Thursday, July 28, 2016

Death of Chief David Bald Eagle/Dances with Wolves Actor..Civil War/Native American Theme

Dances with Wolves Actor David Bald Eagle Jr died according to CNN. Today was the first day I've seen this article on the main page although he died on 7/22. 
If you have been following my posts/videos I have been mentioning a Native American theme I keep seeing. Which ties into the area that I live as well. 
So I find it interesting that we get this death and also how it mentions he is known for being in the movie Dances With Wolves. 

Dances with Wolves even involves the American Civil War which has been interrelated into multiple media stories. 
Notice Chief David Bald Eagle dies age 97.
Civil War=97
David Bald Eagle Jr.=117, 63
Native American=135, 63

I also find it interesting CNN says he's also known for a recent movie called "Neither Wolf Nor Dog". 
Lupercalia is another festival that has been connected. It's a Roman Festival where they celebrate and sacrifice a Wolf in Honor of the Shewolf who suckled Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome. 
So this guy's 2 famous movies according to CNN both involve Wolves. 

He also dies 3 months 14 days after his 97th bday. 
He dies on 22/7.   22/7=3.14
"Twenty Two divided by Seven"=314

He was born on 4/8 or 8/4. 
Notice CNN in the video takes off the Jr. in his name. 
Chief David Bald Eagle=84

Wiki also says his real name is David William Bald Eagle. 
David William Bald Eagle=87, 168
Queen Elizabeth II=87, 168

Wiki also says he was referred to as Chief David Beautiful Bald Eagle. 
Chief David Beautiful Bald Eagle=118, 217

Kevin Costner the Star of Dances with Wolves born on 1/18. 

Kevin Costner also portrays Jim Garrison in the movie JFK. I only mention this because Jim Garrison was born in Denison, Iowa. I mentioned this place in regards to Washington Redskins player Brandon Scherff who was from Denison, Iowa along with Steve King who doesn't want Tubman on the $20. 

I also mentioned the town I live in is responsible for killing the Last Keeper of the Sacred Pole of the Omaha Indians..Chief Yellowsmoke.  Denison is about 20 minutes from where I live and has Yellowsmoke Park. Oddly enough, I am going camping there this weekend for my daughters birthday. 
Also David Bald Eagle was part of the Lakota tribe. Which is 1 of the Sioux Tribes. I just made a video on Flight 232 in Sioux City even. Pretty weird. 

Kevin Costner=155
The Civil War began 155 years ago. 
Tomorrow July 29th leaves 155 days in the year. 
It will also be 262 days after my 33rd bday. 

Notice he was also 71 years 7 months 1 day old when Dances with Wolves released in the US. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Aroldis Chapman to Cubs Prince/Royalty Theme I Pet Goat II, World War III

Interesting headline calling Hal Steinbrenner Prince. Remember Prince Charles might become King George VII instead of Charles III. 
I later mention the Curse of the Billy Goat and Back to the Future in this post. 
Marty Mcfly=134
Prince Hal Steinbrenner=112  This year we have the 112th World Series. 

The Cubs get him 112 days after their first game of the season on 4/4. It was also 112 days after the Yankees 1st scheduled game of the season in which they were playing the Houston Astros but was postponed.
Remember Prince (Singer) died on the 112th day. The Simpsons killed him on 11/2. They killed him with "George Timothy Clooney"=112.  Also Neil Armstrong who was the first to Walk on the Moon. Apollo Eleven=134 
Neil Armstrong=66=Charles  

He was also traded the same day the Yankees played Houston Again. 

So he was traded to the Cubs from the Yankees. 
New York Yankees=191, 65
Yankees=80=King Charles III
Miami=45 (Back to Future)
Sports Flash=45(Back to Future)
The Cubs have only won 2 World series. World Series 4 and 5. 
Curse of the Billy Goat from 1945 WS.  Billy Sianis kicked out in 4th inning with 5 left. 
Billy Sianis died 10/22/1970  so 45 years ago until this year. 
Billy Sianis=131=Prince Charles
It's still connected to Back to the Future as 1885 is 131 years ago and they use Train # 131 to push the Delorean Back to Oct. 27th 1985. The day that leaves 65 days in the year. (Prince) Also 31 years ago this year. 
Thirty One=134=King Charles III

The Chalkboard in I Pet Goat II is missing the U, I, and O. 
It has the backwards Love on the board as well. 
Love=54  But think about it Backwards Evol=45  
Forty Five=45
Fifty Four=45
Valentines is on the 45th day of the year. Valentines is the 2nd day of Lupercalia the Roman Festival in which they sacrifice a Goat and a Dog/Wolf.
The Pet Goat=45(Book George Bush was reading on 9/11).
The 45th prime is 197. 
We are also in an election year for the 45th president. 

Notice he's wearing # 54 for the Cubs as well. 

Cubs even get him on a day they lose to White Sox 5-4. 

The 45 also reminds us of the end of World War II in 1945. 
Which will be 71 years ago in on 9/2/16. 
Seventy One=45
Chapman traded 92 days before World Series begins. 
World War Three=71
World War II came to and End 71 days before the 21st anniversary of WWI ending. 
August 12th 2016 will be 21 days before the 71st anniversary of WWII ending.   
August 12th also leaves 141 days in the year. 
World War III=141
Twenty One=141
Cubs in their 141st season
One Four One=128, 56    
August 12th is 12/8(Pennsylvania stuff) 8+12+20+16=56
Also August 12th known as the Glorius Twelfth. 
Glorius Twelfth=69
World War III=69 

Check that out. The MLB strike that cancelled the World Series in 1994 even began on August 12th 1994. 
Which also means that this will be the 107th World Series Since the Cubs last won. 
King Charles=107 
Chapman is 28 years old.  28th prime is 107. 

8/12 also 18 days after the Trade. 
Chicago Cubs=46
8/12 to the 46th anniversary of Sianis death is 71 days.
Back to the Future Day in 2015...10/21 leaves 71 days in the year. 
Cubs lost playoffs last year to Mets on 10/21 with a 4-5 playoff record. It was even their 171st game. 17 and 71. 
The first ever MLB Game was on 5/4/1871.  It was also 5 months 4 days before the Great Chicago Fire that began on 10/8/1871.  
The Cubs haven't won a world series since 1908 or 108 years ago. 
Willis Tower in Chicago is 108 stories tall. 
1871 was 145 Years ago. 
Chicago Illinois=145
One Hundred Forty Five=108
Obama Starts laughing in I Pet Goat II at 1:08. 
Obama and Lincoln only presidents out of Illinois.
Just before the building collapses in I Pet Goat II they show us Psalm 23 on the wall. 
Psalm Twenty Three=71

Notice the 1:45 video. 
Chicago, Illinois=145

Today also 25/7. 
257th is the 55th prime. 
Chicago Cubs=46, 55, 91

July 25th 2016 was also the 207th day of the year. 
One Hundred Ninety Seven=207

I know the Astro's have been mentioned but I have mentioned a native american type theme I've noticed lately. Interesting Chapman was traded 148 days after his bday on 2/28. 

The Indians are cursed as well because of a trade in 1960.  Rocky Colavito and they got Harvey Kuenn.

 Interesting in regards to August 12th being connected to Philadelphia/Pennsylvania and I just made another big post about the Rocky Film as well.
Cleveland Indians=148 Harvey Kuenn dies on 2/28/88. Which was Chapman's Bday. 
He also played 54 games for the Cubs in 1965...Prince=65
Harvey Kuenn=54, 144
Baseball=18, 54
He played a total of 57 games for Cubs. He also died age 57. 
Fifty Seven=131=Prince Charles=Championship
World Series=57
Major League=45, 108(Baseball and reminds me of Film with Indians).
Hal Steinbrenner ruthless as King George...Hal also 46 years old born in 1969 the year Armstrong landed on the moon. 
Chicago=46=Chicago Cubs
Steinbrenner=62, 71
King George=62, 71

My previous post was all about the 17 and 71 as well in regards to Football. Next year will be year 17'. 

In the beginning I mentioned how Prince Charles could also become King George VII. 
King George VII=84, 138
Donald Trump=138
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
Evol T  N=88(I Pet Goat II Chalkboard)
Remember Bob Gale said Bif Tannen was based off of Donald Trump. Time Travel Speed is 88mph. Plutonium is the Gas/made Atomic Bomb. 
August 12th to Election Day is 88 days. 
Election Day is 11/8  11X8=88 even. 
August 8th or 8/8 leaves 145 days in the year. 
Back to the Future III came out on the 145th day of 1990.
Doc Brown discovers Time Travel on 11+5+55=71
Flux Capacitor=59=Back to the Future=Mcfly
Fifty Nine=108, 54 

Anyway got to go to bed, but need to go back and watch some of my old videos for information I don't have in my notes. I know there's more connected to the 45/54 stuff. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Death of Sam Foltz, Mike Sadler connected to Teen Wolf, Death of Lawrence Phillips/Obama's visit to Omaha and Baton Rouge/ LSU vs Nebraska 1971, Superbowl 51

There is a whole lot of stuff connected to these deaths. I have been following the Nebraska Cornhusker's since February 2015 because of the movie Teen Wolf and the NBA All Star Week. The All Star Week was on Feb. 13-15. Which is also when the Roman Festival called Lupercalia falls each year. Lupercalia celebrates and sacrifices a wolf in honor of the Shewolf that suckled Romulus and Remus who founded Rome.  During the All Star Game A teen Wolf Andrew Wiggins won the Rising Star Challenge MVP and then his teammate another Teen Wolf Zach Lavine won the Slam Dunk Contest and did the Space Jam Dunk. Almost 2 weeks later the T-wolves got Kevin Garnett Back. Garnett was the original Teen Wolf of the NBA. 
They got him back on the 56th day of 2015 for Thaddeus Young. 
Thaddeus Young=56(Former 76er who wore # 21)
Kevin Garnett=56
 Flip Saunders died 5 months 6 days after Garnett's bday. 
Fifty Five=56
Target Center=55

Garnett also shares a bday with Malcolm X. Garnett's best friend Malik Sealy died on 5/20 after Garnett's bday party.
Garnett's rookie season was when Flip Saunders became the head coach of the T-wolves. He became the coach on the 21st game that season. Garnett wore # 21, they won 21 games that season and finished 12th in the West.   Garnett left the Wolves after 12 seasons to Boston, then Flip Saunders dies just before the beginning of Garnett's 21st season.  
I even talked about Moses Malone who died last year was the first player out of High School to play in the ABA. Darryl Dawkins who also died last year was the first player out of High School to play in the NBA. Then Garnett was the first Teen Wolf. 
Moses Malone played pro bball for 21 seasons. Has record for most offensive rebounds in a game with 21. First game in the NBA when he was 21 years 212 days old. His team won by 21 against Milwaukee. He averaged 21 points 12 rebounds with the 76ers, and  finished his career with the "Spurs"=21. 
Malone and Dawkins both famous 76er's.  A ton more connections to Philadelphia as well, but need to move on for now. 

 I've also mentioned the X theme in regards to the Superbowl and the race stuff in the news constantly. Malik Sealy was even named after Malcolm X. Aka (Malik el Shabazz=56)Nebraska, Cornhuskers play in Lincoln, Nebraska...Think about Lincoln in regards to the Civil War. 
Abraham Lincoln=60
Lincoln, Nebraska=60
Lincoln died age 56 in year 65' in April=56(only month)

Notice 7/23 also the day that leaves 161 in the year. It's also 161 days after Lupercalia began. 
American Civil War=161
Michael Andrew Fox=161

The reason Teen Wolf is so significant to the Huskers is the movie has multiple parts with Nebraska stuff in the background. The movie is not set in Nebraska, and also wasn't filmed in Nebraska so it seems odd. 

Husker Calendar..

Nebraska License Plate..

When he turns into the wolf, he joins the school play. The play that is about the Civil War. Think about it. Abe Lincoln..Lincoln, Nebraska. 

The team in the movie is named the Beavers, which is based off the Oregon State Beavers mascot. 

Last year was Mike Riley's 1st year coaching Nebraska. He's known for coaching the Oregon State Beavers though. What are the odds of that? 
Interesting too that he was born on 7/6 or 6/7.  He was hired in place of Bo Pelini who had 67 wins in Nebraska and was born in 1967.  Last year the Huskers went 5-7 and somehow got a bowl game. They beat UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl  to become 6-7  in Levi's Stadium where SB 50 was held as well. The reason UCLA was fitting was because during the NBA 2015 All Star week I mentioned the Love Theme as well as Valentines falls on the 2nd day of Lupercalia. Kevin Love came from the Twolves for Andrew Wiggins to the Cavs. Kevin Love from UCLA. Zach Lavine(Loving) also from UCLA. Russell Westbrook won the MVP of the All Star game also from UCLA.

So anyway I've recapped a bit, but lets move on to why the the death of Sam Foltz, Mike Sadler. The accident also involved Colby Delahoussaye of LSU. 

First off Mike Sadler a former punter for Michigan State. I know Mich St. Is the Spartans, but Michigan the Wolverine State even. 

I've just mentioned a lot about Omaha and Baton Rouge are important because after Obama gave his Final State of the Union Address he visited Omaha and Baton Rouge(LSU). 
When he came to Omaha he gave a speech at UNO. University of Northern Omaha. UNO is connected to University of Nebraska as it's part of the University of Nebraska System. 
That's why it's interesting Nebraska finished 6-7 with a coach born on 6-7 last year. 
Alton Sterling=67
Philando Castile=67
Blue Lives Matter=67
Established in Louisiana on 5+26+20+16=67
Both stories were in the news on 6/7. 
Blood Sacrifice=67
I even mentioned how it possibly connects to LSU having a good season because "Leonard Fournette"=76, Leslie Edwin Miles=76
Fournette supposed to be the next Adrian Peterson which I will show why that's interesting later on in this post. 

Notice how the time it shows in the Espn article has the 43 in a bigger font? 43 is special to this story. 

Nebraska's first game this season is against Fresno State on 9/3 or 3/9. 
Fresno State=43

Notice Foltz dies 43 days before Nebraska's first game. 

With the Name Cornhuskers, Nebraska has even won 43 Conference Championships. 
The Civil War also has many connections to 34/43. 
Civil War=43
Lincoln born on 43rd day of the year. He died 4 years 3 days after the Civil War began. 
Kansas became the 34th and last state to join the Union 34 days before Lincoln became the president on 3/4. 
The 20th amendment changed a president from starting on 3/4 to 1/20. The first president to begin his presidency on 1/20 was the 34th president and 43rd term president Eisenhower. 

They were coming back from a Kicking Camp in Wales, Wisconsin. 
Located on 43N. 
Mike Sadler=43
Think about Wales, In regards to Prince Charles of Wales who I keep mentioning. The Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles have been especially connected to multiple media stories. 

Notice Mark Dantonio tweets at 1:34pm. 
King Charles III=134

These deaths even come 197 before Super Bowl 51. 
Even 93 days after the Death of Prince (singer) 39/93
I'll show why it's connected to NFL in a bit. 

Notice he was born on 3/9. 
Sadler wore # 3.  Foltz wore 27=2+7=9
So their numbers break down to 39. 
The first game of the season this year is on 9/3 or 3/9. 
Foltz was 22.  "Twenty Two"=39

Last year Nebraska upset Mich St. and Beat them with 39 points. 
Nebraska even got their 39th point by a catch from Brandon Reilly who was being covered by # 39 of Mich St. It was Reilly's 41st career reception. 
In this game there was a ton of 14 and 41. 
Mich St. became 4-1 in the Big 10. 
Mich St. final drive began on the 41 with 14 seconds left. They threw a pass that got them to the other 41 yard line. If Mich St would've made a FG they would've won with 41 points, but they didn't and then didn't score and lost. They dropped back in the Rankings after this game to # 14. 
Nebraska's defense had to win this game, it makes sense. 
Bob Devaney=41 (coach when Blackshirts began)
Skull and Bones=41
Memorial=41 (Where Nebraska plays)
Husker Fans=41
Red N=41
The 14th prime is 43. 
The game last year was also played on 11/7. 
Notice we get these deaths with Nebraska going into it's 117th season being named the Cornhuskers. 

What I also find interesting in regards to this story is all the people involved were Kickers/Punters. 
Punt=17, 71
Field Goal=71
Last year I mentioned a lot of 17 and 71 in regards to the Huskers. 
Their stadium is also referred to as the "Sea of Red". 
Which reminds us of Moses. 
The Ten Commandments=71
Superbowl Fifty=71
Which was played at Levi's Stadium. 
 (Moses from the Tribe of Levi) Nebraska beat UCLA in Levi's Stadium. 
We even had the Syrian Exodus. I mentioned the story before the Mich St/Nebraska  was about Barak and Josiah Price. Both Names associated with the Law in the Bible. Moses was the Lawgiver. 
We got Texas Judge Julie Kocurek who was shot outside her home the day before the game. Then of course we got the death Antonin Scalia on the first day of Lupercalia. 
They made it clear Barak Price was 13 years old as well. 13th prime is 41. 
Josiah Price is also known for his game winning Catch against Ohio St. in the Big 10 Championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium. (Where the Colts Play). 

Anyway the other player in the accident was LSU player Colby Delahoussaye. In regards to LSU and Nebraska it reminds me that Nebraska won it's first ever National Title on 1/1/71. 

Nebraska won with 17 points. 
Orange Bowl=112
Sam Foltz=112

Notice 43 days is also 1 month 12 days. 

Notice Super Bowl 51 is also played in Houston this year. 
It's also the year of the 112th World Series. 
Kohls Kicking Camp=162=Major League Baseball that plays 162 regular season games. 
Andrew Luck=112
Some other interesting 112's. 
Ohio State=112

The reason I mention the SB is because the 1971 Orange Bowl was the first to use artificial turf. 17 days later on 1/17/71 the first ever Superbowl to use artificial turf was played as well. It was played in Miami at the Orange Bowl. 
This coming SB will be in year 17'. 
1/17  reminds us of the Nebraska vs Mich St game on 11/7 too. 
Poly Turf=43 It was the competitor of AstroTurf.  Houston..Astro's. 
Before the AstroDome the Astro's played in Colt Stadium. 

Notice it was the Colts who beat the Cowboys. It was also the first modern era SB. 

The first Superbowl played in Houston was Superbowl 8. The Miami Dolphins beat the Minnesota Vikings. 

The same weekend Nebraska beat Michigan State last year was the weekend Teddy Bridgewater got knocked out. 

Bridgewater was knocked out by Lamarcus Joyner. Notice they are both from Miami. 

Joyner playing for the Rams also reminds me of the death of former Cornhusker Lawrence Phillips. 
He played for the Rams for almost 2 seasons, but got let go and picked up by the Miami Dolphins for 2 games. He's also responsible for the retirement of Steve Young as he missed a block that gave him a concussion.  
Anyway notice Lawrence Phillips dies on Jan. 13th.  That was the day Obama was in Omaha giving a speech at UNO. 
Also I want to point out the only time Michigan State has Played LSU was in the Independence Bowl in 1995. They lost 45-26.  This was also Lawrence Phillips senior season at Nebraska in which they won the national championship against Florida. It was also a Back to Back Championship as they beat Miami they previous year. 

He dies 192 days before Sam Foltz. 
Foster Farms Bowl=192 (Foltz last game)
Colby Delahoussaye=192 (LSU player who survived)
Indianapolis Colts=75, 192
Minnesota Vikings=75, 201 
Vikings lost SB 9 in 1975 as well. 
It's also 6 months 10 days. Which stands out considering the Miami Dolphins were 6-10 last season. 
Colts originally from Baltimore as well. Where the 1st death of the Civil War was. 
Dolphins=43, 97
Civil War=43, 97
Mike Sadler=43, 97

"Teddy" also reminds us of Teddy Roosevelt who gave a speech at Falcon Heights Minnesota where Philando Castile died. He gave a speech just days before Mckinley died. Obama gave a speech at Mckinley HS in Baton Rouge after going to Omaha. 
Bridgewater reminds us of the Moneta, Virginia shooting as well. 

Miami Dolphins have former Nebraska Cornhusker Ndamukong Suh. Who is known to be a Bully in the NFL. They also had Richie Incognito who was part of the Bullying Scandal with Jonathan Martin. 
Richie Incognito=158
Jonathan Martin=158
He was mad about being moved position because of 
Bryant Mckinnie=158
Think about a Team Fighting too. Like a Civil War between the team. 

Jonathan Martin even wore # 71.  He went to college at Stanford where Andrew Luck played. 
Which also reminds us of the Death of Former Vikings head Coach Dennis Green who died age 67. He was a coach at Stanford 3 different times in his career. 
Green dies on 21/7 was born on 2/17. 
January Thirteenth=217  the day Obama was in Omaha. 
Obama's bday this year is on 217th day. 

Think about Green in regards to Michigan St. as well. 
The only SB that Green Coached and Won was SB 23 when the 49ers beat the Bengals. 

It was the First SB played in Miami and not played at the Orange Bowl. 

The Bengals only TD was a return by STANFORD Jennings. 
Also want to point out really quick that Scott Frost became Nebraska's QB the year after Lawrence Phillips left. He led them to the co-championship with Michigan. Scott Frost transferred from Stanford. Also 67th pick in NFL draft. 

Stanford also destroyed Iowa in the Rose Bowl last year. Which reminds me of the Death of Kyle Calloway on 7/2 or 2/7. 
The Rose Bowl parade even grand marshaled by Ken Burns. The guy famous for his Civil War Documentary. 
Calloway dies on 7/2. 
Foltz was # 27. He even got injured last year on his 27th game on a 34 yard punt. The only player making sure he was ok was Newby # 34 who had 43 yards that game. They lost on a hail mary on 4th and 3 after BYU advanced 34 yards. Mangum was only in the game because Taysom Hill got hurt for the 3rd time in 4 seasons. He threw 34 passes that game.  So much more to that game. 

If you add up the numbers of the players involved in accident on 7/23 it's 72.  3+27+42=72
Artificial Turf=72
Stanford Jennings=72
Incognito plays for Bills where Calloway played as well. . 
Foltz # 27
Beavers=27, 72

Nebraska's first ever bowl game was the 27th Rose Bowl in 1941. They lost to none other than Stanford.  13th prime is 41. 

Zack Bowman also played for the Dolphins last year. 

He was the 1st Husker to give up his blackshirt from poor playing. It was after the game against Minnesota. Bowman was also signed with the Vikings at one time. 

Nebraska also had a crazy game with Miami last year. Remember Miami tied the game 33-33 with 33 seconds left to make it go to OT. 

In OT Alex Lewis # 71 makes a late hit out of bounds which costs Nebraska the game. The hit was on Corn Elder who intercepted the ball in OT. So Nebraska lost by a play involving a guy named Corn even lol. 
Also they showed Miami players Burns and Bush a whole bunch of times together.  Moses and the Burning Bush..
Also Bush and Carter got ejected in this game for targeting. 
George HW Bush and Jimmy Carter both turned 91 years old last year. 

They are even 112 days apart. 
6/12 to 7/23 is 1 month 12 days. 
HW Bush was the 41st president and 43rd VP. 
7/23 to 10/1 is 71 days.  Carter 39th president. 
Bush Carter=43

Some other interesting stuff to point out.  
Prince Charles was born in 1948. He turned 22 years old 48 days before the 71' Orange Bowl. Foltz dies age 22. 

They die in Wisconsin. 
Nebraska=44 (S and K)
Nebraska going for it's 44th Conference Championship. 
Lupercalia=44  Begins on the 44th day of the year. 
Foltz from "Greeley Center, Nebraska"=213...44th day is 2/13. 

Nebraska plays Wisconsin on 10/29.

Nebraska plays Wisconsin 98 days after these deaths. 

They play Iowa 4 months 3 days after 7/23. 

Foltz was born on 1/21. 
East Lansing=121
Also can be written as 21/1.  Foltz dies 211 days after his last game the Foster Farms bowl. 

He dies 185 days after his bday. Leaving a Camp in Wales.
Wales, Wisconsin=185

LSU will be in it's 112th season this year as well. 
Remember Prince(Singer) died on the 112th day of the year. The Simpsons killed him on 11/2. 

The last time Nebraska won a national Championship was 1997 when they split it with the Wolverines. 
This season will be 19 seasons after that. The Championship game this year will be on 1/9/17 or 9/1/17.  Last year they also had the Death of Herbie: The Love Bug Actor Dean Jones on 9/1 or 1/9. I talked about how it's connected to Tommy Boy saying Herbie Hancock and Jerry Sandusky of Penn St. 

Mike Riley=53   Was Born in 1953.  Herbie the Car was # 53. 
Nebraska would be playing in it's 53rd bowl game this year. 
N=5 U=3  
Riley currently has 99 career coaching wins. My guess is Nebraska is winning 13 games this season. Possibly making the Championship game and losing. There's multiple scenarios for this.  Nebraska could possibly lose 1 game. Then win the Big 10 championship, Then win a bowl game. Or Could lose a game, win the Big 10 Championship and win the playoff game to make the Championship and lose.

Les Miles currently has 140 wins. Which would be interesting if LSU went undefeated and won. 155 wins, it's also 155 since the Civil War began. 

LSU also plays Wisconsin first game of the season. 

Mich St also will be in it's 92nd year.  Their first game is against Furman on 9/2. 
Teen Wolf is 92 minutes long. 

In 1971 Orange Bowl the score was 12+17=29
The score of SB 5 was 16+13=29
Iowa the 29th state. Lost to Mich St last year in the Big 10 Championship 16+13=29. Lost by "Three"=29 in "Lucas Oil"=29  Herbert Hoover only president from Iowa became president in 1929. Stock Market Crash happened in 1929. Kinnick Stadium opened in 1929. So much more but interesting it's connected to 29. 

So who knows for sure what's going to happen. Just wanted to document some interesting things. We'll watch the season and see what other stories we get as we go further along to see if it's connected back to these deaths. Really seems to be showing us a Colts vs Vikings SB.