Monday, October 31, 2016

Ferris Bueller's Day Off..2016 World Series-Death of Gordie Howe, 1984 Cubs Season

In my last post I talked about the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off and how it was foreshadowed by a sign after the game. 
Anyway I watched the movie last night. 
The opening scene it starts off with him faking to be sick. Just want to point out his blanket with Native Americans on it. 

The point in the film is basically to get his friend Cameron out of his shell and stand up to his dad. Notice for most of the movie he wears a Gordie Howe Jersey. 
It doesn't seem like that big of a deal except for this movie is set in Chicago so seems a little strange he's wearing a Detroit Red Wings Jersey. Also Gordie Howe died on June 10th 2016 age 88. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
He also died 71 days after his bday. 
Cubs haven't won in 71 years. 
Detroit is connected to the Curse of the Billy Goat and Curse of Rocky Colavito. 
Detroit=37, 91
Chicago Cubs=91
Detroit Red Wings=82, 91
Chicago Illinois=82, 91
Chicago Cubs=91
Cleveland Indians=67

Interesting too as I'm noticing this after Game 5 of the World Series. Gordie Howe died the day after Game 5 of the Stanley Cup. 
Howe also died on the 162nd day this year. 
Major League Baseball=162
162 Regular season games. 

He also died 145 days before a potential Game 7. 
Chicago Illinois=145
It's the 145th MLB season, and 145 years since the Great Chicago Fire. 

Notice the guy who plays Cameron also born on 7/1 and from Cleveland.

In the movie they also go see a Cubs game at Wrigley. The scene is pretty short but they mention Lee Smith pitching when Ferris catches the foul ball. 
Lee Smith=91
He was the pitcher for the Cubs. 

He made his MLB debut with the Cubs on 9/1 of 1980. 

There's also a lady wearing a 1984 Cubs National League Champions sweater. 
Not that big of a deal but interesting when you look that team up. 
Notice they show us seat 104 as well...I'm assuming Ferris is in 102 or 106?
10/4 is the day that leaves 88 days in the year. 

1984 was the first time Cubs made the post season since the Curse of the Billy Goat as well. 

Cubs coach that year was from Cleveland. 

Cubs GM was born on 8/4.....The 1984 Cubs...

He was also the first Cubs executive to clash with the City of Chicago over getting lights at Wrigley Field. They got them in 1988. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88

Another interesting thing that could possibly be nothing...but makes me wonder as I keep mentioning the significance of Teen Wolf. When at the parade the movie theater is playing Teen Wolf and Godzilla 85. Obviously these movies came out around the same time, but still interesting as there are a ton of other movies that could've been on that sign.
There was also a 33 address I forgot to take a screenshot of during this parade. 
There's a scene where Ferris' dad is reading the newspaper and it says "Baseball, shame, cocaine".  
Now isn't that interesting in regards to the Jose Fernandez story. They just let us a know a few days ago how he had Cocaine in his system during his boat wreck.
Of Course what would a movie be without putting a 1 eye symbol in it lol. 

At the end of the movie Ferris comes back in and says the movies over and to go home. 
Notice how Wikipedia highlights "It's over" also. 
It's over=108


  1. So the 108 year wait is over hmmmm ?

    1. We will see, I'm thinking so but "It's over" was also the headline after the Warriors streak was broke this year too. "Golden State Warriors"=108

  2. Great fuc n body of work Dan.....your material always impresses me kiddo good job

    1. Thanks, I honestly don't think I would've even put it together but that Iowa Hawkeyes sign made me look into it. They even did a little Cubs promo tonight in Game 6 with that Bo Ow..Oh Yeah song from Ferris Bueller's day off. Maybe they've been doing it all World Series but I never noticed it until tonight.

  3. Great fuc n body of work Dan.....your material always impresses me kiddo good job

  4. Dan you are the man!! Aweseom job watching the movie the night after seeing a sign hed during the postgame show. You are definitely making some nice connections.

    1. Thanks, I really wouldn't have even noticed if it wasn't for that Iowa Hawkeyes sign. When I saw that I knew the other signs were probably important as well.
      I forgot to mention that "Hi Mom"=127(Jewish) 127 a big number I have been talking about in regards to the Indians and Michael Jordan. Hendricks pitching game 7 tonight was born on 12/7 even.

    2. Not sure what the exact meaning of it is though, but it's really obvious it's a number around the Indians.

  5. Crazy shit, thanks for all the hard work!!

    1. Thanks, I've been slacking lately but I think taking a break for a few days helped.

  6. Crazy shit, thanks for all the hard work!!

  7. Very impressive, in my opinion you are the best when it comes to finding the connections and presenting them in a concise, well thought out format.
    Everything you put forth seems to uncover what was meant to be uncovered.

    1. Thanks, I'm just trying to be as honest/unbiased as I can and show what I see. I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I miss, but that's why it's so great when we all put our minds together.

  8. Dan, can you disect the movie 'Taking Care of Business' Starring John Belushi. It's a movie about him breaking out of prison to see a Cubs game at the World Series. It was made in 1990 with a running time of 108 minutes.

    1. I was going to watch that movie like a week ago but forgot. Thanks for reminding me. I'll try and watch it right now if I can find it online.