Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Dr. Phil's sister-in-law Cindi Broaddus dies age 68--17 years after surviving Acid Attack

Sister in Law=50
She dies on the 50th day of the year. 
She survived an acid attack 17 years ago...
Acid=17, also 17(eng ext), 17(Jewish)

Dr. Phil even born in 1950 and the acid attack happened when he was 50 years old. 

The acid attack happened 277 days after Dr. Phil's 50th bday.
277 is the 59th prime number.

She died on 2/19 yet the mainstream media waited until 2/28 to report it? 2/28 the 59th day of the year. 
Cindi Broaddus=228(reverse)

It's because today is 181 days(end date) after Dr. Phil's birthday. 
Dr. Phil=181(Jewish)
Phillip McGraw=69(rev red)
Cindi Broaddus=60, 69(s)
Rose McGraw=60(Dr. Phil's wife)

Remember "Dr. Phil"=67 and he's currently 67 years old. Born on 9/1 or 1/9...
19th prime is 67. 

It's also interesting that she dies age 68 and the acid attack was in 2001. 
Remember 9/11/2001 was 33 years after 68'...when WTC construction began...also when George Bush graduated Skull and Bones....AT&T made 9-1-1 the emergency dialing Code...George Bush's bday 68 days before 9/11. 
The Acid attack was on 6/5 which is the 156th day of the year. 
911 the 156th prime number...
False Flag=156(Jewish)

Also PHILadelphia who I mentioned in 2015 before Super Bowl 50...
Philadelphia=521(satanic) also 65...
The Acid attack was 98 days before 9/11....
Ninety Eight=521(satanic)
98th prime is 521

Acid attack reminds me of the Joker as well.... This story is seemingly not important but I think it's important because of how they interrelate with other events. 

Prentis Robinson murdered on Facebook Live

Prentis Robinson murdered while on Facebook Live...
How ironic he had just visited the Police Station before this murder...

The guy who shot him was Douglas Colson..
Douglas Colson=49, 67
Stolen Cell Phone=67
Wingate Police=67
North Carolina=67
Wingate, North Carolina=227
227 the 49th prime number. 
Colson arrested on 2/27. 

Donnie Gay=49

Interesting too the shooters name is "Douglas Colson"=612(satanic)
612 an important number in the Valentines day shooting...
Valentines=49, 67

He was killed by a 65 year old. 
Facebook Live=65(rev red)
The 65th prime number is 313. 
Wingate, North Carolina=313(reverse)

2/23 was also Prentis' birthday...A lot of the sites made a big deal about how he just celebrated his birthday. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lebron says NCAA is Corrupt-Philly wants Lebron Billboards

How funny is that?
I just blogged about the number 183 and how there something significant about it...
I go to CNN right after that and click on this story....
Lebron James=183(reverse)

Corrupt=42(rev red)
Lebron James=42
I only mention this because we just got a story about Stan Van Gundy saying the NCAA is Racist because of it's One and Done rule.  

Today is 59 days after Lebron's bday...
Slave=59=Negro and so on....
Stan Van Gundy born in 59'. 

One and Done=91
Remember the Rockets are interrelated to Detroit...
Houston Rockets=59

I'm just thinking about 2016 when Steph Curry got injured against Houston he slipped on the Wet spot...remember they were talking about Houston Floods and Draymond got mad about the Houston Flood question....Curry a Splash brother and in the Water commercial...

We also had this story about a company putting up Billboards hoping Lebron will go to Philly...They tell us the company is actually from "Chester".....remember before the Cavs won the NBA finals there was the Chester Amtrak derailment....
It seems to me the Cavs might be winning the Finals againt his year, but always more to look at...Golden State has all the Philly connections though and I keep saying how everything is synced up to what I was talking about in 2015..In 2015 the Warriors won over the Cavs....

Synchronicity today in connection to an old friend and an old blog post I had about them.

Just want to document this, as I still don't see the significance to it..
Earlier at work one of the customers made me think of his relative. I was gonna ask him about Austin as I haven't seen him in years, but then I didn't. 
Anyway just a bit ago my girlfriend text me and said that she was supposed to say hi from Austin. She works at the other gas station in town, so he must be in town.....It's just funny as I randomly thought about him today and then I get a text saying "Hi" from him. I honestly haven't seen him in so long that it's just strange. 
Golden Gate=45 and 180(reverse)
Golden Gate Bridge=81
Miss Missouri First Gay Contestant-Dream I had
It's interesting as I've blogged about this kid before because I had a dream that involved him back in 2016. 
What's interesting is in the post I mentioned how on Facebook after that dream an ad popped up and said "Add Austin Tasich(Squirrel Master)" and it wasn't even the same person...The whole post was about 183...It was before I knew reverse Gematria too...
Now I see that "Squirrel Master"=183(reverse)

So I'm gonna be on the look out for something in connection to 183 and that previous post....
I talked about St. Louis in that post and "Austin Tasich"=81 so possibly it's something to do with the Gateway Arch? 

Gateway Arch=49
It opened 49 years ago...
Makes me think of the New Madrid....

Interesting too..."Gateway"=1414(eng ext) and 1414(Jewish)

In researching too I believe that his middle name is "Lee". I could be wrong though.....
"Austin Lee Tasich"=58, 95(rev red) 166,  239(reverse)
Dan Behrendt=95 also 58(rev red)
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
One Hundred Eighty Three=95(Rev red)
One Hundred Sixty Six=95
Golden Gate=239(Jewish)

2/27 the 58th day of the year...
I did also mention Salt Lake City in that post....

Monday, February 26, 2018

Dwayne Wade gets emotional over shooting victim buried in his Jersey.

Does anyone else find it strange this kid was buried so fast? I mean the shooting was in the afternoon. Think how long it would take to clean up the area for one...This kid gets buried 3 days later, but more like 2 and half days later...
So he is 1 of 17 people killed, and he was 17 years old and they buried him on the 17th day of February. 
Dwayne Wade born on 1/17 and wears # 3....
He gets buried 3 days after the shooting...
This kid was a friend of the Stoneman Douglas Hockey team that beat Jesuit for the championship...Dwayne Wade went to a Jesuit University..

The Obituary says he came to america when he was 3 also...
I guess they don't put birthdays on Obituaries anymore either? 

This story comes 40 days after Wade's bday too. 
Wades first game back with the Heat was on 2/9 which is the 40th day of the year. 
Miami, Florida=214(reverse)

Wade also left the Bulls on 9/24 and 3 days later signed with the Cavaliers...
9/24 was Nikolas Cruz's bday...
Joaquin Oliver=69, 168
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 168

He was at the Bulls as a part of the "Three Alphas" with Rondo and Butler...Interesting Butler tears his meniscus...also from Minneapolis that was connected to Marjory Stoneman Douglas...Also the Heat played Philadelphia on Valentines Day...Also Rondo and Isaiah Thomas got in a fight on Valentines Day over Paul Pierce's JERSEY retirement....
It makes me wonder....Kobe's jersey retirement was important.....last year around the NBA Finals I mentioned how there seems to be a connection to New Jersey...Remember on Valentines Day Michael Jordan had to get a New Jersey as someone stole his....who knows just thinking as this stories main point is Dwayne Wade's jersey...Lebron ripped his Jersey sleeves synced up to 9/23 before the Cavs won the NBA Finals....

Today the 57th day of the year..
NBA Finals=57(rev red)

This story comes 94 days before the NBA Finals..
Dwayne Tyrone Wade Jr=94(rev red)

The Simpsons predict Olympic Curling Win on Valentines Day 2010

I just want to point out that this episode came out on Valentines Day...
Boy Meets Curl=59, 67(rev red)
Valentines=49(s), 67(v), 59(rev red)
The Simpsons=49, 59(rev red)
Nikolas Cruz=67(rev red)
So on....

Jonathan Martin's threatening Instagram post-Dolphins Bullying Scandal-321?

We knew this story would come back up as it's all about the Civil War/Domestic Violence theme. Remember this story happened just before the Harbowl(brother vs brother)...
Jonathan Martin=158
Richie Incognito=158
They originally said Martin was mad he got moved position because of "Bryant McKinnie"=158

Remember how it was all connected back to the Nebraska Cornhuskers as well. 
Bryant McKinnie the first Blackshirt to give up his blackshirt...Richie Incognito from Nebraska....Martin wore # 71...
Nebraska=71 won their first National Title in 71'. 
LINCOLN, Nebraska...Abe Lincoln the president during the Civil War...
Martin finished his career with the 49ers who play in Levi's Stadium....Moses in the Tribe of Levi...Nebraska plays in the Sea of Red...Moses/Lincoln Freed the Slaves...In 2015 Nebraska gets a bowl game they didn't deserve and plays in Levi's Stadium just before SB 50 was held there. 
The Dolphins also got SUH who from Nebraska in 2015. 
Civil War=43

Jonathan Martin left the Dolphins Oct. 30th which was 72 days after his bday(8/19). The next day the news told us it was from Bullying.  (Although Sports reference says his bday is 12/28? and his middle name Augustus not August?). 
So we found out it was from Bullying 72 days after the 1972 Dolphins visited the White House on 8/20/2013. 
Also in August 2013 we got the story of the 228 Dolphins washing up on shore...and the new star found in the Delphinus(Dolphin) constellation. Jonathan Martin's middle name is August and he was born on August 19th..

Nebraska won their 2nd championship over Alabama on 1/1/72. 
Alabama had Mike Riley on it's team...Mike Riley just fired by Nebraska for Scott Frost...

Scott Frost comes from UCF, which I never realized until now is 
"Space-grant" university. It was built with a mission to provide personnel to the growing US Space program...

There's something about 321 I am supposed to see too. I keep seeing it in things...
University of Central Florida=321
Earlier I looked up the games on Sports Reference of Chris Streets and it shows his last game was on 3-21, but that's not correct...
My computer froze up, but I still had the pages pulled up and now they are gone so I can't remember it all....Someone I recently looked up cause of a news article had a 3/21 bday and bunch of other 321's....Something to do with synchronicity of my girlfriend and daughter with the show "Henry Danger" the other day too that I had not yet documented.....but my sons name..."Zamien James Behrendt"=321(reverse)...Claire even noticed it too as she said, Hey mom the TV just said the same thing you said...
If I remember them or find more I will document them as just in the last few days I've seen it in almost everything I've looked up..

Ha just randomly checked to see what time it was while typing this too as I have to pick Claire up from school..of course it would be 3:21. 

Scott Andrew Frost=220
Jonathan Martin=220(reverse)
National Football League=220

Jordan Bohannon passes up on Iowa's Free Throw Record held by Chris Street

Iowa Hawkeyes=55, 145
Jordan Bohannon=145
Free Throw=55
This happens against Northwestern. 
Northwestern=145(rev red)

He purposely missed so the record could be tied with former Hawkeye Chris Street who died in a car accident. 
The record is 34 free throws...
Hawkeyes=34, 119(reverse)
Notice Chris Street died on 1/19 when his car collided with a Snow Plow...
Snow Plow=34(rev red)

Chris Street also dies just before the game against Northwestern. 

Iowa's coach is Fran McCaffery. 
Fran McCaffery=119

Free Throws=56
This story happened on 2/25 the 56th day of the year. 
Thirty Four=56(rev red)
Bohannon wheres # 3. 
Fifty Six=55

I doubt it's a coincidence that his last name is "Street" and he died on the Street after hitting a snow plow either. 

Chris Street wore # 40...
Notice Bohannon the only player to play 40 minutes. He also scored 25 points on the 25th day of the year.
Forty=24(rev red)
Iowa=24(rev red)

The memorial game was against Purdue when the were ranked # 3 as well....Just has me thinking back to last year in regards to the Space Theme that is currently ongoing....
Purdue is where Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan both attended..First and Last to Walk on the Moon...
Street died in 93' the same year Iowa along with other midwestern states got the really bad Floods...We just had the Houston Astros(space) win the World Series in connection to the Floods....

Nile Kinnick died supposedly died on 6/2 as well. 
Iowa Hawkeyes=62(rev red)
Born on 7/9 or 9/7....."Hawkeyes"=97
With the S exception Hawkeyes=43 like the year he died. 
Notice he wore # 24. 
Iowa=24(rev red)
Kinnick dies age 24. 

Kinnick Stadium built in 29'. 
Iowa has Interstate 29'. 
The only president from Iowa the 29th state was Herbert Hoover. 
The president during the Stock Market Crash on the 29th of October in the year 29'. 

Hawkeyes=34, 38(rev red)
Lute Olson=34
Hayden Fry=38(rev red)

Iowa Hawkeyes=62(rev red)
Kirk Ferentz=62

Funny I remember getting Acie Earl's autograph as a kid...
Acie Boyd Earl=55
He wore # 55. 

Not every single player has these connections but I guarantee any news story about them will. Also they will die in connection to one of them. 

Death of Emma Chambers-Julia Roberts Valentines Day

Emma Chambers dying on the 52nd day of the year and being famous for her movie with Julia Roberts....
Valentines Day=52
Julia Roberts also in the film "Valentines Day" that I have mentioned....I think there might be something to this...I keep seeing actors that are in this film come up...

She has an interesting bday...3/11/64. 
The 64th prime number is 311. 

She dies on 2/21 yet they don't report it until 2/25..
2/25 is the 56th day of the year. 
Emma Chambers=56
Honey Thacker=56(rev red)..her character on Notting Hill. 

Notice Notting Hill came out on 5/21...
Emma Chambers=521(satanic) also 101, 223(reverse)
Philadelphia=521(satanic), 101, 223(reverse)
Stock Market=521(satanic)

Hugh John Mungo Grant=221
She dies on 2/21. 

Interesting too that Wiki says another name of hers is "Nicola" Chambers....Once again reminding me of Nikolas Cruz...Tesla...
Her most notbable work was Alice Tinker on "The Vicar of Dibley"
Alice Tinker=53....dies age 53...

The Vicar of Dibley's theme song was a setting of Psalm 23?
It reminds me of I Pet Goat II after the Obama starts sweating they show this on the wall outside...