Monday, January 18, 2021

Phil Spector's death in relation to James Bond Spectre and Sword and Sorcery films


This is interesting thinking about the connection to Phil Spector dying and the connection to the James Bond film "Spectre".
Recall that Tanya Roberts the Bond girl just died and she was also famous for the sword and sorcery film "The Beastmaster".
Notice that Phil Specror murdered Lana Clarkson who was famous for sword and sorcery films.
We also had Arnold Schwarzanegger talk crap about Trump with his Conan The Barbarian sword...and I mentioned Dolph Lundgren in The Masters of the Universe.

Lana Clarkson died 61 days before her bday..
Spectre came out 61 days before Phil Spector's Bday.
Lana Clarkson=77 and 40
She died age 40.
Phil Spector died 77 days before the new Bond film releases.
No Time To Die=129

To further connect the Bond theme..notice that she died on 4/5, the same day Pussy Galore died in 2020.
Bond Girl=45 and 81
Phil Spector died age 81, which was 21 days after his bday in 21'
Tonya Roberts died 81 days after her bday.

I have not seen any Daniel Craig Bond film, so there is probably something telling in the films that I'm lacking.


  1. So what I'm starting to see with this connection of Spector/Specter is more Wall Programming/Theme. Phil Spector = "Wall of Sound". Bond movie "Specter" has the theme song "Writings on the Wall". Spector movie opens in Mexico on the Day of the Dead, think of U.S./Mexico Wall/Trump. That made me think of "The Wall" by PINK Floyd. That album/movie has a song "Vera" about Vera Lynn and references her song "We'll Meet Again". Vera died this June 18/2020 at 103. "We'll Meet Again" was referenced by the Queen in her Covid Speech April 5, 2020, the same day Honor Blackwell died. That song is also in Dr. Strangelove at the end. Rodger Waters, from Pink Floyd has an interesting Wiki page, click on everything blue and read it. Thanks!

  2. I just realized April 5th is also the birthdate of Lana Clarkson. She was born April 5 1962, 58 years before 2020. Vera Lynn died 58 days after the Queen's birthday. Funny thing Honor Blackman (correction from above post) and I share the same date of birth but of course a different year. The year I was born is the year the bond film came out where she was Pussy Galore, lol.