Thursday, January 28, 2021

Spectrum Center in Charlotte used to be called "Time Warner Cable Arena".


I figured I would look at the Spectrum Center considering the Spectrum in Philadelphia is related to things I'm talking about...
Notice the Spectrum Center used to be called "Time Warner Arena" fitting for the narrative with Anthony Quinn Warner...AT&T bombing...
Charlotte Hornets=201
The Spectrum=201(FB)

Think about my Space Jam copyright claim and Michael Jordan...Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets..

Think about the Allen Iverson stuff in relation to the number 19. 
The Spectrum Center seats 19,000....
The Spectrum Center was also where the 2019 NBA All Star Week was held. 
This number has been coming up a bit too..
World Trade Center=185
So on..
LaMelo Ball=185...

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  1. Donald John Trump ...185
    Sabbath of the red heifer ...185
    The red heifer will be 2 yrs 6 myths 6 days old ...266 ...on this year's sabbath.