Sunday, October 9, 2016

Houston vs Reds Tie 2005 Tie was made up 112 days before the World Series

Something I didn't realize before in regards to the last Tie in 2005 was that that game was actually made up and both the Astros and the Reds played 163 games that season. 

Notice they made the game up 112 days before the 2005 WS in which Houston made but lost. 

The Tie game was even 2 hours 28 minutes. 
Pittsburgh Pirates=228

The last time the Cubs tied was on May 28th 1993. 
Chicago Illinois=145
It was also 23 years ago and 23 days before Michael Jordan and the Bulls won their 3rd title on 6/20/1993. 

Also 4 months 8 days or 131 days before MJ retired for the first time. 

Interesting too the tie this year was the first time the Pirates and Cubs had a tie since 8/7/1967
Remember the Cubs stayed on 101 wins because of the tie in 2016. It was also 26 days before the WS.   26th prime is 101
Cleveland Indians=67


  1. You're saying Cubs going to World Series but loose?

    1. The White Sox were also playing Detroit on 6/30/05 the day of the last tie, and Indians were supposed to play Detroit the day of the Cubs Tie this year.

  2. Just documenting more stuff I've notice, but possibly. The Curse of the Billy Goat is disputed in regards to if it means the Cubs won't ever win a World Series again or Won't ever "Make" the World Series again. So possibly it could just be broken by making the WS. Billy Sianis supposedly said "Them Cubs, They aint gonna win no more"=145 too.