Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Moon in Hebrew Gematria sums to 38 and 218-Synchronicity with Peppa Pig and the Moon


I am so tired for some reason, but I checked my email just before laying down and I saw this comment...
In light of my last post about James Bond/Moon....this is very interesting considering how 2/18 is 3 months 8 days after my 38th bday. 
It's also interesing that James Bond sums to 185.

Since I did "Moon" I figured I would look at "Sun"..
Notice it sums to 10 and 55...just like..
God=10 and 55
Satan=10 and 55
10th Triangular and 10th Fibonacci is 55. 
So on..
I remember getting a Facebook comment the other night to check out this comment too. I'm pretty sure I read it while DJing and then forgot, but I honestly had no idea what to respond either. It's just funny as it's about Bond and the Sun and Moon. 

It never fails to have synchronicity either lol. As I'm writing this post up I randomly hear the TV say something like "We really are going to the Moon"...Of course, it's a Peppa Pig episode where they learn about the planets/moon and pretend to go there..

I love how it says, "A Trip to the Moon; NUMBERS" too. 
Peppa Pig=86
This stands out to me considering Peppa Pig was in the news right around the time of the 8/11 stuff during the Chinese Pig year too. I've been relating the date 8/6/2022 to 8/11/2019. 
Plus randomly documented about Pork last night and 666. 
The episode originally came out on 11/11/2009...
Notice it's the 21st episode of the 3rd season too. 
This is the year 21'. 

A Trip To the Moon=189

Thinking about it too....1/27 is a span of 2 months 18 days after my bday and this sync happened after it was on 1/27. 
1/28 will be 2 months 18 days as well..

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  1. Tomorrow on 1/28 I am 497 months and 3 days old.....4973=666. Prime Number