Monday, March 29, 2021

Joe Biden Falls on Air Force One stairs on anniversary of Simpson's episode where Lisa is the President-Also the day after I fell down the stairs at my friends house


Last night when I was walking down our stairs, I missed the last step and banged my arm on the railing. The light went out so it was pretty dark and I thought I was on the last step, but apparently there was one left....Anyway, this is the second time recently that I have had an incident with stairs....In the early hours of 3/18 after I DJ'ed on St. Patricks Day I fell down stairs at my friends house while leaving. I wouldn't have fell, but the guy behind me fell and hit me from behind and then we both fell glasses broke and my shoulder is still sore from it. 

Anyway, I started thinking how it's strange I fell down stairs on 3/18 and then on 3/19 Joe Biden was a big meme as he fell on the stairs of Air Force One. Honestly, I can't recall the last time I fell down stairs either, so it stands out.....

Oddly enough my friends bday is 11/20, meaning he shares a bday with Joe Biden. So I fell down the stairs at my friends house, who shares a bday with Joe Biden, and then the next day Joe Biden falls on stairs? 

This happened 2 months 27 days after my friend Mitch who fell into me's bday. 

stairs=49 and 86

Chris Sturgill=86 and 227(FB)(Friends House)

The 49th prime is 227. 

Mitch Nichols=264(FB) and 191(Friend who fell)

Kamala Harris=49, 86 and 264(FB)

She's the 49th Vice President..

White House=264(FB)

Air Force One stairs=264

Further, Joe Biden fell 215 days before Kamala's bday..also 7 months 1 days..
Kamala Devi Harris=71
Air Force One=215(FB) and 187(FB)

Kamala Devi Harris=152

Joe Biden=152


Recall, the Gematria Effect on St. Patrick's Day was really important too...


The Gematria Effect=152

Zach started the new channel on 2/15, or 15/2  as well. 

It was 15 months 2 days after his previous channel beginning too. 

March 19th is also the day that the Simpson's episode, "Bart to the Future" came out...the one where Lisa is the first Woman president after Trump....Kamala just wore the purple suit that looked like Lisa Simpson too. That episode came out in the year 2000, so it was 152 days after Kamala Harris' bday. 

Kamala wears Purple Suit-Lisa Simpson

In my blog post about the Simpsons episode, I talk a lot about 811 and how 8/11 is 264 days after Joe Biden's bday. 

Air Force One=64

Joe Biden=64

Biden is 78 years old...this happened on the 78th day of 2021

One last thought in relation to 3/19 or 319...recall this is a number important to Prince....yesterday I thought it was funny that I walked into the living room and noticed my girlfriend was watching the was the episode where Homer kills Prince, Neil Armstrong, and George Clooney that I talked about in was synced to the 112th World Series, and so was the episode about Lisa becoming the president...the Indian/Native American theme...My friend Sturgill is a huge Cleveland Indians fan and his current favorite player is Trevor Bauer. 

George Timothy Clooney=86 and 112...he's the only living person from that episode as Rip Taylor died in 2019...

The Prince episode also makes fun of rigged election machines too. 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Beverly Cleary dead after I mentioned Ramona Quimby in my video this morning


I made a video this morning about the death of Houston Tumlin and how it synced to my NASCAR/Royal Family narrative from 2019...In that video I mentioned how the date 9/19 has been important to Queen Elizabeth II since YouTube gave me a copyright strike on 9/19/2014...I mentioned how the video was about Ramona Quimby...I do have a playlist on this stuff on my channel too, which is why I didn't want to re-explain it...anyway here it is like 5 hours later and I get a notification on my phone that Beverly Cleary died yesterday....I had no idea lol...she is the writer of the Ramona Quimby books. 

Ramona Quimby=201(FB) and 227(FB)
227 was the important number to France/Nascar in 2019..
Houston Tumlin=201
He died 201 days after Dale Earnhardt's bday. 

In my old video I talked about Ramona Quimby Age 8....
Ramona Quimby Age Eight=104
Beverly Cleary died age 104..
I mentioned how I thought she would die age 102 in 2018 in a post that involved the Cuban plane crash...that whole post had a lot to do with the number 104...such as Fidel Castro dying 104 days after his bday....the plane had 104 passengers..
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz=104
I'm also curious about this considering the plane that skidded off the runway in was coming from Guantanamo Bay(Maximum Security) and synced to the the horse Maximum Security being disqualified...recall that horse race was synced to Titus who is important to Mt. Vesuvius. 

Interesting that Cleary was born in McMinnville, Oregon too...
Recall that McMinnville, Tennessee was important a few months back in regards to Bobby Simpson and a sync I had with the Gematria Effect...
McMinnville, Oregon also has a famous UFO photograph? 
Cleary's first job was as a librarian in Yakima, Washington too...where Zach now lives...

My old video that involves Ramona Quimby also involved the Terry Gilliam film "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" that film he stays with Vulcan and then dances with Venus who is Vulcan's wife...Vulcan then gets mad about it...This is all after the part with Robin Williams as the King of the Moon. 

Terry Gilliam=201(FB) and 227(FB)
Brazil...which stars Jonathan Pryce(Pope Francis)
Time Bandits...

I need to think more on this death..
It is interesting that she died 187 days after 9/19..on the 84th day too. 
Crazy that she died 6 years 6 months and 6 days after my video involving Ramona Quimby too..

Death of a guy I know in relation to the ongoing Jesuit Theme


This guy died on Tuesday, but I didn't know about it until Wednesday...The crazy part about it though is that my mom and I were just talking about him at my job on Monday. I can't remember what brought him up...I think it was something to do with someone having to get surgery cause one leg is longer than the other...Mark always wore a giant shoe and I assumed it was because of this, but my mom said she thinks it was something to do with part of his foot being missing due to diabetes...anyway it's crazy that he would die the next day. When he died my co-worker came back and said, "You know that guy you are your mom were talking about yesterday...yeah he died"....My co-workers have been noticing synchronicities lately too , and I keep telling them that they should learn gematria as there is a bigger riddle with these things...Unfortunately, they just aren't ready to dig deeper, but I am glad they are starting to notice these things...

Anway, Mark was a good guy that would sit in the gas station and talk to me a lot. We also had this funny connection because someone once thought that we were brothers even though we aren't related and he was over 20 years older than me...we often had an inside joke and called each other brother....
He was also big into the Knights of Columbus and I always wanted to ask him if he knew about Gematria, but the timing just never seemed right. 
He couldn't have died more perfectly though in connection to the Jesuit theme that I have mentioned since my Uncle Barney died though. 
Notice he died 63 days after his bday..
Recall my Uncle Barney died age 63. 
Father Paul died age 63 in a bathtub at the Jesuit residence of Creighton..He died 6 months 3 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
Father Paul=63
Father Jim=63
Father Fred died on the 63rd day of the year. 
All the priests I remember as a Child...except for Father Howard the priest who got busted for molesting at the age of 63. 
Father Howard was removed from priesthood by Pope Francis on 1/19, which was Mark's bday. 
1/19  or 19/1 
Society of Jesus=191
So many other things I have documented such as Father Howard being removed after 35 years..
Howard Edward Fitzgerald=119

Notice Mark died 9 months 27 days before his next bday too.
The Jesuit anniversary of 9/27
Society of Jesus=56
Mark Allen Bissen=56

I also find it weird that I blogged about Mark on 6/23/2020 and in the post I also mentioned training a new girl named Susan....Oddly enough, Susan just quit a few weeks ago and now Mark dies soon after.
It's just crazy that he died and has bothered me a lot more than any other recent death of someone I know for some reason. I've always felt that odd connection that I can't explain with him and I think it had to do with the K of C narrative I've followed for so long. Now here he is dying by the exact thing I talked about long ago. 

His brother is also married to my uncle Fred's ex-wife Jane...recall I had synchronicity with my uncle Fred in February...I think there's something more I am supposed to see with that...Fred will be 63 years old on 8/10/21 too. 

My old Tarot Cards and the possible reason for my recent bad luck streak


Last night after I got home taking Jasmine's brother to work I went in the kitchen to talk to Jasmine...I had put my laptop above the fridge and when I went to grab it, I had an epiphany...I forgot all about getting my old tarot cards from my parents house a while back...they were in my SUV that broke down for the longest time and I never brought them into the house...the transmission went out so I ended up junking it and taking everything out...

Not too long ago my son Zamien found these cards and played with them and ever since all kinds of bad things have been it might not have anything to do with these tarot cards, but the last time this happened my apartment got haunted...the picture above is what I snapchatted my friend who played with my cards and experienced the haunting with me after doing so...

I took the cards out and counted them to make sure they were all there last night and all 78 were there, but I noticed Jasmine didn't wrap them back up in the silk cloth they were supposed to be in, and only the top and bottom cards were facing the wrong way. I mean facing upwards and not face down if that makes sense.

The 5 of Pentacles...on the bottom

The 6 of Swords....on the Top. It was also upside down/reversed.

This card is pretty accurate to my situation too lol. 

The reversed 6 of Swords is also pretty how my basement many times have I mentioned that I feel stuck with this knowledge recently too? It's just hilarious to me seeing this. 

As I'm writing this my son Zamien just threw a wet towel and hit my computer getting water all over it too lol...thankfully I got it wiped off fast enough, but damn man. 

After reading my blog I discovered I went and got the cards on 9/19/2020...this just interests me as it's the date with Queen Elizabeth II that I just mentioned...I'm also currently working on a blog post about the death of Beverly Cleary, who I just found out died a few hours ago...the 9/19 thing was synced to Ramona Quimby...

Maybe all of my bad luck has nothing to do with these cards, but I laughed like crazy last night thinking about the bad experience I had the last time they were in a house of can't be a coincidence that these cards are in my house again and now bad luck is hitting...regardless, I think I'm going to find a safe place for them...not at my house...but who knows they will probably end up back here next to an Annabelle doll. The thing is, I know that all of this bad stuff is happening for a reason and eventually it will make sense, so I'm trying not to worry about it, but it has been stressful that's for sure. 


My car broke down 147 days after getting them. 

Jupiter symbol on new bag of pretzels at work+synchronicity while writing this post


We got these new pretzels at work a few days back...on 3/24 my boss was telling me about them as I hadn't even seen them..she said she thought the zesty Buffalo sound kindve good....As I was looking at the rack I thought it was funny how they stacked them above the 3D chips, so it looks like 543...

As I got closer to the chips I realized it's not a number's actually the symbol for Jupiter's supposedly a 4 because it says recipe number 4 on the bag, but it's totally close to the Jupiter symbol as well.

I have no idea what this means, but I know Rambo has mentioned Jupiter a lot in recent weeks on the Gematria Effect so I felt I should document it.

Zesty Buffalo=218(FB)

Haha, I am writing this post while we are out to eat..we are waiting for our food and someone just walked by and tapped my shoulder...of course it was my boss..I had no idea she was even here as I've been looking at my phone typing this up..


Kayla Bissen=179

229th anniversary of the French Monarchy Falling in relation to Emmanuel Macron-Lion-NASCAR


I was thinking how the death of Houston Tumlin is connected to Tisha B'Av in 2019, which began on the 227th anniversary of the French Monarchy falling...
In the year 2021 the anniversary of the French Monarchy Falling will be the 229th anniversary..
This means that the 229th anniversary of the French Republic will be on the date 22/9 too. 
Notice how this anniversary is 2 months 29 days before French President Emmanuel Macron's bday too. 

Think about Emmanuel Macron's bday this year too..
12/21/21 or 21/12/21...
Reminds me of the Mayan Calendar stuff..
12/21/12.. or 21/12/12. 

Recall how the LION symbolism was important to Anthoine Hubert dying and the date 8/10 as well...this was synced to Haile Selassie and the date 8/27/2020 too. 
This stands out to me too...
Macron is currently 43 years old..
8/10 to 9/22 is 43 days..
2/12 is the 43rd day. 

229 is the 50th prime..

Interesting in regards to Volcanoes and the number 129 too..

Chase Elliott=129
He won Talladega after Brenda Jackson died...then again on 8/4...the anniversary of Talladega Nights coming out...
Houston Tumlin died 115 days after Elliott's bday..
He died 115 days before Will Ferrell's bday...
Talledega in 2021 is on the 115th day..

Lion=115(FB) and 50
Anthoine Hubert=212(FB) and 218

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Death of Talladega Nights actor Houston Tumlin in relation to my Eurovision Sync with Volcanoes-2019 NASCAR narrative


Houston Tomlin who is famous for the Will Ferrell film Talladega Nights supposedly committed suicide on 3/23? 
I find this interesting considering my synchronicity with Will Ferrells film Eurovision and the Iceland recall that I talked about Talladega Nights in relation to 2019 with the Nascar narrative I was following...We then had the death of French racer Antoine Hubert the same day Dale Jr. Raced as a tribute to his father at Darlington..and the French racer is important to Talladega Nights....this was also important to Prince Philip’s car crash in January 2019. Hubert also died on the anniversary of Princess Diana dying in France and the founder of NASCAR was Bill France...on 8/10/2019 it was the 227th anniversary of the French Monarchy falling...which was also Tisha B'Av and World Lion day...Dale Jr. then was in a plane crash at Elizabethton on Napoleon's bday..
Houston Tumlins death also comes on the 82nd day of the year...
Recall that I made the error in NASCAR with gematria.
Although it should be NASCAR..
I realized this on 9/19/19 in my post about the death of Mike Stefanik..He died in a plane that took off from Coventry, Rhode Island....I later did this same error with Covid instead of COVID and I realized this because of my post about Margaret Keenan getting the 1st vaccine in Coventry..

Notice the date I blogged about realizing I had made the same mistake with COVID as NASCAR...12/20...the same day as the volcano eruption in Hawaii that I talked about with Ed Rod a few weeks before..
Volcano=28 and 82
Tumlin died age 28 on the 82nd day.
What's even stranger is that my whole sync with the Eurovision film was because of my son Alistair...recall he was born on 8/31/2019..the same day as Antoine Hubert dying and Dale Jr. Racing at Darlington..

I'm just now realizing that Mike Stefanik died on Prince Harry's  day.
Recall 9/19 is a day I have said is connected to Queen Elizabeth II since 2014 too.
Interesting that Tumlin died 201 days before Dale Earnhardt Jr's bday too.
Houston Tumlin=201

Tumlin also died 33 days after the anniversary of Dale Sr. Dying...Dale Srs final win was at Talladega...and Tumlin died 33 days before the NASCAR race in Talladega this year on 4/25...He also died 3 months 3 days after my post on 12/20.
He also died exactly 33 weeks after the anniversary of Talladega Nights coming out.

Talladega also important to Earthquakes due to The Big One..
He also died 115 days or 3 months 23 days before Will Ferrells bday..
The race in Talladega will be on the 115th day of 2021.
The race in Talladega will also be 82 days before Will Ferrells bday.
There is another race in Talladega on 10/31/2021...the 31st race..
Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr=194
Recall they announced that Dale Jr would be racing on 8/31/2019 in a tribute to his father, the same day as Talladega in 2019.
Reminds of Prince Philip again..

How hilarious...I've been making this post on the couch and Jasmine just got home...I went in the kitchen to talk to her and I see this speaker sitting on the's her brothers Kodees who lives with us, but I never noticed it said Volkano on it until it's not usually sitting there lol..

To finish the post I want to add that now my daughter is listening to the songs on Frozen and singing...makes me think of Iceland. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Zach's 2 new YouTube Channels created on 3/21.


Zach starts 2 new channels today on 3/21. 
Zachary On The Corner=321(FB)
Signs Matter=46, 71, 145 and 152
The Gematria Effect=152 and 80
Today is the 80th day..
This comes after the 218th episode that has been synced to all kinds of stuff I have mentioned in the last few months. 
Catholic=46, 71, 145

Zachary On The Corner=89 and 100
Zachary Keefe Hubbard=89 and 100

Gematria Effect New Twenty One with Zachary K Hubbard=215
He started that on 2/15...the 46th day..
Also 15/2. 
It was also 5 months 6 days before his bday and due to the strike on his other channel 201 days after his bday. 

It just cracks me up again and again how synced the world is. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

June 19th is 221 days after my bday-Volcano symbolism-Tisha B'Av Eddie Van Halen


Since the volcano in Iceland just happened 129 days after my bday I wondered when 221 days after my bday is. I mentioned both of these numbers in my post about synchronicity and volcanoes..
Notice that 221 days after my bday is 6/19...
6/19 is the 170th day of the year which is important to Zach and Myanmar..
It's also King James bday...
My sync involved the Ghost Ship fire that was connected to the Warriors who beat King James and the Cavaliers that season. 
Think about "FIRE" too in regards to Vulcan and Volcanoes. 
It was the deadliest building fire since the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake/Fires. 
Notice it's also 7 months 9 days..
Mount Vesuvius=221
It erupted in the year 79. 

In almost all of my posts about Volcanoes I also mention North Korea within them...there is another that involves Russia....the North Korea was because the 2018 Hawaii Volcano was synced to the Korean Missile scare...
Kim Jong un=129 and 114
World War=114
The reason I'm mentioning this is because 6/19..
The 114th prime number is 619. 

Think about volcanoes too in regards to the Trump-Kim SUMMIT. 
I highly doubt it's a coincidence that LeBron James just got injured the same day as the Japan earthquake synced to Los Angeles either. 
LeBron James=114
King James...
Remember Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving the royal family began on Kim Jong un's bday..

I'm just thinking about a lot of this...recall that Van Halen was important to the 8/11 and Tisha B'Av because the song "Hot for Teacher" was in the Ginger Cow episode of South Park. 
South Park=129 and 114
The Ginger Cow is important to the 3rd temple..
The 2nd Temple was destroyed by Titus who was the ruler during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. 
Eddie Van Halen died on 10/6...
Something we've pointed out for a long time with gematria is that..
Ginger Cow Prophecy? 
Sammy Hagar with the Ginger hair...
Hagar the Horrible...Vikings...Iceland...
The creator of Hagar was born on 8/11. 
Sammy Hagar=106
David Lee Roth=201 and 66(He's currently 66 years old)

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Japan Earthquake in relation to Los Angeles and WWE narrative


Another Earthquake in Japan now? I just blogged about the WWE and the connection to Toronto/Los Angeles, but I also mentioned Japan in that post..recall the Earthquake in Japan on 2/13 was important to this narrative as well.
It was 34 miles deep too...
Ronda Rousey 34 stuff..

The most interesting thing is yet again the relationship to Los Angeles..
Los Angeles=320(FB) and 213(FB)
This happened on 3/20 and the previous was on 2/13.

Volcano eruption in Iceland 129 days after my birthday and a connection to the film "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga" that I watched last night

How funny is this lol...I just turned the Gematria Effect back on today and now Rambo is the next caller. He mentions how it's a synchronicity because he is going to talk about Ontario, California which is a suburb of Los Angeles. 

It's also interesting he is talking a lot about Vulcan, the god of Fire/Volcanos...something I've mentioned in recent Queen Elizabeth's dog named Vulcan recently died. He also mentioned the date 5/23 being important to Vulcan, which is the day Los Angeles gained City Status. 

So I started this blog post this afternoon but I didn't have time to finish it....I'm just now getting home and I see a story about a volcano eruption in Iceland. Funnier yet is that I left a few comments on Rambo's post in regards to Volcanoes too...
What I find even more strange is that last night after I posted about Toronto and the Gematria Effect I went to son then woke up like 20 minutes later and would not go back to sleep so I was up until about 4am with him...while I was sitting in my chair I figured I would turn a movie on, and I saw this film with Will Ferrell in it...I ended up watching it too and it's pretty stupid...but the whole film involves him being a singer from Iceland. 
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of FIRE Saga..
Think about Vulcan being the god of FIRE and Volcanos..
Fire and Ice...

In the first few minutes of the film it opens up as "Present Day" and has Will Ferrell's band singing their song "Volcano Man" too lol...You just can't make this up. 
It's also interesting to me that Pierce Brosnan portrays Will Ferrell's father in this film....I remember him a lot from the film "Dante's Peak" a kid...a film about a volcano eruption. Also MARS attacks...Mars and Vulcan are brothers...

It's crazy that one of the big numbers I was talking about with the Volcano symbolism was 129 and 221..
Notice this eruption happened 129 days after my bday. 


The only reason I watched that film last night was because my son Alistair woke up..
Alistair Behrendt=319(FB)
He rarely wakes up in the middle of the night too, so it makes it even more strange. 
I also wonder about the 4 months 9 days..
My bday is 49 days before 1/29 too. 
3/19 is also 165 days before Alistair's bday. 
Alistair Behrendt=165
Will Ferrell=165

Reykjanes Peninsula=319(FB)
It's been nearly 800 years since this volcano erupted? 


Friday, March 19, 2021

The 187th year of Toronto in connection to my previous info about Los Angeles/Earthquake/Bridge symbolism. The Fresh Prince-Bianca Belair-Wrestlemania 37


I had to DJ last night so I didn't get to listen to the 218th episode of the Gematria Effect...I'm listening to it now and the first caller mentions the number 218...She does mention other numbers, but funny that 218 is one of them.....Anyway she is a rapper from Toronto and telling how rituals are done in the music on...

Zach then went on to say how Toronto just turned 187 years old on 3/6..
Society of Jesus=187

The girl who called in also told us of her rapper friend "Jon James" who died doing a stunt for his video.  When looking him up I see that he died age 34...which just stands out to me due to the Ronda Rousey 34 stuff I have how it connected to Summer Slam being held in Toronto on 8/11/2019 during Tisha B'Av. 

Remember how Toronto is in the 416 area code..
Toronto Ontario=416(FB)
I've mentioned the date and number 4/16 or 416 a bunch a while back in relation to my Aunt Betty and Alex Trebek dying....which is connected to Pope Benedict XVI whose bday is 4/16. 
Something I didn't notice until tonight though is that 4/16 is 201 days after the Jesuit anniversary...considering the 187th year of Toronto this sticks out to me. 
4/16 is also 35 weeks before Pope Francis' bday and 35 days before Zach's bday..or a span of 36 days. 
Recall that I am exactly 8 months 11 days older than Zach. 

Notice how 4/16 is 5 months 6 days after my bday too. 
Society of Jesus=56

I also see that Pope Francis and Benedict XVI's bdays are 8 months 1 day apart....Recall this was a major number with the Bridge/Earthquake symbolism connected to Ronda Rousey too in 2018...before Wrestlemania 34. 
Recall in 2019 the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals and then there was a major earthquake in Los Angeles on the Fourth of July.  I've recently mentioned the connection to Los Angeles and Earthquakes too..
Los Angeles is located on 34 N too. 

Interesting that 4/16 is 37 days before Los Angeles gained city status...
Los Angeles=37
Notice how it was incorportated on 4/4 and founded by 44 settlers known as "Los Pobladores". 
Also interesting that it was made city 185 years ago..
Ronda Jean Rousey=185
4/16 is also 141 days before Los Angeles was founded as a puebla..
The 141st prime is 811. 
San Francisco California=141

4/16 is 2 months 16 days after the 34th Royal Rumble...
Los Angeles=216(FB)
Toronto also incorporated at Toronto in the year 34'. 

Looking at my old info is funny too...In a post on 2/23/2020 I mentioned how the 2021 Royal Rumble would be important because it's the 34th Royal the end of the post I mentioned how I just learned a wrestler named Bianca Belair and she might be important....Of course she went on to win the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble...
Think about her name in regards to Los Angeles though..Bel Air...
Will Smith...the Fresh Prince...I've previously pointed out his name is 416 too. 
Willard Carroll Smith Jr=141 and 416(FB)
Even more perfect to this is that Bianca Belair is set to wrestle Sasha BANKS at Wrestlemania 37...think how the Fresh Prince moves in with the BANKS family...Philip Banks...Carlton on...
The Fresh Prince reunion was on the anniversary of Charles Manson dying..
Charles Manson=416(FB)

Edge won the 2021 Men's Royal Rumble and he is billed from Toronto...Christian lives in Tampa. 

The Fresh Prince....PHILip Banks...Prince Philip. 
4/16 is 55 days before Prince Philip's bday...
Recall the Fresh Prince Reunion was 55 days after Will Smith's bday and 55 days before Janet Hubert's bday....Focus and the number 55. 
Will Smith=55
Just had Super Bowl 55. 
4/16 is the 106th day of the year and 10 months 6 days after Prince Philip's bday on 6/10 or 10/6. 
Prince Harry lives in Los Angeles. 
Los Angeles=161(FB)
Philip's bday on the 161st day..
They Live=106

Remember the 2020 World Series was won by the Los Angeles Dodgers and it had 2 players named Will Smith...they beat the Tampa Bay Rays....Wrestlemania 37 was supposed to be held in Los Angeles and is now in Tampa Bay...the Toronto Raptors are playing their home games in Tampa as well.
The Toronto Blue Jays were important to Trevor Bauer who just signed with the Dodgers...and is synced to the Bridge/Earthquake symbolism...
His bday is 1/17..
Bridge=36 and 117
Toronto=36 and 117
Dodgers=36 and 117
It will be the 117th World Series. 
The Toronto Blue Jays played their homes games in Buffalo in 2020 beginning on 8/11 against Miami...they also began their season against the Tampa Bay Rays. 

I'm gonna go to bed, but I'll finish listening to the Gematria Effect tomorrow...There is for sure something going on with this narrative though.