Friday, October 21, 2016

Los Angeles Rams Originally from Cleveland and Won NFL Championship in 1945

Interesting I've talked a lot about the RAMS and how it's special to Moses and super connected to all of these interrelated sports stories. Colin Kaepernick/Bridgewater/Huskers and more. 
Anyway I remembered Cleveland was named after MOSES Cleaveland and it just so happens that the Rams were originally from Cleveland. 

They even won the NFL Championship Game in 1945, the same year the Cubs were cursed. How awesome they beat the Redskins too. The Native American team. 

It was 71 days after the Curse of the Billy Goat. Also this year is 71 years after 1945. 
The Ten Commandments=71
Seventy One=45
Grover Cleveland died age 71


  1. Another excellent body of work bro...Wisconsin vs Iowa today they come in having played 77 times badgers lead series 44 to on the kill number one with chance to be on kill...any thoughts bro

    1. Damn I have not looked at it at all. You wouldn't think Iowa would win but it's perfect for them to win. Get their 44th win against Wisconsin=44. 10+22+16=48 Iowa=48 It's Ferentz 222nd game coaching and also 2 months 22 days(End date) after his bday. If Iowa loses he would get his 90th loss and it's the 90th time they've played(2 Ties). I don't know what to think on this one or looked at it in depth. If Iowa wins and makes Wisconsin 4-3 going into the Nebraska game I think Nebraska might actually beat Wisconsin but either way it's fitting 5-3 or 4-4.

    2. Lol yea it looks like tough call ...we will find out soon...

  2. I no u heavy on 88 so idk just noticed it found interesting