Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Larry King death in relation to King Charles and King James


This is why I remembered my YouTube video earlier. I started my YouTube channel on the date 11/19, which is Larry King's bday. I was going to post about this from last night, but I fell asleep...
Of course "King"=23 and he died on the 23rd...
Zach's post mentioned how he died age 87 and it reminds of King James...
Notice Larry King died 218 days after King James bday. 

In relation to King James, I want to point out that 11/19 is also the day King James son, "King Charles I" was born. 
Larry King died 88 days or 2 months 29 days before Queen Elizabeth's bday..
King Charles I=229(FB)

Corona means Crown....King
Prince Charles=260(FB)

I've been on 2/18 so much I figured I would see how it connects to the Royal Family...
2/18 is 62 days before Queen Elizabeth II's bday..


  1. Kevin KING blew the game for the Packers. His middle name is Charles, just like AARON Rodgers and AARON Donald, who they just beat.
    Larry KING worked in Atlanta for 25 years. Home run KING Hank AARON died in Atlanta 2 days after Ted Thompson, who drafted AARON Rodgers, died in Atlanta, Texas.
    Hank Aaron's first and middle names are Henry and Louis, two famous KINGS.

  2. Rambo has made several blogposts on the date July 23rd. it's 218 days after the Pope's bday going into non leap years.