Thursday, January 7, 2021

Elon Musk Surpasses Jeff Bezos as World's Richest Person on 78th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's Death


World's Richest Person=260..

Just interesting as I've seen this number a lot recently too. 

World's Richest Man=201 and 231....

I keep seeing 231 tonight....reminds me of the "Bridge" symbolism in connection to Jeff Bridges and the birth of my son Zamien. 

Jeff Bezos=201(FB) and 186(FB)

Amazon founded on the 186th day of the year.

This news comes 186 days after the founding of Amazon too. 
Elon Reeve Musk=186

Musk born on the day leaving 186 days in the year. 


SpaceX founded on 5/6.

Jeff Bezo's is currently 56 years old..

Society of Jesus=56 on..

Look at these stats too lol....

Elon Musk has 191 Billion

Jeff Bezos 187 Billion

Bill Gates 132 Billion...

Society of Jesus=191 and 187

Catholic Church=132

Bill Gates..Event 201...Jeff Bezos/Seattle/Coronavirus

Today is also 1/7 or 7/1.

Tesla founded on 7/1 17 years ago. 


Elon Reeve Musk=264(FB)

Jeffrey Preston Bezos=264

Today is a span of 194 days after Elon Musk's bday...

There is something significant to these numbers as I have been seeing them together for months...264...194..


What are the odds that today is the 78th anniversary of Nikola Tesla dying too? So Tesla Inc is named in honor of him and founded on 7/1...and he died on 1/7..


Tesla born in a leap year but it's usually the 191st day..

Amazon founded 191 days before Jeff Bezos bday. 

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  1. Nice to see you talking about bridges. With the aurora stuff aurora is the goddess of the dawn. The nashville bombing was at dawn. The Aurora borealis is the bifrost bridge in Norse mythology. "Dawning" = 117 reverse ordinal just like bridge