Saturday, October 1, 2016

J.J. Watt injury Wisconsin vs Michigan Sam Foltz/Mike Sadler Deaths

So JJ Watt out for the Season.  What is super interesting about this to me is that he is from Waukesha, Wisconsin. That's where Mike Sadler and Sam Foltz died. 
Sam Foltz=112
He also played football for Wisconsin Badgers.
The game tomorrow is 193 days after JJ's bday. 
193 is the 44th prime. 

There's a big emphasis on 47 or 46 for tomorrow's game I noticed. 
JJ Watt out for season after winning 46 games..So just before 47.  Also notice he's out after winning 44 regular season games. 

Tomorrow's game also 47 days before Paul Chryst bday. 

We also got the news that # 47 on Wisconsin will be out with foot surgery. 

Notice he's played 28 games so far according to

In my last post I mentioned this game is 28 days after Michigan and Wisconsin's first game, also 2 months 8 days after the death of Sam Foltz. 
Sam Foltz=112...He died 211 days after his last game for Nebraska. He was born on 21/1. 
The 47th prime number is 211. 
Also 47 is the 15th prime number. 
Wisconsin going for it's 15 win ever against Michigan. 

In the Espn article about the last time these teams played they even emphasized Montee Ball # 28 for Wisconsin. 

Something is very off in the reporting though. If you go to it says Biegel played 28 games. If you count the games it says he's played in 42....Yet in the article about his injury they say he's played 46 games. 
The article above also highlights how he will be out "Several Weeks"=46

Apparently he played 2 games in 2012 that Espn doesn't mention and Espn says no stats on 2 of the games. Notice he had sacks in 44 of the 46 games. It still doesn't make sense though as to why all 3 are different. 

Espn also has this article about JJ Watts brother TJ Watts who currently plays for Wisconsin. 
What doesn't make sense about the picture in this article is that TJ Watt is # 42 and he's not even in the picture. It's # 49 clear as day. 
Remember Michigan currently has 49 wins against Wisconsin all time. 
JJ Watt even goes out after Houston Loses to the Patriots...Montee Ball last played with the Patriots...Think about Tom Brady and Michigan. The Pats beat the Texans 27-0... 10+1+16=27
Twenty Seven=46
JJ Watt 27 years old. 

This guy says the key number is 31....
31st prime is 127..Michigan in it's 127th season. 
I see 31 a lot in football. Usually the team with the 31 connection wins but doesn't win after that. 
I noticed Tom Brady has played in 31 playoff games too. 

Michigan's FG kicker is # 91  and tomorrow leaves 91 days in the year.  Last week he kicked 1 Punt for 44 yards.


  1. Do u think the narrative plays out for Michigan

  2. 66 days from Today 10/1 to Michigan's QB's birthday. (12/6).