Monday, January 25, 2021

My message to James Holzhauer exactly 1 year to the day before Alex Trebek died-St. Patrick's Day


So I'm looking through my old messages still because I do not want to double book like I did last year. I wish I would've started this before though, because I have so many messages it's insane, and I'm probably going to miss one. 
Anyway, I forgot all about messaging James Holzhauer and asking him for his birthday...Notice I asked him exactly 1 year before Alex Trebek died on 11/8/2020....What are the odds that he would die exactly 1 year later? 
I still cannot find for sure what James Holzhauer's bday says 7/23 in some spots and 7/1 in others...both interesting in light of what I have documented about with the Jeopardy stuff and my uncle. 

Thinking about it too...Alex Trebek died 3 months 17 days after his bday or a span of 3 months 18 days...
Just another 317...

St. Patrick's Day=166
The Jeopardy stuff was all about this number. 

Trebek died 129 days before St. Patricks' Day...another number I've mentioned recently. 

 3/17 can also be written as 17/3....
The 40th prime number is 173. 
Alex Trebek=40...born in 40'. 

Another thing I find funny that I've pointed out about this message before is that I missed the "y" on Drew Carey...
Drew Care=129(FB) and 152(FB) and 41 and 49
Trebek died 129 days or 4 months 9 day before St. Patrick's Day. 
Bob Barker=221(FB)...the number that was in relation to 129 in my Hawaii post..
Who knows, just wondering about this as everything happens for a reason. 

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