 
Curry also injured his ankle in Game 1 that series...then in Game 2 the Warriors won with 115 points...then Rockets won Game 3...Then Curry hurt on the 115th day...
Paul injured on April 25th that year which is normally the 115th day but was the 116th day in 2016....He did it against the Blazers who went on to lose the Warriors.....
Also remember how there was an article about Chris Paul supposedly leaving Houston because of Austin RIVERS. He began his career in 2005 in New Orleans the same year as Katrina. He left Los Angeles just before they lose to Houston in the World Series all about the Flood of Harvey...
Also note the Warriors streak in 2015-16 was broke by the Bucks 1 month 15 days into the  season....remember how the Rockets just beat the Warriors 16 game Home win streak in the playoffs....the Bucks beat the Warriors 16 game streak....The news just had the story of Bucks player Sterling Brown.

Another thought in regards to the Flood.....they just brought out the story of HARVEY Weinstein turning himself in...they want us to think about Harvey again...
Hurricane Harvey=86
Harvey hit Texas the day before James Harden's bday...

I never noticed that Harvey Weinstein was born in the year 52' until now. 
Houston Flood=52(rev red)
Remember Matt Harvey was the first pitcher to pitch against Houston in Houston after the was 52 days before the World Series. 
The story of him going to turn himself in was 2 months 5 days after his bday...."Flood"=25, 52.....It was also 66 days after his 66th bday. 

We recently got the story of Matt Harvey being traded to the Reds as well....The Reds were the team that Houston tied in 2005 which was the last tie before the Cubs tied in 2016. 
Katrina in 2005.
The Eagles lost to the Patriots in 2005. 
It's funny too in regards to 2016 being the 112th world series that many thought would be playing the Cubs as "Houston"=112. The Cubs played Cleveland instead...think about how that plays in here. 

Harvey even traded to the Reds the same day his former team played the Reds....Interesting the Astros played Oakland that day too. 

Interesting that Boston Red Sox lost today to the Braves and now the Astros vs Indians game is in the 13th inning...We'll see what happens in this game....
Also interesting that the Red Sox play the Astros the same day the NBA Finals begin. 
Remember the Celtics beat the Rockets in the 86' NBA Finals...