Friday, June 24, 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence interesting plot details

Independence Day: Resurgence comes out today 6/24. 
Thinking of the Original with Will Smith...the Fresh Prince. 
We had Will Smith the football player die in New Orleans this year. 

Anyway as I was reading through the plot it has some interesting aspects. It says the aliens kill President Elizabeth Lanford, and her Vice President, making Joshua Adams the new 46th president. 

First off interesting choice of a name for the president who dies.  Elizabeth as in Queen Elizabeth II? 
It's also a scenario that is quite possible with the upcoming election. 
Hillary would be the 45th president and if her and her VP are both killed Paul Ryan would become the 46th president. 

I've mentioned Paul Ryan becoming the president before in regards to Obama and Biden both dying. He's 46 years old, but will be 47 on 1/29 just after the next president would take office. So he could actually become the 46th president age 46. 

He also took over as speaker of the House 239 days before Independence day is released. 

Paul Davis Ryan=163
Obama assassinated=163
Make America Great Again=163
Barack Hussein Obama=163

Merrick Garland nominated on 16/3. 
Merrick Garland=134=King Charles III

So who knows just putting it out there, thought the plot was interesting in regards to recent events and foreshadowing. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gary Johnson running for President Team America

Why Gary Johnson is running for President? 
I'll tell ya why...
Gary Johnson=56, 146
Why I'm running for president=144 which is fitting running to the be 44th person to be president. 
Forty Four=144 

I'm sure his name is also part of the Team America Joke. 
Gary Johnson..Gary Johnston. 
Gary Johnston is the main character in Team America that we've talked about in regards to the Paris Attacks and the HIV and more. 
Notice in the plot it says Gary mentions that his acting talent caused his brother to be killed by Gorilla's.  
Makes me instantly think of Harambe in the Cincinnati Zoo. 

Notice we also get the story of North Korea launching Missiles today.  How fitting to the Team America theme.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Drake loses 60K to French Montana betting on Warriors.

Drake loses 60K to French Montana betting on the Warriors. 
French Montana=404
Pope Francis=404
Arrived in the US at 4:04
404 verses in Revelation. 
Prince Charles=404
Queen Camilla=404

Go Figure he lost 60k. 
Sixty K=108=Golden State Warriors

Monday, June 20, 2016

Lebron James wears Ultimate Warrior Shirt Flight 804 King Charles III Money in the Bank WWE

Lebron James returns to Cleveland wearing another wrestling shirt. This time he is wearing the Ultimate Warrior shirt. 
Lebron James=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Quicken Loans=51
Hadn't won a sports championship in 51 years. 
Believe=51(The song before Game 7 kept saying this)

Remember just before Game 5 Lebron was also wearing the Undertaker Tshirt in the interview about Klay Thompson saying his feelings were hurt. 

Man I should've put this together. I even talked about Undertaker's streak on my blog, but Lebron wearing the Undertaker Shirt before Game 5 on 6/13 was exactly 114 weeks after Undertaker's Streak was broken. Lebron was telling us, Cleveland was breaking the losing streak. 
Alos 2 years 2 months 6 days.    226. 
Prince Rodgers Nelson=226   
The whole playoffs and more connected to the death of Prince. 
Lebron was even Prince for Halloween. 
Brock Lesnar broke the streak by beating the Undertaker. 
Lesnar=69=Cleveland Cavaliers

Undertaker even beat Shane McMahon in Wrestlemania 32 this year. 
Shane McMahon=114, 51 
Lebron James=114, 51 

I rarely watch WWE, but I used to and I have a lot of friends who still watch it all the time. My friend who came over late Saturday night was even complaining about how Game 7 was on the same time as Money in the Bank, and Game of Thrones. 

In Money in the Bank on 6/19  Seth Rollins defeated Roman Reigns, but he was later defeated by Dean Ambrose because it was his Money in the Bank cash in match. 

The Ultimate Warriors real name is James Hellwig. Remember he died oddly after stating his legacy and what not, because he knew he was going to die. It was just after Wrestlemania XXX. Interesting WM XXX was also in New Orleans which has been a big area of topic this year in connection to France as well. 

Look at them connections to the Cavs. 
I forgot to put "Seth Rollins"=151 (Simple)  
Also "Dean Ambrose"=52  

Even though it's 51 years 5 months 23 days since Cleveland Won a Sports Championship, all the news story's are reporting it as 52 years. 
So fitting for Seth Rollins and Ultimate Warrior. 

Remember too how the Undertaker lost his streak to Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania XXX just before the Ultimate Warrior died. 
His record in Wrestlemania became 21-1. I mentioned this all year in regards to Lebron James. 
He even shot 9 of 23 on 11/4(against Knicks) which was 211 days before the Finals. He shot 9 of 19 on Nov. 2nd or 2/11 which also coincides with Pope Francis' trip to the United States. He went to Cuba first on 9/19 then US on his 923rd day as Pope, then White House the next day on 9/23 at 9:23am. 
World Series Power went out at 9:19 and came back on at 9:23. The next day Lebron shoots 9 of 19 in Philadelphia. 
 I talked about the Death of "Sean Rooks"=117 who debuted in the NBA on 1/17 even. He was the assistant coach of 76ers and died same day he had an interview with the Knicks. 

Look at the story of Seth Rollins. He got injured on 11/4 and returned on 5/22. 

11/4 to 5/22 a span of 6 months 19 days. 
The day Cavs won NBA Finals and Rollins wins Money in the Bank was 6/19. 
5/22 also David Blatt's Birthday.  Remember the Cavs fired him on 1/22 which was 122 days before 5/22.  Steve Kerr Came back that day as well. The warriors scored 122 points on 1/22. "Golden State"=122 
David Michael Blatt=146
Oakland California=146
Cavs won Cleveland a major sports championship for the 1st time in 146 seasons. 
Irving shot 9 of 23 146 days after 11/4 when Lebron did. 

Anyway I took the death of the Ultimate Warrior to the day Lebron James wears his T-shirt it just so happens to be 804 days. 
Which reminds me of Flight 804 that happened 804 days after the Missing Malaysian Airline. 
Also Cavaliers being followers of King Charles in the English Civil War, and If Queen Eliz II dies Prince Charles will become King Charles III. 

King Charles III=804 (English) 

I'm gonna add more to this when I get home later. I promised Claire I'd take her to the swimming pool tonight. So gotta go. Peace. 

If you go from Wrestlemania 32 to Game 7 it's 77 days. 
Ultimate Warrior=77 
That means also if you go to the today when Lebron wears his shirt it's 78 days. 
Brian James Hellwig=78=Cleveland Cavaliers

Look at Seth Rollins entrance songs.
He's currently coming out to "The Second Coming"
Previously it was "King of Kings". 
That's a scary thought, but exactly what I kept mentioning Lebron winning might mean. Rebirthing the King James or just the Rise of a new King. 
Interesting how King of Kings has identical gematria to Pope Francis. 

Just putting this back in here, but Remember how Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13.  A lot like the Gematria of the Mark of the Beast both ways. 

The Second Coming=444(Jewish)

Remember how Pope Francis gave a speech in Philadelphia using Lincoln's Gettysburg Address lectern too at exactly 4:44pm? 
The Gettysburg Address was given on 11/19/1863
King Charles I was born on 11/19 as well. 

Interesting too that "The Second Coming"=154
I just mentioned a few of these 154's in my last video. 
In regards to the English Civil War though the period where King Charles II returned to claim the throne was called Restoration. 
The NBA Finals began on 154th day of the year. Which was also the 63rd anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. 
The Fresh Prince=154
Princess Camilla=154
Denver Broncos=154
Levi's Stadium=154
Broncos finished season 15-4. 
Much more...
One Hundred Fifty Four=234
Remember the English Civil War began on the 234th day of the year. 

Those songs really stuck out to me, so I looked up where King of Kings came from..especially considering it's by Motorhead and we just got the death of Lemmy this year. It came out on WWE Wreckless Intent.

Wreckless Intent=197
Two Hundred seven=197

There's also some interesting other track names on that Album. POD Booyaka 619 really stands out considering we just had King James Bday and Cavs win on 6/19.  Also the same day as Money in the Bank. 
Someone in my comments had mentioned how ESPN last week was showing a lot of Rey Mysterio whose got a famous wrestling move called the 619.  Mysterio and POD from San Diego where the 619 calling code is but still interesting in regards to the other stuff. 
Plus..Rey Mysterio means  "King Mystery".
I looked up Booyaka too. There's not really a definition but interesting the first one on Urban Dictionary refers to it as Feeling like you are King of the World. 

The 114th prime number is even 619  so fitting name for a San Diego Band. 
I also have mentioned POD multiple times. As Their Album Satellite came out on 9/11/2001. A ton of other stuff, as I saw a UFO the night before on the small town hwy  F66=666. 
I even mentioned them in regards to Prince Harry and Obama dropping the Mic saying Boom. They have the song Here comes the Boom. I mentioned in regards to Little Nicky as well, which is all about the rise of the new Devil.  Old Nick is a reference to Satan. Nicky's mom is even in heaven with Chubbs who get's his hand bit off by the Alligator.  So much more but you get the point.

Anyway did you notice the Extra Tracks they put on the Album you can buy at Walmart?   So the Album ends with Booyaka 619, Then King of Kings  then the Bonus Tracks of "Rise Up" and "Pay the Price"? 
Pay the Price the song for wrestler named Charlie? Is that a reference to King Charles III? 
This guy better be watching himself, he is ripe for killing this year. He's 44 years old and born exactly 347 years after the Death of King James I.   347 is the 69th prime number.  Both 44 and 69 are big death numbers this year. 
He's even from Houston=112 which is another number connected to death.  Who knows if he will die but he's got the numbers to be chosen that is for sure. 

His brother even born exactly to the day 2 years after him. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

13 year old Slams Donald Trump on America's got Talent Royalty Cleveland Taylor Swift

I don't mean to cover sports so much honestly. It's just that they are so connected to the stories the media puts out. 
We get this story on CNN today about a 13 year old who slams Donald Trump. 

Lori Mae Hernandez=168=Cleveland Cavaliers=Queen Elizabeth II=Beyonce Knowles=Taylor Swift. 
Lori Mae Hernandez=

I've talked about the Taylor Swift-Beyonce-Kanye coding connecting to the Queen even, but today we also got this pointless story of Taylor Swift kissing this Tom Hiddleston. 

He plays Loki the Marvel Villain. 

Marvel Villain Loki=197=Prince=Lebron
Two Hundred Seven=197
2nd day of Republican National Convention on 19/7. July 19th. 

This girl slammed Trump on America's got Talent=66
Interesting it's 183 the big way as well.  I said I've been watching for this number as it connects to August 7th. It's the halfway point of Queen Eliz II's anniversary of being queen. Both ways it's 183 days.   "Queen Elizabeth II"=87 
She turned 87 in 2013 the same year Pope Francis became the Pope. 

She even became Longest reigning British/English Monarch 333 days before 8/7/16. Philadelphia became 333 years old on 10/27/15. The first day of the NBA Season, The first day of the 111th world Series. 

Thirteen Years=923=Lebron James
King James I died 13 years after the King James Bible in 1611. He died on the 87th day of the year. 
Lebron James in his 13th season of the NBA. 

Trump also connected to the 51 by saying he was Batman. 
Batman=51=Cleveland=Lebron James=Cleveland Cavs=Quicken Loans   
Trumps 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Interesting 51 also reminds me of the new Independence Day movie and Area 51. 
Independence Day=74
July 4th is 7/4
Died age 33. 
Oregon=74(Only state to do so)
Oregon the 33rd state. 

I just looked the movie up they even mention Back to Back when talking about it. 
Like I've said the Back to Back theme is also connected to things that don't involve sports, but interesting it falls in a year where Back to Back has been possible.  Especially considering the original Independence Day came out in 1996 that the NBA season has been connected to. 
Plus Will Smith one of the main actors, Will Smith the Fresh Prince who was born and raised in Philadelphia. Also the football player named Will Smith dying this year makes ya wonder what is up. 

Bryce Harper 51st state shirt Civil War Pope Francis

Bryce Harper wears 51st State Shirt. 
Bryce Harper=65=Philadelphia=Prince and more. 
The English Civil War came to an end in 1651. 
The American Civil War came to an end in 1865. 
He is talking about making Washington DC a state. 
Washington DC=65

Harper even wears # 34. 
Civil War=43
Kansas the 34th state and last state to join the Union before the Civil War. Joined 34 days before 3/4, the day Lincoln became President.  I made a video a long time ago about Harper and Papelbon getting in a fight in the Dugout on 9/27.  
Papelbon Bryce Harper Fight Pope Francis
It was when they were playing the Phillies from Philadelphia. Just so happened to be when Pope Francis was in Philadelphia. On his trip to the US he only went to Washington DC, New York, and Philadelphia. 

Papelbon...Papel   Papal like... Pope.  Who used to play for the Phillies even. 
He became 4-4 on the season.  The Fight happened after the 4th pitch when the score was 4 to 4.  Pope Francis gave a Speech using Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Lectern in Philadelphia at 4:44pm exactly. 

It's weird because last year around this time, I was making a lot of videos that were about Philadelphia and the Civil War as well. So now they are bringing all the same numbers back up. 

I've also mentioned 51 a whole lot. 
Trump 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Queen Victoria died 51 years 15 days before Eliz II became Queen. 
Pope Francis turned 15 years old in 1951. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=51 and many more connections to the Cavs with 51.  
Interesting  "Fifty One"=616(Jewish)
A lot like tomorrows...or I guess today's Date of  6/16/16.