Friday, May 31, 2019

Albert Almora in Tears after Foul ball hits young girl in the crowd

This girl got hit by a Foul ball on the 54th pitch of Cubs 54th game of the season. 
Foul=54 and 54(reverse)
Baseball=54 and 54(rev red)
54 Outs in a 9 inning game. 
First ever MLB game on 5/4..1871. 

Foul Ball=81, 45(rev red)
Eighty One=54
Cubs=45=Wrigley=Illinois=Miami=Sports Flash.
Cubs won WS 4 and 5 before breaking the curse of the Billy Goat that began in 1945. 
Forty Five=54

Interesting this story comes 1 month 13 days or 43 days after Almora's bday. 
They were playing the Astros who won the 113th World Series. 
Wade Miley=43(Pitcher)
The Astros were playing their 57th game of the season..
World Series=57

Albert Almora=206
Chicago Cubs=206

Toddler hit by Foul Ball at Yankees Game
This story reminds me of the Toddler being hit at the Yankees vs Twins game in 2017 just before the Astros went on to win the World Series. 

I saw Sam post on Facebook earlier in regards to Nick Nurse(Raptors coach) being from Iowa....he said the Astros coach was also from Iowa. 
So just blogging about it, as I find it he just turned 45 years old. 
That means he won the WS in 2017 with the Astros age 43..(Astros=43)

Fans don't like Pumbaa(Pig) on the new Lion King film

I just went to CNN and one of the articles was about people not like Pumbaa on the new Lion King coming out. 
I'm just posting this because before we noticed the LION symbolism in regards to August 10th, we were pointing out that it's important because of the PIG year. 

Toronto Raptors coach is from Carroll, Iowa-Drake and Drake University

I got this message so I looked up the story about Drake and the Raptors coach. I found out he is from Carroll, Iowa which is not too far away from where I live. 

I just can't believe I have never heard of Nick Nurse before considering he is from the area. 
Funny it says 51 minutes right now on Google maps too. 
Nick Nurse=51 and is currently 51 years old. 

Notice when Drake rubbed his shoulders the score was 82 to 96 as well. 
Toronto Raptors=82

I wonder if there is something to do with DRAKE University that's only about an hour away from Carroll, Iowa too. 
Especially with as much as I've talked about Slipknot and Des Moines recently. 
Plus all the 8/6 stuff was super connected to the DUCK theme and Drake is a male Duck. 

Interesting too that Drake University started the Paul McCartney is dead/replaced hoax that many have heard about. 
Just makes me think about Charles Manson and some recent things I've documented..

Hopefully I'll look at this more tomorrow. I just got home from band practice a bit ago, and I'm too tired to really think. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mandy Moore reaches Mount Everest base Camp story on 5/29-in connection to Falkor II and my last post about Mandy Moore and Drowning

Mandy Moore Drowning in her marriage

This story comes 3 months 10 days after the last story of Mandy Moore in the Mainstream media. The story was about Drowning in her marriage. If you remember a bunch of the stuff connected to 8/6 and 86 was the Duck/Drowning/Moore/Pink stuff. So it's funny I've really been showing how the 86 stuff is seemingly showing itself again. Now we get a story of Mandy Moore 3 months 10 days later? 

The best part is that Falkor II was involved in my previous post about Mandy Moore. He just messaged me on Facebook a few days ago about Mount Everest and May 29th and now here we are getting a story of Mandy Moore and Mount Everest on May 29th. 

This story comes 50 days(end date) after Moore's bday. 
Remember the last story came on the 50th day of the year which was 50 days before her bday. 

It's funny as well that as I was writing up this post Claire got down a bag of CANDY that I didn't even know we had. She wanted me to find her a Butterfinger, and I said, "Why can't you look for it?". I then proceeded to look for one, but to no avail. I did find a sour apple bubble gum pop that I started eating though, and then I went to Mandy Moore's wikipedia and saw her most famous song was CANDY in which I had forgot. 

Ha and this story also comes 50 days before Mandy Moore's husbands bday too. 
Remember that date important to the Royal Family....which is why we got a story about them on Prince Charles bday last year too. 
7/'s also Donald Sutherland's bday....

Of course Wikipedia has now changed his bday to 8/16 instead of 7/17 though. 

If you go from today to 8/16 it's 2 months 19 how the drowning story came on 2/19 too. 
The 50th day. 

Mount Everest=66
This came on the 66th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest. 

My Facebook messages from Falkor II were all about the number 66, so absolutely fitting. 

My false memory of the song "Kokomo" and France-Troll-John Stamos-Golden Gate Bridge

I realized something interesting today in regards to the song Kokomo and the Trolls. Someone came in to the store today with a shirt that reminded me of the song...I can't remember exactly what...I think the shirt said, "Key Largo", but not for sure....regardless something made me start singing the song. 
I realized that I have a false memory of the words to the song. The parts before the verses where they talk deeper and I always thought it said, "Come on, and dance, I want to go to FRANCE". I started laughing as I've known this as the words forever for some reason. Possibly I just made that up as a kid or something, because I used to do that a lot. 
I don't think it's a Mandela Effect thing, I think I just changed the words as a kid and have always sang it this way. 
If you look up the lyrics it doesn't say this anywhere in the song...and it makes sense as what would France have to do with the Caribbean? 
Anyway just wanted to document this as I know it's important to France. I can't believe I didn't think about this before either. It just blew my mind when I looked up the lyrics today and I couldn't find them to say this. 

It is interesting in regards to the Mandela Effect stuff I have been following, although I'm positive it's not the Mandela Effect. 
Beach Boys=80
Bavarian Illuminati=80

It's interesting too that I've mentioned the importance of HERMES Katsopolis/John Stamos with the Beach Boys as well. He actually plays drums in the Kokomo music video. 
Remember how I randomly mentioned season 3 episode 10 of Garfield in my Full House videos. 
A lot of stuff in that post was about 8/10 and the San Andreas Fault being 810 miles long....
John Phillip Stamos=811(satanic)
Hermes Katsopolis=227
Jesse Katsopolis=210=San Francisco California
Adam Weishaupt=210
Johann Adam Weishaupt=310

Garfield and Friends=310(Franc Baconis)
Also think about Garfield and Friends....the 2 main characters in the segments are Garfield(CAT) and Orson(PIG)...Jesse KATsopolis....
Pig year....
Also the president Garfield who was assassinated on 9/19 by Charles Guiteau(French ancestry). 

Something I forgot to document the other night in regards to the winning 200 something at the Casino on the machine that broke was called "Fire Link" something...but the background of it had the "Golden Gate Bridge" which was the reason it even drew my attention to begin with. 

More info on the Murph Challenge-Hawaii stories in media-Chain of events in my life giving me signs-Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon-Lion-My Uncle Ed Murphy's trip to the Bunny Ranch

I just took a shower and kept thinking about this guys middle name. I didn't even think to check on Wikipedia until now. Look at that...He even has the EXACT name as my uncle. 
Plus his bday of 5/7 and I found my Uncle's obituary on 5/7. 
I'm thinking about August 11th as well in regards to Al-Qaeda being formed, and this guy dying in Afghanistan. 
Michael Patrick Murphy=310
Osama Bin Laden born on 3/10. 
He died 3 months 10 days before 8/11. 

I see that there is a ship named after his called the USS Michael Murphy as well. I'm just interested that I see it's homeport is in Hawaii. There have been a bunch of Hawaii stories in the media lately. 

I know there was another one I saw, but I can't remember what it was. 
Also the reason I even watched the new Slipknot video was because of my friend Jimmy that reached out to me the day before his grandpa died. Jimmy is all about the military/navy. Other than music, it's the only thing he talks about. I mean seriously the only 2 things I've ever heard him talk about haha. Anyway he was stationed in Hawaii while in the Navy....

Earlier I went to Facebook for a few seconds and one of the first things that popped up was Jimmy sharing the song "Time" by Pink Floyd. I noticed that my aunt Rosa(Cathy Murphy) was one of the few who like the video. The other reason I know it's important is because my band literally just added this song to our setlist and played it for the first time last Friday(5/24). 

It's interesting this song has sound effects from Alan Parsons....the guy who wrote the song "Sirius" that was used for Michael Jordan's introduction song. 
Plus it's on the Album "The Dark Side of the Moon"..which reminds us of China landing on the Dark Side of the Moon earlier this year...
Remember Hawaii important to the Great American Eclipse as well. 

Haha wow. I searched "The Dark Side of the Moon" on my blog and a post about my uncle "MURF" Ed Murphy came up. He won a trip to the Bunny Ranch from Hustler magazine and also a date with playmate from AUGUST 10' Cami Parker. What are the odds? 

Especially when earlier out of the 2 or 3 articles I have clicked on tonight there was one about Lamar Odom. He said the owner of the Love Ranch tried to kill him today, and it wasn't a drug overdose back in 2015. 
It was on "The View"=92
Lamar Odom=92

My Uncle Ed's bday is 8/27 which reminds me of Haile Selassie. 
I also documented some synchronicity with "Fred" from Scooby Doo with Claire in regards to Buffy the Vampire that post I mentioned some Wizard of Oz stuff with Nipsey Hussle...Nipsey Russle was the Tin Man...."Marathon"=310 and so on....Just thinking about Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon and the connection to the Wizard of Oz....Cowardly LION. 

Edward Murphy=310(Franc Baconis)
Remember how Charlie Murphy died after I documented about my Uncle too. 

It's also interesting that today is 2 months 30 days before my uncles bday. 
Michael Patrick Murphy=230
They shared the Murph Challenge online for the first time on the 230th day of the year. 

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch also in LYON County Nevada? 

This place also famous for a TV show called the "Cathouse". 
Think about the CAT theme in regards to LIONS. 

Also think about how Slipknot was connected to Neil Patrick Harris getting shot by the girls at the Whore House in regards to all of this in Harold and Kumar. Also how I met Echo Valley and so can't be a coincidence. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Story about the "Murph Challenge"(Michael Murphy) and Memorial Day in relation to signs I had about my Uncle Mike Murphy

I was looking through the Tabs I had pulled up on my computer and one of the stories was about the "Murph" Challenge. I have been so busy that I forgot about the synchronicity I had in regards to this story. 
SNL Synchronicity with my friend Cody-Uncle Mike-Train
On April 4th I blogged about a bunch of synchronicity reminding me of the Train Theme and my Uncle who has the name Mike Murphy died the same day as the 2015 Philadelphia Trainwreck. 
Michael Patrick Murphy=310
It was important because his name never made that much sense to me in gematria compared to all my other uncles/his brothers who died. 
Funny I mentioned a bunch about "86" in that post above and I wrote it the same day we got the Jeff Bezo's divorce which was connected to "86" as well...I just mentioned the importance of it in my last post haha. 
Anyway when I started DJing at the bar on Saturday Night a guy stopped me and asked me how my dad was doing. I then gave him my dads phone number as he said, he graduated with him...and they also used to live together years ago. It turns out his name was Mike Murphy, which stood out to me because of my Uncle with the same name. I thought it was odd my dad even lived with a guy named that...I know a lot of people are probably named that, but still it's strange to me considering I live in a town of about 1,000 people. 
Weird Comment on Old Kobe video-Uncle Mike's Obituary
Also I just documented about finding my Uncle Mike's obituary on a top of a stack of papers on 5/7. 
Another reason I know it's important is because on Sunday while at work I saw the priest who did my Uncle Mike's funeral. He stands out for one because he wears his priest outfit, but for two, he from somewhere in Africa and barely speaks English..on top of there only being a few black people in town. He was with another African priest, and he hasn't been the priest here for a few moral of the story it just stood out to me....I for some reason have a huge memory of him saying my Uncle Mike's name at his funeral because of his accent. I can't type it on this blog, but if I say it outloud you would understand what I am saying. 

So all of this stuff that reminded me of my Uncle Mike happened over the weekend....then I think I saw this story on Monday in the headlines about a guy named Mike Murphy...He's in the military too, which stands out because my Uncle Mike prided himself on being a Marine. He's the only one of his 8 siblings to join the military as well, I believe. I'm trying to think about that, but I'm pretty sure none of them were in the military but him. His daughter Andrea even uses his old military picture on Facebook. 

Murph Challenge=64
Memorial Day=64
Michael Murphy=64

What's funny is that my uncle who died had the birthday of 6/4 as well. 

Plus with all the 86 stuff...remember how Daniel Murphy being traded to the Cubs was important to it. The Billy Goat that cursed the Cubs was named "Murphy". 
Sixty Four=86

Also interesting that it was first put online on 8/18 which is the 230th day. 
Michael Patrick Murphy=230
I wonder what the guy in the story has for a middle name too....It says, Michael P. Murphy? 

The challenge was called "Body Armor" by Murph. 
Body Armor=51, 132
My Uncle died of "Cancer"=132 on the 132nd day of the year. 
Notice "Murph" died 51 days before the video first put online too. 

My Uncles wife had a maiden name that equals "132, 51". 
Everyone called her "Rosa Murphy"=64

Interesting too is that my Uncle's funeral was on 5/16 which was a big number I was talking about in the first blog post I shared above about SNL. 

With all the 86 being important, I'm also wondering about June 8th which is Kanye's bday and connected to a number of things I've documented. It can be written as 8/6 as well. 
Funny it's called that as everyone I know seems to get hammered on Memorial Day too. 

Death of Bill Buckner in connection to my video about the 114th World Series and "86"-Slipknot-August 10th-Rocky Colavito

Bill Buckner has died on the 147th day of the year at the age of 69? 
World Series=69, 147
He's famous for his error in the 1986 World Series that was attributed to the Curse of the Bambino. 

It's fitting for the age of 69 as well, because the error happened in "Shea Stadium"=69 against the "New York Mets"=69
Normally Buckner was taken out of the game, but the coach left him anyway that game. 
John McNamara=69
Notice he is currently 86 years old too. 

What's so interesting is the Red Sox won the World Series last year and it was synced up to the Indians who have coach Terry Francona. 
Francona is the coach who broke the Curse of the Bambino for the Red Sox. 
Notice they day Buckner dies the Red Sox are playing the Indians. 

It's funny too as last year during the World Series I made a video talking about all the connections to "86" with the World Series. This is also the video in which I mentioned Slipknot playing at the Iowa State Fair on Rocky Colavito's 86th birthday on 8/10/19. 

Curse of the Bambino=86
The Bill Buckner thing was in 86'. 
The Red Sox broke the curse after 86 years. 

Babe Ruth died in 1948 which was the last time the Indians won the World Series after beating the Boston Red Sox in a 1 game playoff ruining an all Boston World Series. The Indians went on to win over the Boston Braves and Lou Boudreau was the MVP. 
Lou Boudreau died on Rocky Colavito's bday(8/10). 

Last year we had the Holy Fire on 8/6 in Cleveland National Forest that was synced up to Rocky Colavito being traded on Easter. 
Buckner dying on 5/27 is also interesting as it's the mirror day of 8/6. 
5/27 the 147th day leaving 218 days. 
8/6 the 218th day leaving 147. 
I even mention the significance of mirrored days in that "86" video, because it was important to Freddie Gray/VMA's/Freddy's Dead. 

There was a ton of stuff in regards to 86...even before the World Series last year the Red Sox had won 8 and the Dodgers 6. 

Also the 86th World Series was the Earthquake World which is being honored on August 11th this year when the Giants play Philadelphia. 

Last year was all about the National Anthem and Kneeling stuff too. The Red Sox won the World Series in 1918 in which Game 1 was when it got popular to stand during the national anthem. This world series was last time they won a World Series before breaking the Curse of the Bambino as well. 
Remember Herbert Hoover signed the National Anthem into Congress and his bday is 8/10 as well. 
Also the Cubs lost to the Red Sox in the 1918 World Series and that's why it was important the Cubs got Daniel Murphy. The former New York Met, reminding us of the Bill Buckner incident. Murphy's bday was also on Easter last year reminding us of the Holy Fire on 8/6. He also had media attention for not liking Billy Bean for being gay. William Beanes is the reason Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem at the Battle of Baltimore. Key was there to get Beanes out of Jail. 

Thinking about all the France stuff..I have mentioned before that Francis Scott Key sounds like Francis Got Key in regards to Philadelphia and the Key of David....
Sounds like "France is got key" as well. 
Francis Scott Key=188 and 266(Francis Bacon)
Bavarian Illuminati=188
Pope Francis the 266th Pope and so on..

I started this post earlier and I remembered that tonight the casino in Onawa had 10X the points. I have freeplay money and figured I'd go over for a bit since Jasmine didn't work. Anyway on the way there I was trying to listen to my "86" video from above to remember what all I talked about. Somehow the radio station got changed and the light doesn't work on it so you can't see what station you are on. I pushed Tune like a billion times in order to find the correct station for my phone to work since it's not Bluetooth. Anyway just before I found it, I heard the radio talk about Blackbird Bend Casino which I thought was funny as I was on my way. I looked at my phone at this same time and it was at 86 percent, which made me laugh even harder. Then right as I started laughing the guy on the commercial said, "What are you laughing about?". Which just cracked me up even more. 

Anyway, I've noticed the last 2 times I've been there that when I see the number means I'm going to get something good soon..just not on the machine I'm currently on. Tonight was the 3rd time this has happened to me over there. I see the 310 and keep losing...then I move to a different machine and hit a hundred or so....tonight I saw the 310 and went to a machine called "Fire Link...something". The machine froze up and I had to call them over to fix it. Then 3 spins later I hit for $207. I should've quit, but I moved to a different machine and started betting the max like a retard. Oh well as I still left up $60 and I found out I'm getting $300 more for DJing on Saturday than I anticipated. I was actually going to quit at $150, but a guy I graduated with was there and hit $1,300 so he was buying beer and I couldn't leave. 
I just want to document this for future reference like everything else. Plus the synchroncity is just too much sometimes and it needs to be shared.  

Anyway 8/6 last year was also important to the PINK/Duck stuff....and the day Alex Jones got kicked off Social Media. Remember the Austin Bomber was important to Pink and Alex Jones as well. Austin Bomber/Boston Bomber..then the Red Sox win..

I've recently mentioned Halloween as well....which Halloween is 86 days after 8/6.