Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Michael Jordan connection to Indians Manager Terry Francona..Curse of Rocky Colavito

In my video about the Hoboken Train Derailment and how I think it's showing us the Indians vs the Cubs in the WS, I talk about how Michael Jordan seems to be connected. They have also been showing us the 2005 season when the White Sox won for the first time in 88 seasons. 
Here's a link to the Video: Hoboken Train Crash Cubs vs Indians?
Anyway I'm watching the movie Major League II right now, it's the one that came out in 1994 the same year Jordan began playing for the White Sox. Also they beat the White Sox to make it to the WS and their best player gets traded to the White Sox earlier in the season. 

Michael played with the White Sox until 4/7/94. His last game was an exhibition game against the Cubs on 4/7/94. Then he joined the minor league team the Barons on 4/8. 
4+8+94=106,  He retired from Basketball on 10/6/93. 
Also born on the 48th day of the year. 
The Indians last won the WS in 1948. 

Notice he played 127 games with them. 

The Major league baseball strike happened 127 days after he joined them. Also 4 months 5 days and he wore # 45. 

The Bulls also retired Jordan's # 23 
1 year 27 days after he retired. 

When the strike occurred the White Sox were winning their division 1 game ahead of the Indians. The Sox record was 67-46
Cleveland Indians=67
Chicago Cubs=46

I love how MJ was also a baseball player for 1 year 1 month 3 days. 
Michael Jordan=113
The White Sox played 113 games before the Strike. 

With the End Date it's 114 which is interesting as this was a big number I talked about in regards to the Hoboken Train Crash. 
If Cubs win the WS this year they will do it with 114 total wins. 
Notice Jordan also Struck out 114 times with the Barons. 
Notice too that Jordan retired on 3/10 or 10/3.. The Cubs finished with 103 wins this year. 

Jordan also retired from Baseball on 3+10+95=108
Or 3+10+19+95=127 
Cubs haven't won in 108 seasons. 
Willis Tower is 108 stories tall
Great Chicago Fire was on 10/8  145 years ago. 
Cubs in 145th season. 
One Hundred Forty Five=108

The Cubs picked up Chapman 112 days after their first game but it was also the 113th/114th day of the season. 
8/8 was the 127th day of the season..

In my Video I also mentioned Indians coach and how he was born on the 112th day of the year and is 57 years old. 
World Series=112
His bday in 2016 though was the 113th day. 

Look at that..He was also the coach of the Birmingham Barons when Michael Jordan played there. 
He had 223 wins...
Curse of the Billy Goat=223

His father Tito Francona debuted in the MLB on the 108th day of the year. He also tied Rocky Colavito for 2nd in the Rookie of the year balloting.

He even played for the Cleveland Indians when Rocky Colavito was there and when they made the trade for Harvey Kuenn that caused the curse. 

I have a gig in a little bit, but pry look more into this when I get home tonight. This really makes me think the Indians are going to WS but possibly I'm reading it wrong. 

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