Sunday, January 17, 2021

Zach gets Bear sprayed in Portland 186 days before his birthday-218-Franz Ferdinand-World War


Zach now gets Bear sprayed in Portland 186 days before his bday on 1/16? 
Portland=116 and 100
Zachary Keefe Hubbard=100
Zach Hubbard=186(FB)
You know the list...
He also asks this guy to join him today..
Andy Cuong Ngo=218(FB)
Recall how the number 218 is synced to the 186 with Zach. 

Also, recall that 2/18 will be 6 months 28 days after Zach's bday....
6/28 is the day his original channel was taken down after the car crash into his house 186 days before on Christmas Eve...Christmas Eve is a span of 6 months 28 days before Zach's bday..
6/28 leaves 186 days in the year..
So on..

Andy Gno=216(FB)
Powell's Books=216(FB)
Remember I had that sync with Franz Ferdinand not too long ago as well...His assassination is believed to be the event that started World War I....He died on 6/28 and was born on 12/18....think how Jeff C died on 12/18..was found on Christmas Eve....12/18 was 38 days after my 38th bday....2/18 is 3 months 8 days after my 38th bday...
World War...
Biden...Russia...North Korea..

Powell's Books=164
Bear spray=164(FB)
Zenith left an interesting comment too that I never thought about before...the Capitol building and the play on words of "Capital" important to letters. 


  1. Your right to look up this Andy NGO guy, I did too. The fact that he has a Wiki page says lots, then he is apparently; Age 33-34... "Freelance Reporter" sounds like an oxy moron to me. There is no such thing. Anyone who wants to tell the truth would not won't to be associated with the word "reporter". That "Capitol/Capital" is very interesting too, I never put that together and it makes so much sense/cents. Thanks!

    1. Also, regarding Phil Spector "dying" today, it made me think of "Spectre" in the James Bond series.

  2. Singer Kelis that was dating Rap guy Naz had a song titled, Milkshake: August 25, 2003. Song length is 3:03 minutes long. The guy Andy Ngo supposed to had got hit in the head by an*(Milk shake) June 30,2019 while at a Proud Boys protest by a counter-protesters. Andy Ngo 35 milkshake 35
    Milkshake song released Monday August 25,2003 - Milkshake thrown at Andy Ngo Sunday June 30 2019 is 15 years or 5,789 days