Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Israel Sign during Indians vs Blue Jays game 1948 Israel Declares Independence 145 Jason Kipnis Lived next to Steve Bartman as a kid

I'm watching the Indians vs Blue Jays game right now and when they come back from commercial they show the crowd at Buffalo Wild Wings. A few seconds in a guy holds up this sign with the Israeli flag on it and of course the message is a puzzle. Always talking about how it's the Zionist Jews/Freemasons who control the sports leagues. 

If anyone knows what the the sign is supposed to say it would be great. 
I'm thinking 
Love Israel?   Love is real? Heart is real? 
Back One948

That name is not on the search on Kickstarter first off. 

Ok so the Kickstarter is actually just One948 not Back in front of it.  It's an Israel based com clothes business. Notice their promo video of 2:05...haha not by coincidence. 

Israel=205(Jewish) how fitting. 
Nine Twenty Three=205
Pope Francis became the Pope because Pope Benedict quit.  Pope Benedict was the first Pope to quit early since the 205th Pope. 
Prince George of Cambridge=205
Princess Charlotte=205
Lebron Raymone James=205
Anderson Franca Varejao=205
Hillary Diane Clinton=205
Shoeless Joe Jackson=205

On the Bio it says they are out of Cleveland, OH  The City of ChampionS.  Possibly nothing but interesting it's Champions with an S. I can't find anywhere that states Cleveland is called the City of Champions, but possibly I am wrong and many people call it that. Worth documenting regardless. 

They want $18,000 
Eighteen Thousand Dollars=256, 103, 112
Curse of Rocky Colavito=256, 94, 103, 112

Israel's independence was declared in 1948. 
Notice  14+5+48=67
Cleveland Indians=67

May 14th  or 14/5. 
Chicago Illinois=145
MLB began 145 years ago in 1871. 

Even more interesting is that it was declared exactly 145 days before the World Series began in 1948. 

This guy is who declared Israel's Independence. 
David Ben-Gurion=145 
Born on 10+16+86=112   dies on December 1st or 1/12. 
Birth name of David Grun. 
David Grun=1045(Jewish)
David Grun=46 and he dies 46 days after his bday. 

The anniversary then is 5 months 11 days to the WS this year. 
The Jews super connected to Saturn.
Which really sticks out in regards to the Blue Jays as they won the WS in 93'. 
The Israel connection also reminds me of Vin Scully as Israel was recognized on his 20th Bday 11/29/1947. 
Vincent Edward Scully=234
One Hundred Forty Five=234
I'm Back=234(Jewish) what Jordan said when he came back. 
Drake=234 (Jewish) The Back to Back Theme also Toronto. 
Henry Charles Albert David=234(Prince Charles)
English Civil War began on 234th day of the year. 
Robert Allen Zimmerman=234 (Bob Dylan in the news today)

In regards to Jews again tonight in the Indians game the announcer Ernie Johnson let us know that Jason Kipnis grew up in Chicago. He said he grew up on the same street as Steve Bartman and his sister went to High School with him. haha What are the odds of that? Yet again bringing up the Curse of the Billy goat. I just wonder if that means Kipnis is Cursed or that he will curse the Cubs if they play each other? 
He's important to this post as well as he is the reason the 5th inning came to an end and then just before the 6th inning begins is when they show the scene at Buffalo Wild Wings and the Israel Sign. Jason Kipnis led off the Indians in the 6th too. So he was the action before and after they showed this sign. 


  1. good stuff , i keep a look out for weird sign i wanna say i seen something last weeek for college early morning games . but yeah there always something there trying to sneak buy for sure

  2. Wow that Jason Kipnis jewish article is funny. That sign One948 like 1948 last year Indians won World Series. I want to go find those guys and ask them some questions I live right around there.

  3. Also I saw Tony De Lorenzi saying he expected Vin Scully to announce a game at the World Series. I definitely expect this to be the case because it reminds me of the NBA Finals and how Craig Sager made a guest appearance in Game 3 of the Finals first game in Cleveland.

    I'll just post an old comment I made about how this connects with Vin Scully.

    88 days after Game 6 of the Finals 6/16/16 is Sept 12. Craig Sager was a special sideline broadcaster for this game Craig Sager = 52, 88. It's said Craig has "leukemia" = 77. The cavs took 77 shots that game. This was also Lebron's 2nd 41 point game. In his first 41 point game the cavs wore their black uniforms like they were going to a funeral. After this point the warriors would never win another game leaving them at 88 wins for the season and the only player on the warriors to play for all 88 of those wins was Draymond who was suspended for the game. 88 days before that was 3/17, St. Patrick's day and the 77th day of the year because of leap year. Funeral and Leukemia both = 32, 77. Craig Sager is from Batavia Illinois which is on 41 degrees N and 88 degrees W with an elevation of 666 ft or 203 m (23). 88 days after the NBA Finals ended on 6/19 is Sept 15. Prince Harry's birthday is on this day, "September Fifteenth" = 88, this day has 33 numerology and is also 106 days before Lebron James birthday. Both him and Harry turn 32. Also interesting that I noticed is the NCAA Basketball tournament started on 3/17 this year as well, the 77th day. The final game on 4/4 the Winning team Villanova won with 77 points. Price Harry also served in Afghanistan for 77 days. For other reference the local Cleveland newspaper's headline for the Cavs championship was "Believe It!" = 44. "The Plain Dealer" = 67.

    Another intresting thing about all those 234 is that 234+432=666

    1. NCAA March Madness Finals, NBA Finals, College World Series, MLB World Series all connected.