Thursday, March 31, 2016

Death of Patty Duke Short thoughts.

So Patty Duke died on 3/29/16. 

The reason this story sticks out so much to me, is that last year around this same time we had Sheriff Roscoe from Dukes of Hazzard die the same day the Duke Blue Devils won the NCCA Tournament. 
Interesting it was on 4/6 last year as well. 
Chicago and 46 seem to be a big Theme in the last year. 

I made a video about a bunch of Different "Duke" things as well. 
I mentioned Benito Mussolini being known as II Duce which means Leader/Duke.  Just interesting with all the talk of a New World War. 
II Duce=33, 51
Patty Duke=33, 123
Conspiracy=51, 123

Her real name is "Anna Duke"=71
World War Three=71

CNN also tells us she is mostly famous for portraying Helen Keller in "Miracle Worker". 

Miracle Worker=151
She died 15 weeks 1 day after her Bday. 
Ninth President to die in office=151
Jesus Christ=151
Ben Franklin Bridge=151
I've talked about 151 and how it connects to the 99 which connects to presidential assassinations. 

Notice Helen Keller died on 6/1/68.  
Obama born in 61'
Barack Obama=68
She died 26 days before her 88th bday. 
Patty Duke=26
Helen Adams Keller=64, 145
Barack Hussein Obama=64
Chicago Illinois=145 
Helen Keller=107, 53  

The Cnn Article also points out that Patty Duke is the Mother of Sean Astin. I instantly think of The Goonies when I think of him. Yes he's in lots of other movies as well,(Lord of the Rings, Rudy, Harrison Bergeron, Encino Man...) but my first instinct is always The Goonies. Also his first movie. 

The Goonies came out in 1985 as well which is just interesting in regards to Back to the Future and 1985 Bears and Chicago themes we keep seeing. 
The Goonies=117
Anna Marie Duke=117
So who knows could be nothing, but I'm guessing there is something that connects with the Goonies. I just don't have time to keep looking right now. If only I was as poor as the Goonies and I could afford a Mexican Maid to clean my house and cook. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Jason Richardson Retirement on 9/23 Other retired NBA Retired players in 2015 ISIS Turkey Back to Back Championships

For some reason I decided to see if other important people retired this year since there has been so much emphasis on Kobe. 
Would you look at that? 
 Elton Brand Retires and then comes back to play for the Philadelphia 76ers(Warriors originally from Philadelphia which is important because of Pope Francis' visit to the US)

Brand announces his retirement 146 days before he comes back to play.   
Oakland California=146   (Lot's of others see my previous posts)
Also a span of 4 months 24 days. 
Elton Brand=42 
He even wore # 42 

Brand's first game back was also the same day the Cavaliers beat Toronto giving them a 23-9 record. 
Interesting Cav's scored 122 points.
Golden State=122
Pope Francis=122
Raptors scored 100 points. 
Fifty One=100
One hundred Forty Six=100
Raptors got their 15th loss.   15/51 mirrors. 
Cav's Home record became 15-1.  
The 36th prime is 151 Also much more 51 and 151 in previous posts. 
5/1 is the 122nd day in 2016. 

Obama turned 51 221 days before Francis became Pope. 122/221. 
1/4 was also 14 days before the Warriors Beat the Cavs by 34 points 34 games after Lebron was 9 of 23. 
Fourteen=41, 104
The Total Score of 222 of Raptors vs Cavs on 1/4. 
2/22 the 53rd day of the year. When Varejao was picked up by Warriors after Portland dropped him. 
Warriors lost to Portland on 2/19, it was their 53rd game. 
Back to Back Championships=219
NBA Season began 219 days before Finals on 6/2. 

Notice too on 3/29  The Cavs lost to the Rockets. 
Lebron James didn't Play=219 

Cavs lost with 100 points (Fifty one=100)
I didn't take a picture, but Cleveland fouled Harden with 5.1 seconds left too. The last foul of the game.   
Lebron James=51   Also 42, 114   
Steve Kerr=51   Also 42, 60, 69, 123

So interesting been seeing all the 51 coding for the Cavs but the whole season is about Steve Kerr really. That's why it's coded to the Bulls/Spurs/Cavs/Warriors.  
Think about Kerr's name as well.  
Stephen Kerr
His star player is Stephen Curry(Kerr..Y)  
What a play on Words. 

Kerr even turned 50 the last day of Pope Francis trip in Philadelphia.  Born in 1965  Philadelphia=65 
His NBA Debut was on Pope Francis' 52nd Birthday. 

Look at this Cavs Rockets game though.  Kyrie Irving was 9 of 23 in this game. 
The game was on 3/29  the reverse 923.  Lebron James didn't play. 

It also came 146 days after Lebron was 9 of 23. 
It was also 3 months 4 days after Irving came back on Christmas against the Warriors. 

The last time Irving was 9 of 23 was on 1/9/15 against the Warriors. Guess What? Lebron James didn't play this game either. 

It was 146 days before the NBA Finals began last year too. 

The only other time Irving was 9 of 23 in his career was against the Bucks on 12/31/14.  Guess What? Lebron didn't play this game either. 
Warriors haven't lost a home Game since 1/27/15 against the Bulls. 
1/27/15 to 6/2/16 is 1 year 4 months 6 days. 
Oakland California=146
David Michael Blatt=146

3/29 to 6/2 is 65 days. 
NBA season began on 10/27(65 days before end of year Also Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary). 
Interesting it's 2 months 4 days.  Lebron lost last year becoming 2-4 in the NBA Finals.
Also 9 weeks 2 days. 
Warriors win Back to Back Championships=92
Two Hundred Nineteen=92
Ninety Two=46, 146
Chicago Illinois=145
Remember 1992 was when the Bulls won their 2nd championship in their first Back to Back. The Bulls beat Portland too, the team that Beat the Warriors on 2/19.  It was also the 46th NBA Season. 

In the Warriors game on 3/29 Shaun Livingston made the score 46 to 46 with exactly 46 seconds left in the 2nd.  Warriors then went on to score 49 in the first half. Warriors=49
Shaun Livingston=69=Cleveland Cavaliers.
Sixty Nine=49 though.  
He even wears # 34 the number connected to the 923. Last time Warriors played the Wizards was on the 34th day of the year too. 
Steve Kerr and Frank Saul the only players to ever win 4 consecutive championships in a row on 2 different teams. 
Frank Saul is 92 years old 

The Warriors game on 1/18 when they beat the Cavs even had a misspelled headline.   "Laugher"=72  instead of "Laughter"=92
Warriors chasing the 72 wins of the Bulls. 
Steve Kerr's dad even murdered on 1/18 1984.  So 32 years prior.

Anyway so moral of the Story Elton Brand Comes out of Retirement on 1/4. Same day Cavs become 23-9.  14 days after 1/4 Warriors demolish Cavs. "Fourteen"=41, 104
The Warriors loss on 2/19 to the Blazers they scored 104 points.  
2/19 is also 104 days before the NBA Finals begin. 
Pope Francis arrived in the US on 9/22  104 days before 1/4. 
Interesting "One Hundred Four"=168  
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 168  
1/4 was the 69th day of NBA season.
Sixty Nine=49=Chicago Bulls=Warriors
1/4 to 2/19 is 1 months 15 days.  Also 46 days. 
2/19 also the 115th day of the Season.
One Hundred Fifteen=92
1/4 the Total Score was 222 points. 
Warriors picked up Varejao on 2/22 who wears # 18.  
18 days later he plays against Portland the team who dropped him and the team that beat the Warriors on 2/19. 
They played again on 3/11 or 2 months 22 days before Finals.
Remember the Broncos were connected to 46 and 18. 
Manning # 18 played 18 season. First play of SB was an 18 yard pass to # 81  and so on. 
Warriors beat Cavs by 34 on the 18th day of the year. 
Remember the 923 stuff is super connected to the Philadelphia Amtrak wreck on 5/12/15.  Happened at 9:23 and so on...Lebron in movie Trainwreck where Amy Schumer is 9 in opening scene then rest of movie takes place 23 years later. It's all about the Mets and the Knicks too.  Lebron James=923(Jewish)   Pope Francis=122 Trainwreck=122  
Anyway there was another big Amtrak derailment later on the year in Vermont on 10/5.  
5/12 to 10/5 is a span of 146 days. 
The Kansas Amtrak Derailment was on 3/14(Curry's Bday/Pi day).
3/14 to Finals is 2 months 19 days. 
One Four Six=56, 146
Larry Brown=56, 146
Allen Iverson=56, 146  

Blatt fired on 1/22 same day Kerr comes back on the 44th game the Warriors in 44th season in Golden State.  Warriors score 122 points in that game. Blatt was fired because of the game on 1/18 when the Warriors won 132 to 98.  
1/22 to Finals is 132 days. 
Antonin Scalia=132, 51    died on 44th day and First day of Lupercalia=44, 98  
The Philadelphia Train Wreck was on the 132nd day last year. 

Notice he was born on 3/11 too.  
Luke Walton was interim head coach for Steve Kerr for 113 days. (10/1 to 1/22)
Curry wears # 30  the 113th prime is 30. 
Michael Jordan=113
Kobe Bryant=113
Lot's of other 113 connections I've talked about in previous posts. 

The whole season the Warriors have been compared to the 72-10 Chicago Bulls.   Elton Brand drafted to the Chicago Bulls the year after their last Championship. The year Michael Jordan retired for the 2nd time, but also the year Steve Kerr went to the Spurs and won the NBA Finals for the 4th consecutive year. 

Elton Tyron Brand=71, 197
Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Finals Two Thousand Sixteen=197
Notice too Elton Brand announced his retirement the same day Flip Saunders announced he had Cancer on the 223rd day of the year. Exactly 11 weeks before the 2015-16 NBA season began. 

If you include the End date he announced his retirement  9 months 23 days before the 2016 NBA Finals. 

Jason Richardson announced his retirement on 9/23/15. The same day Pope Francis went to the Whitehouse at 9:23am. 

Another thing that sticks out a lot to me is that he is 1 of 4 people to win the Slam Dunk Contest Back to Back. 
I talked a lot about how Warriors are foreshadowed for Back to Back Championships because of the All Star week. Zach Lavine(Teen Wolf) won the Slam Dunk contest again this year and Russell Westbrook won ALL STAR GAME MVP again this year. 
So interesting Richardson did it too and retires on 9/23. 
Michael Jordan is a big part of all this code stemming back to last year when Lavine did the Space Jam Dunk even. 
The other person to win Back to Back Dunk Contest was Nate Robinson who was just in the news for wanting to play in the NFL. 
Robinson also played 51 games for the Warriors in 2012 and the next year went to the Chicago Bulls. 

Nate Robinson=146, 56 

Anway sorry back to Jason Richardson. He was Drafted by the Warriors and finished his career in Philadelphia.  Interesting he went to Michigan State though and they just got upset in the NCAA tournament in the first round.  He also retired age 34. 

Jason Richardson=69, 168
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 168
Jason Anthoney Richardson=270, 108
Golden State Warriors=108

Hedo Turkoglu also announces his retirement this year. Just stick out because he announces it on 11/13/15 the same day of the Paris Attacks.  He's also from Turkey which stands out because they were the first country to Declare ISIS/ISIL a terrorist organization. 

Turkey declared ISIS a terrorist group 2 years 6 months 2 days before Paris Attacks. 
262 very special.  Pope Francis' trip to Cuba/US began on 262nd day or 9/19. 6
June 26th or 26/6 was Obama singing Amazing Grace/Gay Marriage day.   Francis the 266th Pope. 
Much much more to the 26/62 stuff I've posted just don't want to retype it all. 
Hidayet Turkoglu=197, 71
Elton Brand=197, 71 
Brand retires on the 223rd day of the year. Remember Paris Attacks connected to 223.
Friday the Thirteenth=223
The French Train Attack happened 2 months 23 days before. 
The Synagogue of Satan=223
Skull and Crossbones=223
Napoleone di Bonaparte=223

All of this Coding to 3 or 4 main teams almost makes me wonder if the winner of this year has actually not been chosen yet. It's almost as if they code a bunch of teams and then see how the propaganda sells to see what way they want to take the story. Maybe even how people respond to the media hoaxes and how each team fits with the story. Who knows, but I've saw a lot of Warriors stuff, yet as I keep looking I find stuff like this that connects to the Spurs or Cavs as well. Or maybe it's already chosen, but it's only a certain part of the code being used. The NFL Playoffs were the same way. 

More Lebron 9 of 23 game thoughts and gematria.

So if Lebron James makes the NBA Finals again this year it will be the 6th Consecutive NBA Finals for him and 7th Overall. 

Six Consecutive NBA Finals=266
Lebron James=923(Jewish)
9/23 is the 266th day(Non leap)
Pope Francis the 266th Pope. 

I've been mentioning the 34 in connection to 923.
If Lebron wins the Finals this year he will be 3-4 in NBA Finals. 
I just don't think the 34 is a positive thing for the Cavs. I'm thinking he will make the Finals but not get the 3-4 record. 

Last year Curry shot 9 of 23 for the first time ever on 1/27/15 against the Bulls.  on 1/9/15  Irving shot 9 of 23 against the Warriors, but the Warriors won and it was their 34th game of the Season.  That Along with the Warriors winning by 34 points against the Cavs this year 34 games after Lebron was 9 of 23. The Warriors and Cavs also played both their games this season 3 weeks and 4 days apart if include the End Date. 

Interesting too that game on 1/9 then on 1/27(19 days later End Date) Bulls beat Warriors and ruined their 19 Home game win streak.  That was also the last time the Warriors have lost a Home Game. 

I've also been doing all the dates in regards to the NBA Finals, but I tried going from the beginning of the season instead. 

Notice Lebron was 9 of 23 this year 8 days into the season. 
Also 1 week 1 day. ...11 and Also 2.19% of the year. 
The Warriors have a lot of connections to 11 and also the 219. 
Back to Back Championships=219
The beginning of the Season to NBA Finals is 219 day. 
Eight Days=44, 98   
Lupercalia=44, 98
Remember last year the Warriors lost to Cavs by 11 points.  98 days before the NBA Finals that went to OT in Game 1  98-98. 
Both teams connected to the 44 this year, but as far as I've noticed it's more connected to the Warriors. 
Eight=49, 31
The reason the Warriors so connected to 11 is because of 31.   11th prime is 31.  

The Warriors first beat the Cavs this year on Christmas day which was the 59th day of the season. 
Pope Francis=59, 122
Golden State=122 
Also interesting it's 8 weeks 3 days...see next pic.

The Warriors vs Cavs 2nd game this season was the 83rd day of the Season.  Also 2 months 22 days also 11 weeks 6 days(116). 
The Warriors just defeated the 76ers last night with a total score of 222. Also picked up Varejao on 2/22 after Portland Dropped him.  The next time the Warriors played Portland was on 3/11 or 2 months 22 days before the Finals. 

I've talked alot about 116 in regards to Judges and Obama.  On 11/6 the Warriors beat Denver 119-104. Curry had 34 points. 

So Who knows just thought I'd put it out. Maybe I'm reading it wrong, and it's still possible for more 9 of 23 games this year. Warriors play Wizards tomorrow on 3/29.  (923 mirror)   Curry got his first 9 of 23 ever 239 days before 9/23 last year.  Also 34 weeks 1 day.  

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Kobe Bryant's 1,189th NBA Start 1611 King James Bible, Pope Francis GS Warriors vs 76ers.

Tonight, Easter Sunday the Lakers play the Wizards and the Warriors play the 76ers. 
Interesting both teams play a team from a Location Pope Francis Visited when he came to the US. 
Both Games tonight are played in California though. 
I've made plenty of videos/posts on Kobe Bryant being significant to Pope Francis' visit and also the Golden State Warriors. Kobe originally from Philadelphia just like the Warriors. Kobe tore his achilles vs the Warriors. Scored his 81 on 1/22 and Lakers scored 122 points.   Golden State=122  Pope Francis=122  Kobe announced his retirement on the 333rd day last year. Philadelphia turned 333 years old  33 days before on Oct. 27th(first day of NBA Season) Warriors were chasing 44 year old 33 game win streak of the Lakers this year. Lost after 24 wins(Kobe # 24) this season. Much more but just a short summary of what I'm talking about. 

The main reason for this post is just as I suspected tonight Kobe Bryant will start for the 1,189th time in his NBA Career. 
He's also going into this game this season after playing 1611 minutes.     There's 1,189 chapters in the King James Bible that came out in the year 1611.   
He has also shot 922 shots this year so far. So his first Field Goal of this game will be his 923rd.  What are the odds of all of that?

Kobe also announced his retirement after the Pacers game on 11/29/15. It was his 13th game this season, he scored 13 points. Then the next game he played was against Philadelphia 76ers. Then next game of course against the Wizards. 

Kobe's retirement announced 119 days before today. 
King James Bible=56, 119 
Kobe's even played 56 games this season. Tonight will be 57.
Farewell Tour=57 
Star of David=119
All Seeing Eye=119
One Hundred Nineteen=194  
Just sticks out because Kobe lost to 76ers game after he announced retirement. The Total Score was 194.  Game on 12/1  
Also his announcement 3 months 27 days before 3/27. Also 17 weeks. 
Seventeen=109, 37
Los Angeles=109, 37 
Three Hundred Twenty Seven=113
Kobe Bryant=113, 41
Dear Basketball=113, 41 (retirement poem). 
The first game Kobe ever played was 11/3 1996. 
Michael Jordan=113
Kobe Bryant Farewell Tour=269
57th prime is 269 (Kobe's 57th game)
Pope Francis' first day in Philadelphia was 26/9 (269th day)
September Twenty Third=269 

Today is also exactly 26 weeks after Pope Francis last day in Philadelphia. 
Kobe Bryant's Last Game=66
Sixty Six=41  (Like Kobe Bryant the small way)

March Twenty Seventh=81 
Kobe is connected to multiple 81/18's in his career. 
His 81 point game on 1/22, he also was 18/46 FG.  18/20 FT. 
He came in the league age 18.
Today is 18 days before the Lakers Final Game this season and ultimately Kobe's last game..Unless something happens tonight that ends his career?  Much more. 
Eighty One=108
Golden State Warriors=108
Villanova=108  Just defeated Kansas Yesterday. 
Kansas a super important state in regards to the Civil War. Also the 34th state...34 a number I've seen lot's with Kobe and 923. Also just had the Kansas Trainwreck that reminded us of the Philadelphia Train Wreck Last Year. 
Philadelphia has lost 34 away games so far this year, Warriors have won 34 Home Games so far this year. 
Warriors going for 35th Home Win this year and 53rd of Home Win Streak stemming from last year. 
If Philadelphia loses they will be 9-65.
Lot's of 53 stuff in regards to the Warriors this year. They lost their 53rd game of the year to Portland on 2/19. Then Picked up Vareajo on the 53rd day of the year who Portland had just dropped.  Much more in previous post's about this  as well.  
Warriors also going for win # 66 tonight. 
Date numerology 66 today. 
Today is 67 days from the NBA Finals but also 2 months 6 days before 6/2.   
26th prime is 101.
Sixty Seven=81(V and S exception)

Warriors also play the Wizards the game after Philadelphia on 3/29 the backwards 923.  The 62nd prime number is 293 similar to the date March 29th (29/3) as well.   It will be 65 days before the NBA Finals.  Washington DC=56, 65 

Supposedly the KJV was published on 5/2/1611 as well. 
So Easter 36 days before the 405th annivesary.
Four Hundred Four Years=262, 109

9/23 also 222 days before the 405th anniversary. 
Also 9/23/15  was the 404th year 144th day anniversary. Both Significant numbers to Revelation. 404 verses, Size of new Jerusalem/Tribes of Israel and so on. 
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)

So what does it all Mean? I have no idea, but it's amazing how much of the stuff I'm talking about just keeps syncing together. I wonder if Kobe might get hurt tonight and not play another game? But I wouldn't think they would do that on his big Farewell Tour either. Or maybe Kobe will have a big game tonight? 
I forgot to point out the Cavs also beat the Knicks yesterday with 107 points. 
107 connected to Prince Charles and also Championship.  New York the other place Pope Visited. Lebron James is King James. 

David Lee Gets Championship Ring 99, 923, 62, 51

David Lee finally got his championship ring from last season on 3/25/16. He is now with the Dallas Mavericks. 

Notice how he got it 9 months and 9 days after Warriors won the Finals in 2015? 
Golden State Warriors=99
Also they won the Finals 99 days before 9/23 last year. 
David Lee=62

2 months 22 days before the anniversary of winning. 
Nine Months Nine Days=222
Remember this year Warriors picked up Varejao on 2/22. 

Dallas Mavericks=51
Lebron James=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Cleveland hasn't won a sports championship in 51 years. 

Warriors won the game 128-120. 
Two hundred Forty Eight=112
One Hundred Twenty Eight=111, 264
Interesting 264th day this year is 9/22(day Pope Francis came to US) 

3/25 is exactly 26 weeks before 9/23 this year. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Weird Comment on Old Video again. Warriors/Cavs/Spurs/Thunder 923, 149, 116, 63, Cavs vs Knicks tonight.

I wake up today and of course I have a coded comment on an old video. 

I just love how Youtube says it was 51 minutes ago. A number I have talked about a lot especially in regards to NBA Stuff and Cleveland. 
Notice some of the Words they use as well.   Cronyism? Spurious?
Spurious Claims? Are they telling me It's going to be the Spurs and not the Warriors? I mean who says that word? 
Cronyism=44, 116  (44 connected to the Warriors and 116 I've talked about in tons of my last posts)
They also capitalize REFS. 

Check it out, only subscribes to 2 channels. One of them has 923K subscribers. lol give me a break. Even the 1 Eye picture on their channel.  
Limitless EXP=163, 55  
I have a whole post in regards to 163 and Obama/Trump and 611, 116.     

Am Klein=65, 29, 38  
Notice I get this a day after the Warriors get their 65th win. 
Philadelphia=65 (A place I've mentioned tons of times, also where the Warriors originally from)

Today also 68 days from the NBA Finals. Remember I said Tonights game Cavs Vs Knicks is a game to watch. It's the Cavs 68th game after Lebron's 9 of 23 game.  It's also 34 games after losing to the Warriors by 34 points  34 games after Lebron went 9 of 23 against the Knicks on 11/4. 
Sixty Eight=146, 56
Interesting because June 14th 2016 (14/6) also has a date numerology of 56.  6+14+20+16=56
This day has been foreshadowed a lot.  It's Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope, also Donald Trumps 70th birthday. 

Today also 26/3.   263 is the 56th prime number.
If Cavs beat Knicks it will give the Knicks their 44th loss. 


Tonight also 2 months 19 days before June 14th.  
Back to Back Championships=219
1st day of Season to NBA Finals is 219 days. 
I've also seen 80 a lot around death. 
Also the comment was on the Video about the WArriors game on 3+3+20+16=42
Lebron James=42
Freemason=42, 96
Lebron shot 9 of 23 against the Knicks and Cavs won with 96 points. 
My video also has 149 views. 
Skull and Bones=149  
I've mentioned this number connected to presidents assassinated. 
JFK born on the 149th day.
Obama born on 8/4(149 left)
Lincoln dies "April Fifteenth"=149

Today also 6 months and 3 days after 9/23. Also 26 weeks and 3 days. 
263 the 56th prime.   63  and the 6's super connected to everything this year.   Especially when my original video was about the game on the 63rd day of the year too. 

Anyway got a lot of stuff to do today, but Thanks Amklein for your inside information. I appreciate it lol.