Wednesday, January 13, 2021

2015 Bridgewater shooting in relation to RV Truth and Zach's interview-33rd anniversary of "They Live" in 2021-Ronda Rousey turns 34 in 2021

 What I find the most interesting about Zach doing a video with RV truth is that it was on 1/9. Recall that I was watching this date for something significant due to my Allen Iverson stuff..The Answer...This was also important to Bridges...Remember I had to make my Allen Iverson video into 4 separate parts because I got a YouTube strike over my Bridgewater News reporter shooting video..This shooting was in Moneta, Virginia as well and Allen Iverson is from Virginia. 

This shooting was synced to Roddy Piper and the film "They Live"...think how Russianvids uses the Roddy Piper picture from "They Live" as his avatar. Also, think how Ronda Rousey was synced to Roddy Piper and the Earthquake/Bridge symbolism too...

Remember Ronda Rousey took on Roddy Piper's nickname Rowdy the day after he died at her fight on 8/1...2015....It was synced to Kobe Bryant and the number 34....She then joined the WWE at Wrestlemania 34 that was 81(Bridge number) days before the Maryland Newspaper shooting which reminded us of the Bridgewater shooting and "They Live". The Maryland Newspaper shooting was on 6/28/2018....

6/28 is special to Zach and getting his channel taken down on 6/28...Not going to retype all the stuff, just see previous posts. 

The year 2018 was also when we had the Austin Bomber synced to Alex Jones and the PINK narrative which later became important on 8/6/2018, which is the same day Alex Jones was removed from Social Media....The 218th day in the year 2018...this date important to the the guy who coined the term Conspiracy Theory"=218 who died 2 months 18 days after the 218th day on 10/24...this is why we then had the Mail package bombs to Obama and the Clintons on 10/24. This is also the day Zach made his first blog post, and it was also synced to Darren Daulton who died on 8/6/2017 synced to the World Series that began on 10/24 that year. 

Zach started all4truth 218 days before his bday..

James Jumper=218

Barney Murphy=218

Mary Tofflemire=218

The list goes on..

Think how Mary Tofflemire recently messaged me too. 

Zach also said his house got robbed or something of the sort on 2/18 too. 

They Live=218(FB)

Think how 8/6 is the day WTC construction began in 68' too. 

I was also listening to some of Veritas77Axiom's videos at work today..I heard him mention more than once about the number 411.....which is interesting considering on November 4th, or 4/11 it will be the 33rd anniversary of "They Live" releasing...

Notice the Disturbed song that tributed "They Live" before the Bridgewater shooting is 4:11 in length too. 
Roddy Piper died 38 days after this song came out..
They Live=38
The actual album this song is on came out on 21/8. 
Don't forget that Stone Cold Steve AUSTIN was synced to Piper/and his theme song by the Austin bomber....Austin 3:16..."Roderick George Toombs"=316

Alison Parker=185
Vester Lee Flanagan II=185
World Trade Center=185 and 263(FB)
Donald John Trump=185 and 263(FB)
The 56th prime is 263. 
Remember they killed Vester Flanagan in Falls Church, Virginia too....Reminds me of how the Austin Bomber and Mail Package bomber were synced to the Christchurch New Zealand mosque shooting on the Ides of March...

Bridgewater Plaza=264

Ronda Rousey=56 and 194(FB)

Ronda Jean Rousey=263(FB)...the 56th prime number..and 185

She will be 34 years old on 2/1/21 too....and recall how important she was to the number 34. 


The WTC attack in 2001 was 185 days or a span of 186 after Osama bin Ladens bday.

Think about the stuff with Donald Trump/Capitol too...along with many people know the News is bullshit now, so it would make sense to have another News reporter shooting or something of the sort to me. 

Ronda Rousey synced to Triple H(Terminator/A.I.) and the Golden Gate Bridge too. 

Terry Bollea=264(FB), 185(FB) and 164(Hulk Hogan)...8/11..GG Bridge. Hulk Hogan was also important to the narrative with Roddy Piper and Philadelphia/Earthquake. 

Here's the picture again of why I thought it was important to the Franklin Bridge.

The New Orleans Saints used to have Teddy Bridgewater too. 

New Orleans Saints=224

Roderick George Toombs=224

David Draiman=224(Disturbed singer)

224 a number showing me I'm on the right path it seems too. 

Interesting the guitar player for Disturbed was born on 8/1 too...The Bridge number...Ronda Rousey and so on..Francis Scott Key's bday. 

Anyway, I think I'm going to re-watch "They Live". 

John Nada=201(FB)(Character Piper plays)...and the film came out 201 days after his bday. 

They Live=106 and Piper died a span of 106 days after his bday. 

Remember too that my Uncle Clancy died on Roddy Piper's bday in 2018...this was just after all the Bridge symbolism leading up to the PHILADELPHIA Eagles winning SB 52. Plus the Austin bombing stuff... 

Clancy Murphy=316(FB)

Clancy William Murphy=316(FB)

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