Monday, October 31, 2016

Ferris Bueller's Day Off..2016 World Series-Death of Gordie Howe, 1984 Cubs Season

In my last post I talked about the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off and how it was foreshadowed by a sign after the game. 
Anyway I watched the movie last night. 
The opening scene it starts off with him faking to be sick. Just want to point out his blanket with Native Americans on it. 

The point in the film is basically to get his friend Cameron out of his shell and stand up to his dad. Notice for most of the movie he wears a Gordie Howe Jersey. 
It doesn't seem like that big of a deal except for this movie is set in Chicago so seems a little strange he's wearing a Detroit Red Wings Jersey. Also Gordie Howe died on June 10th 2016 age 88. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
He also died 71 days after his bday. 
Cubs haven't won in 71 years. 
Detroit is connected to the Curse of the Billy Goat and Curse of Rocky Colavito. 
Detroit=37, 91
Chicago Cubs=91
Detroit Red Wings=82, 91
Chicago Illinois=82, 91
Chicago Cubs=91
Cleveland Indians=67

Interesting too as I'm noticing this after Game 5 of the World Series. Gordie Howe died the day after Game 5 of the Stanley Cup. 
Howe also died on the 162nd day this year. 
Major League Baseball=162
162 Regular season games. 

He also died 145 days before a potential Game 7. 
Chicago Illinois=145
It's the 145th MLB season, and 145 years since the Great Chicago Fire. 

Notice the guy who plays Cameron also born on 7/1 and from Cleveland.

In the movie they also go see a Cubs game at Wrigley. The scene is pretty short but they mention Lee Smith pitching when Ferris catches the foul ball. 
Lee Smith=91
He was the pitcher for the Cubs. 

He made his MLB debut with the Cubs on 9/1 of 1980. 

There's also a lady wearing a 1984 Cubs National League Champions sweater. 
Not that big of a deal but interesting when you look that team up. 
Notice they show us seat 104 as well...I'm assuming Ferris is in 102 or 106?
10/4 is the day that leaves 88 days in the year. 

1984 was the first time Cubs made the post season since the Curse of the Billy Goat as well. 

Cubs coach that year was from Cleveland. 

Cubs GM was born on 8/4.....The 1984 Cubs...

He was also the first Cubs executive to clash with the City of Chicago over getting lights at Wrigley Field. They got them in 1988. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

Another interesting thing that could possibly be nothing...but makes me wonder as I keep mentioning the significance of Teen Wolf. When at the parade the movie theater is playing Teen Wolf and Godzilla 85. Obviously these movies came out around the same time, but still interesting as there are a ton of other movies that could've been on that sign.
There was also a 33 address I forgot to take a screenshot of during this parade. 
There's a scene where Ferris' dad is reading the newspaper and it says "Baseball, shame, cocaine".  
Now isn't that interesting in regards to the Jose Fernandez story. They just let us a know a few days ago how he had Cocaine in his system during his boat wreck.
Of Course what would a movie be without putting a 1 eye symbol in it lol. 

At the end of the movie Ferris comes back in and says the movies over and to go home. 
Notice how Wikipedia highlights "It's over" also. 
It's over=108

Game 5 World Series..Curse of the Billy Goat 88, 223..Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Cubs win game 5 with a score of 3-2. 

Curse of the Billy Goat=88, 223

Aroldis Chapman pitches the most innings he's ever pitched and it was 2 and 2/3rds innings lol. 

I need to go back and watch games 3 and 4 but just like games 1 and 2 we got significant happenings in the game on the 88th pitch. Lester throws a hit that makes the score 3-2 on his 88th pitch. 

I noticed too that the Cubs tied the game at 1 on Bryant's HR on Trevor Bauer's 48th pitch. 
Indians haven't wont since 48'...yada yada yada. 
Game 6 is on 11+1+20+16=48

Also at the end of the game some of the signs in the background stuck out to me. 
Iowa Hawkeyes for Cubs? 
Iowa Hawkeyes=55, 145
Chicago Illinois=46, 55, 145
Chicago Cubs=46, 55

A bunch of stuff I have talked about with the Cubs and the Omaha Indians stems back to the death of "Kyle Calloway"=145(Iowa and Buffalo Bills) and also Brandon Scherff( Iowa) and also plays for the Washington Redskins. 

Also the sign that says "I'm Abe Froman". 
Hawkeyes=34, 43, 52, 97
I'm Abe Froman=52, 97

Sausage King of Chicago=91, 181 (Ferris Bueller's Day off)
Chicago Cubs=46, 55, 91
Chicago, Illinois=82, 91
Hawkeyes for Cubs=64, 73, 82, 181

Abe Froman is from the film "Ferris Buellers Day Off". I might try and watch that movie tonight. It's been years since I've watched it, but I wonder if it has some clues? 

Notice the movie came out on the 162nd day of the year. 
Major League Baseball=162
Play 162 regular season games. 
Also the movie is 103 minutes. Cubs 103 Regular season wins. 
Today was 10/30.....103?
June 11th is also 11/6...Indians in 116th season. 

Matthew Broderick of course 54 years old right now. 

Broderick turned 54 years old 223 days ago even. 

Interesting if the series goes to 7 games it will be 226 days after his bday. 
Ferris Buellers Day Off=226

Another thing that is odd to me today the first time I looked at my clock today is was 1:12. Then tonight when I went upstairs to start watching the game it was exactly 1 hour 12 minutes into the game. 
112th World Series. 
Ha just realized too it says I have 71 recordings. 
Cubs haven't won a World Series game at Wrigley in 71 years. 

I've missed so much stuff the past few days, but the score of 3-2 or 2-3 reminds me a lot of some of the football games this weekend. 
I noticed Nebraska lost in OT 23-17.  # 23 of Wisconsin scored the 23rd point even. 
Then the Mich vs Mich St. game was 32-23. 

Also the score of 3-2 and it makes the series 3-2 as well. 
32nd prime is 131

I'm still noticing in every game they say Back to Back multiple times too. I mean it's not like I've never heard the phrase before but they say it so many times when they don't need to. If the Indians don't win the World Series, I will still be baffled as to why they keep saying it in every sport constantly. There is for sure a reason it keeps being said this year. 
Back to Back=24, 33, 42, 69
Back to Back=414(English)
Back to Back=182(Jewish)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Clinton Email Story 10/30/16. Donald Trump

We got this story today about emails on Anthony Weiner's computer and how they might be connected to Hillary Clinton. 
The only thing I want to document in this story is the time of the video 1:38. 
Donald Trump=138

Wild Bison appear at standing rock, Some thoughts on the World Series, Italy Earthquakes

I just saw this article on Facebook. I mean seriously there's a bunch of native american stuff piling up in the mainstream media. How is it not obvious to people that the Indians are in the World Series. 

Sorry by the way, I have been meaning to make videos and post more stuff but haven't had the chance. I had a bunch of gigs this week that I had to get ready for which took a lot of time learning a bunch of songs I do not know for Halloween shows. 
On top of that my girlfriend quit her job and started working a new one that's about 1/3 of the income she was bringing in. So I've been trying to find a job again too. 

Anyway I just wanted to post this article as I thought it was funny. The guy in the video on the link seems to me to be acting too. 
Bison Show up at Standing Rock Protest

In regards to the World Series I guess it's not over yet but it sure seems the Indians could possibly be winning. Possibly they are going to blow the 3-1 lead like the Warriors. I didn't even get to watch game 3 or 4 but in games 1 and 2 it sure seemed to be pointing towards the Indians winning it. My mind will be blown if the Indians do win and the Back to Back Championship stuff I mentioned forever truly was for Cleveland. Ha it will actually make so much sense as to why I was wrong with the NBA Finals. 

Wild Bison=44, 107
We just got another Earthquake Story in Italy today as well. 
Earthquake=44, 107
Cleveland Indians=67
I noticed that before these Earthquakes during the World Series, the last time Italy had an Earthquake in the media was August 24th. 
The Indians lost to the A's  5-1 that day. 
The A's were the team who swept the World Series in 1989 that had the Earthquake. 

One last thought as I'm looking at the games played so far. I've stated that I wonder what the actual Curse of the Billy Goat is? It's not exactly clear as to what it is.  
Cubs to never "Make" the WS again?
Cubs to never "Win" the WS again?
I also read somewhere that the Curse was that the Cubs will never win another WS game at Wrigley. 
If that is the case.....Interesting the only game they have won so far was in Cleveland and not at Wrigley. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Guy says Cubs will win in 2016 in his 1993 Yearbook.

Some guy supposedly predicted the Cubs to win the WS in 2016 in his 1993 yearbook.  Of Course that is 23 years ago and the year Michael Jordan announced his retirement from Basketball too. 
He supposedly had a dream as a kid that the Cubs would win this year. 

The guy's name was Michael Lee. 
Michael Lee=46, 73
Chicago Cubs=46  

His friend in the story telling us about it:
Marcos Meza=42, 114
If Cubs win the WS they will have 114 wins this season. 
Lebron James=42, 114

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Two Powerful Earthquakes in Italy- Cubs player Grover Cleveland Alexander

It's not in the US but interesting we are getting a big Earthquake story just now. I've been talking about Earthquakes for a while and how they connect up to the World Series. I wonder if this is the last of it or if we will get a few more Earthquakes in Italy along with these. 
Indians in their 116th season. 
Cleveland Indians=67

These Earthquakes come 63 days or 2 months 2 days after the last big Earthquake in Italy. 

Not sure if this is a good thing to do but I just noticed the time of the first Earthquake was 19:10 local time. I looked up the 1910 World Series and the Cubs lost to the A's. 
Funny too I accidently thought it was 19:18 and I looked up the 1918 WS in which the Cubs also lost. 

The only Cubs Hall of Famer in the 1918 World Series was Grover Cleveland Alexander. (What a name). 
Grover Cleveland Alexander=112, 247 

He's tied with most wins ever for a pitcher in the NL. He got his 373rd and Final win on August 10th 1929. 10/8.  
I know this doesn't fit in this post but felt like typing it up as I bet it fits in somewhere with the current WS. 

Anyway we'll see if anything more comes of the earthquakes possibly aftershocks. 

Game 2 of World Series Cubs win 5-1 Jason Kipnis 88th pitch.

Cubs win 5-1 in Game 2. 

My favorite play of the game was when Jason Kipnis got the Indians 1st hit of the game on Arrieta's 88th pitch. 
Kipnis then went on to score the only run for the Indians on a Wild Pitch. Kipnis hasn't done anything but play terrible until this play. He even had 2 errors in this game. So obvious he made the errors on purpose as well. He misses the catch at 2nd Base that literally was from a few feet away...I mean seriously. 

Lol it's such a joke. Even without numbers it's really obvious. 
I mean it's the World Series and we get a Wild Pitch that brings in a run. This is the 2nd time in this World Series we've also got a Walk with the bases loaded for a team to score. 

Trevor Bauer comes out of the game after 87 pitches and loses. If he would've got to 88 I'm assuming it would've changed the outcome of the game like last night when Kluber threw an 88 mph pitch on his 88th pitch and then had to leave the game. 

Cubs had first WS lead since 10/8..1945. 

Undertaker-Warriors Widow at the Cavaliers Game-Native American Theme

Undertaker and Ultimate Warriors Widow showed up to the Cleveland Cavaliers game tonight. Ha it makes more sense now as to why they won with 117 points. 
Undertaker=45, 117

It's funny because I always thought the Ultimate Warrior was a Native American and I even remember thinking about him around this time as I kept seeing stuff that seemed to go with Native Americans. I can't seem to find for sure if he was, all I can find is that he said he wasn't. Lol still weird if not as I always thought he was. 

I thought that because of his clothing and his name Warrior? 

Anyway notice he died on 4/8. The Indians haven't won since 48'. I mean really? 
Lebron wears Undertaker shirt
I have the incorrect dates on this but it's still the same amount of days. As it's supposed to be 4/6/2014 to 6/12/2016. 
(Undertakers  streak broken to when Lebron wore the Undertaker Shirt)
I also mentioned a bunch of 154's in that post and how it's connected to the Royal Family as well. 
Native Americans=154
Native Americans=1114(Jewish) 
Prince Charles born on 11/14  in 1948. 

Notice Ultimate Warrior dies age 54 too. 
Also born in Indiana(land of the Indians)

Undertaker's streak being broke made his record at Wrestlemania 21-1 even. A lot like 211, 112.  It was even broke 211 days before Nov. 2nd(end date)  11/2 or 2/11. 
Lebron shot 9 of 23 against the Knicks 211 days before the Finals began. Tyron Lue's first game as a player was on 2/11. We got the Death of Sean Rooks on 6/7 after interviewing with the Knicks. Rooks played college at Arizona who lost in the College World Series.  ROOKS(Chess), we just got the death of CHESS Records guy Phil Chess who died in Tuscon, where the Arizona University is.   So much stuff going on.  Rooks even made his NBA debut on 11/7.  Bobby Fischer(chess player) died on 1/17. 
Sean Rooks=117
112 and 117 I have been seeing a lot in connection to each other. 

Lebron wore the Ultimate Warrior shirt 127 days or 4 months 5 days ago. 
Cubs=45=Wrigley=Illinois=been cursed since 45'. 
Also remember I just posted about the 127 people arrested protesting the Pipeline on the Reservation. 

I just noticed I had more Subs on Youtube as well and figured Zach had made a video promoting me again. I found it and I'm Thankful and I will make a video explaining my thoughts on it soon. He said something about how I talk about myself a lot too and I know he didn't mean it in a bad way. The reason I do that though is because I have been somehow made a part of it. The only reason I was following the Indians for months was because Youtube and the Media were giving me clues. The Media were putting out stories that I swear they knew I would see and decode. They even had the Steve King story talking about the Harriet Tubman 20 dollar bill.  He's the Iowa Congressman in my area.  I had this Ultimate Warrior/Native America stuff in my notes way back. Lebron wore the Undertaker Shirt before Game 5 on 6/13.    613 is the 112th prime number. Youtube was also showing me June 13th by copyright claiming my old videos after I put out my death of Prince video. They copyright claimed a video I had put out on 11/25/14. It was about 22 Jumpstreet that came out on 6/13/14.  
Jumpstreet=147=World Series
Twenty Two=165
6/13 to 11/25  is 165 days.
6/13/16 was the 165th day of the year.
Scottish Rite=165
Scotland=88...Think about Back to the Future..Great Scot!
Charles Stuart=165(King Charles real name)
My 33rd bday 11/10/15 to the day they Copyright claimed the video on 4/23/16 is 165 days. 
22 Jumpstreet even 112 minutes long. 
One Hundred Sixty Five=112
The Cavaliers beat the Warriors on 6/13...112-97. 
Andre Iguodala=112  shot 6-13 that game. 
King Charles I married his wife on 6/13. 
His wife Henrietta Maria was born on 11/25(same day I put my video out). 
4/23 was the day King Charles II was coronated. 
If you include the End Date 6/13/16 was Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope too. KJV 1,189 Chapters. 
In my notes I talked about Prince's Yellow Cloud Guitar being sold to Colts Owner Jim Irsay as well. Jim Irsay born on 6/13. (Also 57 years old). There is a bunch of connections to Kevin Costner and the area I live as well. The town I live in is famous for killing Chief Yellowsmoke of the Omaha Indians...Yellow Cloud...Yellow Smoke. A whole lot of stuff that hopefully I will get some alone time tonight to make a video. I just think people need to see this as it's probably happening to others as well and possibly they don't notice it.  

Also I am sorry if I haven't commented back to anyone I've tried it just hasn't let me for the last few days. I click on Reply and it won't even load up the box so I can type a message. I even re downloaded Chrome, restarted my computer a bunch of stuff it just doesn't seem to work. 

Trump says Hillary Will start WWIII and want to fight Biden

Trump warns of WWIII if Hillary Clinton is elected. 
Interesting day for him to say this. 
World War Three=71
World War III=69, 141 

Trump also said he would love to fight Joe Biden today too. 
Trump said Biden wanted to take him to the back of the Barn, but in the article they said "Take him behind the Gym"=187
"Take him to the Back of the Barn"=106, 241
Back of the Barn=52, 106

Love=18, 54
Baseball=18, 54
Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.=108

Indians win Game 1 of WS 6-0 Power Surge, 88, and Game 2 Time Change

Indians win Game 1 with a score 6-0. 
The Curse of Rocky Colavito was on the 108th day of 1960. 

This game reminded me a lot of last years WS. We got the crazy 1st inning in which Guyer gets hit by a pitch with the bases loaded for a score.  Remember last year we got the Inside the Park Homerun in the 1st inning as well. 

I cannot get a good picture of it but we even had a power problem like last year in game 1. 
The announcer says 
Power Surge"=57, 66, 147
World Series=57, 66, 147
Sixth Inning=66, 147
When they showed the Power Surge I notice the Building they were showing had a 9 on it? Not sure what the meaning is but interesting. Also they were highlighting # 55 for the Indians on the screen as I believe he was batting. He ended up hitting the 3 run HR to make the score 6-0 too. 
Cleveland Indians=94  won 94 Regular season games. 
Fifty Five=54, 108

Also Corey Kluber left the game after the Cubs got a hit on him on his 88th pitch. 

It was even an 88mph pitch. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

I'm guessing Cubs win tomorrow as they kept telling us because of the Rain tomorrow's game is going to be played at 7:08ET. 
That means it will be 19:08ET Military. 
Cubs haven't won since 1908. 
We will see but I'm pretty sure they kept telling us this for this reason. It also makes it interesting as they would go back to Chicago and play at 19:08 Central time the next 3 games. Something worth noting although not sure it will happen. 

Interesting the Cavs won tonight too. They beat the Knicks who scored 88 points. 
117 has been a number I've seen a lot this year. 
Muhammad Ali born on 1/17...Dwayne Wade born on 1/17. 
Parkinsons disease=117
Prince died 1 month 17 days before his bday. 
Nebraska in it's 117th season being the Huskers. 
A whole lot more. 

Cleveland Indians=67
Prince born on 6/7.