Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Some thoughts about the NBA-Kentavious Caldwell-POPE-218-Martin Luther and Pope Paul III-October 13th


We learned that the NBA Finals would be the Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers on 9/27, or the Jesuit anniversary. 

Obviously the narrative with this year is connected to the Jesuits...Kobe a Catholic and so on....I almost forgot that the Lakers have Kentavious Caldwell-POPE too....notice his bday is 2/18....218 a big number I have noticed with the Jesuit/Umbrella stuff....

Even Simple Truth TV's real name..

Arthur Pichardo=218

I find it interesting that the Celtics lost on the Jesuit anniversary, which is the team he was really onto...recall his channel was deleted on 6/3....the number 63 was very important to the Jesuit narrative in 2017...it was also important to the film Spotlight about the 87 Priests in Boston. 

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope=261(Manson number)

If you search my blog you will find a post about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope serving a 25 days jail sentence. It was just after Kobe's jersey's were retired...I also mentioned Andre Kirilenko around this same time as his house burnt down...they both had a bday on 2/18.....anyway in the post I even mention how Kentavious was arrested after the Miami Heat game in Detroit...

I should also note that the story of David Stern being hospitalized was just before the Lakers played the Heat too. 

A while back the House of Israel person also told me about Martin Luther dying on 2/18....which is 7 months 9 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 

Society of Jesus=79

Miami Heat=79

Ninety Five Theses=79

Pope Francis bday to 2/18 is 63 days. 

Kobe's death was all about the number 34 too...




Martin Luther published the Ninety Five Theses on his 34th bday....

Shaq won his last championship age 34 with the Heat..which is another reason why it was important that Dwight Howard turned 34 years old.

Recall the connections I have to Martin Luther as well....I was born exactly 499 years after him...

95 Theses

499 is the 95th prime number. 

Dan Behrendt=95

Daniel Edward Behrendt=95

Jesuits founded the day leaving 95 days in the year. 

Martin Luther King died on the 95th day of the year. 

The Jesuits were approved by Pope Paul III... he died exactly 433 years before I was born..

84th prime is 433....Jesuit=84

Also interesting to note he became the pope on 10/13, which is when a possible game 7 of the NBA Finals would be....also the day Zach's book goes to Amazon....also Doc Rivers bday...and Rivers just got fired by the Clippers. 

10/13 leaves 79 days in the year. 

10/13 is 261 days after Kobe died on 26/1. 

Looking at the date 10/13 too....it's the bday of Kelly Preston who recently died in connection to the TWIN theme. Ha, it's also Paul Pierce's bday....think about his connection to Doc Rivers..

10/13 is also the date the Knights Templar were supposedly wiped out in France on Friday the Thirteenth...Recall how coronavirus was declared a National Emergency on Friday the 13th...3/13...Pope Francis' anniversary. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Legion of Doom member 'Animal' dead on 9/22.

 Animal from Legion of Doom died on 9/22 or 22/9...

229 is the 50th prime number. 


Legion of Doom=50


Also interesting to note...

Legion of Doom=194

There has got to be a bigger riddle with this, but I haven't seen the Mad Max films in years. ..Oil......it reminds me of the Road Warrior poster in South Park too. Captain Hindsight...BP Oil Spill...


Joe Montana rescues grandchild from kidnapping

 Sodsai Dalzell=49

Montana who is now 64 years old is known for playing for the 49ers. 

Forty Niners=64

The 49ers were established on 6/4. 

Today is 108 days after Joe Montana's bday. 

Joe Montana=108 

Of course the 49ers won with 36 points today too..
Joe Montana=36

It's just so stupid. I honestly show people around me this stuff all of the time to no avail...they just don't give 2 shits about it and are happy living life without wondering...I know I say it a lot, but it's truly annoying...

New York Giants=64

Of course this also happens just before the Chiefs play the Ravens tomorrow night as well....Remember Montana/Steve Young had a QB controversy...just as Kaepernick/Smith....Kaepernick lost to the Ravens in SB 47. 

I'm sure there's a narrative with the Jesuits and Joe Montana playing for Notre Dame as well. 

The death of Bruce Lee in relation to Jackie Chan and the Dragon Year connections


So Facebook gave me a post the other day about Jackie Chan in connection to Bruce Lee. It only stands out to me in regards to what I have documented with China and Charles Manson. In the film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", they have a scene where Bruce Lee gets beat up by Brad Pitt...and they make Bruce Lee seem like an arrogant dickhole. 

Anyway, I looked up Bruce Lee and notice that he died on the anniversary of the Moon landing. 

Bruce Lee died 4 months 7 days before his bday. 

Lee Jun-fan=47

The video that Facebook gave me told of Jackie Chan getting his start as a stuntman in Bruce Lee movies. He told of a time Bruce Lee hit him and felt bad about it...then days before Bruce Lee died, he went bowling with Jackie Chan. As he was getting in the car to leave he turned around and looked at Jackie like he wanted to say something, but then never said anything. 

Notice that Jackie Chan was born on 4/7. 

Jackie Chan=47

It's also interesting that Bruce Lee's final film was "Enter the Dragon"...the film that also stars John Saxon who recently died in 2020. 

It's said that Bruce Lee was born in a Chinese Dragon year and during a Dragon hour....The only film I think I've ever watched involving him was the biopic called "Dragon" too...

It's perfect that he would mysteriously die at the age of 32 as well. 


He died in 1973 which was the Year of the Ox. 

Year of the Ox=47

He was born in Chinatown..in San Francisco...

I recently started watching the Roman Polanski film called "Chinatown", but I haven't finished it yet..

Brandon Lee was also born on 2/1/1965...which was the final day of a Dragon Year. 

This also means that he was born on the 32nd day of the year too. 

The Rock endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris


The Rock endorses Joe Biden for president in the first time he's ever endorsed anyone...
Of course today is the Jesuit anniversary...
Presidential Endorsement=132
Catholic Church=132
The Rock=132(FB)
Joe Biden is Catholic...Donald Trump went to a Jesuit University..
The Rock=35
Trump just nominated the Catholic Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court Justice...
Amy Coney Barrett=220 and 185

Notice that the Rock's bday is 185 days before the election on 11/3..
Donald John Trump=185 and 220

220 a number important with the Jesuits. 

Of course the Rock's 5/2 bday is important as well. 
White House=52
5/2 is the 122nd day typically...
Pope Francis named after Francis of Assisi just like San Francisco.
San Francisco=122...located on 122W..
The Rock and Kamala from the San Francisco Bay area...

Sychronicities with Roses/Guns N Roses over the last few days.

 I've had a ton of stuff going on lately, but I just wanted to note a few synchronicities in regards to the Rose theme....

I was at band practice on Wednesday, because we lined up a gig on Friday for a 2 hour 90's set. Anyway, we didn't do any Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam and such, but a lot of other 90's stuff like The New Radicals and even Garth Brooks. I mentioned how most people probably think of Alice in Chains type stuff when they hear 90's, so we are gonna mess with their heads...I then went on to talk about how I've always liked Nirvana a lot better than those type of bands anyway...my friend Pat then went on to tell me how he would rather listen to Guns N Roses and compared Axl Roses voice to Alice in Chains stuff...I thought it was odd considering I don't think they sound that much alike....

So at the band gig on Friday, we did play "Smells Like Teen Spirit". When the song was over, some guy came up and said that it reminded him of Nirvana's feud with Guns N Roses....I don't see how that song would remind him of that, but regardless he randomly said it....it's just hilarious to me as the synchronicities never end...

There has been a ton of Rose things too...such as I was playing a game on my phone and a lady named "Rose" unlocked the bonus game for me....and the Rose lady at my Job came back yet again, but this time she made salad for the football kids...

We also talked about playing a "Bush" song, but my friend Pat said he didn't like them, because of their shitty lyrics...he then talked about a song where they say "Roses"...for the life of me I can't figure out what song that is....I want to hear it too, because I actually liked "Bush" a lot way back when, and I wanted to hear what song he is talking about lol. 

Charles Barkley is taking heat for his Breonna Taylor comments-Charlie Hebdo Knife Attack


Charles Wade Barkley=313

Breonna Taylor shot on 3/13 in connection to the Jesuits. 

Notice Barkley was born on 2/20, which is another number I have mentioned being important to the Jesuits. 


We even got a story yesterday about a knife attack near Charlie Hebdo lol....something that Zenith and I talked about a few days ago in relation to the Rose/Charles Manson theme. 

LeBron James comment on Breonna Taylor ruling on 9/23.


Figures Lebron would speak about this and it happened on 9/23..
LeBron James=923
Breonna Taylor killed on 3/13...the anniversary of Pope Francis visiting the White House is 9/23 and he became Pope on 3/13...
Breonna born on 6/5
The 65th prime is 313.

Breonna Taylor=191 and 318(FB)

Society of Jesus=191

Remember how 318 is important to God as well...

This story came 3 months 18 days after her bday.

What are the odds this happens 194 days after she was killed too?...also 6 months 10 days....recall the date 6/10 is important to Blade Runner...so 194 days is sometimes 6 months 10 days...very interesting.

I'm just thinking...12/21/20 is 194 days after 6/10...winter solstice..mayan calendar...

11/28 is 194 days before 6/10/21...

She was killed in Louisville where the Cardinals play...

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

South Park "The China Probrem" episode on when I looked at the TV tonight


So Enterthestars left me this message earlier on my Umbrella symbolism video. It's like, I'm trying my best to not call people out, but there are strange things...such as his comment had 5 likes in a matter of seconds...I made the video on 9/8...I honestly can't imagine that many people would be reading the comments on my video from that long ago at the instance he was writing a message....there is also no way that he actually watched my whole video, because if he did, he should understand why I even mentioned him to begin with...he then makes it seem as if Zach had something to do with my video...when in fact I was talking about Zach just as much as him in the video...or at least their connections...

Whatever I guess....I'm only mentioning this because I wrote him a comment back and then I looked at my TV and of course South Park "The China Probrem" episode was playing. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

Ty Lawson gets banned from Chinese Basketball


The Lakers won tonight on a buzzer beater by Anthony Davis with 2.1 seconds left. 
Notice today is 194 days after his bday on 20/9. 
Charles Manson=194(FB) and 209

As I was looking at the headlines, I see a story about Ty Lawson being banned from his Chinese basketball team today too....for his Instagram posts. Haven't I been saying that China is a major part of the narrative this whole time? Of course Ty Lawson is mostly known for his time with the Denver Nuggets who lost to the Lakers. 

Lawson was then traded on 7/20..or the anniversary of the Moon landing to Houston in 2015. 

Notice Lawson's bday is 11/3...the election...Colin Kaepernick's bday...ROSEanne's bday..

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Chris Cornell's cover of "Patience" by Guns N Roses-Marilyn Manson refused Dave Grohl's Throne-Guns N Roses and Nirvana Feud-Post Malone's French Rose-Kanye West and Amber Rose-MTV VMA's


Last night I was trying to get Zamien to bed so I could make a video, but he was up until almost midnight. By the time he fell asleep I wasn't motivated anymore, so I went to the bar to get a pizza and see if anything was going on. At about 130 a guy named Phil came into the bar and started talking to me...I've known him for years, but rarely talk to him or see him besides getting his cigarettes at the gas station for him before he goes to work.  It's just funny, because earlier in the day I was thinking about him, because his name is Phil and he loves horses. My cousin who was bartending last night even thanked him for taking care of her horse lol. 

Anyway, as the bar was closing we were walking over to another person's apartment for an after party and Phil then asked me if I've ever heard Chris Cornells cover of the song "Patience" by Guns N Roses...it was very random lol. 

I then wake up this morning to a notification on my phone about Marilyn Manson refusing to use Dave Grohls throne when he broke his leg...The article then goes on to tell how Axl Rose used it when he broke his leg...Notice how Manson said he had an electric wheelchair that ROSE up...Remember a GUN prop fell on Manson too...GUNS N ROSES...

As I'm writing this my daughter was just telling me how 2 of her fish died today and now the only one thats left is ROSIE. I think its interesting too that if our son Alistair would have been a girl we were going to name him ROSIE...

Dave Grohl broke his leg before Glastonbury in 2015..which is why Kanye West performed the Queen song there...

Dave Grohls been in the news lately for this drum battle too..He even made a song about her and used the lyric..Nandi's the Queen...

I should also note that Nirvana and Guns N Roses had a feud, but before this Axl Rose wore a Nirvana hat that can ber seen in the Dont Cry music video...Don't Cry is part of the Trilogy Zenith was talking about....remember too that Nirvana is synced to a LOVE Theme too...Heart shaped box...Love Dump...and more...

I'm now wondering about Post Malones Nirvana tribute too...

Ha, Post Malone released his own Frence Rose wine this year called Maison no 9...notice its named after his favorite Tarot card..the Nine of Swords...lol I find this even more interesting because I went and got my old tarot cards from my parents house yesterday..they are still in my car, but still weird. I'm honestly questioning whether I should even touch them or not because of the ghostly experience I had with them about 18 years ago...I just figured I have such a better understanding now and had this feeling I should get them again...

Kanye even recently asked fans to choose between Guns N Roses and Nirvana...

Kanye used to date Amber ROSE too lol. He was dating her during the 2009 VMAs famous for him and Taylor Swift...

Kanye announced he was running for president on Post Malones bday...7/4...

A lady named "Liz Rose" is famous for writing 20 of Taylor Swift's song too. 

Notice the Chris Cornell version of Patience was released on 7/20/2020 too...Chris Cornell's bday and the day Chester Bennington died....plus the connection to the Moon. I guess all I really need is a little "Patience" to let all of this stuff unfold haha.

Trump thinks "November Rain" is the greatest music video of all time? 

November Rain...Reign....Interesting with the connection to the Royal family too. 

MTV...the Moonman....Nirvana/GNR's beef at the 1992 VMA's...Kanye/Taylor Swift the 2009 VMA's...

There was a song called "Roses" that was mentioned as a Song of the Summer at the VMA's too....

Rose by Saint JHN...Notice his bday is the day Kaepernick knelt...

Saturday, September 19, 2020

LeBron James reacts to Lori Loughlin selecting prison of her choice


LeBron James remarks about Lori Loughlin getting to choose the jail she goes to...Notice she will be sentenced on 11/19, which is 114 days after her bday. 

11/19 of course the day the Charles Manson died. 

LeBron James=114

Lori Loughlin important to Full House, and the creator of Full House owns the new house built where the Tate Murders happened. 

Lori Anne Loughlin=186

She was important around the time of the Umbrella symbolism in 2019..

James Holzhauer's birthday on 7/23 and the Jeopardy connection to my Uncle Barney


I was looking back at my old blog posts for the Batman/China/Rockets/South Park narrative....but I saw that I messaged James Holzhauer asking for his bday....

I looked it up and now I can find multiple sources say that it's 7/23/1984.....if this is his true birthday then it is perfect for the JJ theme/Jeopardy Theme I mentioned just before my Uncle Barney died....

My Uncle Barney's bday was 7/23 and he died age 63. 

Remember "James Holzhauer"=63 and he lost on Jeopardy on 6/3. He was born in 84'...


The Jesuit theme I noticed was in relation to the number 63 back then. 

Jeopardy James=194(FB) and 282(FB) and 261(FB)

Remember Ken Jennings won the Greatest of All Time Jeopardy against Holzhauer this year on 1/14 too....which is the day my Uncle Barney died in 2017. 

James Jumper=218(FB)

Barney Murphy=218(FB)

Zach launched All 4 Truth 218 days before his bday. 

Conspiracy Theory=218

8/6 is the 218th day...


So on..

Creighton University=261


Blade Runner 2049 and the special date of 6/10/21-Horse/Mandela Effect-Prince Philip The White Rose and the Jacobites


I watched Blade Runner 2049 and they put emphasis on the date 6/10/21....It's written on the bottom of a the main characters wooden Horse....

There is something important to horses that I just don't understand....Blade Runner is based off of the book by Philip K. Dick.......Philip means lover of Horses....

Notice Philip K. Dick also had a Twin who died, and he uses this concept in a lot of his work.....even in Blade Runner 2049 it involves Twins.....it also has a scene with Elvis who apparently had a Twin that died as well...just thinking about Elvis with Coronavirus...

Keep in mind that June 10th is during the astrological sign of Gemini too, which is Twins....the date I guess could refer to October 6th 2021 as well. 

It's also interesting that in Chinese astrology the Horse is supposed to avoid the Rat and the Ox....we are currently in the Year of the Rat and next year will be the Year of the Ox. The Ox is the worst enemy of the Horse. 

Zenith made a video yesterday talking about Helter Skelter being misspelled as Healter Skelter....also talked about the Mandela Effect....the Mandela Effect for me has been important to Horse Racing.....

Also in regards to Buffy the Vampire Slayer...remember last year Rutger Hauer died on the 201st day of the 2019...he was known for Blade Runner, but was also the lead vampire in Buffy....

Rutger Hauer=194(FB) and 282(FB)...

His death has to be important to this considering these numbers. 

6/10/21 will be Prince PHILIP's 100th bday too. He was originally the Prince of Greece and Denmark....just makes me think about Nelson Mandela's daughter Zindzi being the ambassador to Denmark...

Haha, I started this post hours ago, but my son woke up. I came up to look at it more, but went to my email first....good thing as Bobby messaged me about the Jacobites using the White Rose due to the House of York....they celebrate White Rose Day on 6/10...which is the anniversary of Jacobite King James III's bday....

I knew there was a reason I was supposed to watch Blade Runner 2049 lol...I'm supposed to see this date and it's importance to the Jacobites...

I went and looked at the comments on Zenith's video and I see Bobby also mentioned Reagan making the US National Flower the White Rose on 11/20/1986.....which was Joe Biden's bday....but....it's also the day that Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II got married in 1947.