Thursday, February 28, 2019

Otto Warmbier went to the University of Virginia-Basketball-Synchronicity with the TV-Rudy and Like Mike up next-DUKE-Goonies-MIKEY

Remember how North Korea released Otto WarmbierWorm Beer) after Dennis "The Worm" went there in 2017. 
Notice Otto went to the University of Virginia. 

Now think about how the Blackface stuff was all about "Basketball" and "Virginia" my synchronicity of painting myself up as Dennis Rodman. 

Otto died age 22 at 2:20. 
Basketball=22, 68
Rodman is 22 years older than Kim Jong Un. 
Kenneth Bae born in 68'. 
Rodman went back to NK in 2013 on 9/3 which was 6 months 8 days after he first arrived on 2/26/13. 

Otto died on 6/19 which is the anniversary of King James' bday.
619 is the 114th prime number. 
Lebron James=114
Kim Jong Un=114
World War=114
Basketball Diplomacy=114
Rodman's first visit to NK was 114 days before Lebron and the Heat won the NBA Finals over the Spurs. 

While writing up this post Zamien started crying so I went upstairs and got him. I was laying on the couch with him trying to get him back to sleep and Claire was watching The Smurfs movie. I remember seeing something like my name is "Blue" and thinking about how I recently mentioned Blue again. Anyway I finally get Zamien back to sleep in his bed upstairs and I come down and sit on the couch. I look up at the TV and this is on...Up Next....Rudy and Later..."LIKE MIKE".....I mean what are the odds the film "Like Mike" is coming up on this channel considering how much I've mentioned it. Plus it's like The Smurfs...then Rudy....Then Like Mike....just seems like an odd combination of films to me. 

Plus Rudy is important because Sean Astin's mother is Patty DUKE who died less than a month before Prince in 2016. 
Sean Astin's birth name is Sean Patrick Duke as well. 

Funnier yet is that today I saw a high school kid wearing a "Goonies" shirt and I said, "oh cool you know the Goonies" because it seems many kids don't anymore. He just smiled and said "Yep", but it still stands out to me...
The Goonies set in Astoria, Oregon thinking about the Prince connection to the Portland Trail Blazers too. 

Also Sean Astin's character is "MIKEY" which is something I documented about recently.
Also Mama Fratelli(Anne Ramsey) is from Omaha, Nebraska and died on 8/11. 

Plus Notre Dame having a good football season this year and the Eagle landing on the Fan story has me thinking now..

I was also talking about books today at work and I mentioned Harrison Bergeron being a great short story and one of my favorites. 
Sean Astin portrays Harrison Bergeron in the film. 
Later in the conversation we talked about exercise equipment and I talked about the Sex machine(Nordic Rider) that my grandma used to have. Then another said she had the belt thing that shakes your fat off, and I even made a joke about doing the Truffle Shuffle and losing weight. This was before I saw the kid with the Goonies shirt....

The Goonies released on 6/7. 

I knew this was going to come up as just 2 days ago on Facebook someone had shared about the death of Duke's of Hazzard actor James Best's death. It was odd because I knew he didn't recently die...he died the same day Duke won the NCAA Championship game in 2015 because I documented about it back then. 

I always talk about the importance of the Big Bang Theory too and I know Sean Astin was on a recent episode. 

Rodman's agent is Darren PRINCE

I was trying to find footage of Rodman's wedding dress with Carmen Electra and I found out that he didn't wear it during that wedding. All of these years for some reason I thought he wore it at his wedding with Carmen Electra, but he actually just wore it to promote his book "Bad as I wanna Be". 
It's still significant because that's why I wore the costume for Halloween and also his only famous wife was Carmen Electra. Plus the connections to Prince are undeniable. 

In regards to Prince dying age 57 it is interesting that Dennis Rodman is currently 57 years old as well. 

Dennis Rodman and Hulk Hogan's agent is named Darren PRINCE as well. 

Dennis Rodman born on 5/13 and visited Korea on 2/26-Carmen Electra famous because of PRINCE

I mentioned Dennis Rodman in my video about Prince/Trailblazers last night. I was saying how May 13th or 513 was important. I didn't even realize or I forgot that Dennis Rodman's bday is 513. 
Notice the first time he ever visited North Korea was also on 2/26 which was another important thing I mentioned in the video. 
Think about the date of 8/11 as well as it is Hulk Hogan's bday. Rodman was also in the NWO and fought with Hulk Hogan. 
Think about Rodman's connection to Michael Jordan as well. I didn't really think about that until now. 
Remember on the Celebrity Death Match episode of Prince Charles vs Prince(singer) it also featured Rodman vs Michael Jordan and Steven Seagal vs David Spade. 

Think about the Blackface synchronicity I had with being Dennis Rodman on his wedding day for Halloween too. 

Look at this....just wow.....The wedding I was portraying in my costume was his wedding to Carmen Electra. Notice that she got famous after moving to Minneapolis and meeting PRINCE who produced her debut album. 

Rodman and Electra even got married on Prince Charles bday in 1998. 

I have to go grocery shopping but I will definitely look more into this when I get back. I knew Rodman was important, but I didn't see this much before. 

I just found out that Dennis Rodman didn't wear the wedding dress when he married Carmen Electra. It was to promote his book "Bad as I wanna Be" a few years before he married her. I always thought it was for his wedding to her. It's still significant, but I wanted to point this out as I didn't realize this before. Funny I've mixed it up for years. 

Facebook Notification with the number 811 in it

I just got off work and checking my email of this comment about 2/26 being 166 days before 8/11. 

Then my phone dings with a notification on Facebook. Notice it says how my band could reach up to 811 people for 100 dollars advertising our next show. 811...a pretty interesting number of people that could be reached. 

May 13th is the day the US declared War in the Mexican-American War-James Polk-Donald Trump-Wall

Last night I mentioned May 13th again. 
I noticed that May 13th was also the day the United States Declared War in the Mexican-American War. It's fitting for the controversy with the WALL. 

The president during the Mexican American War was James Polk. 
Notice he died on the 166th day of the year. 
James Knox Polk=166, 141
He also died 141 days before his bday. 

Remember how I mentioned 166 and 513 are important together. 
May Thirteenth=166

In regards to Prince it's interesting Polk's bday is 11/2...Prince dying on the 112th day and so on..

Also interesting in regards to the Wall...
James Knox Polk=68(rev red) and 185(reverse)
Donald John Trump=68 and 185

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Synchronicity with my TV just after my blogged about Prince and 513-The Office season 5 episode 13 called "Prince Family Paper".

I just finished my post about Prince in which the end of it I mentioned how the date of 5/13 was important. I closed my laptop and set it on the chair next to me and I noticed the tv info thing popped up. I accidentally set my laptop on the remote. Anyway I went to turn it off and look what is playing haha. It's season 5 episode 13 of "The Office" and it's even titled "PRINCE Family Paper". 
What are the odds?
I haven't watched any TV at all tonight. It's on a Nickelodeon channel because Claire was watching cartoons earlier and is sleeping on the couch. 
I really need to sleep, but now I'm pumped up. 

The episode even involves a guy named Roger Prince...
Prince Rogers Nelson?...

It also talks about a Cultural reference to Vietnam in the episode. What are the odds that I see happens in the beginning hour of 2/27 the date Trump is meeting Kim Jong Un in Vietnam? 

Hopefully you can read the screenshots as my computer font is all messed up again. I've fixed it over and over and it just keeps going back to blurry as hell. 

Nickelodeon=King Charles=53, 107, 190

The Office=166
May Thirteenth=166
166 was a big thing I mentioned with 513. 

Portland Trail Blazers trapped in an Elevator a riddle to the T-Wolves-Prince Jersey

What's the riddle here? Remember the Trailblazers are the team that the T-wolves started wearing their "Prince" Jerseys against in November. 
Prince died in an Elevator....
Today is 2/26. 
Prince Rogers Nelson=226
This story comes 55 days(end date) before the anniversary of Prince's death and Queen Elizabeth II's 93rd bday. 
The Jersey game was 5 months 5 days before Elizabeth's bday. 

Also think about how Karl Anthony Towns was just in a car accident. The T-wolves wore the Prince Jersey's on 11/16 against the Blazers which is the day the KAT quit being a Teen Wolf as his bday is 11/15. 

This story comes on the 57th day of the year. Remember Prince died age 57 on the night of Full Moon. 

Hotel Elevator=67
Prince died 67 days after Vanity. 
Prince born on 6/7 just like Mike Pence. 

It's also interesting that the Prince Jersey's were unveiled 156 days(5 months 5 days) after Prince's anniversary of dying and Queen Elizabeth's bday. 
Now this happens before playing the Celtics. 
Boston Celtics=156
156th prime is 911. 
Remember Enes Kanter just got dropped from the Knicks and picked up by the Blazers and he is important to the 9/11 symbolism. 

He signed with the Blazers on the first day of Lupercalia as well. 
T-wolves...Wolf...Teen Wolf...
Enes Kanter=112
The T-wolves won with 112 points over the Blazers in the Prince Jersey debut. 
Remember Prince died on the 112th day of the year just before the 112th World Series that he was synced up to. The Simpsons killed him on a episode that aired on 11/2 with Neil Armstrong and George Clooney and more...that's why it was important that Prince died on the night of the Full Moon. It was also the Full PINK Moon. 
Hotel Elevator=613(satanic)
112th prime is 613..
6/13 was important in my Youtube Copyright Claim on my Prince Video in connection to King Charles I getting married. 

Lebron James was Prince for Halloween the year before he died. Then the Cavaliers won the NBA Finals...All year was synced up to the Carolina's named in honor of King Charles. A Cavalier a follower of King Charles. 
Prince died 5 months 7 days after Prince Charles bday at the age of 57, just after Vanity died age 57 too. 

Teen Wolf=100
Prince Rogers Nelson=100

I need to go back and review my info on Prince. I know the date of 5/13 was really important to a lot of it. I've wondered about that date all year, but haven't posted much about it. I will try and listen to my old videos at work tomorrow as I am too tired tonight. Our stupid furnace has been going out and last night I couldn't get it to turn back on. So of course I had to load up the kids and go to my parents at about 2am and I didn't sleep at all. Thankfully a guy came over in the morning and fixed it for really cheap, but I can barely think I'm so tired. Peace. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Singin in the Rain filmaker Stanley Donen's Death-A Clockwork Orange

I was drawn to this story because of going to the casino with my girlfriend a decent amount of times in the past year. When we first started going I always played the "Penn and Teller" machine, but they took it out and replaced it with "Singin in the Rain". The Penn and Teller Machine always let me play a long time and I usually won a small amount of money on it. I tried the "Singin in the Rain" machine, but I didn't like it at all and haven't played it since. Almost every time we go to the casino I tell my girlfriend how I wish they had the Penn and Teller machine still, so I feel like this guy dying is significant to it. 

He died 52 days(end date) before his bday on the 52nd day of the year. 
Singin in the Rain film came out in 1952.

As much as I have mentioned the importance of the Royal Family again as of late the number 52 sticks out to me. 
Queen Elizabeth became the Queen in 1952 at the age of 25. 
I've never seen "Singin in the Rain", but notice a big piece to the movie is about the film "The Dueling Cavalier" and a musical called, "The Dancing Cavalier". 

A Cavalier is a follower of King Charles. 
Singin in the Rain=91
King Charles III=91

This story I'm sure is better for someone else who knows more about the film. Also I know there is something important to the film "A Clockwork Orange" that I somehow have never watched either. I've heard people talk about it from time to time, but I have never actually watched it. 
Especially since the guy who died is STANLEY Donen and A Clockwork Orange is STANLEY Kubrick. 

Malcom McDowell portrays the main character in A Clockwork Orange and his bday is 6/13. It only stands out because I mentioned this date a lot in 2014/2015 because of 22 Jumpstreet and it's the day King Charles married Henrietta Maria of France. 

If anyone knows more about the film please share. I've planned on watching it for about 10 years, so I probably won't get around to watching it. We'll see if it comes up more. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

Woman killed by falling rock and Ice at Yosemite National Park

A story of a 56 year old lady dying at Yosemite on the 56th day of the year. 
Xuan Wang=39, 111, 105
Yosemite=39, 111, 105

The Munsters star Beverley Owen dies at 81-Old Blog Post about the Munsters-Mighty Ducks-Teen Wolf

She dies 81 days before her bday at the age of 81. 
Beverley Owen=61
Ovarian Cancer=61

It's interesting that she was on 13 episodes before being replaced by Pat Priest as well. 
Marilyn Munster...MM...13...
They don't report it in the mainstream media until today the 56th day of the year. 
Pat Priest=56
Beverley Owen=56
This is the same day the big news story was about Cardinal George Pell being found guilty....think about how that's connected to PRIESTS. 

As much as I've mentioned the Mighty Ducks, I find it interesting that the only time I've mentioned The Munsters on my Blog was in a post about a Junior Hockey team BUS crash on 4/6/2018. 

Some of the other shows she was on are interesting as well...
KRAFT Mystery Theater and The Virginian...
Virginia has been really important this month and we just got the Robert Kraft story in the media. 

All of the mainstream articles tell us that Butch Patrick shared the news on Facebook. 
He was the werewolf boy Eddie Munster on the show...
Think about how Beverley Owen died on the 52nd day of the year, but they don't make it known until the 56th day of the year. 
Wolf=52, 56
Eddie Munster=56
All the Teen Wolf stuff I've mentioned....

Butch Patrick's real name is "Patrick Lilley"=81
Owen died 162 days before his bday. 
The Munsters=162

Cardinal George Pell found guilty on Child Sex Charges

This story comes on the 56th day of the year. 
Society of Jesus=56
George Pell=42
Child Sex=42

This comes 3 months 14 days before his bday and on Pope Francis' 71st day of his age. 
Catholic=71 and 314(eng ext)
Jorge Bergoglio=71

6/8...Pope Francis=68
Pope Francis I=68

His bday of 6/8 also stands out to me because it's the day Barbara Bush was born. She died on 4/17. 
Cardinal George Pell=417(Jewish)

He was actually found guilty on 12/11 in Australia and they couldn't report it until today which was 2/26 in Australia. 
2/26 the 57th day of the year. 
George Pell=57
He was found Guilty age 77 and it was 77 days ago. 

He was found guilty actually 187 days(end date) after his bday. 
Society of Jesus=187

The story reported today from Australia time is 7 months 1 day before the Jesuit anniversary. 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Comment on Chris Farley Video from 2014

I have to appreciate Chuck H's comment on my video with Chris Farley and "88". Notice his channel he has a playlist with 88 videos. 

I wonder who hosted SNL last night too as I think it's important. 
Farley born on 2/15.
Saturday night live=215

Maybe something to do with Japan as well. 
Chuck h=54
He sends the message on the 54th day of the year. 

Ja Rule's problems during halftime show of Bucks-Twolves game-Queen opening the Oscars

I documented back in March 2018 that we will probably see Ja Rule in the news as he is 42 years old. It was in regards to DMX going to jail. Here we are getting a Ja Rule story while he is still 42 years old. 
Halftime Show=59
Jeffrey Atkins=59
It was the Bucks 59th game of the season. 

How perfect for this to happen to Ja Rule and the next night(tonight) they make fun of his Fyre Festival on the Oscars. 
Notice the Oscars doesn't have a host tonight and it opened up with Queen playing "We will Rock You". How fitting to what I have been saying. 

Ja Rule is also wearing a # 34 Ray Allen jersey for the Bucks which is interesting too. Right now the Bucks star is Giannis who wears # 34. 
Ray Allen=34

Ja Rule says he cursed the T-wolves on just makes me think there is something important to the original Teen Wolf Kevin Garnett. Allen and Garnett playing with each other in Boston. Garnett is currently 42 years old as well. 
Remember the death of Flip Saunders was a lot to do with 223 and this game was played on 2/23. 
Flip Saunders bday was 2/23 along with former Teen Wolf Andrew Wiggins. 
Saunders announced his cancer on the 223rd day of the year which is also 8/11. 
I can't remember it all, but even the Tribute game to Flip against the Lakers had a total score of 223 points. 

All of that stuff connected to Teen Wolf/Space Jam....they just announced when Space Jam 2 will release...Also Marian Marcus pointed out the R. Kelly stuff is important as he wrote the main songs on Space Jam. "I believe I can Fly".