Tuesday, June 30, 2020

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and Death of her Husband in 1995-Neck-George Floyd

I'm not even gonna comment on how realistic this video looks lol....
This couple points guns at people on there way to Mayor Lyda Krewson's house...
Mike Owens=42 and 48(Lyda's husband)
Nigger=42, 60
Lyda Krewson=48, 60

Lyda's 42 year old husband Jeff was murdered 25 years ago in 1995.  
St. Louis=25
He left behind children aged 2 and 5. 
What criminal would go and kill/try to steal a car with an ankle bracelet on? It seems crazy, but I guess it could happen..
Notice he was shot in the NECK and this has  a lot to do with George Floyd getting his NECK kneeled on. 

St. Louis is where the Cardinals play...the Twins beat the Cardinals in the 1984 World Series...
Cardinals...Catholic Church....Krewson is the 46th mayor of St. Louis..

Monday, June 29, 2020

Orlando stories on CNN-Umbrella story in video on Facebook

I figured I would look up Orlando considering CNN has 2 stories with the word Orlando next to each other...
Orlando, Florida=234
Of course another story involving India on there too. 

I'm so tired I cannot stay awake tonight. As always I wish I had more time. 
I had a sync with Umbrella's today too...When I got off work I went to Facebook and for some reason I clicked on this video....of course the guy goes on to mention how he was taking some trial drug for his cancer and he couldn't be in the sunlight....so he had to use an Umbrella when going outside, and he looked like Mary Poppins....

Aunt Jemima's relatives want reparations-234-312

Larnell Evans Jr=55 and 163
Aunt Jemima=163

Anna Short Harrington=312(FB) and 234....I keep seeing these numbers.....
Also in regards to 182....I just noticed that "Iran"=182(satanic)
Tomorrow will be the 182nd day of the year. 

Couple receives pizza with Swastika on it from Little Caesars

Swastika=59 and 103
Jason Laska=103
We know why 60 and 59 are important to black people. 

Don't forget that Little Caesar's founder supposedly paid for Rosa Parks rent either. 

3 Hikers missing in Mount Rainier National Park

I just went to CNN and of course there is a story about Trump and GOLF...also about hikers missing at Mount Rainier....I just documented about Yakima, and when I looked it up, I noticed it mentions how it's close to Mount Rainier...of course a story about it now...
Mount Rainier=312(FB)

Remember 2017 was the important to the Houston Floods....Water vs Fire...

In light of the Umbrella Man too....2017 was the year I talked about Marilyn Manson being important to JFK/Stand By Me as well. 
Civil Rights...JFK...George Floyd....

Cam Newton signs with the Patriots

Cam Newton signs with the Patriots 1 month 18 days after his bday and 37 days before Tom Brady's. 
Patriots=118 and 37

It only makes sense considering Cam Newton was a big piece in the racism narrative leading up to Colin Kaepernick kneeling...SB 50...OJ Simpsons...Black Panthers/Huey P. Newton

Huey Percy Newton=217
New England Patriots=217

Black Panthers established in Oakland....reminds of Raiders who were important to Tampa Bay and the 2003 Super Bowl. 

NBA to resume with Utah Jazz vs New Orlean Pelicans-France-Coronavirus-Kobe Bryant

The NBA is going to make it's comeback with the Utah Jazz playing the New Orleans Pelicans...
The Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert is the reason they suspended the season....Rudy Gobert is from France....New Orleans important to France....I mean come on. 

Rudy Gobert=187(FB) and 135
The NBA is coming back 187 days(end date) after Kobe died. 
Kobe Bean Bryant=135

Rudy Gobert-Bourgarel=312(FB) and 234

I should also point out that the NBA will resume 34 days after Rudy Gobert's bday.....Kobe was all about the number 34. 

Dustin Johnson wins Travelers Championship-England-Arnold Palmer-Montagraph/The Umbrella Man/Sam Kinison

Brendon Todd didn't win the Travelers Championship today, but Dustin Johnson did. 
Dustin Johson=234(FB) and 182 
haha it's awesome, the exact numbers I talked about in my previous post. 

I forgot to mention that the English Civil War began on the 234th day of the year too. 

I can't believe I didn't catch this earlier, as I looked right at it....the last full tournament held before coronavirus was the "Arnold Palmer Invitational"....it was won by Tyrrell Hatton who is an English golfer...
United Kingdom=146
Prince of Wales=146(Charles)

Yes, All4Truth did have the Umbrella logo too. This is why it was so important that Montagraph was the Umbrella Man...and then Zach's channel was deleted on 6/28/2017..

His channel was deleted 195 days after All4Truth launched too. What are the odds? The big number I keep talking about...
It was also 187 days after the Umbrella Man made his video telling Zach to watch out for Christmas Eve. 

It's also interesting Zach's channel was deleted 186 days after the car crashed into his house on 6/28..
6/28 leaves 186 days in the year..
Remember he did the next Gematria Effect show on the 186th day of the year, and then took a 2 week break after his channel was deleted too. 
Zach Hubbard=186(FB)
The JFK Umbrella Man......
Louie Witt=186(FB)
Louie Steven Witt=186

I'm pretty sure I need to check out this show too....it came out on 2/15...
Remember my uncle got in a mysterious car crash and then died at the Jesuit Creighton Hospital the next day..just after Zach's house was crashed into....
Knights of Columbus=215
He died 2 months 15 days before the Knights anniversary..
Bernard Murphy=215(FB)
Last year the date of 2/15 was huge for me as well...I got a YouTube strike and the Aurora Shooting...Trump's Wall/Kaepernick....and so on...

I got this comment the other day on my Sam Kinison video too...I know it's important to Montagraph as there are channels and people out there who believe he is actually Sam Kinison. 

I should also point out that Zach has mentioned the number 225 a good amount recently...

What are the odds that Sam Kinison was born in Yakima, Washington too? That's where Zach lives currently. 
Samuel Burl Kinison=215

Ralphie May died in Las Vegas, just after the Vegas attack in connection to the Jesuits. 

Ralph Duren May=195 and 234(FB)

They were both important to Houston..
Houston Texas=195(FB)

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Umbrella Symbolism and Rihanna in regards to my 2017 Jesuit info-She's out of my League-Pittsburgh

I know there has to be something important to Rihanna with the Umbrella symbolism....In 2017 when I was talking about the Jesuits being important, it was also synced to Rihanna...She was the star of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, which happened 3 months 12 days after her bday...
She also has the song called, "Umbrella". 

I just did a search of Rihanna and the first article that came up was her wanting justice for the death of Breonna Taylor...
Notice she died on 3/13....
3/13 is Pope Francis' anniversary being the Pope..
Breonna Taylor=191
Society of Jesus=191

I'll have to keep an eye on Rihanna...

I also blogged about the movie, "This is the End" with Rihanna and Jay Baruchel....it just makes me wonder considering I just had a conversation about this movie on Saturday. 

I even mentioned Pittsburgh in that blog post with him.....just interesting with the Arnold Palmer stuff...

She's out of my League came out on 3/12...312 also. 

My Synchronicity with Arnold Palmer/Umbrella's and the Traveler's Championship-2020 Masters-Jesuits-Royal Family-Oliver Cromwell

I finally have enough time to look at this. I had just documented about my synchronicity with Umbrella's and golfer Arnold Palmer...it was also related to Pittsburgh....going into the final day of the Traveler's tournment the leader is Brendon Todd who was born in Pittsburgh. 

The Logo is an Umbrella.....Notice it's in Cromwell, Connecticut too...It's named after Oliver Cromwell who was the leader of England's Commonwealth after King Charles I...Charles II was the leader during the bubonic plague in England...English CIVIL Wars...

Oliver Cromwell died 234 days after his bday? 
Oliver Cromwell=234(FB)
Note he lived during the time of Francis Bacon as well. 
English Civil War=234
It was also a span of 132 days after his bday...

I also find this interesting...
Brendon Todd=182 and 234(FB)
Oliver Cromwell=182
Brendon Todd born on 7/22....Crowell died 7 months 22 days before his bday. 

I'm also interested in Oliver Cromwell, because I have seen a lot of people share about the Irish Slaves on Facebook. Cromwell was credited with shipping off Irish Slaves to the colonies in America...

The Travelers Championship has been held at TPC River Highlands since 1984...
Arnold Palmer=84

The 84th Masters will be held over Prince Charles bday...
Arnold Palmer nicknamed, "The King". 
Queen Elizabeth II=84 and 87(Palmer died 87)
Princess Diana=84
Meghan Markle born on 8/4....Obama's bday...also Elizabeth's mother's bday..

Tiger Woods=187(FB)

It's interesting too that the Masters will end on the anniversary of Space Jam being released...Remember they use magnets to control the golf balls in Space Jam..

Golf was suspended due to coronavirus on 3/12...
The Jesuit number...
Arnold Daniel Palmer=312

This also means the 84th Masters will end on the 84th day after Golf was suspended. 

I don't think I've ever noticed that Queen Elizabeth's bday is 5 month 6 days before the jesuit anniversary..
Royal Family=56
Society of Jesus=56

The Masters will end 5 months 6 days before Elizabeth's bday too. 

The Jesuit anniversary is 6 months 25 days before Elizabeth's bday.....her bday is 6 months 25 days before the Masters ends this year....I had the synchronicity with Arnold Palmer on 6/25. 
6/25 was the 177th day this year....
The Jesuit Order=177 and 84

In regards to synchronicity too...it is interesting that George Orwell's bday is 6/25....Thought Police and so on..
George Orwell=234(FB) and 56, and 182
A big theme I was following years ago in relation to him was from the film Castaway....It was the FedEx 88 plane that crashes going to Malaysia...and they say, "Eric is Next"...Orwell's real name is Eric...He hated the name due to the book Eric or Little by Little that was written by a guy who was friends with Charles Darwin....