Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Game 2 of World Series Cubs win 5-1 Jason Kipnis 88th pitch.

Cubs win 5-1 in Game 2. 

My favorite play of the game was when Jason Kipnis got the Indians 1st hit of the game on Arrieta's 88th pitch. 
Kipnis then went on to score the only run for the Indians on a Wild Pitch. Kipnis hasn't done anything but play terrible until this play. He even had 2 errors in this game. So obvious he made the errors on purpose as well. He misses the catch at 2nd Base that literally was from a few feet away...I mean seriously. 

Lol it's such a joke. Even without numbers it's really obvious. 
I mean it's the World Series and we get a Wild Pitch that brings in a run. This is the 2nd time in this World Series we've also got a Walk with the bases loaded for a team to score. 

Trevor Bauer comes out of the game after 87 pitches and loses. If he would've got to 88 I'm assuming it would've changed the outcome of the game like last night when Kluber threw an 88 mph pitch on his 88th pitch and then had to leave the game. 

Cubs had first WS lead since 10/8..1945. 


  1. "jake arrieta" = 99, "ninety eight pitches" = 99, 216. he threw 55 strikes and "trevor bauer" = 55. bauer threw "eighty seven pitches" = 93, and "fifty three stirkes" = 88, 223. indians total threw "one hundred sixteen strikes" = 116. "one hundred sixteen" = 87.

  2. Bauer pulled after 87 pitches as a Clinton bday tribute?