Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sean Connery dead 209 days after Honor Blackman and my 4/10/2020 post involving Sean Connery/James Bond/Moon


I hit this one on the nose back in April when we had the death of Honor Blackman/Pussy Galore....thinking about that name now too as she died just before George Floyd/Black Lives Matter...

He died 209 days after Honor Blackman. 
Thomas Sean Connery=209
Interesting that's a Charles Manson number too..
Charles Manson=209

Sean Connery=164
I mention this as I've seen a lot of 164 in the past few months, but didn't document about it...For example. "Miami Heat"=164
I seemed to see it a lot with the number 193 too from what I remember. 

I dont have time to look right now because I have to DJ again in like a half hour. I do wonder if this death is synced to the Moon, which I mentioned in my April post....Also I wonder about Alex Trebek considering when I think of Sean Connery the Celebrity Jeopardy SNL episodes instantly come to mind...
Suck it Trebek...

It makes me wonder even more so considering Connery died 204 days after my post on 4/10...and 103 days after the Moon landing...
Alex Trebek=103 and 204(FB)

Friday, October 30, 2020

Justin Turner pulled in the 8th inning of the World Series-Jackie Robinson/Kobe Bryant-Magic Johnson-Random Dimebag Darrell Death in relation to Eddie Van Halen


I haven't been blogging much lately, but trust me I am spreading this knowledge all over still with Snapchat and face to face talking. I can't stand how they changed this blogger as I've said before, and I've had zero time to really sit down and look deeper into some of these stories too. 
Anyway, what a scripted joke that they took out Justin Turner in the 8th inning when they found out he had coronavirus lol. My friend also told me the Rays took out their best pitcher while they were winning the game too. He of course came out after 73 pitches...
Los Angeles Dodgers=73
Blake Ashton Snell=53
Los Angeles=53

Eighth Inning=79 and 56

Tampa Bay=79

Justin Turner=135

The World Series ended on 10/27, which is the anniversary of Philadelphia. Remember earlier in the year the Dodgers lost to the Rangers becoming 13-5 Away record the same day Chadwich Boseman died. He of course was synced to Kobe Bryant and played Jackie Robinson in the film "42" that came out the same day Kobe tore his Achilles. That film also came out a span of 135 days after Chadwick Boseman's bday...Chadwich dies on Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB, which is typically held 135 days before on 4/15.....the Dodgers then win on the anniversary of Jackie Robinson's funeral.....Think about Kobe and Philadelphia too...Boseman's bday is the same day Kobe announced his retirement before playing Philadelphia in the next game....

Kobe Bean Bryant=135

Plus Jackie Robinson being in the military Black Panthers also known at 761st Tank Battalion..The 135th prime is 761...

The 2020 World Series was held at Globe Life Field too, which is where the Texas Rangers play. They also had a 13-5 record in the Post season after winning the World Series. 

I find it even funnier that Daryl Morey is in talks about going to the Philadelphia 76ers....of course the number 76 is important to the Racism coding too. 

10/27 is 65 days after Kobe's bday and leaves 65 days in the year. 


To further connect it to Kobe....10/27 is 3 months 4 days or 96 days before Jackie Robinson's bday on 1/31....


Kobe super important to the number 34. 

Chadwich Boseman died on 8/28, and notice the Dodgers won 8 months 28 days after Jackie Robinson's bday too. 

Chadwick Boseman=131....1/31...

Chadwick Aaron Boseman=117

Justin Matthew Turner=117


Next year will be the 117th World Series...

In relation to my last post..."Dodgers"=143(FB)

The 143rd prime is 823...reminding us of Kobe yet again...

Jackie Robinson died 8 months 24 days after his bday too...reminding us of Kobe. 

Kobe...Lakers...Los Angeles...Dodgers...Magic Johnson....
 They won 2 months 13 days after Magic Johnson's bday and his company owns the Dodgers...

Earvin Johnson Jr=213

The NBa Finals=213

Los Angeles=213(FB)

Kobe Bean Bryant=213(FB)

Los Angeles in the 213 Area Code. 

Black Panther=213

Of course, the Dodgers won for the first time in 32 years too syncing up to Magic Johnson.....He wore # 32...and his rookie season will the Lakers was their 32nd season...He announced he had HIV age 32 and came out of retirement to play 32 games. 

Forty Two=194(FB) and 126(FB)

Recall that Jackie Robinson was born in Stamford, Connecticut too...this is where the first Marathon was held in the United States, and in 2019 Los Angeles was synced to the Marathon symbolism with Nipsey Hussle and Luke Walton. 

Justin Turner tied the record for the Dodgers after being hit by his 73rd pitch as a Dodger on Opening Day lol...

Kobe died 7 months 2 days before Chadwick Boseman.

The World Series being held in Arlington also reminds me of the death of Dimebag Darrell. I remember a kid I went to school with in Arizona told me that his dad worked at the funeral home where Darrell's funeral was held. He then told me Eddie Van Halen was super smashed and broke a bunch of stuff at the funeral home and what not...I'm just wondering now with the Death of Eddie Van Halen....

Dimebag Darrell=111 and 163(FB)

He died 111 days after his 38th bday. 

The 38th prime is 163...

Nathan Gale=38(Who shot him)

Damageplan=38(Dimebag's band when he was shot)


Chicago White Sox announcement of Tony La Russa's hring uses AJ HInch's Signature-Tiger and Tiger King narrative


Absolutely not a mistake that Tony La Russa signs with the White Sox and they make an error involving AJ Hinch....then we get a story about AJ Hinch and the Detroit Tigers....

Notice that Tony La Russa is 76 years old and born in Tampa. 


Recall how the Tiger symbolism was important to Tampa Bay and Carole Baskin's husband disappearing. 

Today is 167 days after AJ Hinch's birthday. 

The 39th prime number is 167. 


White Sox=39

Tony La Russa=39

Of course Tampa Bay just lost in the World Series too. 

It's interesting to note that the Tampa Bay Rays lost in the World Series 143 days after Carole Baskin's bday. 

Tiger King=143

Jack Donald Lewis=143(Her husband)

Andrew Jay Hinch=143

AJ Hinch's bday is a span of 143 days before Tony La Russa's. 


Chicago Bears=143(FB)

Chicago Cubs=143(FB)

Detroit Tigers=79, 169

Chicago White Sox=79, 169

Tampa Bay=79

Carole Baskin=79

Recall that the number 79 was very important to Tiger King and the number 22...Year of the Tiger 22' as well. 

The Super Bowl will be held in Tampa Bay...

Tony La Russa is known for coaching the Cardinals....this happens just after the pope elects 13 new cardinals on the day where they took the Tampa Bay Buccaneers off prime time for the Arizona Cardinals game...

St Louis=167(FB)....the 39th prime...

The Jesuit number is 201...


AJ Hinch=35

Tony La Russa=132


Catholic Church=132

Tom Brady=194(FB) and 35


Chicago=35, 46

The 143rd prime is 823...reminding me of Kobe's bday..

Joe Exotic born on 3/5...

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

NXIVM founder Keith Raniere sentenced to life in prison


Keith Raniere=201

Allison Mack=187

The numbers important to the Society of Jesus. 

Think about Catholicism and molesting kids. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Synchronicity with Helter Skelter while taking my girlfriends brother to work



I was driving my girlfriends brother to work earlier and I got on Facebook. One of the first posts I saw was from my friend I used to make rap music with that I just blogged about a few weeks ago. He posted one of our old songs and pointed out I spelled his name and the other featured persons name wrong...I spelled it Tommy instead of Tommie, but in my defense, I have never even met the guy lol.
Anyway since it had to do with spelling I figured it was important...I further knew it was important because Tommie says a line about "Helter Skelter" in this song. I actually thought about this song a few weeks ago too thinking it may be important cause of that lyric..
Notice I put the video out on 3/ today is 142 days before 3/18.
Charles Manson=142

Further Tommie and D'Cyphers bdays are 5 months 25 days apart.
Helter Skelter Theory=525

So I drop him off at work and figured since it's like a 45 minute drive that I would stop at the truck stop and get some shooters. I got up to the door and realized I had to wear a mask so I walked back to my car and right next to my SUV is a McDonald's order form with the order number 194 lol.
Charles Manson=194

As I was leaving I realized that today is also a span of 224 days from 3/18, which is hilarious considering 224 is the big number I talked about in my previous posts about this. I then looked over to see the diesel price at $2.24

I see my girlfriends brother also equals 194, but in English Extended.
Michael Cole=194(ee)
Helter Skelter=194(alw)
Chris Schwery=158
Helter Skelter=158

It's interesting his bday is 3/5 too which makes me think about Catholic.
Catholic=35 and 194(Jewish)

Also the gas station called LOVEs in relation to Rose? 

Amy Coney Barrett confirmed on Hillary Clinton's bday-Rose Theme-Charles Manson


Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as Justice on Hillary Clinton's birthday lol. It's just so stupid. Better yet her 73rd birthday. 
Hillary Clinton=73

Notice today is also 272 days after her bday. 
Ruth Bader Ginsburg=272(FB)

Interesting Hillary's Wikipedia mentions she worked at ROSE Law Firm too....
Amy Coney Barrett...The Rose Garden Massacre...

Remember in 2017 Donald Trump released the JFK files on Hillary's bday too. All of this was synced to Charles Manson....and recall Ruth Bader Ginsburg was synced to Charles Manson...She died 5 months 25 days before her bday. 
Helter Skelter Theory=525
Ruth Bader Ginsburg=194
Charles Manson=194(FB)

Ginsburg also died 132 days before Amy Coney Barrett's bday.. She is a Catholic. 
Catholic Church=132

I'm really curious about the dates 11/12 and 11/19 this year as they are important to Charles Manson. 
November Rain/Reign...Guns N Roses..

11/19 is 212 days after Queen Elizabeth's bday. 
King Charles=212(FB)
Recall that King Charles I was born on 11/19. 
King Charles I=194(FB)
Prince Charles of Wales=212

Better yet is that Rose McGowan was in the news today over Hillary Clinton's birthday Tweet. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Former 49ers player Dana Stubblefield sentenced for Raping the Babysitter


A few other people shared this with me on Facebook, but it's such a concrete example I have to document about it on the blog. 
Dana Stubblefield gets sentenced for raping the babysitter his babysitter on 4/9 of the year 2015. He gets sentenced exactly 49 weeks after his 49th birthday. 
He played for the San Francisco 49ers. 
He also wore the number 94, the reflection of 49. 

He also won a Super Bowl with the 49ers in the 94' season. 
The season where they won in their 49th season scoring 49 points over the San Diego Chargers. The lead rusher was Steve Young with 49 yards and the QB for the Chargers threw 49 pass attempts. 

The GM of the Chargers was Bobby Beathard too, and now the 49ers have CJ Beathard. Last year his brother died before the 49ers made the Super Bowl. 

It's also interesting that Joe Montana's final season was the 94' season. Recall a month ago that his grandchild was supposedly almost kidnapped in Los Angeles/Malibu... I find this interesting because Dana Stubblefield was sentenced just after the 49ers beat the Los Angeles Rams....and the Chargers now play in Los Angeles too. 

Stubblefield was also sentenced 23 days before his birthday too. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Lakers call Duncan Robinson Jimmy Neutron and Sheen during NBA Finals


I have never watched Jimmy Neutron, or at least the whole movie or TV show...but I'm pretty sure the film involves Space from what I remember.....just thinking about the connection to China and the Rockets when I saw this story.....Robinson also played for Michigan which is important to Apollo 15..

Duncan Robinson=64


Robinson pointed out that they were calling him "Sheen" from the TV show as well....

The character is named "Sheen Estevez", which has to be a play on Charlie Sheen who is also Carlos Estevez. Just think about Two and a Half Men/Charlie Rose being important...

It is funny though, because I think Robinson does look a lot like Sheen Estevez lol. 

Ice Cube in the news days after I blogged about Ice Cube and Children of the Korn


It's funny that I blogged about Ice Cube a few weeks ago and then less than a week later on 10/16 he was in the news. It was again headline news on today. 

That's all I want to blog about at this time. 

10/16 was 127 days after his birthday. 

Zachery Ty Bryan arrested in Oregon on 10/16 for strangling his girlfriend


Zachery Ty Bryan=191, 187
Home Improvement=191
Carly Matros=145, 46, 71
Catholic=145, 46, 71
Society of Jesus=191, 187
Remember back in March I had synchronicity with Toy Story and then found out Buzz Lightyear is actually voiced by Tim Allen and not George Clooney.....I wonder if there is something important to that..
That synchronicity was on 3/10 which was 7 months 6 days before this happened on the day leaving 76 days in the year. 
I also find it interesting because that was the day my grandpa Behrendt died..
The synchronicity involved my cousin Nicole too...
I only find it interesting because my grandpa and my dad are very similar to Tim the Toolman except they don't get injured or break things all the time. 
Zachery Ty Bryan's bday is 10/9
Don Behrendt=109(Grandpa)

Zachery Ty Bryan I also remember from the film "First Kid"...which is about the White House and the Secret Service..
Zachery Ty Bryan is also from Aurora, Colorado and Tim Allen's birthday leaves 201 days in the year. 

Jeff Bridges has Lymphoma-Bridge Theme-Steelers-Rose Bridge named after Rose Kennedy-Pope Francis elects 13 Cardinals including First Black US Prelate Wilton Gregory


Jeff Bridges has lymphoma now? Remember how Charles Manson died in 2017, which was the year Trump called out the NFL for Kneeling connected to the Eagles....Super Bowl 52 was connected to Bridge symbolism and the Big Lebowski hates the fucking Eagles. 

Jeff Bridges=55

The upcoming Super Bowl is SB 55. 

This story comes a span of 112 days before the Super Bowl and also the Super Bowl is 65 days after Jeff Bridges 56th bday....


Bridge Collapse=65

The FIU bridge collapsed after SB 52...FIU founded in 65'. 

Super Bowl=112

This doesn't mean the Eagles will be in the Super Bowl either, but there is a connection to them though. They played the Ravens the day before this announcement....the Ravens important to Kneeling/Charles Manson....they then played the Thursday Night Game agains the Giants...

Honestly the Bridge symbolism makes me think about the Pittsburgh Steelers who are playing well this year....they are the City of Bridges....Also the last time they won a Super Bowl was in SB 43 that was held in Tampa Bay...just like SB 55. Another reason I wonder about the Steelers is because of the Rose symbolism and the Antwon Rose story earlier this year. 

I figured I would search "Rose Bridge" and the first thing that came up was a bridge in Ireland named after JFK's mother Rose Kennedy....Notice her name though....she is the 6th American woman to become a Papal countess of the Holy Roman Empire...

Rose Kennedy=187(FB)

JFK died in the 187th year of the United States. 

Society of Jesus=187

Remember how JFK was important to Charles Manson too. 

Pius XII was the Pope during World War II as well...

Rose Kennedy dying on 1/22 makes me think about Pope Francis..

Pope Francis=122

He's been in the news a lot recently too....He said Gay people are today he makes history by naming 13 cardinals today...which includes the first black cardinal Wilton Gregory. 

Of course today is 1 month 22 days before Pope Francis' bday....


Catholich Church=132

He died 56 days after the Jesuit anniversary in 1963. 

Society of Jesus=56

Remember JFK met Pope Paul VI a span of 35 days after his 46th birthday before he was assassinated too. 

Catholic=35, 46

Today is 43 days or 1 month 12 days before Wilton Gregory's birthday. 

Black Prelate=43


Wilton Gregory=64

Wilton Daniel Gregory=311(FB)

The 64th prime is 311...

Both of these numbers important to Civil Rights and JFK. 

He will become a cardinal a span of 35 days from today...



African American Catholic Cardinal=201

Wilton Gregory's bday is also 71 days after the Jesuit anniversary...


Today is also 313 days after Pope Francis' bday...He became Pope on 3/13. 

Today is also 1 month 3 days before 11/28....and he elected 13 Cardinals....became Pope in 3/13/13.