Saturday, January 2, 2021

Death of MF Doom in relation to Allen Iverson and Patrick Ewing


MF Doom dies on Halloween, but they didn't report it until New Years Eve..
Halloween=189(FB) and 174(FB)
MF Doom=189(FB) and 174(FB)

They waited 61 days to report his death..
New York Knicks=61

He died a span of 71 days before his bday..
Daniel Dumile=71
He's wearing a Patrick Ewing jersey in many of the media stories too..
Patrick Ewing=71
What's interesting about this is that I just blogged about Allen Iverson again..and in my old videos/info I talk about his connections to Patrick Ewing and Georgetown...

The Knicks lost to the Raptors on the day they reported this death..
Toronto Raptors=71

Georgetown a Jesuit University.

The death was reported 148 days after Patrick Ewings bday..
Halloween=148, 41, 95
Knicks=41, 95
Patrick Aloysius Ewing=95
Halloween is 9 months 5 days before Ewing's bday.

Notice he also died 146 days after Allen Iverson's bday.
Allen Iverson=146
Notice Iverson and Ewings bdaya are 129 days apart too..
MF Doom=129(FB)
Georgetown Hoyas=260(FB)
Allen Ezail Iverson=260




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    Daughter = 615 ext
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