Thursday, October 20, 2016

9 23 in Cubs vs Dodgers game 4...88 Degrees at the game

They made sure to show us a 923 again tonight in the baseball game. They rarely show this angle but they made sure to do it with # 9 on the Cubs on base with # 23 in the 2nd inning. 

Then in the bottom of the 2nd they bring up the temperature and how it's 88 degrees at the game. Then they zoom in on the 88 degrees on the board. 
I know the Dodgers have a bunch of 88 connections, but as I've been saying I think the 88 is positive for the Cubs this year. It syncs up with the 2005 WS when the Chicago White Sox won for the first time in 88 seasons and more. 
You would think if the 88 is bad for the Cubs they would've lost the game tonight. Possibly I am wrong but the 88 stuff keeps seeming to be good for the Cubs. 
5:50  is 10 till 6.   
Curse of the Billy Goat was on 10/6/1945. 

The Cubs also got their 108th win of the season tonight. I don't think it will happen but possibly they could lose the next 2 games and stay on 108 wins to fit all of the 108 that's been foreshadowed. 

Today is 10+19+16=45

Tomorrow is 10+20+16=46
Chicago Cubs=46
Jon Lester=46(pitching for cubs)
Kenta Maeda wears # 18  going for 17th win. (Dodgers pitcher)
Eighteen=46, 73
Seventeen=37,46,55, 109
Los Angeles=37, 109
Los Angeles Dodgers=73

10/20....Possibly why the Cubs won 10-2 tonight as well letting us know about tomorrow?