Friday, January 29, 2021

Reddit-GameStop and Hedge funds make me think of Ray Dalio and Bridgewater Associates


All of this Reddit/GameStop/Hedge fund stuff in the media has to be connected to Bridgewater Associates...Recall that Ray Dalio's son Devon recently died after crashing into a Verizon store....think about Allen Iverson/Bridgewater stuff....also remember how they changed Ray Dalio's bday on Wikipedia....
Ray Dalio=137(FB)
Bridgewater Associates=137
The 33rd prime number is 137. 

Hedge funds=185(FB)
Stock Market Crash=185
We are currently in the 91st anniversary of the Stock Market Crash, something I mentioned in 2018...
The Great Depression=91
Nineteen Twenty Nine=91 makes me think of Joseph Robinette Biden..but who knows...

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  1. You have the same bday as the last guy to play Robin Hood, Taron Egerton